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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Eddie Hearn is associated, including Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, and fighter. Most recently, Eddie Hearn has been quoted saying: “That's the plan. He may go and box in America. We're talking to him about maybe doing something. You've got Joshua on October 28 which has taken 80,000 tickets out the market, Crolla done 12,000, Haye-Bellew sold 17,000 and that's all in a three month period. It's very, very difficult to produce the numbers needed for these guys on their purses, unless you want to lose money. Which is not something I'm a fan of.” in the article James DeGale expects December return.

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I don't know anything about Harlem. Adam Booth said give the kid a chance, you'll be impressed and I trust Adam Booth. Actually Conor's still growing, Conor's 20 and Chris Eubank [Junior] can make middleweight. They're two weight divisions away at t[...]

Back to back pay per views, the great news is it takes all the pressure off me because I was Dr. Evil pay-per-view, now there's one a week. I keep saying to people look at the comparisons of the cards that we're putting on.

As far as the tournament goes, it's good. The correct format is the cruiserweight format where you've got every world champion in. So you can honestly say the winner of that tournament is the best cruiserweight in the world and is the undisputed cha[...]

I'm looking at it as an opportunity for our fighters. Many promoters would go I'm not putting our fighters in. But I'm actually thinking we've got so many fighters and the money's good. It's not like you lose your fighter. You put him in it and he c[...]

It's a natural fight for him against the winner of this. You've got [WBO champion Gilberto] Ramirez as well, [WBC champion David] Benavidez as well. So I'd actually like to see James unify in February or March, pick up two belts and look at the winn[...]

It's a possibility. It's something that we're talking to them about doing. It's just a case of whether he boxes in the UK or whether he boxes in America. Probably the way everything's set up, it might be better for him to box in America this one and[...]

That's the plan. He may go and box in America. We're talking to him about maybe doing something. You've got Joshua on October 28 which has taken 80,000 tickets out the market, Crolla done 12,000, Haye-Bellew sold 17,000 and that's all in a three mon[...]

Joshua wants all the belts. So you've got the Parker fight as well, but obviously Parker didn't look the best last time out. It's a tougher fight to sell now. But it's still a unification fight and the WBC fight of course.

They were trying to get Joshua stripped of the WBA for not fighting him.

If you're taking medication you put it down. I can't believe anything else. It's hard when you've got an innocent fighter that may have made an innocent mistake but then he's being labelled a cheat and who knows. The bottom line is the responsibilit[...]

The fight I look for Parker is either Joshua in February/March or Tony Bellew, if he beats David Haye, that's the two fights we've got. Or Dillian Whyte. But he doesn't want to fight Dillian Whyte, another one who doesn't want to fight Dillian.

They're all tough in that division. The other one is [IBF super-flyweight champion Jerwin] Ancajas, who's got to fight Jamie Conlan, but he's very good. It's just a case of whether we jump into a huge unification fight. I would like to build him on [...]

The North East is an important area for us to focus on with the development of Josh Kelly and I'm looking forward to bringing a major show there in the early part of 2018.

They don't seem to want the fight. It's frustrating trying to get Dillian Whyte an opponent. Every fighter that we're asking for money we are giving it to them and they're still coming back and not accepting the fight. We've offered Wilder three mil[...]

People don't want to fight Dillian Whyte. He's a handful. He's a real handful. He's got a great chin, he don't stop throwing punching, he's strong. It's frustrating, . He just keeps coming back at you.

He really took the loss bad against Errol Spence. Really bad. The Golovkin fight was always one against the head and he got a lot of respect out of that fight. A lot of actual support and the Spence fight was a really tough fight to take on the chin[...]

The Amir Khan fight, who knows? We're waiting for that fight forever. Now Amir wants it 147lbs. I think Kell sees the names at 147 and thinks I want to fight them. I just don't think he can do it to his body any more. He makes it and to be fair he m[...]

