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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Amir Khan is associated, including Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Most recently, Amir Khan has been quoted saying: “I've spoke with Al Haymon and there are several big fights out there which we're working on, which I'm sure you'll all love. I want to give fans the biggest and most meaningful fights rather than just any opponent. I'm feeling good and at just 30 my aim and focus is to win another world title. In the meantime, I'm going to keep training while I'm back home and look forward to announcing some big news soon.” in the article Amir Khan plans for 2017.

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I love working. It's so good for me. Unfortunately somewhere along the line I'm going to have five days off for back surgery. My back's killing me! I've been putting it off for three years, trying to get by, trying to do exercises but it's just not [...]

Training with Virgil Hunter and Tony Brady has gone great and I've had the chance to work and focus on a lot of things that I wanted to. I've been able to see how my hand has responded in camp since my operation on it late last year. It's felt very [...]

To give an update, I've just arrived back in the UK after spending nearly four months in training camp in San Francisco.

I've spoke with Al Haymon and there are several big fights out there which we're working on, which I'm sure you'll all love. I want to give fans the biggest and most meaningful fights rather than just any opponent. I'm feeling good and at just 30 my[...]

Something funny happened to me actually. I got a bill for a server for like eight grand. I thought, eight grand? What's that for?' I emailed the guy back asking what the bill was for.

They probably thought: 'this is our best chance to cash out, Amir is done with his career and we're probably going to ask for redundancy and get out'. And that's what they all did. They all wanted a big cheque and they left.

Obviously a lot has changed in my team. Taz is no longer working, Saj is no longer working. Saj was my best friend and he left. It wasn't a nice way they left. I had the final say. I said, look guys, if you're not going to work, I don't want to be p[...]

I think it is the end of an era…I think it is the end of an old era where we all had good times.

I had been in camp for so long training for Peterson and it was frustrating having to start a whole new camp again so soon after. I wanted a fight right away and he was one of the names that came up so I took it without even giving it much thought.

Danny is a very tough and underrated fighter even today, despite winning world titles. I think that his experience and boxing brain will see him beat Thurman. It's a good matchup and it is a close one to call on paper. But full credit to him, he has[...]

I'm mandatory by the WBC to face the winner of this fight so whoever it is I will be willing to take them on. It will probably be nearer the end of the year but I'll be ready to face either guy. I want to become a world champion again and that is wh[...]

I believe that me and Danny will cross paths again. When we fought the first time I underestimated him and took him lightly. I had never seen him fight before. My rematch with Lamont Peterson had just been called off and I overlooked him.

"One thing about the Kell Brook fight, he's got a mandatory challenger. Go fight your mandatory, you say you're the king of mandatories, so go fight your mandatory. Hopefully you can take the fight with me afterward,"

"A fight before Kell Brook, I'm trying to get it in the UK. I've got a meeting with Al Haymon about it,". "One thing about the Kell Brook fight, he's got a mandatory challenger. Go fight your mandatory, you say you're the king of mandatories, so go [...]

"Eddie I'm the A side and you and Kell know he will make more than he did against GGG. Don't you agree?". "70-30, you both will make a lot of money. More than your mandatory Errol Spence. 50-50 won't get me near Canelo pay check. Ask Al [Haymon, his[...]

"Ben's positivity and enthusiasm is infectious. I can't imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed with cancer at such a young age and losing part of your leg is a huge thing to overcome at any age. Ben got straight back up after being knocked do[...]

Sometimes, you have to put friendship aside and you have to take it in the cage or in the ring. But yeah, if that fight comes up to me, I'm not one to back away from it.

"I'm at that age where I'm still learning, adapting and getting better. So I still have time under me as well. I'm still a young lad and got loads left in me". "It just depends on the weight category. But look, as a fighter, that's a fight I would t[...]

"It feels amazing,". "It's a big challenge for me. I've had Andre Berto and Andre Ward helping me in the gym, pushing me on. I'm 100 per cent confident I can win this fight. Every fight is a tough fight, but being the underdog makes me want to prove[...]

"I don't think ring rust will be a factor,". "I've spent a lot of time in the gym training, improving my boxing skills and my ring generalship. I've been spending so much time in the gym with [trainer] Virgil [Hunter], that I've improved.".

"The sparring has been amazing. Michel Soro pushed me back, and I also had Liam Smith which was great sparring,". "I want to thank them for pushing me.".

"I've been doing the right things, and I've been doing the right strength and conditioning,". "I've been packing on that muscle, and with that muscle comes extra strength. In turn that makes me hit harder, and means I'm a lot happier at the weight. [...]

"It's been tough, obviously, working on these strategies with my trainer Virgil Hunter, being more focused, because I know that one little mistake in a fight like this could get me in trouble, so I'm making sure that I'm not making any mistakes from[...]

