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The latest quote from David Haye is: “The manner in which I win is more important to me. If it's not complete annihilation, I'm not the guy I believe I am.”. It comes from the If it’s not complete annihilation, I’m not the guy I believe I am’ article. You’ll find on this page 48 articles with David Haye quoted on topics such as Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn and fight. David Haye has been quoted 126 times in 48 articles.

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What are his motivations? I didn't believe I'd get this opportunity again, but for some reason he wants to. He's said on numerous occasions how dangerous boxing is.

I know what he got paid for that first fight and, mission completed, he's financially secure for the rest of his life. He's a multi-millionaire.

I deserved to lose that fight. I boxed like an amateur. Maybe I wasn't mentally in the right place.

The manner in which I win is more important to me. If it's not complete annihilation, I'm not the guy I believe I am.

He was fighting like a desperate man needs to.

He somehow won the lottery in our first fight, but believe me, he won't win the lottery twice.

I'm excited to give the public The Rematch they truly crave, ever since the explosive first showdown earlier this year. On March 4, the script was thrown out the window and the unpredictability of sport revealed itself in its most raw form. Without [...]

I've been training every day for over six months. I already feel fitter, stronger and more athletic than I did for our first showdown! On December 17, I will relish the opportunity to re-write the ending of the Haye Bellew story.

I'm fortunate I'm 37 next year and getting out of the game, because this guy keeps coming.

You can't look at this guy as a zero-fight novice. He's a genuine heavyweight contender.

We've got to start looking at former champions. We've got to look at fighters in America and Europe. I'm thinking about Commonwealth and British titles.

I'm going to be fighting before the end of the year – definitely. Joe has all the tools to be the best heavyweight on the planet. He's called 'The Juggernaut', because he just keeps on coming. I've sparred Lewison on many occasions, but I never knoc[...]

That's another discussion that we're talking to UKTV about at the moment. They saw the record breaking numbers that I produced before. Keep your ears open because we should know more about my future plans in the next month to six weeks.

We're talking about an eight or 10-rounder in his first fight. He's got it in the tank. I've seen it against world class professionals, undefeated professionals who are ranked very, very highly in the world. Behind closed doors he's given a very goo[...]

They [UKTV] realise the value that boxing brings.

Myself and Richard sat down with Joe and talked about our history in the sport, our experience and where we believe he belongs, and the route we'll use to navigate him to the top. He obviously liked what he heard. It wasn't a cheap signing either, b[...]

If you look at the London Olympics [in 2012], Anthony Joshua got the gold and you can see how his career has gone within four or five years – he's considered the premier heavyweight on the planet. I believe we can do that in half the time with Joe J[...]

I'm pleased to confirm rehabilitation is going well and I will make a complete recovery. Whilst I am not quite in a position to be announcing my next opponent, my passion for the sport remains unwavered and desire to regain my heavyweight title is s[...]

The answer is a resounding 'yes'. I was very impressed with his quick knock out the other night at the O2 Arena. If any of the mixed martial artists can convert over to be a successful boxer he has definitely got the body shape and style to do so. Y[...]

Don't get me wrong, I knew I'm capable of hurting him too. That's the extreme measure I went to. To hear this guy saying the things he was saying, I just found it absolutely disgusting.

There's people in situations and it's very, very frightening. The situations some fighters have been in recently. I'll be honest, it scares me. People don't know this but I wrote a will before that fight. It's the only time I've ever done it in my w[...]

'Enjoy it while it lasts, '. 'I'm only going to be here for another year and a half, two years… I'm going to be gone and I'm going to take all them belts with me.'.

I've got to go in and see them, I believe, in mid-April. They met on Wednesday and they want to have a chat, so I'll learn what my punishment is. Whatever (the consequences) are, they are. Probably a fine; maybe a suspension or whatever it may be. I[...]

Leading into the fight you're in fight mode, a mindset to go to that place where I was in that ring. It's not a civilised place, not for everybody, and society wouldn't want to live in that environment. I've become more myself. In the past I definit[...]

I didn't have the respect for (Bellew) prior to the fight that I have now. Certain things I would say to him I'd have no business saying because it would be false and I wouldn't force it. (But) if he says something that upsets me I won't edit how I [...]

It felt like my leg went into a bear trap. I looked down at my foot and I couldn't control it.

