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It was after I fought at The O2 against Dominic Breazeale.

These fighters are now watching me, so Takam will definitely know my strengths and weaknesses.

Takam waited at my hotel in reception and said to me 'I want to fight you!' I said, I've already had a fight.' I swear.

It was the Breazeale fight. He came to the fight, then waited for me in reception. I knew he was. He's a big unit, 22 stone, he's a big unit.

I can't afford to lose. This is a must-win for myself and for Carlos Takam. As much as my supporters want to see me win, there are still a few people who doubt me and want me to lose and disrupt our plan. They don't want to see the cream rise to the[...]

I think Eddie [Hearn] did a great job to have someone in place in case these mishaps happen. And when I heard the news I was fighting Takam, of all people, he's a very strong, game fighter. This is his chance to kind of shock the world.

Twenty wins, 20 knockouts ain't bad, but boxing's unforgiving. So don't ask me what you do for your 21st fight. I can't afford to lose, and I don't want to lose. Boxing is a sport that's unforgiving in a sense that if Takam beats me, that loss will [...]

I've known about Carlos Takam for a long time and he's a very, very well-rounded fighter. He's been moving his way up the IBF rankings, so I've always had my eye on him anyway.

Boxing is a sport that's unforgiving in a sense that if Takam beats me, that loss will stay on my record for a lifetime. That will always be my legacy. It will not be, Oh, he was a world champion, and he did well for the sport of boxing.' No, no, no[...]

When I'm in there with him, it will be interesting to see how game and ready he is, and what fire he is ready to go through.

No, I don't need it. I'm creating my own pathway, I don't need anyone. I'm just happy going at my own pace, it's not a sprint, it's a career. I've got another 10 years in the game and I can't fight everyone by next year, it's just not possible. I'm [...]

I don't know what Dubois will do, it's up to them whether they put him on a 100m course or a 400m track and they create a career or a legacy for him.

It seems we don't have that right now but Joe Joyce has just turned pro and Tony Yoka too. So there's a new wave coming through. In three years as a pro I've managed to catch the attentions of the division and I will definitely give all these guys t[...]

It's true. But it's down to fights. You have to remember Frazier was a gold medalist, Ali, Foreman, they were all peak level fighters of the era, and they all came together and ended up fighting each other. How many fights has he had? Three or four.[...]

I was watching a documentary and I saw Klitschko when he got beaten. But then where are the guys who beat Klitschko? You don't hear of them, do you? How do you prolong your career, your legacy? You can't rush.

How can I say? He has people guiding him, so it's kind of their choice.

Will my path cross with Dubois? Yes. All heavyweights have an opportunity to make a big play in the division. He'll be a player amongst the rest and I will fight him at some stage when he moves up.

If I fight Joe Bloggs, who the bookies may not have put in a position to beat me, but he ends up putting up one hell of a fight, that takes his stock up and it creates that type of Ali-Frazier, that trilogy.

We aren't ducking, we're fighting back. We want to keep these belts. Each challenge that presents itself is another hurdle.

It's no problem to get energised once again. We haven't taken our foot off the gas since 2008. We've got a long time to keep on achieving these type of things.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the ring. As soon as my last fight was over on April 29, my next question was, When's the next one?' I've been ticking over after I left the body to recover, and it's no problem to get energised once again.

As long as my coach and the old-time fighters are impressed by what I'm doing, that's all that matters.

I'm prepared to go into the trenches, but sometimes I can be smart and wise and take an opponent out without taking too much punishment.

It is not so much about making a statement to anyone – it is just showing my coach that I an listening to his instructions.

I am looking forward to expressing a kind of different approach to my boxing skills. What I went through in my last fight was a new experience. I want to show what I have learned from that. It is about finesse and outclassing your opponents, but if [...]

I learned that sometimes you can watch a million videos of your opponent and prepare for something.

October 28 can't come soon enough, I have been eager to get back in the ring since Wembley and now we are confirmed and ready. I'll be locked away focusing on fight number 20 for the next eight weeks. I am excited to experience the atmosphere in a s[...]

It wouldn't be a problem. If you look at most boxers who've crossed over to MMA, they get beaten on the ground. James Toney, Roy Jones, they were phenomenal boxers but they just couldn't compete in the cage because of the 'ground and pound' game.

I've been away with the family and need to get back to reality. Sitting on the beach getting my toes rubbed, that's not the life of an athlete.

I've got to get back to the gutter, keep organised, keep disciplined. I've done my holidays and need to get back to the military mindset I live.

I'm not turning Vegas down, I'd go, but for the people it's easier. My heart always tells me the UK, because a lot of people that have supported me since the amateurs are from here, and it gives them a chance to come down and watch a heavyweight tit[...]

Klitschko's unfortunately retired: it was a fight I was looking forward to again, but everything happens for a reason and now I have to go and compete with one of my mandatory challengers.

I know people will always make the effort but sometimes you want to make it as easy as possible for them.

My mandatory with Pulev has been ongoing for a year. The mandatory with Luis Ortiz has been going on for two months; I've had obligations in place for the past year. (The IBF) let me and Klitschko have a unification fight. We had to sign an agreemen[...]

He's got another chance to do it. I'd do it if I was him.

And going to Vegas opens the door for the (WBC champion Deontay) Wilder fight. There's a lot more to it than 'I let him off the hook; that's the only reason he beat me, I took my foot off the gas'. That's nonsense. He's been champion for 10 years, h[...]

