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Find all of David Price’s quotes that have been published in 14 different articles on this page. David Price’s quotes are organized by date and topic, making it easy for you to compare, for example, what David Price has said both recently, and in the past, on a variety of topics. Some of the topics David Price likes to comment on include Anthony Joshua and Breazeale. Most recently, David Price said, “It's not time for playing around in this game as far as I'm concerned. I'm at a point in my career where this fight is going to open doors to many big fights, and the same for Christian Hammer, which makes it a fascinating fight, it's a 50-50 fight. You're going to see a great heavyweight fight on Saturday night,”.

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If you lose you manage to convince yourself to go again. After the last fight I did toy with the idea of packing it in, but after a bit of time I decided to give it a last crack of the whip because a defeat doesn't always signal the end.

"I do believe I've come on in the last couple of years. Things have changed and people will see the best of me on Saturday night. That what I'm saying. This game's dog eat dog,". "I'm going in there to do damage because that man's standing in my way[...]

"Possibly, that's something that could happen,". "Any of the champions. That's the thing that this fight can do. It's going to open doors at all levels. It's a WBO European title, that's the easiest route obviously. But the obstacle put in front of [...]

"It's not time for playing around in this game as far as I'm concerned. I'm at a point in my career where this fight is going to open doors to many big fights, and the same for Christian Hammer, which makes it a fascinating fight, it's a 50-50 fight[...]

It's good exposure. Get my name and face out there, get a good win and I'm right back in the mix. It doesn't make much difference as long as I fight and get paid and get the win, but it's a bonus that it's on ITV.

People want to see brutal knockouts.

I've been training since the end of October, I stayed in training just in case Eric Molina got injured and pulled out against Anthony Joshua. So I've been in the gym, all's going well.

He's well ranked, he's got a good record. He lost to Tyson Fury and Mariusz Wach. He's a good opponent and he has a good amateur record. We're familiar with each other.

"Christian Hammer's a name that's popped a few times over the last few years,". "I think we were going to try and do a fight with him before he fought Tyson Fury, so he's someone who's been mentioned a couple of times.

That means something other than a cut eye, a bruise, concussion and so on. I had to have either been put in a coma or killed. Only then would they do anything about it. That's when it really hit me. You can't sue drug cheats unless you're disabled o[...]

"By taking a fight with Tarver, I'd almost be condoning his actions,"

"I went to file a lawsuit against Tarver and visited a lawyer who basically told me that in order for me to win, even though Tarver failed a test, I had to incur some other damage aside from what normally happens in a boxing match,"

Getting in the ring with a world champion doesn't fill with me with fear or dread, it's exciting. I was hopeful [of fighting Joshua] but the reality was they were always going to take the safer option. Molina was coming over [anyway] as my opponent,[...]

"The reason why I would have been a better opponent than Molina is that I would have been going in to win,". "Molina is not going to come to win, he's going to mess Joshua about, and spoil for a few rounds, then he's going to sit on the ropes and ge[...]

When I first saw that he was fighting I thought, 'what the f***?' I think he spent about one month out the ring more than I did. It's a bit of a kick in the balls.

"They've given him a 'reprieve,' it's mad. They've said he'll be tested constantly but at his own expense. He won on points over 10 rounds and I heard he laboured to it,". "It'll be interesting to see how he performed while not on banned substances".

"I bring the threat of punch power. I've improved as a boxer. My jab exists now, where in the past it didn't exist because of an elbow injury… I've had that sorted, now I can snap the jab out and hurt people with the jab. But look, let's get real fi[...]

People want to see Anthony Joshua in fights where there's potential of losing, getting knocked out. I know a lot of people are big fans of him and all that but people don't want to see one-sided [bouts]. It's like hitting a punchbag. With someone li[...]

"We're from the same background so it would make a nice match, it would gel well, I know it would,"

"I think it was apparent tonight that Joshua still can take his time but because he's world champion he's in a position where he's going to be forced into fights. If he's got a voluntary, I think the natural progression, the natural step up for him [...]

"Anthony Joshua he's similar to me, he always respects his opponents, he'd view for me as a threat like he viewed Breazeale as a threat,". "The reality is I know I would really be a threat.".

Hopefully all the governing bodies will follow suit. That's the satisfying thing about it, someone could go through the same thing but they won't have to go through all the bull**** I had to suffer trying to sort it out. It's been a good couple of w[...]

I wasn't expecting to be banged back in at number three or whatever, but as long as I was back in so that any opportunities that were knocking about, I could throw my name in for.

It's amazing what one win can do for you as well when you've been as low as I was for 10 months. I feel better now, mentally, than when I was British champion.

It's a huge opportunity for me and I do believe that for the general public it's a big fight, although the hardcore boxing fans would probably dismiss it. But they don't know what I know, how I'm feeling.

I just need to keep the ball rolling, a couple more fights but at least I'll be in the position if I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity.

Hopefully it sets a standard for anyone who's been on the wrong end of a fight against someone who was on drugs.

"He's my toughest opponent since Tony Thompson,". "He's a tough guy, he's unbeaten for a reason so it's definitely a hard fight. He's probably a bigger puncher than Thompson".

He's strong, he's tough, he's a pretty solid fighter and he's unbeaten. He has a couple of first round knockout wins against Michael Sprott and Martin Rogan.

I've seen the majority of his fights. He's tall, he can definitely take a shot but he's yet to face anyone like me so we'll see how he stands up to my punches.

He was in the amateurs with me, believe it or not, but we never crossed paths. He was at the same Olympic qualifiers as I was but he lost to Christian Hammer, who I went on to beat to qualify.

''This has been the toughest training camp I've ever been involved in,''.

Emotionally I need to be cold.

"It's a great gesture and it's something close to everyone's heart in the city,". "It's the first time Tony and I have boxed on a bill together, Tony's a big blue and I'm a big red, but we get behind each other and I hope the money goes some way to [...]

''It's great to be fighting on the undercard of such a big show,''. ''I'm looking forward to getting back in the ring and reminding everyone what I'm all about. 2015 is going to be a big year for me, its important I get off to a good start on Februa[...]

"The shoulder is fixed, for me that was the most important thing,". "I didn't want to rush an announcement [on his comeback], have a set back, and have to have another six months out.

''It's frustrating as I felt that I was in the shape of my life going into this fight,''.

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