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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Abel Sanchez is associated, including Carson, Golovkin, and fight. Most recently, Abel Sanchez has been quoted saying: “I think that all of these fighters like [Sergey] Kovalev and Andre [Ward] and Gennady – they need a challenge. Not just a physical challenge but also a mental challenge and he presents that for us. He is the first guy in a while since maybe [David] Lemieux and [Curtis] Stevens that got Gennady fired up. Not that he trains any harder because he trains hard for all of his fights, but mentally motivated to have a guy across from you that is going to be a great challenge that could outbox him and we'll see what happens” in the article How Gennady Golovkin is ‘a thorn in Floyd Mayweather’s side’.

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He has good power, so does Gennady, and we'll see who can impose their will on the other guy. That's what makes these fighters fight at their best and the kinds of fights that people will remember for years.

I think that all of these fighters like [Sergey] Kovalev and Andre [Ward] and Gennady – they need a challenge. Not just a physical challenge but also a mental challenge and he presents that for us. He is the first guy in a while since maybe [David] [...]

In 40 years I have never had a fighter that hits as hard as Gennady but I am fortunate that he doesn't hit me as hard as he can and as hard as he has hit someone in a fight. I have seen him hit someone 100 per cent with protection on but I have neve[...]

I didn't want to talk about it before. We've never talked about it. We were stuck at Miami airport from 7.30 in the morning until 10.30 at night because Gennady's visa had expired. The fight was a good experience for him.

"We have worked on all aspects in training just because we have a force in front of us. We have a David Lemieux who is a very aggressive kind of fighter, comes forward. So we work on all aspects of it, just to make sure we're ready for whatever Davi[...]

"Every training camp, I try to implement a couple things that I think are going to be, not necessarily for this opponent, but that are going to be necessary for us to compete with the elite guys at the top in the future,"

So every training camp, we put in a couple new things, and in this training camp we did also. Obviously those are the things that we would keep close to the vest, but are things that are going to make him a better fighter and hopefully make him the[...]

One of the greatest middleweights. I think that when we're all finished, maybe not in the near future, but in the future they give them the accolades that are due them. I think that eventually when, 20 years from now, when we all sit down and disc[...]

"Wade is a guy I followed in the amateurs, who's had a slow professional career but he's in the mandatory position now". "He's a guy the public may not know a lot about, but I know a lot about him. We're going to prepare like he's a champion, becaus[...]

Whether it was controversial or not, the referee is there to protect the fighters, he felt Brian needed protecting and he stopped the fight. It's made for a more appealing and highly anticipated rematch and Carson is focused on it as he knows Brian [...]

Carson has rededicated himself back to the level he was when he first fought Kell Brook here. Rose is our focus but after we win that we will aiming for a World title shot.

"As rematches go this is natural for this one to happen in light of the controversy,". "Fortunately for Carson he has spent eight weeks in camp with us this time and he looks fantastic – so I hope Rose has prepared well.

Carson has been away from me for four or five fights, but after the first fight with Rose he called me up and said he wanted to work with me again and he's done a long camp for the rematch.

You can never criticise the judges or the referee's for their decision, we want them to feel safe and to go home to their families. It's better to air on the side of caution than someone get seriously hurt. Tomorrow we will find out for sure if it w[...]

"The guys that we allow to come up and train with us are guys that are very serious about their craft, guys with good teams that are willing to provide them with the financial resources so that we can get the most out of them staying up here. They a[...]

"He has a lot more to develop but the only way to do it is not in the gym because there's only so much you can do, but in the competitive fights that are to come. That teaching will be forced to come out by another good fighter in front of him. Hope[...]

"I think we're far from finished with Golovkin,"

"I turn down a lot of potential fighters, one, because we don't have the space, the time, but two, because a lot of them just want to come up because Golovkin is there,"

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