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Anthony Crolla has been quoted 79 times in 26 different articles. On this page, you will find all of Anthony Crolla’s quotes organized by date and topic. Alongside each quote is a link back to the article where the quote was reported, so you can go back to the source for more context if you need it. Topics that Anthony Crolla speaks about are Perez, Jorge Linares, and fight, for example. Most recently, Anthony Crolla was quoted in the article Anthony Crolla to show his support for Manchester in Ricky Burns fight saying, “People say once the bell goes it is just you and your opponent, which is true, and Ricky is well-travelled and experienced. But I do believe it gives me that extra gear.”.

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I'm lucky to have been able to be part of such massive shows at the Manchester Arena and that's all I want to be in – big fight nights. Ricky and I could both have been allowed an easier fight but we both want these big nights on a showcase platform[...]

People say once the bell goes it is just you and your opponent, which is true, and Ricky is well-travelled and experienced. But I do believe it gives me that extra gear.

The 24 rounds with Linares puts me in good stead. They weren't fights where I took a serious beating with huge shots bouncing my head back. Other than the knockdown, I wasn't on wobbly legs. I enjoyed the experience. I made improvements in the build[...]

I've got nothing against Ricky, he's a good guy. But once that bell goes we'll both be willing to dig deep. I've wanted this for a long time, I can't wait.

I'm really happy the fight is in Manchester. It's going to be one of the first shows since that horrible night with the bombings so it means an awful lot to go back. A lot of people have been asking me to come back to the Arena for my next fight. Bu[...]

I'm looking forward to going to battle and putting on a display for the fans. Camp started a few weeks ago and I'm in a good place.

I know that I'm only potentially a few fights away from fighting for a world title again. Obviously I've got to make sure I win. But I feel good. I feel that I'm a better fighter for the last two fights. Certainly I think I'm still improving and I l[...]

Skillwise I think Linares is up there with any fighter pound-for-pound.

[Luke] has had the one hiccup but he's looked very good other than that. He's had some good wins himself, Perez, [Argenis] Mendez, that was a good win. I can't think of a lot more fighters who got world title shots who hadn't accomplished what Luke [...]

I've been ticking over in the gym. I'm in a good place now for when camp starts. It'll be a good fight between us. I've got a lot of respect for Ricky. A good fighter.

It's a good fight. Obviously myself and Luke, very different stylistically. I was speaking to Luke when he beat Darleys Perez and I was saying Luke's very good at long range, a southpaw. He'll ask Linares different questions to what I tried to ask h[...]

If Luke manages to beat Jorge, I know it's a tough ask, but if he manages to do that, both with the same promoter, I'm sure there's a great chance it could happen. I'd struggle to outbox Luke long range, I'd have to rough him up but I can be smart a[...]

It's at a good time for both of us. A win puts us back in the mix for titles, I'm not going to say the loser has nowhere to go, but it's going to be a tough road back. We're both coming off losing our World Titles and the incentive is to win the fig[...]

It's nearly happened before a good few times, a few years ago at super-featherweight and again at lightweight. It's been talked about for years now. It looked like it wasn't going to happen but it's good now we're finally going to meet.

I could have a tune up fight on the undercard of somewhere and an easier opponent to get me back into things and then a big fight after but I'm not interested in that.

I'm going to have a little break with my family now. I'll have to watch it back. I'll be back but I'll have a think, sit down, see what the next step is. I believe there'll be plenty of options, plenty of big fights for us and I want to be in those [...]

Joe wanted to pull me out and I pleaded to let me go on. No lie, I was alright. Joe was thinking that he [Linares] was in his rhythm and I needed the stoppage and it probably wasn't going to come. You ask any fighter, it's not me being brave, no one[...]

Obviously, I'm not going to give too much away, but we have to be smarter in the ring. We have quickened things up a little bit, and there are certain shots there that we feel we didn't capitalise on last time and plan on doing it this time. I'm ver[...]

I don't mind people saying I've overachieved. I get the best out of what I've got. There has always been a lot of money won on me when I've been underdog and I look forward to that again on Saturday.

We're both bringing different game-plans to the ring and there's no doubt that we'll both leave it all in the ring again, like we did last time. I did everything I could to win last time but I came up short, the right man won but there wasn't a lot [...]

I understood what Joe meant in the press conference. I think in the past I have been a bit stupid and that's been my fault. I run around with tickets and stress over things, I've been told it for years but this time it's been different and I'm flyin[...]

I was disappointed that I lost, and you should never be satisfied with losing, I was happy that I gave everything on the night but there was things that I did that I was annoyed about and I won't be making them this time.

"I want the belt back. I want the belt back,". "I got over the upset of losing because I lost to a great fighter. But I'm not going to celebrate losing. I don't want that feeling again on March 25. I want this belt back. I want the chance to go down[...]

'I want the belt back'.