I hope we can put a seal on it before the end of the month. If we fought November 11, starting August 22 is a three-month camp, so towards the end of the month, one way or the other (I'm expecting to know), because I've got to crack on. There's a lo[...]

It was just fun, it was just entertaining. I'd do it again, definitely.

When I with him two years ago it was actually my birthday and he took the time out to go out and get me some Jamaican food and bring it back to me, to my hotel room. Mad respect to him for that. He made me feel like I was at home and his training st[...]

Tyson Fury, where you at?

The last fight put the expectations on a pedestal but it was entertainment. We can't fight too many fights like that but regarding who I'm fighting, I've got two options. One is a rematch with Klitschko, and we're waiting to see, and we're trying to[...]

I feel very normal and motivated because I am going to start training on Monday. Normally, people say, What do you do to celebrate?' I have been getting my physio done… It's boring but I'm on a mission.

Monday, I will train three times in the week, a bike session, a run and a swim. After I fought in December I took a holiday and it was as though I was on the brink of retirement.

He probably needs to become a Sky fighter [laughs]. I'm not 100 per cent sure what his promotional situation is. He needs to get in shape, he needs to get his licence back, he needs to clear his name with UKAD and then I think he needs to have a fig[...]

I think he will want to (fight me again) because a fighter is the last one to know when it's time to stop. But I think the team around him, ie his wife, and they normally wear the trousers, and his brother (Vitali), they will advise him differently.

I love fighting. Tyson Fury, I know he's been talking, I want to give 90,000 a chance [to see us], I just want to fight.

I'm not perfect but I'm trying. I got a bit emotional because I know I have doubters. I'm only going to improve. Sometimes you can be a phenomenal boxer, but boxing is about character. When you go into the trenches that's when you find out who you r[...]

You've got to be smart. This is a 12-round fight, it's not the amateurs. I took a round off.

How am I feeling now? I love life, so I feel like I did before I won this fight. I'm glad it was great fight, I'm glad it lived up to expectation and all the hype.

I wouldn't mind fighting him again. It's up to him [Klitschko]. Well done to him as well. He put up a great fight. I tried to get him when I hurt him [in the fifth]. I'm not perfect but when I hurt them I know I can get them, but I was just missing.[...]

Tyson Fury where you at, baby? Come on – that's what they want to see. I just want to fight everyone. I'm really enjoying this right now.

I came out and I won – that's how far I had to dig. I came back and I fought my heart out.

He walks into my hands then, he doesn't want to do that.

I think around 2005 was the good, sharp Wladimir, throwing more punches. When I've been watching Wladimir, his fights around 2005 are what I've been watching more of because I want to prepare for the better Wladimir. That's what I try to watch, the [...]

It's easy then. I spar with amateurs, those guys give me hell for four rounds and then a fresh one comes in, so if you slow the pace down, I think it'll be fun.

I could have said before the Olympics that I wasn't ready, but let's rock and roll. There is no fear, but I don't underestimate any man. That's put me on a pedestal.

Is it a defining fight for myself? I wouldn't say so because it's not the end of my career. With what Klitschko's done, it's a very defining fight for him. When he gets beat, that could be the end of him, that's why it's so defining. What represents[...]

I think he definitely will have learned from the mistakes he made against Fury. It may be good for him at his age. He has been champion a decade. Maybe it was good for him.

He just didn't show up – for a lot of people's failures, they learn. They study, they come back. A lot of great fighters have made mistakes and come back. I say only positive things because I want to expect the best Klitschko.

Everything he has gone through he seems to be throwing at the young champion coming through. I study boxing, I see where he is coming from. I can see his angles. It is important to unsettle a fighter. Boxing isn't just about the Mike Tysons of the w[...]

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a billionaire – if you have kids you would advise them to set goals high, there's nothing wrong with aiming high. Wladimir Klitschko was accused of carrying out fights to the 12th round to secure commercial [...]

[After London 2012] I didn't want to be headhunted as an amateur. I thought, If I turn pro, I'll go under the radar and fight in learning fights.' Going around the country boxing [Paul] Butlin, [Matt] Legg, [Matt] Skelton, [Kevin] Johnson, Dillian [[...]

The [London 2012] Olympics doesn't seem that long ago. Three-and-a-half years I've been a professional. That's not that long. That's why I like these documentaries [in the build-up] – it gives me a minute to reflect on how much has happened in a sho[...]

I get angry quite easily when I'm tired from training. I get angry with my trainer [Robert McCracken] because he pushes me all the time. But it's discipline, isn't it? You have to be disciplined. It's like when your coach tells you your left hook is[...]

It's so hard in this day and age to be yourself, because everyone expects you to be the way everyone else is going. If people accept me for who I am, and that fits into the bracket of being a people's champion, then so be it. But if not, I've just g[...]

I didn't have to take the Charles Martin fight. I could've said, No, I'm going to defend my British title and stay where I am', but I don't duck challenges. Now I'm here. It's been a good journey. That's why I feel confident. Fighting is about risin[...]

As long as [the public attention] doesn't affect my time coming into the gym, I don't mind. I've just got to get to the gym. I can't really be waving on the streets and calling people in for photographs and signatures when I'm on my way to the gym! [...]

You've really got to get under my skin for me to whale out [in the build-up to fights]. The thing is, it's a bit of an issue because I don't want to get any bans or fines. I'm not the best verbally. I don't want to lose control of myself, as that's [...]

