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"It's whoever steps up first,". "I genuinely don't have a preference, there's so many great fights to be made in both divisions, I'm just willing to go with whatever comes my way first.".

"Eight months out of the ring so there was a bit of rust there but we got the job done. The guy was extremely tough. He didn't come over here to give the belt up easily,". "This is my ticket to the big time.".

"Super-middleweight, light-heavyweight, middleweight, these are all the possible fights that can be made now. On ITV we have the platform and there's nobody getting in the way, there's no middlemen confusing situations. So all these big fights can b[...]

I'm not looking to only stay at super-middleweight.

"These knockout artists that everybody rates and says are the best. But in my opinion he's slow. For every one punch that he would throw at me, I'm going to throw five, six, seven punches. I know I have a chin, I know I can take a shot. So if he's n[...]

"That doesn't mean the middleweight division is safe. They're still not safe. I'll still be gunning for Golovkin, for the Canelo Alvarezes and for the Billy Joe Saunderses, they're still on my list. Whatever I can get after I become IBO champion I w[...]

"It's a golden opportunity to win a world title,"

"As a fellow Brit I wish you nothing but the best Kell. But everyone knows what's going to happen to you. Too small". "A huge welterweight is not a middleweight. Golovkin should not be allowed to fight you and everyone will see why in September".

"After you're done bullying Kell Brook and you're ready for a fight with a real middleweight, I'll be there. Pick on someone your own size,"

"This isn't about money. This is about achieving my dream of becoming world champ and proving that I'm the best. This is about legacy."

"I believe my style would cause Golovkin all types of problems. He's a strong power-puncher, but he's slow in my opinion,"

Speed kills. For every one power punch he throws, I believe I'll be able to throw three, four, five hard, fast shots. If you do the math, how can he beat me? He can only beat me by knocking me out, and I know my chin. I'm confident I can take a punc[...]

"Even though this tragedy had happened, and some people were saying it [boxing] should be banned, the things I was saying and how I acted afterwards made people realise it's not such a terrible sport and there are good people involved in the sport,"

"He's just a man, he's just a guy. Two arms, two legs and a heartbeat, just like me. A fighter like that you watch him, you study his fights and you see weaknesses. Every fighter has weaknesses, it's just for you to identify those weaknesses and the[...]

"I'm not going to let a situation like what happened in the last fight affect my future performances. Every man is different. For some men something like that, maybe it would affect their fighting style and their mindset going into the fight. For me[...]

"There is no mercy, however cold that may sound. There is no mercy, there is no easing off. I have to go in there and be as ferocious as I can,"

People deserve our side of the story and our perspective on things – that's all it was.

All I have ever wanted for Nick has been the best. The fight was all the publicity that was needed. It was a great British tussle and such a shame it ended like that. Anything that happened after that was not for our gain.

"People and media demanded that we speak to them. If we had just said 'No comment' it would have come off as cold". "If Nick is part of the small percentage that took offence, that's unfortunate. It's sad for me to hear something like that".

The excuses about him being too light, not being big enough, it's rubbish because he's cutting so much weight before these fights. He is a natural middleweight, he walks around at super-middleweight I think. There's no excuse.

"It's great to be back on the Matchroom team and I'm really looking forward to fighting again on Sky,". "Anthony and I make a great British double act, when on the same card, and we guarantee excellent entertainment for our fans. I'm confident that [...]

Some say he punches in bunches. Some say he has speed like Roy Jones Jnr. Some say he has a darkness akin to James Toney, one of the greatest middleweights of all time.

Why am I difficult to work with? Because I've been misled by those who were supposed to be looking after me. I'm never going to let that happen to my boy. You can't move me, I'm not going anywhere.

So I believe that this will be a fantastic fight because in Nick we have a man who's focused. But that will never trump obsession. It's kind of like an illness, I had the same thing. I probably still have it, which is why I don't stop talking about [...]

In those pictures I only see strangers, I would never do that to him. Never.

I'm not stealing his limelight, how can I? I've got nothing on him. He's the person doing the fighting. Me, I'm doing what I should do – protecting my fighter, and if you don't like that term, protecting my son.

"I remember rocking you so badly Ronnie (his trainer) told me to stop boxing and let you recuperate,"

"He's cold, he's insular, well, he's scary,". "It's difficult to find anybody with his speed, his irrepressibility.

He has an algorithm I think is going to change the game.

"This is something from a very early age that I always wanted to accomplish in my career,". "Once we get in there and start fighting, he'll show cowardice and end up quitting or getting knocked out... On the one hand you have a generic, nice guy, Br[...]

"The intensity with which he lives - not just trains, lives - will see him victor on March 26". "I can't see anyone in the middleweight division or super-middleweight division staying with him in boxing... He has an algorithm that is unique, differe[...]

"I might even give you a free shot just to let everybody know that Gary O'Sullivan is not this big hitter that he thinks he is. You're going to be stepping into the ring with a barbarian. I'm going to give you the free hit and we will see what happe[...]

"I think it'll be a good fight. I honestly can't pick a winner but me personally I'm looking for the rematch with Saunders so if he has a world title attached to his name, that makes the fight all the more special and the rematch will happen at some[...]

You must know what you're doing. I've given you all the instructions.

"It's disappointing but this gives me the chance to go over to the States and watch the Mayweather fight which I wasn't going to be able to do,". "The glass is half full. I don't get to fight but I get to see this fight.".

He'll know exactly what Pacquiao will bring to the table and he will be ready for it. You can't hit the guy. You can't hurt what you can't hit.

"That's the dream,". "To be on the world stage. That's where I want to be and that's what I've been working towards. I'm getting closer and closer with each fight.".

I have to say it will be Mayweather on a points decision.

Some people are saying Pacquiao can apply the pressure and knock him out, but one thing I know about Mayweather, from watching him train – I've been in training camps with him – is that he prepares very specifically for each fighter.

"It's a fight the public want to see,". "Everyone wants to see the rematch. There are so many question marks.".

"I maybe heightened and excited about the occasion but in terms of the battle between two men, I am concerned for Billy Joe Saunders and I want the referee to know that so that they are careful,". "This young man hits incredibly hard, incredibly har[...]

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