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Dean Francis has most recently been quoted in an article called Why Dean Francis will beat terminal cancer. Dean Francis said, “It was a strange feeling, I didn't know how to react.”. Dean Francis has been quoted a grand total of 6 times in 1 article.

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I'm not lying when I say I'm going to beat this. I am going to beat this. This isn't something that can't be done. This isn't a miracle that I'm trying to perform here. People have been cured all the time from cancer who were worse than me. It's goi[...]

I am a different person. Usually to become a different person it happens over years and years, and you won't notice it yourself – someone will tell you that you've changed. But I can feel it. What I put into my body now and how I talk about it. The [...]

In my mind, it's like she doesn't trust me.

Just because the doctors told me it's terminal, what they're actually saying is they – the NHS – can no longer do anything for me. I talk to them about alternative therapies and they haven't got a clue, which is scary really. Surely as a doctor you [...]

It was a strange feeling, I didn't know how to react.

Not for one moment in that fight did I feel in control, and to be successful as a fighter you need that control to build on.

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