No sponsors would touch me with a bargepole when I turned pro. Heavyweight boxing is in a league of its own. It's like the king of the jungle – big, strong guys. We're bringing big-time boxing back to the UK. When I turned pro, boxing was dead. So i[...]

If I was to go to America, we all know the history of the sport with judging and home fighters.

That's what I like at the minute, it's amazing how the tables have turned.

Vegas used to be on my tick list, but it's not any more; it's good here. I think it's more of a point that Britain's always overlooked. It's like you have to go to America to get respected – no, not any more. Come here. Come and fight us. Look at th[...]

It's the era of UK boxing, I'm not holding onto it myself, I want everyone to shine.

Twitter is about communication, and it's just communicating. He addresses me and tweets me quite often, and I was just in the frame of mind where I thought, Me and Klitschko don't have much verbals, so let me respond to Fury.' For those five minutes[...]

I don't need Fury, no.

If it were up to me, that would have been the fight happening this summer. That's what I thought. I was planning for a massive showdown with Tyson Fury, but he had other plans and I just had to carry on.

It's quite disrespectful. If he's an all-time great, [as he says he is], then why is he worrying about who is behind him? You should focus on your future. I must be so relevant to these people who are in front of me. I just find it so disrespectful.[...]

Don't bring a plus one, It's for your fat ass.

Shut up! YOU'RE the only reason we haven't fought yet.

I think that timing is everything. I needed someone who could potentially challenge me. I say potentially because you never know.

I'm conditioning my mind talking about it, visualising to make it into reality.

I'm going for the knockout, that's what I do. I haven't experienced losing as a professional yet so I don't know that feeling. I'm going for a knockout. I always say you either crumble or rise to the occasion. I need this type of competition to show[...]

"The elbow grease that I used in 2016 won't get me through 2017. The same training methods that I used in 2016 only led me to defeat the opponents that I took on in 2016. This is a new year for me. That obsession is still burning and I don't think i[...]

"This now is all about the mind games,"

No game plan from Tyson Fury, I can't take anything away from watching Klitschko perform that night. He's very motivated about performing better than he did last time.

Right now, I'm champion of the world but now it's time to beat the right people to go down history. This is just the start of that legendary campaign.

It's all about winning, at the end of the day it's another fight. When I look back, it's history. It's an amazing opportunity. The time is now. It's a man I need to defeat and it's time to build my reputation and respect in the division. When I firs[...]

"This is a big fight for him, a massive test,". "It's well beyond anything he's done – I'm not saying he's not the favourite or anything – but how can you compare anything he's done previously to this? It's a massive risk. A lot of people are saying[...]

"They say he didn't throw enough punches, believe me he'll come in and throw punches this fight."

"I'm fine with all these things. If he can call me 'little bro' and all these things until the cows come home and then I go out there and spank him out in a round, it's all irrelevant,". "I let it go over my head. You could let it get to you but for[...]

I still have got a lot to prove.

"It's the start of a legacy. I think if Wlad wins he'll say to himself, 'I'm still the big bro.' Do you know what I mean? And if he loses he'll soon realise that the torch is changing hands. This is a completely different era. God willing I win, thi[...]

"I'll hopefully figure Klitschko out as the round go on and then I can start punishing him,". "I'm punching harder.".

"His style has worked for him. You can't knock it. I respect it but you've got to go in there, land a few, give a few,". "It'll be interesting to see what type of style I bring to the table against Klitschko. I like to adapt to my fighter. I'll mayb[...]

"I've shared the ring with the champ,". "A very respectful man outside the ring, very competitive in the ring, and this is the step-up that people have wanted. Two warriors will come together. Klitschko wants his belts back, may the best man win.".

"I can't reveal that. But how I beat him will be by being myself. I will focus on my own training, and come with a positive attitude."

"Every fight's different. I'm not boxing Molina as I'd box Klitschko. Every fight's different, but I'll box Molina to lead me on to someone like Klitschko,". "It's just the fact that Molina's had notable wins. He's had notable wins and he's tough.

"Probably I'll say something [to him]. We'll probably have some words,"

You need as many learning fights as possible because when an opportunity like Klitschko presents itself, you best hope you've taken all your time in the ring and learned something because you need it all in a fight like that.

"I need to win. It's a good thing because obviously it means I'm not overlooking him because, as you said, it's the final hurdle to big fights some people have been waiting to see. But you know every fight is a big fight because every fight could be[...]

"He hasn't been a champion, he hasn't boxed, he's been injured,"

"When opportunity presents itself you have to grab it with two hands. Providing I beat someone like Molina, what do I do then? Do I fight Dillian [Whyte] again? Do I fight someone like [David] Price? Or do I take the opportunity to fight Klitschko? [...]

"Eric has only lost to the best. He's looked at as an underdog because a lot of it is about hype. This is his chance to announce himself. He might say he can beat me, but we won't know until the night if he can pull it off.

"I'm not fighting [Wladimir] Klitschko. He's going to be there on Saturday, as is [David] Haye, but they're not in front of me. My career, my discipline and my consistency, that's the package that we've been sending out to the rivals and that speaks[...]