I've got to be in these big fights now. The last four fights have been the biggest fights of my career, all tough opponents. I'm up for this big nights and people start expecting them. The motivation is always there for me, walking out at that arena[...]

I see Jorge as the best lightweight in the world and I want to be the best lightweight in the world. It is always up for discussion that label of course, he is seen as the man at the moment and I want to test myself against the very best, even thoug[...]

"There had been lots of talk on the rematch since the first fight with Jorge so I'm delighted to finally get this announced,"

No excuses from me from the first fight, I had a great camp – I came up short against a great fighter. I thought the fight itself was going well, I felt like I was in control up until the sixth round, he caught me with a great shot and buzzed me. I [...]

"I've been in the gym right the way up to Christmas even though the fight is a little bit of a while off. I'm working hard and making improvements, I will have to show improvements in the rematch if I am to win. I came up short on the night against [...]

The better the opponent, the better I will perform. I'm approving still as a fighter and athlete despite turning 30 recently. I want to be remembered as being someone who took on the best around and being mentioned in the same breath as them.

"I didn't see him for a long time, now me and Kieran are mates. He's buzzing for me, he's made up for me,". "I think it does help. I've been up to his gym quite a few times. He's doing well, seeing him doing well, now I'm pleased, I'm buzzing to see[...]

"I'm looking at some of those unification fights and the most obvious one is Terry Flanagan, being from Manchester, being from up the road,"

"He could really punch, really punch with that backhand. When that backhand was coming there was some whip and some weight behind it. I took very little. I took a lot on arms and gloves. I purposely done that to let him throw the shots,". "There wer[...]

It's done amazing things for me, it's been good to me. I know it's cruel with Kieran and stuff like that, and I had the lows early in my career. Some people would have walked away. I was forgotten about and people were talking in boxing saying I'll [...]

"I still think about it,". "It kills me when I think about it. I think it was his mum and it was breaking her heart when he was getting carried out on a stretcher. It haunted me for ages".

"There is a brutal side to it. In boxing the highs are so high, it's unbelievable, I think when I won the title, the crowd all cheering, all these people come out to support you, then the lows, the lows can be so, so low,". "When I'd had that loss e[...]

Five, I knew it was a matter of time, then six, I knew it was another 30 seconds I would have stopped him in that round… He thought he's been knocked out, he was almost ready to go then.

"I honestly think that Barroso felt, and his team felt, he was going to get us out of there early. I think they thought it was going to be an early night. We suspected and Joe [Gallagher, his trainer], he was convinced he was going to try and get me[...]

"I never stopped believing but it's been a mad ride,"

I'm just so proud that I've been able to pay the fans back for their incredible support I've received. I'm not the kind of fighter that will run his mouth at press conferences or call people out, but I will happily fight anyone. You can't want it mo[...]

"There's only one Ricky Hatton and there will only ever be one,". "If I can get a bit of the support and success that Ricky had I'll be over the moon. The crowds at the Perez and Barroso fights were unbelievable and I am sure it's going to be rockin[...]

He likes to fight at his pace and I can't allow that. I don't want to give too much away, but I've got to take advantage of some weaknesses that I think I've seen there. I'm confident I can do that.

I've got to be switched on from the opening bell. He's a very good counter-puncher, so I know I can't be lazy at any stage. But I genuinely believe I'll have an answer for whatever he shows me.

"I rate Linares very highly,". "He's technically brilliant. Everyone in the gym loves to watch him fight, and he's the kind of fighter young kids should watch.

I thought a lot of his win over Kevin was down more to Kevin's eye getting so bad really. Jorge has had better performances than that, he looked good last time out again Ivan Cano, but I can take a lot from Kevin's fight. Kevin and I are different f[...]

I'm going to have to exchange with him at times and I'm going to have to be cute and make him fall short. Kevin showed that he has weaknesses and there will be times that we trade but I've been working hard on my boxing ability and my angles because[...]

"I'm so excited to have the chance to unify the Lightweight division,". "Jorge is a fantastic fighter and it's another mountain to climb, but these are the tests that I thrive on and I've beaten two great fighters in Perez and Barroso and I'm confid[...]

I'm having to pinch myself after everything that's happened. I'm fighting the number one fighter in the division... It doesn't get any better than this. I'm very proud and privileged to be able to bring this fight to Manchester.

He looked well against (Ivan) Cano last time out but he hasn't been very active, whereas I'm coming off a career-best performance over (Ismael) Barroso. I really believe I'm coming into this fight in the form of my career and as I've shown in the fi[...]

I've been a fan of Jorge Linares for years now and he's technically brilliant at times but like any other fighter, he has vulnerabilities. It's up to me to expose those vulnerabilities and I truly believe that I can and I will. Linares is a great ch[...]

The last two nights in the Arena have been unbelievable and I think that we'll take it to another level against Jorge. He's boxed all over the world and taken on some of the best – but fighting me in front of a packed Manchester crowd is not somethi[...]