And the problem was in the first fight Bellew had to give up to a lot of things that he didn't want to give up to. And I actually talked him into that. He didn't want to take it on the deal that was offered but he did and now he wants to make sure h[...]

We garner the reaction from fans across social media and everyone seems to want to see that fight again. So I told them, This seems to be the fight with the wide appeal, the most money, the most buys. You two should do it, both of you.' But again it[...]

I want him to come back at 154lbs. I think we need a good solid fight at light-middleweight. He's not going to come back against [Miguel] Cotto, it's not going to happen unless we get asked. If we want to do that fight in the States then it's up to [...]

What it has done is brought UFC and boxing a little bit closer together. I think now certainly boxing fans are more interested in Conor McGregor now and probably UFC because they're more educated about it.

The problem is that boxing promoters are boxing people. Would I be interested in putting Conor McGregor against one of our guys? I guess so money-wise. But it's not going to happen because he's not going to go back into boxing. I don't think there's[...]

Then we need to sprinkle in some heavyweight action [on the undercard]. I'm looking to make [Frank] Buglioni against Callum Johnson on that card as well. I'd quite like to do [Lawrence] Okolie against Craig Kennedy in Cardiff as an eliminator for th[...]

Ortiz is hoping that we get stripped and he gets handed the title. It won't work like that. If they stripped us we would appeal and that process takes a long time and they've got no right to strip us. We've got to face our first mandatory. We had an[...]

It's unbelievable. When we heard the words 'And the new..' it was a dream moment. If you had told us this would happen a year ago, we would have said you were mad.

I met with the MGM and met with the T-Mobile Arena, Vegas is the front runner and November 11 is the date that is pencilled in. I've been in Vegas with AJ, officially applying for my Nevada boxing license to promote there and that went well.

From an Anthony Joshua's promoter point of view, we've got the Wladimir Klitschko fight, we've also got a mandatory with [Kubrat] Pulev but we want Parker spring/summer of next year. We want to try to add another belt.

I think Duco have a got a good opportunity in fighting Hughie Fury. It's a fight that if it happens I think they should win and then I would stay here [in the UK], to be honest with you. I would try and knock off all the guys that would make my prof[...]

It's been a very frustrating period for Callum but now we have clarity and something he can really get his teeth into. He is a technically excellent fighter with huge power who we believe has all the attributes to become a World champion – and stay [...]

I'm so pleased to see Katie make her American debut on such an outstanding card. I believe Katie is the most entertaining and dangerous fighter in women's boxing and has already lit up many venues in her professional journey, most recently Wembley S[...]

We're at a point in boxing where there aren't going to be a lot of easy fights. There's a lot of competition, broadcasters want tough fights only. I've had enough of managers and trainers convincing me to take easy fights and then they happen and al[...]

I've never known a sport like boxing where the fans are so critical. Obviously we do snooker and darts as well and I look at their social feeds and there's never the sort of criticism we get! It's mad. It's a mad sport, but I think we're in great sh[...]

I might do some kind of NextGen show for him in Croydon, Crystal Palace.

We'll see. Because he started quite late I'd like to get him two before September. He's going to box September, October, November, December, so he'll box four times during that period. He will definitely box on AJ's next fight undercard. That could [...]

He's not going in. Originally they were both going to go in and fight in the series. But then Dirrell says I'm not going in so Callum [won't].

Financially there's much better offers than Cardiff but we know the UK is solid, we've prepared here before, it's the same time zone, so we don't really want to rock the boat.

We've got to understand a lot of focus is on Anthony Joshua at the moment. Other events will suffer outside of that. Although it helps British boxing, you will still get people going, When's the next AJ fight? I'll go to that and I won't worry about[...]

16,000 at the T-Mobile will generate more than 90,000 at Wembley [with] ticket prices and the guarantees from the casino.

