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Bob Arum has been quoted 40 times in 32 different articles. On this page, you will find all of Bob Arum’s quotes organized by date and topic. Alongside each quote is a link back to the article where the quote was reported, so you can go back to the source for more context if you need it. Topics that Bob Arum speaks about are Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao, for example. Most recently, Bob Arum was quoted in the article Manny Pacquiao gunning for Jeff Horn rematch saying, “He doesn't want to retire. He wants the rematch. We're now working with the Philippines Senate to figure out the window when they will have a recess so he can train and appear at the fight and hopefully we'll be able to do that fight in November. It'll be a great night again for boxing fans now they know who Jeff Horn is. I look forward to seeing that fight on ESPN.”.

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Matching Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux, each winners of two gold medals is a milestone in my career.

He doesn't want to retire. He wants the rematch. We're now working with the Philippines Senate to figure out the window when they will have a recess so he can train and appear at the fight and hopefully we'll be able to do that fight in November. It[...]

It doesn't bother me at all. Manny has had VADA testing. I didn't even know we didn't do it for this fight.

Paperwork takes time, particularly when it's not the usual thing of getting it done in the United States. We're dealing with an Australian promoter, the state government. … Here, in this case, you've got to cross the T's and dot the I's, and that's [...]

They have to make a decision by Wednesday (Thursday in Manila). If we can't get a fight for him this July, we'll look at November. Unless it's a big fight, we are looking at Manny fighting outside the US.

(Pacquiao's adviser) Michael (Koncz) is on his way back to meet with Manny but it's kaddish for the UAE deal. It's dead. I'm talking to him about another proposal for another fight, not Khan. Khan won't be Manny's next opponent.

"He's up there with Oscar, Erik Morales, Roy Jones and Shane Mosley as the best five fighters in the sport today,"

"I've been in the sport since 1965,". "And I've had enough experience with Argentines like Oscar Bonavena, Carlos Monzon, Victor Galindez and Juan Domingo Roldan to know they're always tough, brave and tremendously conditioned.".

We all learned a lesson tonight. If a kid is in rehab, you don't let him into a major fight. A guy on drugs in withdrawal can do all sorts of crazy things.

"I've been thinking about it, and the number one contender in my mind right now is Edwin Valero,"

"Offers are coming in from all over the world to host Manny Pacquiao fights. Australia, Russia, UK and US What a way to go out,"

"No truth that 'Bud' Crawford demanded $7 million to fight Manny Pacquiao,". "He is a consummate professional and always reasonable.".

"Jeff Horn is a good possibility."

"Siegfried and Roy 'disappeared' him! I don't know. If I could give you an answer, I'd give it."

If you are REALLY serious about a professional boxing career, please call Top Rank Boxing.

"He is going to win more world titles as he goes up in weight and there are going to be very interesting guys for him to fight. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that he and Manny [Pacquiao] could fight sometime next year. Lomachenko wants c[...]

From the first day I met him, when he sat down with me and we discussed his future, I was concerned because people were offering him large signing bonuses, he told me that he didn't want a signing bonus; he wanted to earn his own money. All he wante[...]

"Hagler has never fought a guy who moves like Duran moves,". "Duran is now very serious and when he's got his head on straight I think he's the greatest fighter in the world. I wouldn't be surprised if he beat Hagler.".

"Floyd is retired. Period. As far as we're concerned and as far as he's telling us he's retired and I respect that,". "He was very nice. He called. He said he wanted to come to the fight so Todd Duboef got him credentials and a great seat right behi[...]

"Arturo's goal is not only to be a champion, but to be a superstar,". "With Arturo's determination, Top Rank will make him a superstar. I go back a long way with Raul, and I know what an outstanding character he is. Arturo is a chip off the old bloc[...]

"Because it features Hispanic fighters and I want to give the Hispanic fighters the opportunity to perform before Mr. Trump deports them out of the country. I've dedicated this undercard to the 12 million undocumented people who live among us, who w[...]

"It's a done deal and it's going to be a third fight against Tim Bradley. We took a lot of consideration knowing Bradley has improved a lot as a fighter since the last time they've met in 2014,". "Bradley is happy about it of course and that's rea[...]

"That's the fight we want to make (for Bradley), and we ll see if we can make that happen,". "And if not we'll do it against Sadam Ali.".

"The contract specifies the gloves that each fighter will wear but the commission has to inspect the gloves,"

"We had four issues and we resolved two,". "Now we're working on resolving the other two. Unless something else comes up at the last minute, that's what my take is.".

If you wrote good things about me, thank you. If you wrote bad things about me, thank you. I love you.

It's great that the promoters in the boxing world are finally settling their differences. I'm happy and excited to see it. Diego is a tremendous fighter. We all know this guy can really fight.but this is a great card. I'm excited to see the undercar[...]

"I will call my good friend Oscar De La Hoya up,". "It's really a pleasure to be with Oscar De La Hoya – a wonderful fighter, a great champion, a great credit to the sport and I'm delighted he is devoting himself full-time to being a promoter. He is[...]

"We'll have to look around. There's an interesting fight on this card, Jessie Vargas against Antonio DeMarco, maybe the winner of that fight [could fight Pacquiao next]. There's a kid from Argentina who's fighting Timothy Bradley December 13, Diego [...]

I don't know with Garcia what his entanglements are. If Garcia is under promotion with Golden Boy and Golden Boy has the say in allowing him to fight or not, that fight would be a cinch to make. But I don't know what the entanglements are. I just do[...]

"Why not? That would be a great possibility,"

He wants to fight in Vegas.

"We are trying to come to terms with him to fulfil his contract and do his last fight with Top Rank and we've talked to Barry Hearn and we know that we can do a Chavez-Froch fight some time in the early part of next year. But we'll have to see. It's[...]

If people don't see that by now, they are never going to see it.

"I've promoted some great, great fighters in the past, like Muhammad Ali, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, George Foreman. But it's never been anything like promoting Manny Pacquiao. Because he is a young man that put a face to a peop[...]

"That's something really special, because Manny Pacquiao represents the best of what it means to be a human being. I don't have to go on about his charity work, what a heart he has but he is something special."

I have to talk to my lawyer, Dan Pancheri, who will spit out the contracts first thing (Wednesday) morning so they can have a copy of it in the afternoon. We have a deal. On my end, it wasn't a hard deal at all. I came up pretty much with what they [...]

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