"He is a hurdle I have to overcome. It's not about them, it's about me. I won't disrespect Eric, but I don't play games, I come to dominate. I don't care how long the fight with Molina goes; one or 12 rounds, I just need to dismantle my opponent,"

"I'm not learning in the shadows, I'm under the bright lights on Box Office in the UK and on Showtime in the U.S. I have to perform every time that I box. There's so many wolves in the pack that want to come and destroy what I've built". "We're clos[...]

"Eric is coming here to win and he's got a goal in his sights and dreams to fulfill. I want to shatter his dreams and keep that title. He gave [Deontay] Wilder a real test, rocked him, and boxed through the fight with an injury. So he's got ability,[...]

"I have remained close to Rob and the GB Boxing squad since 2012. I have consistently turned to him for advice and guidance so I am really excited to have him in my corner, starting on December 10th. I would like to put on record my thanks to Tony [...]

I know from working with Carl Froch that combining my work coaching a top professional boxer with the role of Performance Director has mutual benefits and that having a world champion in the gym has a very positive impact on the whole of the GB Boxi[...]

"BXR is a passion project for me. I want people to train like I train. We have pulled together the best coaches, medical teams and equipment in the business and brought the ring to Chiltern Street, offering state of the art training facilities for a[...]

"It takes courage to step into the ring. Deontay Wilder is known as a one-punch KO artist and Eric stood up to his power, so it shows that he's here to push the champion and take my title". "I don't get involved in other people's issues or stories, [...]

There's a lot at stake and with Sky Sports and Showtime behind us, this is a big stage to show what you have got. I'm serious about what I do and about moving forward. I don't have a script, I can only speak from the heart; whatever Eric's destiny i[...]

The division has been blown wide open but they've been saying that for a while and they will keep saying it until someone dominates the division again. It's not so much about brand and hype, it's about guys like Eric that come with true heart and ar[...]

"I am pleased that everything is now set for December 10 and I can concentrate on getting the business done in the ring,". "There has been plenty of talk about who I may face but all I'm doing is concentrating on finishing Molina in style and puttin[...]

This will be the toughest fight of my career.

I'm expecting this to be the toughest fight of my career so far and I will be ready for an all-out war.

You heard what I said, I hope he gets better, I hope comes back to doing what he does best, what he's good at, and that's fighting. Start making headlines for the right reasons again, and that's really all I have to say on the subject.

I'm not one of these people who say, 'He shouldn't have done that or he should do that.' Everyone goes through their own problems, everyone has their own situations that they're in.

"That's what he knows, that's the man he is so he should do what he does best and that's fighting so I definitely believe we shall see Tyson Fury in the ring soon."

"Everyone's got their own views, everyone's got their own opinions. It's freedom of speech so he's entitled to his opinions so I think if that's the way he feels about boxing he's voicing it from a place of passion. Whether we agree with it or not, [...]

"You never know what someone's going through behind closed doors. I think the man's got bags of talent. One of the few men to defeat Klitschko so he's got bags of talent. I just hope he can get himself together and he can get back in the ring and do[...]

It's an interesting fight, it's definitely one that people have got interested in just by mentioning it so there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. We're dealing with a legendary sportsman in Klitschko and a current champion. There's egos [...]

"It'll be amazing for boxing in general, for British boxing, for people who want to see a general step up in class, it ticks all the boxes for me at this present time,". "A heavyweight fight, a former champion versus a current champion it's a fight [...]

"I've never seen a lightweight, let alone a heavyweight, throw so many punches in a fight before. We've been talking about counter-punching and aggression, Joe was aggressive, making the fight. The power that he possesses, there's no way you can blo[...]

In spirit he's champion, he's done so well. As much as I want him to have the medal, I'm so proud of what he's achieved.

He's a credit to the sport in and out of the ring.

"I remember it was a good fight, not too many points [between them, one in fact], good, good,". "Now if we have a fight? He's a very a good Olympic champion, very good boxer. I'm two-time World champion. Whoever trains well would win. I think I'd be[...]

"The Olympics was a different level,". "In the O2 you can lock away in your changing room, the Olympics you could just hear [the crowd].".

"The loudest noise was the boxing,". "How many people were at the athletics stadium? And the loudest was boxing. How mad is that? Trust me. That's why I said that was Spartan-like. You're locked away behind stage but you can hear the crowd roaring f[...]

"Only went seven rounds once [before]"

"I was in my own world but I was aware of what I wanted to control, what I wanted to let in,". "I just felt very relaxed, very in control of the moment, nothing was going to get to me. That's how I've got to keep on going into every fight.".

"I've got one of the belts, cool, now I want to start adding names to my record. They're the names that I want to add. Just so I can silence these boys. The cream will rise to the top."

"He's very tricky. He can mess you around. Which is a good way to win. But the way he talks is like he's… It's not exciting. I want to see him being exciting, that's all."

"As I said, I've got the belt, now let's start adding some solid names, defences, let's go after these guys with a couple of belts and we'll get that household respect in the game,"

"That's the problem. Who else is there? Stiverne is a good challenge," "Stiverne's a good name, solid fighter."

"He could win, he's done it once, he can do it again. He just needs to be more convincing with his wins. I want to see Tyson Fury back his talk up, go in and stop Klitschko and put it on him a bit. That's when I'll start giving him more respect, but[...]

"I don't mind where we fight. I don't mind. But as I said, it should be within a year of this year. Because six months ago I was asked that and I was saying 18 months. So I can't keep telling you 18 months down the line. It has to happen,". "Time's [...]