"So I'm really looking forward to it, and we still have another three to four weeks left of training where I'm going to be focusing, and I'm still going to be giving 100 percent so when I do walk into that ring, I'm not only going to do myself proud[...]

"I've been watching video of Canelo, and day after day getting more and more confident that I can beat this guy,"

"I'm up against a very big middleweight fighter, Canelo, he's a middleweight world champion. We're doing everything right. I mean, look, my skills are what's going to win me this fight. I know I'm not going to be stronger than Canelo in any way. I'm[...]

"I don't think that Canelo's experienced speed with combinations and speed with power… I would say I will definitely shock the world come May 7, otherwise I wouldn't take the fight."

"Because I want to walk into this ring strong. I don't want to be too light because by being too light, it won't make me real strong."

"The fight against Canelo is the biggest challenge of my career and having the support of my fans back home, watching live on BoxNation, is going to help inspire me to victory,". "This fight is going to have it all - speed, power, skill – and I'm go[...]

"Normally when I'm in training camp I used to start cutting weight as soon as I step into training camp. This time I'm eating healthy, I'm eating good and I'm still training hard. I'm training harder than normal because I can eat more and can have m[...]

"At the end of the day I want this fight. I know boxing is a business, any mistake in the fight could hurt me in the future and I don't want to be one of those fighters that's punch drunk or getting hit with shots he shouldn't be hit with. I've got [...]

It's more a light middleweight fight because it's 154, 155. Time will tell. This fight might be the ideal weight for me. I'm going to see how I feel. To be honest with you in sparring and training I've been feeling so strong and so explosive and fas[...]

"I'm making sure I'm having enough carbs, enough fats and proteins in my diet… I've got more energy when I go into the gym and I'm stronger in the gym as well.

"It took me some time. I broke it down to him [Hunter]. He took time then to watch the videos. When you hear the name, it's like 'stay away from him' but when you break the fight down, it gives a better understanding that this fight is a winnable fi[...]

When I'm in a fight like this where I'm the underdog, that'll only make me train harder and work harder and I've never been in this position as a professional. I've never been an underdog in any professional fight.

"When you're fighting guys who you're meant to beat and you're not the underdog and you go into fights when you're the favourite to win, it could be against Garcia, [Lamont] Peterson, [Breidis] Prescott whoever, what happens is the focus isn't the s[...]

"Then I got a phonecall from Bob Arum's team because they said they want to do a Pacquiao fight with me. So we were in negotiations for that fight but that fight fell through. Pacquiao or his team didn't want the fight. They just had me negotiating,[...]

"At it was if we don't need it [the Canelo fight], we don't need it, because I was the mandatory for the Garcia fight. So I thought I was having the Garcia fight next,"

"It's a bigger fight financially. It's not only a bigger fight in England, it's a bigger fight worldwide. That's one of the reasons I took it. It's a global fight. Especially in America for my profile there it will be massive there and in England. G[...]

"Oscar [De La Hoya] messaged me one day, saying what do you think about fighting Canelo,"

"I know Canelo fights the best and wouldn't pass up the opportunity to face me like others have,". "My goal is to always fight the biggest names and the best fighters that is why I'm excited for this fight. Also, I would like to thank my team and Go[...]

"There's contracts there. But I just want to make sure I've got plan B because it seems to me that Manny's team don't really want it but I don't know, I might be wrong,"

"There were some things I needed to change in my career. I've changed those things now, I'm much more of a smarter fighter now. I definitely think the Danny Garcia fight would be a good fight. It's still a big fight and I know I won't make the mista[...]

"Garcia could be another guy, Peterson could be another name, they're the names we're looking at so hopefully it could be someone like that,"

"That's something I'd like to do [fight Peterson and Garcia] and that could be the next opponent for me,". "It's something that I've been looking at and they're both [Garcia and Peterson] with Al Haymon so that's something that helps. I'd like those[...]

"Listen, the Manny Pacquiao fight has been talked about and could happen early next year – that could be next,". "After Mayweather he's the biggest name so it could be massive. At the moment I'm keeping my options open.".

"His work in the corner, when he always says the right things, has helped me,". "He always gives me the right instructions. You need a trainer who will be there for you at those times. He's a technician, a great trainer, and he's the right person fo[...]

"You know, Berto hits hard,". "He's a strong puncher, he's quick and he's slick. You have to beat Floyd to the punch and you have to catch him with some big shots. One punch can change a fight and if he catches Mayweather off guard, and Mayweather i[...]

"That's the only bad thing about it,". "I don't spend any time with him between fights. Because of my visa in America I can only stay out there for a certain number of days and I have to balance it out. It can be tough, because I want to stay there [...]

