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Callum Smith has most recently been quoted in an article called Callum Smith plans to make World Boxing Super Series ‘gamble’ pay off. Callum Smith said, “I've got a chance to prove I'm the best of the eight fighters out there, I've got dates in front of me whereas I haven't had that over the past year, it was always up in the air, but this tournament guarantees me fights and, provided I keep winning, it guarantees me three fights, which is what I want. I want to get back to fighting and fighting the best in the division and this tournament is perfect for that. Then the tournament was offered and it was a tough decision but I feel like I've made the right choice.”. Callum Smith has been quoted a grand total of 39 times in 12 articles.

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A ring is a ring no matter where it is, but of course, I'm happy to be fighting in Liverpool. This is my home and this is where all my best performances as a professional have been. I like fighting in Liverpool, and with the crowd behind me, I will [...]

The world title's always the aim but if I win this tournament then it proves my decision to leave the world title fight and come to this was a good decision. It's a gamble, but one that I wouldn't have took if I didn't believe I was capable of winni[...]

Possibly, but obviously there's two other champions that aren't in the tournament. I think the winner of this is in with a very good shout of being the best super-middleweight in the world but I think the winner of this will probably go on and fight[...]

Yeah, massively, it took a long time to get done and when it was finally confirmed the dates were getting moved back and back and I felt like it was just going further and further away from me.

I feel like I've matured a lot over the past couple of years. I raced to a certain point in my career, got a lot of early wins, but the last two years have allowed me to settle down more. Although I haven't been as active, I've been in the gym, I'm [...]

I've got a chance to prove I'm the best of the eight fighters out there, I've got dates in front of me whereas I haven't had that over the past year, it was always up in the air, but this tournament guarantees me fights and, provided I keep winning,[...]

I am thrilled to participate in the World Boxing Super Series, the Champions League of boxing. What an honour it will be to fight for the WBC Diamond Championship in the quarter-final. But there is so much more at stake than just one belt – the Muha[...]

I told you years ago I'm going to be back and I'm going to be the man in the driving seat, calling the shots. And now everyone's chasing me again, for the big money.

He lost to Rocky but there's a lot of good wins on his record. He's sparred World champions and always come out with praise from them for being tough. He's coming to get a win that will change his career, but if I am as good as people say I am, then[...]

"It's taken longer to get to the World title than it should have done but I know that it's coming,". "I've had some low key fights since I knew I had the mandatory shot so while it's been a bit frustrating, I've always known the outcome in the end, [...]

I wasn't great in my last two fights, I switched off a bit because there was no fear factor. After being in there for 40 seconds I knew I would win so I got a bit bored and allowed myself to make mistakes and switch off, then I'd be thinking that th[...]

I can't really be that frustrated as I knew that the unification would take precedence. I've had three fights instead of the one, but I've always had that end goal in mind and I've now had three extra training camps to keep working and improving thr[...]

The better the opponent the better you'll see from me. A lot of fighters say that and I don't think there's many truer statements in boxing than that. It's definitely the case for me. When I started off landing title fights and people were saying th[...]

"It's important to have the British belt on the line in a proper fight,". "Luke is a local lad, there's going to be a bit of spite in there and it's the last chance for me to prove that I am good enough to go and beat the winner of Jack and DeGale.

I'm proud to be British champion, people forget that, and I want to defend it. If I lose this I won't fight for a World title, and I don't deserve to. He's coming to win, it's a big night for him and he's got a lot to gain.

In an ideal world I would have beaten Mohoumadi and then fought Badou Jack the next fight, but it doesn't always work like that in boxing. I went to watch Badou and James fight in their fights in Washington and they agreed to meet in a unification s[...]

I always wonder why more fighters don't try and win one [a European title]. Usually they bypass it. When I found out I was next in line to fight for it I said that I definitely wanted to go for it. I'm just lucky it got made a final eliminator as we[...]