"You know how tough boxing is, there's going to be some tough, tough nights. It'll be interesting to see who'll push me, really, really push me. [Larry] Holmes had it hard, [Muhammad] Ali had it hard, [Joe] Frazier, and they were the elites of the g[...]

"Duhaupas just knocked out [Robert] Helenius. Molina beat [Tomasz] Adamek. Maybe guys like this,". "The only thing that will let Parker down is experience, he's talented but maybe not experienced enough… But it'll be interesting to see.".

"Everyone wants to come to the UK. They all want a bit of it. It's class,"

"In that sense I think that's crazy,". "It is hard you know, camp is hard, learning, being due diligent. I want to get better, I want to get better, I want to get better, that's it. It's all hard work. It's not by luck.".

"We'll see what [WBC champion Deontay] Wilder does, but it's very possible. It's becoming more a reality as time goes on and if I keep on addressing each fight and having camps like I did I think it's very possible. Not getting carried away but I fe[...]

"And I could have done it in less. That's why I want to fight him again. I just want to batter him again but quicker."

"I think with the Breazeale thing the first time, I was actually just tired, training, travelled down, didn't eat, got in, shook his hand, took the pictures and we done a face-off. I was a bit wound up at the whole situation."

"Once you get the full package I think you're unstoppable, no matter what happens you're just built for this. You condition yourself, you harden yourself to become the best person [you can]."

"You've got to be confident but it's the fear of losing, it's that fear of losing. If I thought I was going to beat Dominic Breazeale that easy I wouldn't train the way I do. So I train that way because of the fear of losing. But I need to get that [...]

"It depends how I approach the fight. You've seen how I approached the Dillian Whyte fight, you see how I approached the Charles Martin fight, it's how I approach the fight.

"I would love to go in there and just move around the ring and not get hit without even having to throw any punches. We've shown the power but I've never shown footwork. It would be nice for me to be confident enough to say I'm going to take a round[...]

"I'm interested in Fury, it's a big fight, a really big fight,". "For me as a fighter it would be a class fight to fight the big names.".

"I've got a version of the world title. It's about who you beat now, it's about who you fight,". "The belt it gets you to fight the best, you need that belt, it's a very important part of your development and then you need to get these names on your[...]

"These fights will happen, I'll make sure they happen because that's my way of giving back but in the meanwhile I understand what I'm doing and that's what matters to me,"

"It's a voluntary [defence], he's had the same amount of fights,". "He's tall so he's good preparation so they're looking at it in that aspect. I didn't think I'd be fighting him, I thought I'd be fighting [Eric] Molina… That didn't happen, [Breazea[...]

Don't build yourself up. You are already in a deep hole, don't make it deeper. If you know me, you know I make every day count, I'm serious about my life. We're competitors, regardless of all the things outside the fight, the fans, the O2, him think[...]

"People pay to see blood, they pay to see war and that's why people are supporting my journey because I deliver every time I step in the ring,". "If he backs up his talk he'll go past the first round, but the second round - that's the danger round, [...]

"Probably he's in training camp. Training camp's a tough place. I think his mind's probably unsettled at the minute, probably away from home, I don't know where his camp is. I think after the fight when he spends time with his family, gets to chill [...]

"We'll still fight. It'll still be massive,"

"He'll shed that. The problem is if he's trying to get to a weight and cuts out foods and stuff like that. When you're a heavyweight you need energy. So I don't know if he's trying to be on a diet plan, I don't know. But you're trying to shed the we[...]

"It obviously used to be the Mecca but it isn't,"

"It's genetics. It's just how I'm built. That's just how he's built. That's what I'm saying, I'm not surprised at his condition because that's who Fury is but when you talk about this 'athlete/role model/looking-type' person, he should come in in at[...]

"None of them will. Unless we're talking about the crème de la crème I don't think they will, no. I'm training hard and I don't come out of the gym,". "I don't think they'll go the distance because of that. You know you build the natural stamina and[...]

"Even when I'm looking at him, I'm calculating what shot I'm going to knock him out with. 100 percent. Slip with a left hook. That's how I am. I'm actually picturing boxing him when I'm doing the eye-to-eye, thinking, 'What shot will he throw?' He's[...]

"I said what's your problem. He said we're just here to fight and this. So I said don't make a big deal out of it. If you're going to beat me, you'll beat me. And if I'm going to beat you I'll beat you. So don't stress about it. If this is your dest[...]

I don't want to look for it. But it's a very lovely shot when someone throws a jab - because they're tall, so people who throw jabs are very straight on - they throw a jab, you throw one or you can come over there with a right or you can slip with a[...]

I am looking to get passed Breazeale in style and continue moving towards the unification fight everybody is waiting for. I'm looking forward to being part of a stacked night of boxing and defending my title in style.

"I can't tell you how excited I am to fight again, especially at The O2 which I have made my fortress,". "My coaches have watched Breazeale for a long time and they knew he was going to be a player in the division and now we get the chance to go war[...]

He's very tricky. He can mess you around. Which is a good way to win. But the way he talks is like he's… It's not exciting. I want to see him being exciting, that's all.

"I don't take nonsense from no one but I'm humble,". "We're all going to do it, just follow your dreams and get behind everyone.".

"Sparring is key. Bag work is bag work, padwork is important but sparring is the key. I have been blessed to have three sparring partners over for the last six weeks and I still have one over. My last rounds of sparring [were] on Tuesday. That's bee[...]