"People are saying it's got to happen. When are you ever going to get a unification fight between two lads from Manchester, from the same area who went to the same school? It's got to happen,". "I hope the fight does happen, for the public, because [...]

I didn't feel like I got hit that much [laughs]. I know how to stick to a plan, Joe [Gallagher, his trainer] always says that.

I don't think I should have been the underdog, but it motivates me.

I felt round by round, I was getting more into it. It was in the second or third, I clipped him with a left hook and I knew he felt it. It was only half a shot really, skimmed off him, so I knew if I started landing more body shots it was only a mat[...]

"When you work for something so hard and so long, the last thing you want to do is give it up,". "I'd be a fraud if I'd done that when my mandatory is in front of me. It's the most dangerous fight of my career, I saw him take Kevin out in London and[...]

The suggestion that I would duck him got my back up a bit. When you are champion you fight the best challengers out there and that's what I see in Barroso. I am looking forward to us both putting on a fantastic fight. We know he can bang and that is[...]

The two names mentioned for him are [Carl] Frampton and Donaire, they [Matchroom Boxing, Quigg's promoters] are certainly in talks with Donaire's people.

That's [Quigg-Donaire] one of the fights being spoken about for the bill so it would be great to be headlining along Scott again.

"When I heard the news I was honestly close to tears,". "Not getting that decision was hard to take but I was so grateful to even be part of such a great night and no one can ever take those memories away from me. Now I get another chance and I'm mo[...]

When this opportunity came I was never going to give it up. But I promise everyone that I will win the world title.

Physically I am in the best shape of my life, without a shadow of a doubt. Fighters never say otherwise, but my camp has been brilliant. I've had no injuries or niggles, which is a relief after everything that happened. I'm in a brilliant place and [...]

Stylistically, Perez and Abril are very different and styles make fights. I think it will be a better fight to watch as our styles will gel well. Perez is a very good fighter, he's got power in both hands and he's a very good counter-puncher. I know[...]

Tactics are going to be important on Saturday night and with Joe Gallagher in my corner, I know he will have left no stone unturned in setting up the game plan.

"I need a career-best performance on Saturday night to win,". "But the way I have prepared and the way I feel physically and mentally, I know I can bring that performance out of myself. It's going to be an amazing atmosphere and those fans will driv[...]

"After that call I Wayne Rooney sent me a signed shirt from the United boys, which was brilliant as I am such a big United fan". "But as well as the backing of United, the support I have received since the attack has been overwhelming. People always[...]

"I still pinch myself when I think about the call from Sir Alex [Ferguson],". "I really thought it was a wind-up at the time, but as he kept talking I realised it was really Fergie – it was unbelievable. I was feeling pretty low and not really knowi[...]

"I've got plates and pins in here, they'll always be there,". "When I started training again, I was overcompensating on one foot, because I was nervous. That was the biggest hindrance.".

"I was on the painkillers and got really skinny. I was near my fighting weight not long after it. On morphine you've got no appetite, so I had to build myself back up. When I was on those I was falling asleep all the time. I was cutting myself down [...]

"The first few weeks were the hardest,"

I have been watching a bit of Abril over the last year because we have been linked with a fight before, but I will watch a lot more of him after tonight. He is a very good champion, he is avoided for a reason. He came onto the scene when he fought B[...]

It is a very big ask but there will be a few factors in my favour like being in my home town which will bring an extra 25 per cent out of me. In training I will have an extra edge to me because I won't have a problem getting out of bed in the mornin[...]

I really believe deep down that I can win that fight and become a World champion. I am under no illusions, it is a tough fight and I go in a big underdog. But it is a fight I am capable of winning and the setting couldn't be any better. To do it in [...]

"To have the World title shot in Manchester is a huge factor,". "Without wanting to sound cheesy, it doesn't get any bigger than that. I am a Manchester lad so to be fighting in Manchester for a World title, I couldn't ask for anything more and the [...]

I always got great sparring with Scott and Scotty Cardle, who is fighting on the 22nd of the month, so I'm nice and sharp. We get the best of each other, as we're all fighting on similar dates and if you make one mistake, you get punished, even in s[...]

"I want to stay active and I've been training hard alongside Scott Quigg since the start of October. I'm always in the gym and Eddie Hearn has put me on the bill in an eight-rounder to make sure I'm ready for the end of January and a big fight.

"Early on his career he lost quite a few but since then he has learnt how to fight,". "He is a former world champion and he holds a win over Robert Guerrero.

Last time out was a fantastic night for me and the city of Manchester, and the support myself and John Murray received was great.

"This is the most important fight of my career because if all goes wrong for me on September 13 then the big plans I have for world titles back in Manchester won't happen". "Every time I fight at this Arena it is special for me. This is the Arena fr[...]

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