I believe after sharing the ring with him he would want to do it again. If Tony Bellew does retire – which I truly hope he does not – but if he was to retire I would carry on my path. I would just find a way to challenge for the (world) heavyweight [...]

Professor James Frame and Kevin Lidlow are very happy with the outcome of my surgery, and are very confident of a 100% recovery back to full fitness. I'm truly overwhelmed with all the positive messages of love and support. From the bottom of my hea[...]

When you break boxing down, it's two heavy-hitting athletes punching each other in the head. Your head wasn't designed to be punched like that. It's the hardest sport on the planet and they have weight categories for a reason.

Society is too sensitive. Boxing is a sport where people get punched in the head. It's a tough sport, so what are words when someone can get their eye socket ruptured with one punch? Kell Brook got his eye socket ruptured, if [Gennady] Golovkin was [...]

I'm feeling healthy, fast, no punches or movement is restricted. There's no problems. I feel as good as I've ever felt. You get niggles, you get knocks, but you work round them, you crack on. I'm coming up to my peak on Saturday. There's no issues.

I've trained for 12 hard rounds against a guy with longer arms than Tony, who is stronger and bigger and better.

I haven't trained to fight Tony. I've trained to fight someone bigger, faster, stronger. It's been tough but I've balanced that with chilling and relaxing.

Golovkin-Brook, about 13lbs difference and you saw what happened there. One guy naturally fought at one weight the other guy in another. He [Bellew] currently fights at 200lbs and I fight at 225lbs. A 25lb difference, and I'm that Golovkin-type punc[...]

He's done a fantastic job of building this fight up and getting people behind him and believing in my alleged frailties, but it's not going to end well. I might underestimate him. I genuinely hope I am. We assumed he might pull out, so it was in the[...]

The longer the fight goes, it's a bonus for me and a bonus for the fans.

I'm a broken man who's going to break your head. I'm going to smash you're f****** head in. This right hand is going through your f****** head. All of these f****** retards know it as well.

I've just got to turn up and knock this dickhead out. Easy night's work, go out there and let my hands go.

'There's money in him.'.

"Who wants it can get it". "'Do you guys want to see me knock out the mouthy Scouser?'".

"He's tough, he's strong. I've fought a lot of tough strong guys in the past,"

"I've only had three fights since [Wladimir Klitschko] and I don't feel I've had the opportunity to prove how good I really am. I'd hate to be judged on that poor performance from myself,"

"I'm not smashing myself up the way I did,". "In the past I was doing such controversial exercises that made me an amazing athlete in the ring at that time but it would take me two or three months to recover from it because I'd smash my knees, smash[...]

"People have short memories. You're only as good as your last fight. My last fight was a two round knockout in a packed O2 arena but it was against a guy no one had ever heard of so a lot of people judge your whole life on that last fight. My next f[...]

"I don't think it's a test. I think it's a fun fight. It's a fun fight for the fans. That's what it is. A fight doesn't have to be a test to be a fun fight. If I have my worst night at the office, and he has his best night at the office, I'll still [...]

Between the three of us there's some big fights out there. All of us big characters, all of us pretty much household names so it's a given [so] either way you put us three together you're going to get box office smash.

"Look at the champions, you've got Anthony Joshua, he's probably the first target as he's the guy who's got all this momentum behind him. There's rumbling's over Tyson Fury making a comeback,". "If he comes back I'm sure that he'll want a big payday[...]

"We're talking to a few [television channels]. Obviously everybody's very, very interested,". "Exciting times ahead, it's going to be a long time partnership with a broadcaster.".

"My fights are big news so if any channel wants to make their mark on boxing, there's one very easy way to start that,"

"I never considered him a potential opponent until he won the European title. When they spoke about moving to cruiserweight and fighting for the European title I wasn't too sure how he'd do but he's achieved his potential at cruiserweight, now he ha[...]

Getting a world title fight isn't about your ranking.

He fought Charles Martin who won the title by default, fighting a guy whose leg popped out in the second round. If that makes you the best in the world, it doesn't make you the best anywhere. But they had the Sky Sports backing to chuck £5m at Charl[...]

"Charles Martin originally offered me the fight because they know I generate a lot of money but obviously Eddie Hearn [Joshua's promoter] chucked more money at Charles Martin, I couldn't match that £5m guarantee so they went with Joshua. But it's th[...]