"Early on I was getting hit with the backhand a bit. I was thinking 'this is a bit tricky', but now I'm defending it, slipping it and counter 'bang, bang'. That's what's helped me develop, having sparring partners over for the whole duration."

"The quicker I establish myself the better. He's not really an explosive fighter, but he might come because he won't want to be in there long with someone who can knock him out. It's a dangerous place to be for 12 rounds,"

"You just have to switch on to certain shots. They are no different, but you just are unaware to certain shots. Now I am switched on to big hooks coming round,"

"Everyone feels the pressure. He will definitely feel a different pressure with that negative energy being chanted down on him,". "When you step out it's totally different. I'll never get used to it... There's an edge to fight night.".

"At first, it was aching my arm a lot keeping it there, but my muscles there have developed a lot more. I have to keep it up, counter. I'm happy with the progression over the last eight weeks,"

"'Do I shatter his dreams? I think he knows what's coming anyway. He walks this earth like a God? I'm blessed, my destiny's written."

"It was kind of going in that direction at some stage anyway. It just fast-tracks these type of fights. Once I become champ, God willing it happens, there's no hiding from these fights. So it was all calculated, we know what we're getting ourselves [...]

"This is all the attention on him, so that's got to be developed. I think the fights I've been in as well, they've been tough I've learned some the hard way, I've boxed the easy way, which has been good as well. So that's what the Olympics has given[...]

He's a champion now and that does something to your confidence and gives you a bit more fire in your heart. So I've got to be very careful, very wise and not make any mistakes because he's a counter-puncher. A counter-puncher is someone who capitali[...]

"I don't really follow the odds. They're normally right,". "That's what I'm saying, let's detach that championship belt away, that belongs to me, realistically, that's my destiny. He's just holding it. He's got it. But when we look at technical skil[...]

"This is serious. I really try and disconnect myself but when I'm up there and it's just me and Charles, normally I'm up there with loads of other fighters. This is the first time when I'm at the head table and it's me and my opponent. It's a great [...]

"I know people that have worked with him – a hard worker, sometimes lazy. It is hard, boxing's a hard sport, each to their own. But this is the real deal, he's in with someone who don't take no days off. I studied him, I know about him but he's in w[...]

"The power's there. I know if I tag him enough times without getting too involved in a fight I'll be able to knock him out. I don't think many of my fights will go the distance". "You've got to stick and move and box properly, you'll tag someone eno[...]

"Being a southpaw never blessed you with an extra arm, an extra five inches on your reach. You've still got two hands, same heart, same feet and that's the same with me. I've just got to go in there with the same objective. Obviously there are still[...]

"He's hungry. A lot of Americans, like Londoners, they're hungry, they don't waste time, they know what they want and they're going to get it by any means. That's what I see with Martin, the jewellery and everything like that. I think he may have co[...]

"Even when people tell you it's possible when you first start boxing, that's what they say, heavyweight champion and so on, you don't really think it's possible because of the stage you're at. But dreams come true. I've got an opportunity. I just ne[...]

"You saw what happened to me on December 12. It does get to you. You want to go out there and tear someone's head off. You've got to stick to your A game and that's why that fight was perfect, that's why timing's everything. That fight then was perf[...]

"I don't think he's experienced anything like this,"

He's become heavyweight champion of the world. Some people are different but for both of us, where he's been in his career and where I've been, when you look at him being champion and you look at the experiences I've been through as a contender, us [...]

"I can't wait to get back in the ring on April 9,". "I feel fit and ready to take on whoever I need to continue my journey to the top. The atmosphere at The O2 was unbelievable in December so I'm looking forward to putting on an even bigger show for[...]

"Double jabs, slipping jabs. When I really looked at it, I said Tyson Fury's Muhammad Ali-esque, the way he was moving. When you at it again, he was dancing around, feinting. I think you need to slip shots, it's very, very important, and double up y[...]

"People will still want to see me get beat. People like the bad guy. There's not far, I don't think, in between good and bad. There's not far in between. You've still got a job to do at the end of the day, good or bad guy, you've still got to win. T[...]

"I've got to respect him. Everyone says, 'Klitschko's boring, Klitschko's boring.' I said why don't anyone beat him then? Everyone says Klitschko's boring but no one beat him [for a decade] and Fury's done it. I've got to give him credit. Everyone's[...]

"I don't think [he's far off]. They were talking about it, they've always mentioned it when I first turned pro. I was like, 'Look I'm eight months as a pro.' I'm two and a bit years as a pro now and they're still talking about it. I think people wan[...]

As you said, I had an intense amateur career. Even though it was short, it was quite quick and intense and then the pros. I've been working at it since 2008 so I think he'll take that into account as well.

"I should be smart enough to deal with what he throws at me,". "It's easy one thing saying it but that's the mentality I've got to go in the ring with. One jab there, can't go again. Left hook there, alright cool, assess the whole situation in the r[...]

He hasn't had that much of an amateur career, he took a few years out as a professional. I think his confidence comes from him as a person. Some people are just who they are through upbringing and he might just be a very confident person. He's 16-0.

"Deep, deep down I don't think he is [taking much from it],". "He can take a little bit but I don't think it's everything to him. So I think deep, deep, deep down he's not taking too much away from it. Because I think you really have to look at the [...]

"I'm not looking at it like, 'Oh, I was on GB, I went to this, I'm the man.' No,". "I'm not letting anyone take a shortcut so I've got to keep an underdog mentality.

