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Andre Ward has been quoted 45 times. The two most recent articles where Andre Ward has been quoted are Shakur Stevenson reminds me of young Sugar Ray Leonard’ and EXCLUSIVE Andre Ward reacts to Chris Eubank’s threat. Most recently, Andre Ward was quoted as having said, “Top Rank has a rich history in building superstars. We thought Top Rank would be the best fit,”.

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The reality is I'm in the dude's head. When have you seen him act like this? I'm in his head. That doesn't mean everything, but I'm in his head. Like I've been saying, I've learned more about this guy in the last four months than I have for fighting[...]

"Top Rank has a rich history in building superstars. We thought Top Rank would be the best fit,"

"You've got to crawl before you can run. You can't come out the crib running, you've got to crawl before you run and him being a former fighter and a former champion, he knows that, he knows that all too well. I've seen a lot of overly zealous fathe[...]

"This is going to be an entertaining fight between two hungry fighters who are both looking to put themselves on the map". "Chris Eubank Jnr has said he wants fights with some of the big names in the super middleweight division but he will have to g[...]

This is a fresh start for him after an eight month absence from the ring and he will be fighting for the first time under his new promoter. Renold Quinlan is certainly no pushover and doesn't seem the least bit intimidated about fighting 10,000 mile[...]

I think it's going to be a great fight and I'm looking forward to returning to the UK and stepping behind the mic for the first time for ITV Box Office in their pay-per-view debut.

If we did the rematch it would be more just to silence Kovalev and silence his team and to just put a stamp on the rivalry we had. It would be more of a personal thing to me.

"I really just got to take my time right now because I really don't have to fight anymore,". "I've accomplished pretty much everything that I've wanted to accomplish.".

"Being a champion is not just being a frontrunner and being ahead, but it's facing adversity. If something happens and you're behind and you get hit in the mouth early like that, you have two options: You can either pack it in mentally and internall[...]

Maybe one day [I will move to heavyweight], but it has to be the right opponent.

"They're too big,"

"I think the second fight would be even worse for him,". "I don't know how many adjustments he can make.".

"He knocked me down but I wasn't hurt,". "It was what they call a flash knockdown. I was on the canvas and I smiled. I thought, 'Okay, here we go, now we've got a fight'.".

I'm pleased and I'm happy. Of course I wish it was a dominant performance in terms of the scorecards. But this was a tough victory against someone a lot of people thought would stop me. We did what we had to do, we got stronger, and I'm very happy.

Beforehand, I watched Sugar Ray Leonard and his fights with Tommy Hearns, and both of his fights with Roberto Duran. I was looking at his mannerisms to see how he dealt with adversity.

"I can't do anything about the controversy,". "It was a close fight, it's boxing. If I honestly felt I lost the fight, I would tell you guys. I would hold my hands up and say, 'I don't know what happened, the judges got it wrong, I lost.' But that's[...]

"I got a personal opinion,"

"I think they know it,"

"He don't like me and I don't like him,". "I'm not leaving Las Vegas without those belts… I believe tomorrow I will be the best I've ever been. That's what we've been training for.".

"Abraham was a murderous puncher, Froch was a big puncher, Kessler was a big puncher, Miranda was probably the biggest puncher that I ever faced - that dude hit like a mule,"

I'm going to be honest. I probably never said this in public but the worst I've ever felt after a fight, the Abraham fight, and I didn't take a lot of punishment in terms of to the eye. He hit me with some shots and I was like 'wow' but I was able t[...]

I was like, 'man'. When I got hit with those shots I came right back. I got hit with a right hand and you can hear me and I turned this way and before I could even think I came back 'boom, boom, boom'. I felt it for two or three days after. It was t[...]

"I had a situation with my [super-middleweight] belts where they were mysteriously getting stripped,". "I didn't get a heads up about this, I didn't do anything wrong, and it's like, 'Yeah, don't worry about that.' But I was like, 'But he just took [...]

"I'm not leaving Las Vegas without those belts and however I got to get it we're going to get it that way. I don't have a prediction. I've never been a prediction guy. I just know I'm ready, I'm excited and I can't wait to fight,". "For me it's abou[...]

Consistency is the priority and we've been able to maintain that. It's no different, you have to stick with what got you there. There's no changes from the camp at all, the approach we're taking.

We're not really working on particular things specifically because he's got the ability to adjust and fight so many different ways. We just go over all those different styles that I know he's very effective with and just hone those styles and be rea[...]

Everyone knows that, but it's impossible for me to overlook this man [Brand]. I'm not built like that. I wasn't raised like that. I wasn't groomed like that. As a young fighter, I don't operate like that. This man is coming, this is his super bowl. [...]

"I'm excited about the future. I want to be the light-heavyweight champion of the world, a two division champion,"

Come August 7 I will begin to think about Sergey Kovalev and what needs to be done to beat him and to get those belts.

"I'm preparing my body and my mind and my spirit for war. In this case it will be August 6."

I'm the type of person that I literally put my blinders on and I don't deal with it.

"You definitely feel stronger when you don't have to strip extra pounds off, you definitely feel stronger,". "But I still feel like I have my speed. I still feel like I have all the things that made me who I was at super middleweight but I also feel[...]

I think predictions are overrated. That's never been my style, that's never been how I approach a fight. The one thing I do is I always guarantee that I'm ready. I've never come in a fight overweight. I've never come in a fight not prepared. And you[...]

"I always train for 12 rounds, a strong 12 rounds. And I think that's something else he's going to realize when the pace is not the normal pace he's used to,". "I believe he's going to get tired. And I don't mean he's going to stop fighting but I me[...]

To be honest I'm a lot happier because I didn't have to kill myself, per se, to make weight. I feel very strong and I feel like I still maintained all the things that made me who I was at 168.

And after the fight it's something that I can sit down with the team about. And I believe they'll get something worked out that everybody is happy with.

So, you know with situations like this, I've really got to kind of put my blinders on and [ignore] any other distractions and really just focus on this. Because that is the reality of the situation.

"I don't really have much to say other than this: on March 26, it will be very simple. I'll be in a new weight class against a tough opponent, but I'm coming with the same approach,". "I'll be in great shape and ready for battle. Sullivan Barrera ha[...]

"The deal I signed [with Roc Nation] is very lucrative but that aside, it's about my legacy,"

"It was the biggest fight of my life and then I'm reading things that I was a dirty fighter,". "I was reading things that I didn't like. It was the same guy [writer] who said I didn't have a shot who was then saying I won because I was fighting dirt[...]

I think this fight [with Kovalev] will be one of the best fights that boxing has seen in a long time. How good? I don't know. The matchup on paper, his résumé and my résumé, it has the makings of a great fight and now we've got to get out there and [...]

"It's not going to be easy,"

"I'm extremely disappointed that I'm missing this opportunity on November 21, but at the same time, I'm encouraged,". "Anytime I have had a minor or major setback in my career, by the Grace of God, I've come back stronger and this will be no differe[...]

All I can do is what I could do which was dedicate myself, focus and as you look at some of the greats like Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali, who took three years out, it's been done before.

"The layoff was very devastating to the point where I really wanted to walk away. I didn't want to walk away but was on the verge of doing it because I didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel,". "I literally wrote two retirement speeches becau[...]

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