"It's very frustrating. I'm still going to chase my dream and I think that fight could still happen,"

I told him Kell needs to fight a couple of big names and beat them, obviously. That will make our fight even bigger.

The fight will be a Khan Promotions and Matchroom Promotions event in the UK, at Wembley Stadium.

The welterweight division is the best around at the moment and he's another very good addition to it.

He's naturally going to grow and find it harder to keep making 140lbs so I think the move will definitely be advantageous.

Paulie is a better boxer than both Lamont Peterson and Mauricio Herrera - two guys who Garcia struggled with, but beat, so if he sticks to boxing him he has a really good chance of winning the fight. It's a really intriguing matchup.

He's going to have more power and feel stronger but at the same time he's going in with bigger fighters himself which will be a test.

His last few fights have been tough and I think making light-welterweight has taken its toll.

"It's been a while since Paulie last fought so there may be some ring rust but I believe he has a good chance of winning the fight over the 12 round distance,". "Purely as a boxer I think Malignaggi is better but there are other factors and things G[...]

"I would definitely be interested in a fight with Thurman if he wins,". "I've never ducked any fighter and a fight with Thurman is one I would certainly be open to. He's undefeated and we have two explosive styles so it would be a cracking fight and[...]

We were just about to put the foot down on the gas. We could see Frankie was tiring with some of the shots we were catching him with and I came up with a good shot and capitalised on it.

I know he won the worlds in the amateurs so I was texting my skills against him. He is a very talented boxer and I have just told him that.

"Chris gave it his all tonight. This is the best Algieri we've seen in a long time, and if he'd have fought Manny [Pacquiao] that way he might have won". "Everyone knows I want Floyd [Mayweather] next after all the talk about it, but when you wait a[...]

My first show with Premier Boxing Champions has been great. The New York crowd was awesome and really got into it. The promotion was excellent and I'm proud to be a part of this team.

"I'm really looking forward to visiting the multi-cultural city in August to share the stories of my boxing career in a room full of boxing and sports fans"

My goal is to fight the very best at 147lbs.

That's the way he fights. He's a very skillful fighter who is very patient and makes his opponent make mistakes. That's what I liked about him.

His world grade is dropping tremendously because of his age. But there are things I saw there which I have not seen before; when he takes a good shot, he doesn't panic. The only way to catch him is with speed. Pacquiao didn't use as much speed and e[...]

"Everybody was talking about that one big fight. 'You should fight Floyd. You should fight Floyd,'". "I was telling them all, I'm fighting Chris Algieri next. That for me is a very tough fight. I need to win this fight if I need to go near any of th[...]

I enjoyed it. I'm sure there were all those people who said he was never going to beat Pacquiao, well, he's been there and done that.

To get that fight, you have to look good. You have to shine really. It's all about working hard, training hard, putting in good performances in the ring. To turn in the best performances in the ring, I can't take it easy in camp. I have to be very f[...]

"I was there as a boxing fan. I'm only an hour away from Vegas. I went there to watch the fight. I enjoyed the atmosphere and everything,". "Mayweather looked great. He did what he had to do to win the fight. His accuracy was nothing but the best. H[...]

"I've not ruled it out. It's possible I could fight in September,". "Ramadan is going to be a little bit earlier this year, so obviously it helps, gives me enough time to get the training done and everything. It can happen in September.

There's been the word there for the last couple years that that fight was going to happen. But I'm going to be taking every fight one step at a time, hopefully put on great performances. If that fight comes, obviously it's something I've always want[...]

I was getting a lot of respect in Vegas. But, like I said, this is time to fight Chris Algieri. I'm not going to be fighting Floyd Mayweather yet till I win this fight.

"I have happy memories of New York having made my successful U.S. debut there against Paulie Malignaggi in 2010,"

"I'm delighted to now be fighting there once again against another champion in Chris Algieri. Algieri has shared the ring with some tremendous fighters and shown great skills in those fights so I know I will need to be at my very best when we meet. [...]

"I'll be taking that fight at 147lbs. He's from New York, he's had 21 fights, only lost one fight. He's the same height as me, he's five foot 10, ranked number eight in the world. His last fight, which he lost, which is the only fight he lost, was a[...]

"I hope the fans get behind this fight,". "I'm going to give them a great fight. I'm going to give it 100 percent and hopefully this going to lead me on to bigger fights in the future, which is what I'm looking at.".

"I'm very sad to hear of the passing of Alexis Vastine. I had the pleasure of competing against him in the amateurs and would like to send my deepest condolences to all his family and friends during this difficult time."

"We both want to fight Mayweather,". "But he doesn't want to fight either of us.".