"It doesn't go back, we've never had any altercations in the past it just gets to a point,"

It's not about you, Eddie, it's about your fighters. It's not the Eddie Hearn show.

[Sky Sports' head of Boxing] Adam Smith should have been conducting the press conference, he's the broadcaster, whereas Eddie is just a promoter like me. We're co-promoting this, I'm technically more of the promoter than he is. It's like me taking t[...]

You look at the Klitschko-Joshua fight, it was on then it was off – it was never on, it was never signed. So when you say it's not happening everyone gets disappointed. That's why I said to Eddie Hearn before this fight 'shut up, don't tell anybody [...]

"I always keep my business close to my chest. I know Eddie likes to tell you how negotiations are going, I've never known someone to speak about things so much,"

There were no tripods wielded around anywhere. As far as pre-fight excitement gets this is up there. I think he really believes he's going to win. I looked him in his eyes and he didn't look like he thought he was going to get knocked out. I don't t[...]

"Bit of a heated affair, he struck me or pushed me or whatever, so I had to give him a little clip round the ear, as you do. It took all my will to not kick off properly but I'm just glad he's still in one piece,"

If he does beat Wladimir he'll have two titles. I don't think I need a world title myself for it, it's big enough. But it hasn't been mentioned, strangely it hasn't been mentioned by Joshua at all. If you're the heavyweight champ, why wouldn't you m[...]

"If they manoeuvre him whichever way there's no other fight that could match myself and Joshua, it would break all records,"

"He's going to fight – I believe – Wladimir Klitschko. Hopefully that gets made, that's a fight I believe Joshua can win as on fight night Klitschko would have been out of the ring for a year and a half, he'll be 41 and coming off that horrendous lo[...]

"I could go out partying every night until the fight and still knock you out,"

"If I lose to you - in fact I won't even consider or fathom that silly option,"

"Those world title fights will happen when I want them to, but for now I want to shut this guy up,"

He wants to host everything, he always jumps in front of the camera. It's not the Eddie Hearn show, it should be about the fighters.

"After this I'm going to beat Anthony Joshua and destroy your business,". "You and your team are getting destroyed.".

I'm not going to keep my hands up for this fight. You can't hurt me.

"It's an interesting one, I've been out of this game, these big fights. This is the first big fight that the fans are getting excited about,". "In the time I've been out I've watched social media and YouTube and I've seen it's the Eddie Hearn show, [...]

"I had a lot of options, you're the option we're going with to shut you up, shut Eddie up and shut Dave [Coldwell, Bellew's trainer] up. I'll end the fight when I want to,". "You won a vacant title in your hometown. I won one on foreign soil, for pe[...]

Bellew is completely delusional if he thinks he can beat me. He still thinks he's on the set of Creed and there will be some kind of Rocky style happy ending. But come March 4 at The 02 in London I will bring reality crashing down on him. I've earne[...]

"The public demand for me to violently knockout Tony 'The Bell-End' Bellew was simply too strong,". "The country is fed up of his constant yapping. Even in his home town of Liverpool, I would be stopped in the street by people begging me to spectacu[...]

"I don't think Tony is going to win the fight,". "B.J. is a big Cruiserweight. Look at them next to each other, there's not a lot in it at first sight but Tony is tall and skinny whereas B.J. is wide and thick set and can punch.

If Tony somehow manages to beat B.J - which he won't do - we can talk. Tony makes plenty of noise so we'll see, but he's got his hands full with B.J.

Tony thinks it's an easy touch and B.J. is a huge underdog with the bookies, I think he's worth backing to cause the upset. Tony is a good fighter and he was good against Makabu, he was an underdog himself, he got decked in the first and spun it rou[...]

"I proved to a lot of people in the fight against Wladimir [Klitschko] that my chin wasn't as bad [as people thought]. I proved to myself as well that my chin wasn't as bad as people thought. I've always been known as a 'chinny' fighter throughout m[...]

"Arguably one of the best punchers in the division, Wladimir, [80%] knockout rate, he hit me on the chin with little 10 ounce gloves on… They bounced off my chin. I was actually surprised I could take them to be honest. I remember thinking, if he hi[...]

