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Barry McGuigan has been quoted 43 times. The one recent article where Barry McGuigan has been quoted is Carl Frampton v Andres Gutierrez bout cancelled after Mexican’s shower slip. Most recently, Barry McGuigan was quoted as having said, “We're all so disappointed, it was a freak accident. He slipped in the shower, smashed his face, the guy is concussed. He's a deep gash on his chin, his nose, lost two of his teeth. It's like running a marathon and you can see that 20-mile mark and you've got around six miles to go. The legs are a bit heavy but we're going to finish strong with four or five big wins.”.

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We're all so disappointed, it was a freak accident. He slipped in the shower, smashed his face, the guy is concussed. He's a deep gash on his chin, his nose, lost two of his teeth. It's like running a marathon and you can see that 20-mile mark and y[...]

We feel Saturday night is the next chapter in Carl's career and one I'm excited about, because we can see the finish line now.

Ultimately, it all starts with really good counsellors and surely that can't be that expensive. Jesus Christ almighty, it's 2016 already, we should already be doing that [providing support]. It needs to be done now, not wait for another death or ano[...]

"When you think about that, all of these fans, they become part of your life, and when they look back they'll say 'I remember way back in 2017 when we went to Las Vegas,'". "It's become part of their life, just like how people still talk to me about[...]

Especially as a former winner. What Carl's done is phenomenal and for him to not be recognised for that is shameful.

The other great highlight is the two of them winning trainer of the year and fighter of the year at the British Boxing Board of Control awards. Obviously you want to be an example to your peers, so that was very, very important to us.

"I am looking forward to a terrific event in Las Vegas,"

"The first fight between Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz was sensational and I truly believe that the rematch will be even better. I'm convinced that Carl will win the rematch more convincingly and beating someone like Leo Santa Cruz a second time [...]

"Andrew Selby vs Hermogenes Castillo is a real live fight between two unbeaten prospects,"

"Credit must go to Andrew for taking such a competitive fight against a dangerous Central American, when no one else in Britain wanted to face him,". "If Andrew can beat Castillo in style, then we will look to move him closer to a World title shot w[...]

"There are so many world title fights, but we need a combination of styles that will make a great fight and make people say 'wow',"

We need to have more agreement between promoters, we need them to have more flexibility and for them to say 'look, this is a great fight, for the sake of the sport let it go on Sky, or ITV, or whatever.' Stop being dogmatic and start thinking about [...]

We have to get rid of the titles that are insignificant, all the governing bodies need to sit down and say 'look, there's four of us, we don't need anymore.' We genuinely don't need anymore. These 'interim' champions and 'regular' champions, it's al[...]

"I understand the business now probably better than when I was just doing one part of it. I don't get involved in the promotional side of it all, I genuinely have nothing to do with it,". "The boys [his sons Blane and Jake] go out and try to negotia[...]

"Taylor vs Ryan has the makings of a cracking fight. The Edinburgh fans are some of the best in British boxing and they're in for a real treat on Friday, October 21 at the Meadowbank Arena. This is a good test for Josh Taylor as Dave Ryan is a forme[...]

There are some great fights out there for Carl. We're 100 percent committed to July 30 but there are lots of great fights in the featherweight division. We will have lots of support on fight night and I have no doubt there will be a large Irish crow[...]

"Santa Cruz is a great fighter. He's low-key, humble and he hasn't talked trash. This will be Carl's hardest fight. It feels great to be involved helping Carl reach his maximum potential, it's the second best thing to being in the ring yourself,"

We believe 100 percent in Frampton's ability to win this fight and that he will be successful on fight night.

"There has to be a reason to fight a guy that just runs away all the time,". "He'll say he'll come and fight and blah, blah, blah, but he'd just run away again because that's what he does.".

"Let's just say I had a magic wand and called off Vegas [gruelling outdoor loss to Cruz], I would have held the title for another couple of years,". "I truly believe I could have won the [world] super-featherweight title and then my career would hav[...]

"Joe Gallagher [Quigg's trainer] is entitled to his opinion – doctors differ, patients die – he's got recognition for his stable of fighters and everything but it's just opinion,". "Let's just get on with it. Come February 27, all of the talk is com[...]

