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This page is completely dedicated to what Chris Eubank Jr. has to say. All of Chris Eubank Jr.’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Chris Eubank Jr. came from an article called It’s hard to see anyone as the tournament favourite apart from me’: “After my performance against Yildirim, it's hard to see anyone as the tournament's favourite apart from me. I can beat everybody in the super middleweight division. Anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Nothing is certain, anything can happen in boxing, but I want George Groves to win. We have a history and this is the fight the public has demanded for many years, so hopefully he gets through the fight and then we can get in the ring in January.”.

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I am not a betting man, but if I had to put money on one I'd say George because of his experience. Cox is unknown, he is green. I'll give George the edge of the fight.

After my performance against Yildirim, it's hard to see anyone as the tournament's favourite apart from me. I can beat everybody in the super middleweight division. Anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Nothing is certain, anything can happen in boxing, but [...]

If George is my opponent in the semi-final then we can stop talking about favourites and let the hands do the talking. And my hands will be talking loudly at him!

So I'm preparing myself for the best George Groves we've ever seen.

The Froch knockout definitely took something out of him, for sure.

With those kind of bad knockouts it can effect a fighter mentally. They start to have doubts and worries and whatever else but I'm not really focusing on that, I'm not counting on that. He's coming into this tournament expecting to win, and this is [...]

I'm here to make statements. It's not enough for me to participate. I want to put this tournament and myself on the map.

I'm here to dominate this tournament. George Groves, get through your next fight with Jamie Cox and we'll give the fans the fight they want. It will end like this.

One fight cannot taint boxing, it is an entire entity, this is one fight, one situation where a footballer is training for a fight, [cricketer] Freddie Flintoff did it. It is not serious, he is not sayting he will become a world champion, he has a p[...]

I Tweeted and told him I am here if he wants to move around a bit. He has not got back to me.

He [Ferdinand] is a great man and if he wants to do it, he will do it.

It just happens that this guy is a former Manchester United player. I don't see why he should be treated any differently. It is going to bring more attention to the sport.

It's no different to the white collar guys or people who fight for charity, people just have that passion and want to fight. They want to try it because they have thought about it for years and they finally get the opportunity.

Kids who never even thought about boxing might see Rio do it and think 'if he is doing it then maybe I will try' and then maybe they will turn out to be a great fighter.

It wasn't about that for me, and it still isn't. It's about competition and the art of the possible, doing what other people can't and using it as a beacon for people who are 50 years old. If I'm looking like what I'm looking like why can't you do t[...]

I said to Junior the other day, I'm fit', but that's not 'boxing fit', so Junior says I better start hitting the heavy bag. So now he's teaching me like I once taught him.

I like it [training] because it keeps me away from alcohol, it keeps me away from cigars, it keeps me eating sensibly. If you do it [come back], you can't cheat. Nigel Benn would never forgive you for it – he's a considerable force to be reckoned wi[...]

I know now that you train to enjoy the greatest instruments on earth, which is your brain and body. Train to enjoy it after 50, because if you don't use it, you're going to lose it. Walking, running, not using substances, not messing up your lungs, [...]

If you're serious about enjoying the magic that we get from this earth, then start looking after yourself now.

There's no man on the planet who could find a scenario or a clip or a comment where I say I dislike the man, never mind hate him.

I don't mind about fighting in Germany. I honestly don't mind where I fight. I could be fighting in a phone box. It really doesn't matter to me as long as I get the win that's all I care about.

Yildirim's chin hasn't been tested, I will test it to the absolute limit and if it has even the slightest bit of weakness he won't last six rounds.

I have trained with Floyd and the Money Team on and off for years now.

He's tough dude and I've got a lot of respect for that. A lot of guys would have crumbled under that type of pressure. He did not come here to lay down and I guess that's why he's had such a successful career. Because he has that mindset, he doesn't[...]

Chris Eubank, I respect. Before, he was a good fighter. His son I think is not a good boxer. I'm really, really ready for a great fight.

Everybody thinks Chris Eubank wins but 'Mr Robot' – in September – will win.

It is my time. This is Champions League, when the tournament finishes, I am [a] hero.

He has been tipped as dark horse, of course he is a dark horse but my son is a stallion. Dark horses don't compete with stallions.

I sparred him years ago, I had just turned pro or just before. Everybody knows my side of the story, I got on top of him. I dominated the eight round spar. The words I used were I schooled him. I've just been waiting for the opportunity to show ever[...]

After the first one I saw his legs fold and thought he's felt the power now. His legs did not look like they were recovering so it was just a matter of taking my time and finding the shots. I didn't try to rush in with the next one and found him a f[...]

I was just ready for anything – four rounds or a stoppage as I knew my power would shine through eventually. I'm a different fighter to what I was in the amateurs. The amateurs was learning for me and that's why I jumped in at the deep end in every [...]

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