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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Billy Joe Saunders is associated, including Frank Warren, Quillin, and fight. Most recently, Billy Joe Saunders has been quoted saying: “But I know I've got what it takes to beat Golovkin or Canelo. I know that I'm not done till I test myself… I want to fight Golovkin or Canelo to test myself at the elite level. When I went to Sheffield [to train with Dominic Ingle], where I trained for the Olympic Games, I got the hunger back and the desire back, everything.” in the article Frank Warren reacts to Billy Joe Saunders-Willie Monroe drug testing row.

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I actually had a meeting with Frank Warren and said, I don't want to box no more.' I've got a few quid and don't want to fight anymore. But it was because I wasn't getting what was coming to me. I want to test myself. I've done everything. I've been[...]

There is never a quit in my body. There is never, ever, ever a quit in my body.

But I know I've got what it takes to beat Golovkin or Canelo. I know that I'm not done till I test myself… I want to fight Golovkin or Canelo to test myself at the elite level. When I went to Sheffield [to train with Dominic Ingle], where I trained [...]

Everything happens for a reason. I'm gutted but this is boxing and anything can happen. I feel sorry for the fans but you can't plan for something like this to happen.

I don't know him personally but these serious allegations have got in the way of his big chance and I suppose if he did this stuff, he only has himself to blame; it's down to him. I'll be in the gym training hard and ticking over. Frank is waiting t[...]

Hopefully, Frank will get news on that soon and then we can look at the options. I know the fans will want me to still fight but it's not that simple. I have to get my mandatory defence out the way if I want the winner of Canelo v Golovkin and that [...]

No disrespect to him but I will show you what he is when I fight him. All he is to me is a puffed up Danny De Vito coming forward throwing punches. He will never beat me ever and I will make him look stupid.

Bill is the WBO middleweight champion, he needs to be fighting. He will fight in June, whatever happens. We'll be looking to make the biggest fight for him where he can make the most money.

I've still not heard back from Golovkin. I've been on to my manager and my promoter Frank Warren to start looking elsewhere. I'm willing to go to Kazakhstan and have the fight. It seems to me that when I'm fat and out of shape, everyone wants to hav[...]

"I've got to go back adjust, adjust proper and new year I want a big fight to put that right because that's not acceptable. That's not a world championship performance at all."

"I was ready to put on a big performance and defend my title in style in Cardiff but unfortunately this latest issue was totally out of our control". "The fight is still on, that's the main thing and I'll be fully prepared to defend my title in Scot[...]

"The bigger the challenge the more I perform."

"It's time to test myself and see what I am made of. Everyone's raving on about him but to be honest with you I took a lot of confidence from the weekend. I'm not a blown up welterweight, I'm a full fledged middleweight. He keeps banging on he wants[...]

"First of all I think the man who deserves the most respect out of the two is Kell Brook. He was up on the scorecards. I thought he showed a lot of heart, a lot of skill, a lot of will. His corner was right to pull him out but. He's a 10st 7lbs man.[...]

"I'm ready to fight. I'm ready to fight him wherever he wants. I don't care if he comes to England, America, I don't care if it's in a field, I'll fight him anywhere he wants."

"I'm fighting October 29. Give me a week off and I'll fight him straight after that, don't bother me. I'll fight him any day. Just shake a bit of ringrust off against a good, durable contender, because at this level there are no opponents, they're a[...]

"I'm bitterly disappointed. I was really looking forward to making the first defence of my world title against Max Bursak but this is boxing and these things happen. Now it's all about recovering properly and looking forward to a big 2016."

"For the Eubank fight to happen he's got to get past Nick Blackwell first. I've got more options than just Chris Eubank; I've got three or four options,"

"At the end of the day everyone knows that I'm chasing a big fight with [Gennady] Golovkin. That's a big money fight and I want to test myself against the very best to see how good I am,"

"I always knew I'd be world champion. It was just when,"

"I don't want to be a one fight champion,"

"(Bursak) comes in your face and he can make it very awkward for a good fighter,". "I'm looking to make a statement.".

"My promoter Frank Warren rang me yesterday and I had phone call off my manager,". "It's time for me to have a rest, but the interesting thing with Warren is that the Miguel Cotto fight could definitely be on the cards. If it comes off I'll be a ver[...]

"I used to watch boxing with my dad, aged 12, 13 and Cotto was one we loved to watch, so to be fighting him… I can't put it into words, I've admired him for so many years. It's also a fight where I could go in there knowing I can win. He's the right[...]

"That fight would be a dream come true, one I've had since I was a young boy,"

"I've been working alongside the MGM team for a year-and-a-half now, I've made good friends with everyone here,"

"I've had good sparring and I'm injury-free,". "The facilities are second to none, and that, combined with the people around me, how they operate, I couldn't ask for better. I've sparred a fast, strong light-heavyweight, I've got an Olympian flown o[...]

"I've been looking from the outside at what they've done for people, how they've manoeuvred them, and the best thing is that here everybody gets [treated] the same, from a young boy doing a four-rounder to someone approaching a world title fight. My[...]

"It suits me perfect, it's perfect for me. Everybody wants to see this fight,"

"There's a lot of talk about the fight in our community,". "We're both proud, proud men… We're making history with this fight.

I think about it all the time. I can't believe I'm here now. I'm touching distance from my dream.

Whilst I've got to be patient for my world title shot, the chance to fight in New York in my first pro fight in the US is a dream I've had since I started boxing and it's massive buzz for me to show my skill in front of the American fight fans.

"As any boxer would if they had the opportunity to fight for the world title they would want it immediately, that's the business we're in, I want to prove that I'm the best in the world and I believe that I can beat Lee or Quillin right now,"

Frank's right in that the fight between me and Lee, if he defends his title against Quillin, will be a massive fight and needs to be held on the biggest stage and that's a football stadium, the fight will only get bigger and bigger, so the timing ne[...]

I'll tell him at the end of the fourth, 'If you don't stop me in the next round you're kissing goodbye to your career'.

"I am a former fighter and this is my trade,"

It's not an easy fight for Frankie, but neither was Blandamura against me, these Italians are tough and come to fight, but Frankie is easily the most talented and naturally gifted fighters in this country and I've no doubt he will beat Bundu.

Bundu's the champion, but Gavin is going to have to fight like he's fighting Bundu in Italy instead of his backyard. He's got the home advantage, but he needs the challenger's attitude of fighting away from home and rip the title from Bundu.

"Frankie can do the business this Friday and join me as a reigning British, Commonwealth and European champion, when he wins the title against Bundu,". "To win the 'big three' belts before a world title is a real honour and a tremendous feeling know[...]

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