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Andy Lee has been quoted 25 times. The one recent article where Andy Lee has been quoted is Billy Joe Saunders feels defeats have weakened Andy Lee. Most recently, Andy Lee was quoted as having said, “This fight is going to be very fan-friendly because of our two styles and it's going to be electric when we get into the ring.”.

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"I'm very pleased to be making my return on such a big event, thank you to K2 Promotions, Lou DiBella and Adam Booth for this opportunity,". "After taking a year out, I'm back, I feel refreshed and hungrier than ever. My goal is to eventually challe[...]

In fact, I think he has to be concerned about my punching power because it's something that we've been working on.

This fight is going to be very fan-friendly because of our two styles and it's going to be electric when we get into the ring.

I've never lost a fight on points and I never will on points, if I'm down on the cards I will go out swinging in the last round.

Saunders being a fellow traveler does add another layer, but at the end the day it's about how good you are and he's not good enough to beat me.

"I have a punch that can end a fight, lights out in any given second,". "I won't rely on the punch, I will look to dominate from the start with educated pressure. I'm feeling very dangerous at the moment".

"The fight has to happen and we're both eager for it. We've been on and off in camp and you have to time it right. We've been working hard and we'll be ready for December 19,"

"I've got a massive fight with Billy Joe but when it's all out the way," "there's a big Irish community there, they all know me, fight in New York maybe, St. Patrick's Day next year". "The rewards and the risks they all make sense".

"I want to fight the winner of one of those fights,". "More than likely it will be Golovkin. If Cotto wins, I don't see him fighting me. He's turned it down once already, Canelo maybe but maybe not. I would like to fight Cotto, Golovkin, any of them[...]

"I'm championing women's boxing and I'm championing equal rights."

"I'm looking forward to returning to New York and defending my title against Quillin,". "I'm at the peak of my powers now. I cannot see myself losing to anyone. I want to be recognized as the best middleweight in the world and beating Quillin will g[...]

Coming home keeps my feet on the ground. We all muck in here, and I get my mum's cooking.

It was like starting all over again, leaving my friends. I hated it at first. It was a big culture shock too. There's a massive difference between London and a rural village in Ireland.

The Limerick people have been a great support to me. This is me repaying them a little bit. It really is something special for me and my family.

"It's good to sit ringside for the big fights, get used to the atmosphere,". "And sparring all over the US really brings you on. In our gym, I spar Kermit Cintron, Wladimir Klitschko. I've learnt more in the gym than the ring so far.".

"Wladimir uses me for speed work and doesn't hit me too hard,". "Once, though, I forgot myself and hit him with a good left and I could just see his eyes change. So I just ran for the rest of the time.".

Dad was great – he'd get back from work, have a cup of tea and a sandwich, then take us to the club. Every night.

"Representing Ireland in the Olympics was amazing,". "It's still my greatest amateur achievement.".

There was a stage at St Francis where I wasn't learning anymore and was becoming disillusioned. Then Shane Daley, a young, hungry new coach, came in. It got better after that and they had more time for me. Without Shane Daley, who knows what might h[...]

"He's a little further ahead right now,". "He's done what I'm trying to do, made a name for himself. As a draw, we have all the right ingredients but they need to be cooked right. I don't believe he's ducking me.".

"Being in the States meant I could go away and learn my trade with no pressure. By the middle of 2007 I felt like a pro. Recently, I watched a tape of myself in the Olympics. It was a different boxer."

"The hard physical work [gardening] made me strong,". "But it convinced me that I didn't want to do it my whole life – that motivated me in boxing.

"The crowd were unbelievable. I get lots of pressure in Ireland but if I'm going to be a world champion one day, it'll be like that every day."

"We always saw ourselves as Irish,". "You're more patriotic when you're away from it. We moved to Castleconnell, six miles out of Limerick.

But while I've fought some tough guys, they're nothing compared to Kelly. My goal is to get in position for a shot.

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