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David Lemieux has been quoted 27 times. The one recent article where David Lemieux has been quoted is WBO order Billy Joe Saunders to face David Lemieux. Most recently, David Lemieux was quoted as having said, “He's definitely a guy I would love to face. I never underestimate any opponent, he's a world champion and there's a reason why he's a world champion. It would be a good fight, it would be interesting.”.

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It's time to be world champion again. Saunders is about to get destroyed. I'm going to be extremely ready for this fight and I'm going to inflict a lot of pain on Saunders. His 0 must go.

He's definitely a guy I would love to face. I never underestimate any opponent, he's a world champion and there's a reason why he's a world champion. It would be a good fight, it would be interesting.

Absolutely I believe in my abilities, I believe in my powers so I'm not worried about what I got to bring to the table. Definitely, definitely. Step by step, I don't want to jump any fighters but he's definitely a guy I'm looking forward to. We'll s[...]

I learned what it takes to beat a guy like that. Definitely a great fighter, GGG, definitely a guy I'm looking forward to facing again in the near future with obviously a different outcome. GGG has got a lot of talent and I expected him to box the w[...]

"After all this talk, here we are. I'm so excited that this fight will finally be happening. We have big plans for 2017 and this will be the first step. I will make sure to take care of Stevens on March 11. Curtis Stevens came knocking on the wrong [...]

"There are things I would have loved to have done 10 times better,"

There are things on which I can greatly improve.

Rios is another step to becoming world champion.

I've been preparing very well, and we are taking him very seriously. We are expecting the best Rios that we can get. We are not taking him lightly. We are doing everything we need to do to make sure there are no surprises.

"In the ring, I become a robot,". "I am no longer human. I have to destroy what is in front of me. There are no hard feelings if I hurt my opponent. If I have trained to do it on a punching bag, I will do it to the human in front of me in the ring.".

"My fight against Glenn Tapia was an important step after the Golovkin fight to get back on track,". "Now, Rios is another step to get back on the road to becoming a world champion - to win and to be impressive.

"I am back,". "I am coming back strong and ready to be on top of the middleweight division where I belong.".

"I'm just coming back from a big fight, but I've moved on. I am ready to step into the ring to win,". "I'm glad to be back home with all the fans who have supported me throughout my career. People who see this fight will get their money's worth, it'[...]

It is kind of like David and Goliath. Everyone is impressed on this big GGG, he is impressive and talented but there is also David who is making a lot of noise. I know what I am going up against and I am going in with a nice package to deliver to Go[...]

I am going to be a lion in there. Nothing is going to be in my way.

"What I have done with the degree of the fight and the intensity for this fight, I know I have to be better than I was for [Hassan] N'Dam,". "Bernard Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya are letting me do what I need to do. I have a great team around me and[...]

I am aware of his record but I am also aware of who I am and what I can bring to the table. My concern is the present and making sure I win on October 17.

"I've said that I don't care who I fight, so long as they are the best, and Golovkin is the best out there in the middleweight division,". "GGG may be the most feared man in boxing, but after October 17th, there will be a new feared man in the middl[...]

I've come a long way and I'm proud to be here today to fight the Goliath of the middleweight division. Gennady Golovkin is a good champion; he has good values. But, in the ring you're not friends. It's two pit bulls going for the neck.

You have to be ready for anything in boxing. I'm ready to take the belt and to be the unified middleweight champion. That's why I took the fight. Because I'm very aware of my abilities. I'm very aware of Golovkin's abilities. I respect him a lot. He[...]

"With this fight against Golovkin you can expect what you see, two hard punchers going at it. The fight speaks for itself I don't have to add too much. It's going to be an explosive fight. But a lot of you are going to have to be ready for change,"

Hopefully you will be experiencing history in the making on October 17.

"Everything is kind of coming into perfection for this fight. I'm extremely confident in this fight and what I am to expect with Hassan N'Dam, for I understand his boxing abilities. I understand everything about him. I've watched him. We studied him[...]

"I've been waiting for a long time to be able to face the world champion in our division and to be able to become a world champion. It is my time, and I've been working since I was a young kid at this to be where I am today. I'm working extremely ha[...]

Anybody I'm willing to go in the ring with, I'm going to hurt them regardless if it is an undefeated [fighter] who has never been knocked down or some guy who has been knocked down. To me, it makes no difference because I have one goal in my mind. [...]

It's going to be a great event. It's going to be very explosive, and hopefully, it's going to mark a historical event in Montreal and a great fight for 2015, to give to the fans all what they want, what they need. They've got two top athletes in th[...]

I have one goal in my mind. To destroy.

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