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Dave Coldwell has most recently been quoted in an article called What it feels like to beat David Haye. Dave Coldwell said, “It's been a crazy few weeks. The Gavin loss hurt me and I take this sport so serious and so personal that when one of my guy loses its really hard to take. The next day, I watched the fight back and was really impressed with how he performed considering the massive leap he was taking but it's now vital that he takes what he learnt from this fight and applies it the next time we get an opportunity of this size.”. Dave Coldwell has been quoted a grand total of 25 times in 13 articles.

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It's been a crazy few weeks. The Gavin loss hurt me and I take this sport so serious and so personal that when one of my guy loses its really hard to take. The next day, I watched the fight back and was really impressed with how he performed conside[...]

We rolled the dice with Gavin but at the back of my mind there was always that reminder that he's still learning in this sport and he had been fast tracked to world level. He performed great towards the backend of the fight but Rey Vargas is a class[...]

I'd take the Haye rematch in a heartbeat. Obviously the negotiations would be completely different this time, they've got to dance to Tony's tune.

He has achieved everything that needs to be achieved. His dream was to fight for a world title at Goodison Park and become world champion.

"We're just waiting to see if that's got to be next,". "If we can slip in a voluntary before, then it'll be a humdinger of a fight but if not then it's Solis. Jamie said that if he stays at bantamweight he's got no problem fighting whoever the WBA o[...]

"He's got the bit between his teeth, he's excited about either Butler or Solis. Even though he got the win over Solis, a lot of people thought he got beat so he wants to go out and put in a better display and then Butler's a big domestic fight, so e[...]

"I really rate [Usyk], he's a good, good fighter. He's very confident in what he does,"

I've seen quite a bit of him, I remember watching him against Joe Joyce [in the amateurs] and you think about how strong Joyce is, Usyk has him going backwards and in reverse gear. He's got the strength to go with that flash style as well, because h[...]

It's a massive ask against Rigo, he's a brilliant fighter. But he's also getting on a bit [he's 35], he's fairly inactive and he's shown he can be hit in recent fights. Jamie's not a massive puncher but he'll be stronger at super-bantam than he is n[...]

He doesn't feel he's getting the recognition he deserves, so he's hunting down a guy nobody wants to fight.

He's climbing the ranks really quickly. Why take 30 fights to get somewhere you could in 20? Fighters like Jamie and Gavin, they're not big punchers so they'll have a lot of rounds, a lot of miles on the clock so the quicker they can get to where th[...]

It's a hard fight and one he won't shy away from.

"When the news hit that Tony was going to be in the film I had no idea what to expect but after watching the film, it shows the dedication and passion of the man as he has really put everything into the role and you can see it means the world to him[...]

"People are going to be surprised,"

I wanted to stop Kameda, I felt I could have done, but everything in the fight felt so comfortable, I felt like I was winning the fight so easily that I didn't need to change anything.

When the final bell came I knew I'd smashed it but I remember thinking, 'I hope they don't give it to him [Kameda].'.

The plan was to have this fight and then go up to super-bantam but we'll see how he handles this fight.

"Kameda's going to be pushed a lot more in this fight, but not in a reckless manner,". "He's a very good counter puncher and when you're coming at him, that's when he's comfortable. So we're not going to be doing anything too reckless, and Jamie wil[...]

We're not planning on leaving it close and if all goes to plan, it wouldn't surprise me if Jamie manages to pull off a stoppage late on.

With [WBA 'super' world champion Juan Carlos] Payano being with Al Haymon as well, if Jamie beats Kameda again Haymon will probably want him to fight Payano.

The obvious one is someone like Scott Quigg, that's the one Jamie's been saying he'd love and that'd be a big fight back home.

"We hold no fears at all about tackling Kameda again and this time around I d go as far as saying that we're in a more confident mood. Jamie was a huge underdog last time and he wasn't quite sure what to expect but we got everything right in the las[...]

"The main option for us right now is a rematch with Kameda and the chance to prove that the first fight was no fluke,"

Obviously things didn't get off to the best of starts with the flying issue but that has firmly been left behind and we've handled it in a professional manner ever since. You only have to look back at Jamie's career to see how he handles setbacks an[...]

This is amazing news for myself, my team, and all of our fighters as we can all benefit from appearing on such a wide and respected platform such as Eurosport. I've made no secret of my desire to get Coldwell Boxing on TV on a regular basis and this[...]

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