"This week we lost a Legend, a true Global Icon – phrases I don't use lightly. Muhammad Ali transcended the world of boxing, inspiring so many, including me, to believe 'Impossible is Nothing'.

Like millions of others around the world, Muhammad Ali is a hero of mine and inspiring me to box. Added to this his humanitarian work over many years which had a huge impact across the world, I couldn't think of a more fitting person to be granted a[...]

"I believe Muhammed Ali is the perfect recipient, whilst it is a huge shame this did not happen when he was alive to award it posthumously in honour of the incredible legacy he leaves would be perfectly fitting"

"I'm a former WBC title holder, so I've got a great relationship with the WBC. All of the belts are on my mind. The biggest fight at the moment is in my opinion Anthony Joshua, that's the fight that makes the most amount of sense in terms of publici[...]

"A year is a reasonable amount of time, this time next year I will have a big fight,". "I believe I can stay as a champion as long as it takes to prove to the world I'm number one.".

"I believe Tyson Fury is a lot easier to beat. He's very loose, he's been knocked down a number of times by guys that don't punch very hard."

"I'm thrilled that my latest fight will once again be free-to-air on Dave. I was overwhelmed with the peak audience of 3.2 million who tuned in to my fight against Mark de Mori. Boxing is booming in the UK right now and these figures prove it. I alw[...]

"I was really impressed with the coverage and production of my comeback fight and I'm looking forward to once again be fighting on Dave and taking the sport to a broader audience. This Haye Day will feature a longer live show with an even better und[...]

The fight before, Dillian Whyte, he struggled a little in that one but he seemed like he learned his lessons from that. It would be nice for him to get in the ring with someone who's going to extend him a little and have to figure some things out as[...]

"A punch perfect performance, he went out there and did exactly what he needed to do to win the heavyweight title. Clean shots, didn't take any in the process so a big tick. We weren't sure what Martin would bring to the table one of the unknowns. J[...]

"In theory that makes sense but Tyson Fury has got Wladimir Klitschko first. He fights on the same night [potentially as Joshua], July 9 and if he wins that, he then has to fight in this WBA tournament that he's in, he has to fight a guy called Luis[...]

He looked calm and composed. Exciting, very, very happy for him.

"I saw something from Eddie Hearn [Joshua's promoter] saying he doesn't envisage fighting myself until early next year, which I understand. He's got some fights to do this year. Then the likelihood it'll probably be the early part of next year if he[...]

"I'm fighting May 21, then I'm fighting Shannon Briggs a few months later,". "It's a fight that fans want to see.".

I'm speaking to a number of terrestrial television networks to screen this fight. My plan is to bring boxing back to the masses.

I wanted to get an opponent who is a) bigger than me b) undefeated and c) is fast and can move. If you look at the top guys in the division, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury and hopefully Anthony Joshua, they're all taller than me. So I wanted an opponent[...]

Everybody wishes Nick Blackwell a speedy recovery and I think it's pretty clear that when he comes round, I feel he will come back to full health, but it seems clear his competitive boxing career is most likely over.

If I had to stop boxing at 25, I would have had to train in something completely new to feed my family. He's only in this situation because he's so tough and he's got such a big heart, because he's what British boxing wants in its fighters, someone [...]

It's hard to get to 29-0, there are no big names on there [his record] though. The same was said of [Giacobbe] Fragomeni when I fought him back at cruiserweight and he gave me one of my toughest fights.

With that being said, as a gesture of good will I am going to donate 10% of the money that I receive from ticket sales to donate to Nick Blackwell because possibly his fight with Eubank could be his last paycheck.

"There was an amazing fight that happened on Saturday night between Chris Eubank Jr and Nick Blackwell, watched by millions, but I'm sure everyone is aware of the very unfortunate circumstances surrounding Nick Blackwell's health, he's unfortunately[...]

"It feels good to be back. What I said from the start is I want to fight regularly, get some momentum going and expose boxing to the masses,"

"The reaction to the first Haye Day event was incredible with a sell-out crowd at The O2, music acts, A-List guests like Idris Elba and Benedict Cumberbatch, and let's not forget breaking TV viewing records with a 3.2m peak audience on Dave. May's H[...]

"I'm so happy to be back in the ring so soon. I said I wanted to fight regularly and that's exactly what I'm doing. Every two to three months I want to be knocking somebody out and working my way back into title contention. Fighting a big heavyweigh[...]