This rivalry has been going on for four or five years. At the end of the day, Carl is far too clever for Scott with regards to the verbal sparring and being sarcastic. He's very smart and very funny but it all creates interest.

Both of them feel they can win this fight, they're convinced, and that's what makes it exciting. From a fans' point of view, you need fighters to believe they can win.

"Scott feels this fight is only happening because of Carl's last performance and he feels we were worried we'd lose the title to someone nondescript, it's all nonsense,". "They can believe that though, but we've never said it's an easy fight, we giv[...]

Manchester has a huge Irish community, it's 160 miles as the crow flies – it will feel like Belfast.

Rigondeaux's negative. He's amazing, but there are lots of amazing things you can only watch for a certain amount of time. I still think he's the best super-bantamweight in the world, Carl and Scott are below him. Rigo's number one in the world, the[...]

I knew I had to back away from it and we had to give away certain things for it, like the venue. We couldn't put it on in Belfast, not even in the summer. We couldn't put it on in London because the O2 is booked out.

As Carl's manager, it's my responsibility to get him the best fights, the same goes for Al [Haymon, who Frampton recently signed with]. Although we're 100% focused on February 27, I'm looking at Santa Cruz, Gary Russell Jnr. If the money and fights [...]

It was easy to step away, the boys know me better than I know myself. They're very capable, steeped in boxing and they know how pernickety I can be at times – maybe too much so. I knew they would be better negotiating [than me].

This game is not just about titles, it's about money. Does it create money, does it create interest? Santa Cruz and Carl? Yes. Santa Cruz and Scott? Yes. Frampton and Quigg? Absolutely. Santa Cruz and Rigo? Hmm. I'm not saying he should be ignored b[...]

"This is another [Nigel] Benn-[Chris] Eubank. This is a major, major fight. I genuinely think, around the world, this is the most eagerly anticipated super-bantamweight fight,". "[WBC champion] Julio Ceja doesn't have the credibility, [Leo] Santa Cr[...]

"I am very pleased that we have managed to get this fight made,". "It will be a momentous occasion for British and Irish boxing. This is the fight the fans have craved and the one we have wanted all along. The atmosphere will no doubt be electric, b[...]

"Then of course there's the Quigg fight. I think the ball is back in their court. We told them it wouldn't be a unification. They don't recognise him as being number one in the division in the WBA therefore it's not going to be getting the unificati[...]

"The decision will be imminent,". "It's a stand alone pay-per-view. It'll be embellished with lots of others if it happens.".

"We have a number of options on the table and we have our mandatory, Shingo Wake, a good fighter, southpaw, a tall, rangy southpaw, tough as hell,"

"I am thrilled to have signed Josh Taylor. Josh is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the British amateur scene in a number of years and I believe that with the right guidance he can go on to become a World Champion and reignite Scottis[...]

"This is excellent news that Carl Frampton is defending his World Title live on ITV at primetime in the UK. Frampton has all the ingredients needed to become the leading figure in British and Irish boxing; he is a world-class boxer with a brilliant [...]

"This is fantastic news for Carl Frampton. He is defending his title live on CBS in the USA and I believe Carl's all action style will captivate the US fight fans. Frampton has all the ingredients needed to become a major star in the USA; he is an e[...]

"He already is a star but I think he's going to be a crossover star. Terrestrial television gives us a really good chance of achieving that,"

We're fascinated by how people survive in stressful situations and there can't be any more stressful situations than a big fight and that combination of that and the fight and that build-up. If terrestrial television give us the time and the patienc[...]

Boxing being back on terrestrial TV is good for boxing. Not just good for Carl Frampton, it's good for boxing.

"Then it's about developing other kids,". "We want to be one of the best in the business. I like to think we're good at what we do and offer a unique service. But we're different to everybody else.".

"It's a huge day for us,". "This is a real fight. Chris Avalos is coming to win. Frampton's fights are not just boxing matches, they're events in Belfast. With this platform on ITV, this could make him a superstar.".

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