That's what I'm saying. I've got too much to lose.

"You just don't know till fight time but I'm sure I'll adapt. I'm strong enough, I'm physical enough to fight back and my feet are quite good to be able to get myself in and out of danger. So whatever happens I'll be able to adapt,"

"I think with boxing you get to show yourself as a character and I think he comes across as a very confident person. I don't know whether that's through what he's achieved. As you said, he had a short amateur career and not so many fights as a pro. [...]

I've been knocking guys like him out for a long time. You want me to tell you why he's fake? When you're with him and you're not around cameras he acts a certain way, I've spent time with him.

"What's fake about providing for your family, earning a straight living, trying to be a role model and bringing boxing back to where it should be? What's fake about that?"

"Do you know what the main thing is for me? Regardless of what he blurts out and regardless of what I may blurt out, it will be a real pleasure if me and him go to war, and we do go 12 rounds and it's a good fight". "I was watching the Micky Ward an[...]

My mind set, it's always been my thing. I'll fight anybody anywhere, I'm not scared of anybody. I'm not scared of a skinny body builder.

"I have been part of the Matchroom family for a number of years now and I am really excited that the relationship will be continuing,"

"They have an exceptional and passionate team from Eddie downwards. Matchroom have provided me with the perfect platform to get my professional career started and there was never a question that they were the guys, with Sky Sports, to help move me t[...]

"This is a huge end to a great year for me. Headlining The O2 and being selected to fight on Sky Sports Box Office is another massive step in my professional career. I have been working hard in the gym so I am looking forward to delivering an early [...]

"Stay hungry is kind of like predicting the future because right now that is something I have to live by but it's more when you start racking up belts, let's say I win my next 10 fights, how do I win the next 11, 12, 13, 14? Right now I have to go o[...]

"Just a bit of probably dry banter,". "Some of the remarks he said, I don't really understand why. It's more confusion than getting under my skin.".

"I think when I'm training I'm a bit more professional than I used to be. I'm looking after myself, hydrating. I think I'm really rested better and looking after myself. I don't know whether it's just a stage in life or the fight I've got ahead of m[...]

"I'm not one of the old men he's fought in his last 14 fights,". "The average age of his opponents is something like 38 or 39. I'm young, hungry".

Dillian will step in the ring, I'll get the result and then it'll be the next man talking about beating me. Once I get past Dillian I'll hear the next person come and say they'll beat me. That's why Dillian's here, to give me a young, hungry opponen[...]

In between the sixth and the eighth round he's going to get knocked out. I want it to go long. I'm going to take a bit of time.

This fight has the potential to go the distance, Dillian could be the man to potentially take me past three rounds.

"Nothing's different, we're still the same fighters, still hungry, same ring it hasn't changed. The best man will come out victorious,"

"It's another step up the ladder, the British title especially, no matter if it was Dillian or someone else,". "I approach this with the same hunger and attitude I do for all my fights but this one has a little extra to it with all the trash talking[...]

I saw him there and whip it there and swing back up, it was good we worked on that double hook in the gym.

"There's loads of different things, technology in the modern day is brilliant," "so I might as well use it."

"When I was doing recovery work, I wasn't just lounging around. To get better there's a number of things you can do to get better. I learned a lot about my own condition, where I'm weak in the body so I could strengthen that,"

"It's always been like that. I was being beasted [when his back was injured]. I was doing a lot of work. Having a stress fracture and getting it right takes a lot of time. If you let it heal naturally it takes about six months."

"I knew he was there to look awkward, he was hard to hit, that's what I gauged,". "If you look you could see the left hook to the body and driving it back up to the head, because he leans back a lot, so as he was leaning back you tilt over with him [...]

"That was plan,". "How good would that have been? Commonwealth, British, touch wood, and then Price would have won and we would have got together next year. That would have been brilliant. I have to go somewhere else now. That would have been perfec[...]

It depends whose style is more dominant. If Fury's style is more dominant, it will be a really interesting fight. Someone will get knocked out quick.

"I think if you get the Fury, the reckless guy who comes to fight, that'll be a real good fight. I don't write him off at all,". "If Klitschko can adapt to your style, because in boxing styles make fights, and a good fighter can change your whole ga[...]

"There's no turning back now,". "I thought I would need three years to learn and make mistakes, so I am ahead of schedule. Gary won't just talk a good game like Kevin Johnson, he's undefeated and will bring it on the night because he's got confidenc[...]

"The date has given me a chance to recover my body from May 30 and have a nice long camp for September 12, so I expect to be at my explosive best on the night". "Gary brings the Scottish crowd who are unbelievable and I hope they travel down as it's[...]

People say that guy will test me, this guy will test me. It is only going to get tough and I will fight tougher opponents, the game doesn't stop.

"I come out here and perform in front of everyone who comes to support me,". "This is what it is about.

"I have travelled about so many places with Matchroom but The O2 is my home and it is filling up more and more every time". "This is what I am here to do. My coach really drills me in the gym n it is only right the hard work pays off. I want to dedi[...]

"He's from America, very confident, that's what I was expecting and that's just what he's like,"

"I'll take pleasure in defeating a world champion. I can't really look at Johnson and take pleasure in defeating someone like that because he's not the best in the world, is he? I can't really get too frustrated or too carried away with someone like[...]