"As long as you're interesting to people, as long as you're relevant, that's all that matters,"

"The last fight, it [free TV] worked well, whether it works for the next three or four fights, who knows, but I'm going to do everything within my power to get it [his next fight] on a Freeview channel,"

"From a financial side of things, it's hard for a terrestrial television network to rustle up the type of numbers that a pay-per-view platform could offer or generate,"

There are lots of potentially entertaining fights for boxing fans around the world, I am happy and humble to be back and part of it, I was out looking in from afar but I am back now, exciting times.

My experience in boxing is that if it makes financial sense, 9 times out of 10, unless there are egos involved or deep rooted hatred, whatever makes the most amount of money, makes the most sense and I can't see a bigger fight at the moment that is [...]

I hope Browne will be ready, he got a cut eye in the last fight which will take 2-3 weeks to heal….Timing is everything in life, this could be perfect for me and perfect for him. He is a big guy, 24 fights unbeaten, he has a 90% KO rate or something[...]

"Very, very exciting times, I do have an opponent now, which is quite ironic. It was getting frustrating, people were pricing themselves out. Everything happens for a reason, perhaps I shouldn't have signed to fight anyone else yet. Browne would see[...]

"You've got to get him out the way early… You've got experience of punching people's heads in and knocking them out". "Get in there, rough him up, get him off his game and just blast him out early".

"Like millions of others around the world Muhammad Ali is a hero of mine and the inspiration that made me want to become a boxer. This may well be The Greatest's last visit to the UK and he deserves to be recognised formally, not only for his sporti[...]

"Muhammad loves the UK, he first came to prominence here when he fought Henry Cooper nearly 53 years ago and he's entertained and enthralled us ever since. The Greatest has received many major awards and high honours worldwide and I believe it's tim[...]

Obviously it's disappointing that Billy Dib will not be on the bill but injuries are a part of boxing sadly. Jamie Speight was looking forward to the challenge of facing a former two-weight world champion and hopefully we can make the fight happen o[...]

'Haye Day' is nearly upon us and fans will be treated to a quality undercard before I make my return to the ring and demolish Mark De Mori in the main event.

However I'm delighted that we've been able to add two more home-grown fighters to the bill in what promises to be a thrilling domestic dust-up. Both Shayne and John have fantastic records and the bout will be a British welterweight title eliminator [...]

"I've always done it my own way,"

You'll see the dynamics that happen over the coming weeks and that this particular fight with De Mori gets. I've had similar fights in the past. It'll be interesting to look at the numbers, viewing figures-wise, internet-wise, the internet reach the[...]

"This is their department, I'm going to co-promote. That was always one stipulation, I wanted to have a hand in everything that was going on. In case they tried to go off the rails and do something that was so far from what boxing is, I could say re[...]

"These young guys [Andrew and Simon Salter] wanted to make a difference. As a friend of theirs for a while I've been looking at what they've done and been mesmerized by the way they do business and the people they reach and I thought how could you u[...]

"It's the start of something great. I'm just looking forward to getting in there and doing what I do best."

"My main ambition is to fight as often as possible. I haven't fought three times in a year for many, many moons. I want to fight three times a year. I want to fight that often. I'm looking at other dates and other venues. It's exciting,"

"I'm in a physical state where I can fight more often. In the past I've had to take big lay-off because of the injuries that I was holding in training before the fight and I needed two or three months just to recover. That's not the case any longer,[...]

"I've a new team, new look and new inspiration to achieve my goals. I've always set the bar high in my career and I will continue to do so. Please sit back and get ready for another fun-fuelled heavyweight campaign to the very top."

"As a heavyweight there's so much ground and pound, to be elite you put your body through so much so you have to adjust. I watch Sugar Ray Leonard, I watch Mayweather, all these guys, but they're like welterweights. So a lot of my idols are a lot li[...]

"It's fantastic that Barry has secured this fight to be shown on terrestrial TV. Not only will it be fantastic for Team Frampton but its also superb for boxing as the sport is back on major terrestrial television again."

"I am really looking forward to going to Belfast,". "The atmosphere will be electric as it always is for the big fights there. This fight is going to be tough and extremely exciting. A win for Carl Frampton against Chris Avalos will rubber stamp Car[...]

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