One thing about me is I've fought guys at their peak and who have been dangerous. I didn't have to fight them but I did. Losing doesn't make you a bad fighter, losing shows how good you are if you come back from those losses.

"I want to fight in May and I want the Mayweather fight but it's not getting any closer,". "I've answered all the things Mayweather wanted me to do. He wanted me to fight at welterweight, I did that; he wanted to do a vote, I won the vote; he wanted[...]

Mayweather wants to keep his '0', he doesn't want to take the big fights. If he's not fighting the top guys but is fighting guys who are over the hill or not at their peak, he's going to be undefeated.

It's a waiting game, I've given his team five days. I need to know this week because I need to start training.

"It will be who can stamp their style on the fight before the other one can,". "You're looking at Manny, the best offensive fighter out there with speed, power, angles, no rhythm and how he overwhelms people and you've got Mayweather who will look a[...]

[Floyd] Mayweather probably wins. [Manny] Pacquiao is open a lot, he gets caught with a lot of shots. His workrate has dropped a lot, in my opinion. Age is going to get to you, you're going to be old one day and you can see that age now, in Mayweath[...]

"We were upstairs, Floyd might have been downstairs, I don't know,". "I heard he'd come in but he must have run off when he knew we were there. Someone said they saw him walk in, then someone said they saw him run to the fire exit, so he must have k[...]

"I hope it does happen,". "He wanted me to prove myself. I think I've done that now. I think it has to happen now.".

"They've not spoken to me about it. We don't know what's happening in my career so you can't go booking places like that, I think that's a little bit disrespectful. I don't know nothing about that and he's already booking venues? That's how desperat[...]

"Definitely, for sure,". "But like I said, at the moment I want to fight Mayweather and the reason for that is because the Brook fight will always be there. It's not like it's going away. It's always going to be there. Look at the [Mayweather-]Pacqu[...]

Come Saturday we're going to put a great fight on. We both have speed, explosiveness, power, we have everything, I just need to keep calm and give the fans what they want. Devon Alexander comes to fight. I am not looking past this. I will stick to m[...]

"It's great to be back on Sky Sports once again for what is one of the biggest fights of my career so far against Devon Alexander. I have had a great training camp and have no doubts it's going to be a very special night for me on December 13th, hea[...]

"Yeah, I will be watching,"

"Pacquiao, he's a great fighter but that's a good fight for me,". "We trained together before and we know each other quite well but I've improved as a fighter whereas Pacquiao has probably just stayed there. He's still a good fighter but he hasn't i[...]

"I'm a boxing fan as well as a fighter and I love those type of fights. I think it will be a good one. I've been watching the highlights of both of them, I've been watching Algieri and he's very confident and Manny is very confident. It's going to b[...]

"The respect is there so that's a good thing. Especially with boxers, normally that's never there,"

"I'd probably say headguards need to come back, especially when you've got fighters who are fighting maybe five times in a week,". "The first day you might just get a headclash, you might be the favourite to win the tournament. I think they should c[...]

"When I was in the Olympics, I was walking and I saw my opponent I was going to be fighting on the Wednesday, this was on a Monday, and he walked past me and shoulder barged me. I was only 17. I thought it was a tactic to put me off or whatever, bec[...]

"They're not counter-punchers anymore. Watching the boxers, they're more aggressive. There's more punches thrown now, there's more pressure. It's not like the old days with the scoring where they used to hit and move and run around the ring and neve[...]

With the 10-9 rounds, it's more of a boxing match. You can't really run. To win the round you have to throw punches, you have to hit and not get hit and show that you're aggressive.

"It's crucial. Why would you have a major talent like that and not maximize the talent? Like I told him before, you can't just come on an eight-to-10-week training camp, when you have to focus on the opponent. But you can't focus on your flaws and f[...]

"Sparring is everything," "the closest thing you're going to get to a fight. There's only so much you can do on pads and bags but you actually learn and execute in sparring. I've been sparring heavier guys who hit harder and resist punches more, the[...]

I've had two fight camps with Virgil now in San Francisco but I've also just had an eight-week camp in between fights, which I have never done before, focusing on a lot of core and strength work. I feel a lot stronger and fitter and it's showing in [...]

If I do end up fighting him, we do have a gameplan and it's something no one has done before so we will have to wait and see.

"Everything is explained with Virgil. You learn why you do things in the ring, why you throw a certain punch, why you move a certain way and so on,". "Being in the ring with Virgil is like being in the classroom. It's about being smart. Everything y[...]

"I've sparred with the best in the world, including Manny Pacquiao, and it only makes you better,"

"You can only beat Floyd by boxing him and even then you have to be great to do so. Too many have tried getting on the inside and roughing him up etc. But that doesn't work. Floyd is the master. You have to be very smart and take your time and make [...]

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