"We're all part of the wave,"

"Luke Campbell stands out for me,". "So much experience and defeated great, great amateurs, at international level he proved himself.".

"It would have been good to have him for this fight [on April 4] but he believes he can beat me. He's not there to run away,"

"You train to do the rounds but it shows that training's paying off,". "No overtime in boxing, if you can knock them out in the first 10 seconds you can do that right the way through your career, that would be amazing wouldn't it? That's a phenomena[...]

Gavern for instance as he ducks, sometimes you don't want to over-commit because all it takes is for him to wing it over the top. So I tried to be balanced and you're there and you can follow it up that way. That's kind of the shot that took him out[...]

"Kevin Johnson has that amateur style, jab, defend, jab, jab, stands up straight or you saw what he did against [Dereck] Chisora, fight him on the inside. I've been working on that. So either way it might be explosive. It might be really good. He's [...]

Kevin Johnson, I think that will be a great night. As I said, he's a boxer and he's there to be hit. His body's really open to get hit, his head is a very good, moving target as he backs off. [Aim] up there, drive to the body. [It'll be] really good[...]

You have to have great rehabilitation with an injury like that, with the best physios, doctors and medical advice you can get, I was able to tick over in an altitude centre and swimming for my core to make sure I didn't get too heavy. I got back in [...]

It was going on since October but heavyweights have big muscles to support your bones, so when it happened the muscles tensed up around the bone when I was training. I took two weeks off after the Sprott fight, the muscles relaxed and I didn't reali[...]

My route is set up and it's simple. I have been through my hard road and now the path is pretty clear. The pressure to be great, saying I can be the next this and that, or saying that I can't, it's just fuel to my fire. I want to be successful to th[...]

"I was on a roll and there was great momentum, but I think I can pick that up again,". "I wanted to fight but people were telling me not to and of course they were right. It will be great to fight in another massive city in the UK. I expect the atmo[...]

It's not frustrating because when things are going well, there are always going to be hiccups. I had a broken hand and that healed up 100 per cent, the fractured back has healed up too - these things are going to happen, it's how you deal with them,[...]

Fans in the north east are mad about sport and I am sure it's going to be a great atmosphere – I plan to put on a show for them.

"I can't wait to get into the ring in Newcastle,". "It's been frustrating being out of action but the injury has totally healed up and I will be firing on all cylinders next Saturday.

"I trained so hard over Christmas and the press conference with Johnson was so lively that I was really looking forward to putting in a great performance,". "It's bad news for myself and for the fans that have bought tickets. I hope to be able to pu[...]

My power is only going to grow.

"That fight will complete a phase in my mind,". "People have been saying since my second fight 'he needs to stop fighting tin cans' and all that, it takes time though and if I keep beating people then I am going to move up, so if I beat Michael then[...]

"I thought he was going to be taking me five or six rounds but it's going well and I'm putting the work in at the gym and it's paying off on fight night,". "I think it's my accuracy really more than the power, I haven't been doing much strength work[...]

He came out game and as a fighter you can tell someone wants to have a go, he tried to slip in a left hook and I adjusted and thought 'Okay, this is what you are bringing to the table' - I was back at The O2 and in London for the first time in a whi[...]

"We're into phase two now so it's time to step it up,". "He's not an easy opponent but I just wanted to make light work of him". "I just wanted to hurt him".

"Having fights lined up in advance just shows me how confident certain people around me are,". "Boxing is a long career and you are only as good as your last fight, so I want to keep progressing and doing so in a good fashion. I've just got to keep [...]

I always wanted to win the ABAs, long before I even dreamed of winning Olympic gold. Every title is a stepping stone and the world title is like the Olympic gold, so the British title is like the ABAs. I'd love to box for the British title outdoors [...]

"I felt I belonged there but Wladimir is different to everyone else,"

"He's been the champ for ten years, he's in a league of his own. For me to be where Wladimir Klitschko is there's a lot of work to be done. I can see myself potentially being there, but to own it and make it look easy, there's a little bit of work t[...]

"I am really looking forward to fighting at the Phones 4u Arena,". "It's a really iconic venue for British boxing with those great nights for Ricky Hatton, so to add my name to the list of great fighters to perform there is a great feeling.

It's a cracking bill with Scott Quigg's world title fight on there and Anthony Crolla is on the move too, he's a great fighter, probably the most underrated guy in Britain, so I am hoping to get out there and watch them do their thing.

I was excited to be fighting in Dublin as I got a great reception at the press conference there and hopefully I can get on the bill when the date is rescheduled later in the year.

Obviously though my focus is on my fight, my eighth as a pro now and I really feel that I am beginning to bed into the pro game and I think I'll start showing that in this fight. The extra fortnight won't affect me, I have had some good sparring rec[...]

In the amateurs as well I was inexperienced, I used to get roughed up a lot anyway. I was inexperienced fighting world class fighters. I expected that from Matt. I kind of had to improve on the inside as an amateur. So I've got some skills on the in[...]

"He came in good shape. He had notice as well,". "These are the type of fights that I'm looking for now, fighters that are going to come, know the game, know the ring.

"We've been around Cardiff, Scotland, Liverpool, London, Dublin next. It'll be good to have another reception in Dublin,"

I can't display a lot of my skills in two rounds. It'll come. Zavorotnyi, he's quite game, quite tough as well. So it'll be interesting to see how many rounds that goes… As my career unfolds and keeps going on, you'll see more of me. This is early d[...]

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