"It's a big thing to be put on someone. I think I was about four fights into my [professional] career and people started saying 'future world champion,'"

"I believe I'm getting better with the talking stuff, it comes with the job at the end of the day and I enjoy it. If I wasn't getting attention then I must be doing something wrong. I'm just quiet. When I'm with the lads in the gym I'm talkative, bu[...]

"Earlier on in my career I struggled with it because I'm quite a shy, quiet person, but I'm getting used to it. I'm getting more relaxed with the attention,"

"There was a lot riding on it. If I had lost, I wouldn't have been able to show my face around Liverpool. It was a bit strange because the fight was being spoken about so much before, I think it was announced about 14 weeks before, so when you have [...]

Headlining another show, that's something I've always wanted to do. I want to keep doing it, packing out arenas and drawing big crowds, fighting for titles. It was nice to bring a belt home that no one's seen before. Usually when someone comes round[...]

"It kind of took the shine off things, like winning the British title. I won it and it was, 'Oh, you were supposed to.' But it's pressure, any man and his dog can say he'll be a world champion, but I've got to get in the ring and prove it. I've stil[...]

"Each year keeps getting better for us,". "A couple of years ago people were talking about us all potentially having a British title, and now we've done it. We keep working hard and success breeds success. There's no reason why we can't add more wor[...]

For the time being I have got tomorrow night and then hopefully a World title shot, so it doesn't really come into my plans just yet, but I wouldn't rule it out next year or in the future.

In my eyes, I think he should go away and earn his way back like I have. I have won an eliminator, I'm fighting a final eliminator, and I will have earnt my shot the right way. I think he thinks because he's been there and boxed for it before, it sh[...]

I think he believes that because he is George Groves he deserves a shot, although he has had three and lost. He thinks he should just walk straight into another one and if he loses that, thinks he deserves another one again, because of his name. He [...]

"If I had a World title and he keeps winning I'm sure there will always be a demand for the Groves fight,". "We are both British and regardless of whether his best days are behind him or not, he is still a big night. There will always be the demand [...]

"He's unbeaten so he hasn't done anything wrong in the pros,"

The reaction to the announcement showed that it's a big fight for the city and with Liam winning the World title - the first in Liverpool for a long time - we're bringing big fights to the city. It's a great boxing city and the fans deserve to see b[...]

All of a sudden he thinks he's a massive puncher because he's KO'd Vera, but the fight before that, Rocky was taken eight rounds by a journeyman that I knocked out in one round, you should be getting guys like that out of there inside the distance. [...]

Of course I'm disappointed,'' said the former British and Commonwealth Champion. ''I had been looking forward to returning home at the very top of my game and fighting in front of my home fans once again, but unfortunately that will have to wait. My[...]

"He's going to be the best that I have boxed in the pros,". "He's only lost three times and they have all been on points, he gave George Groves a really tough fight and I don't think that the scorecards reflected how close the fight was. He's big fo[...]

"If you had asked me where I would be two years from my debut, I would have thought I would still be unbeaten but maybe getting towards British title level – that is sort of average for amateurs turning pro. But I had a lot of first-round wins early[...]

On paper this is a massive step up but we won't know how much of a step up it really is until Saturday night. He has had 30 fights and has only lost two, both of them World champions. It is only the best who have beaten him but I believe I am good e[...]

"I don't think anybody expected me to come this far in two years,"

I had watched a lot of him because he boxed Arthur Abraham in the fight before Paul boxed Abraham, so that fight was on in the gym a lot, so I know what he is like stylistically and I remember watching him and thinking it would be a good step up for[...]

I do think I will get some rounds in. He has boxed at a really high level and his only defeats have been against good world ranked opponents and he hasn't been stopped early, so if I was to stop him it would be a big statement. I have trained for th[...]

"He has been around and only lost three times in 20 fights and that was to very good opposition. J'Leon Love beat him in his last fight in the 10th round so it does look like a fight where I can get rounds in and he is experienced and will come to w[...]

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