This is a great opportunity for Jamie to announce himself on the world stage and he shouldn't be underestimated in this tournament. He will box on our show in London this Saturday to warm up for the series and will bring plenty of excitement and pow[...]

Carlos Mena, he's a Cuban, he's 4-6. In his last fight he boxed Ruyman Delgado, who's 12-0 with seven knockouts, obviously he lost. Before that he boxed Sergei Ekimov, who's now 17-0 and went to points with him, he's world ranked now.

So he'll box here, then we might box him in the States in the summer and he'll box back in September. All these guys, you don't really know the pace you're going to move them at.

Apparently the judge asked one of the photographers, Which one's Lee Haskins?

You get a few complaining about the undercard but generally, when it's all said and done, people say it was a great night of boxing. That's massive for the sport. Once you have one stinker you're really in a tough spot so we decided to have no pay-p[...]

I've done Haye-Bellew, I've done Joshua-Klitschko, I've done Brook-Spence but the good news is, with all three of those we've not had one complaint over value for money and that's so important.

They'll see a pay-per-view show and go 'OK, I'll pay for that.' But you've got to feed them with more quality and more international fight nights. We have to be more active in that market to give Sky subscribers the full package. [Andre] Ward-[Serge[...]

You'll see a massive change to our strategy come September, which is going to be more NXTGEN shows, fewer Saturday night Fight Nights – not that much fewer, but much bigger [ones] because fans will start to feel that on Saturday night they're not ge[...]

Until [Klitschko] turns round and says 'no, I'm retiring,' we're full steam ahead. At the moment all I can tell you is that it's happening because we haven't heard otherwise.

We looked at July 1 against Callum Smith, he decided to fight [Anthony] Dirrell [for the vacant WBC title]. I think we'll see James return in September. Obviously he was supposed to fight the winner of [Jose] Uzcategui and [Andre] Dirrell, I think t[...]

Obviously you've got the [George] Groves fight, he broke his jaw [against Fedor Chudinov], George seems to think he'll be back October or November but I'm not so sure with that injury but the big fight between those two is there.

You look at Canelo against Golovkin, whether you wrap that into a night [with a UK card]. If it's not pay-per-view [on Sky], we won't get it because someone else will put it on pay-per-view. Then you have Mayweather against McGregor, which I don't l[...]

Bernd [Boente, Klitschko's manager] has got a meeting with him this week. The number of offers we've had come in from other sites means the money's so big, I can't see him not taking it. Even away from the money I think he wants it, I think he looks[...]

I'm confident. We have to fight Pulev, we know we've got to fight him. If we don't fight him next, we'll fight him afterwards. Cardiff isn't the frontrunner financially. The money we're getting offered from other sites is huge, but that comes with p[...]

It's a big blow to his career. There was a lot of pain going through the first one and now he's got to go through another one, but that's boxing. It was caused by Errol Spence who is a great fighter and the better man won. Yeah. We said before there[...]

We were quite happy with how he made the weight. But he's 30-odd now.

Kell's gone to hospital. It's the same injury as in the [Gennady] Golovkin fight, but on the other eye, which is unbelievable. But it was caused by Errol, so there are no excuses. He was beaten by the better man.

He [Joshua] will learn [from the fight]. There were little things, in the ring before the fight Vitali was staring at him, then he started staring at Vitali and all that's designed to do is use up energy. You're just using up emotions and he'll lear[...]

We would have had the same thing as Fury but we were prepared, we've known about this for months but they didn't, it caught them unexpectedly and it was too late then.

We've put measures in place to make sure that doesn't happen; that doesn't mean we cannot fight Pulev because we have to, but we can take our time and find a solution.

I'm delighted to add another big world title fight to this show on May 27. Since the Badou Jack defeat, George has worked his way back into position and is now on the verge of finally capturing that World title. It's a very hard fight against a very[...]

I'd like to say it was me who pushed for this fight, but I can't take the credit. He [Joshua] is making the decisions, he wants the challenges, he's calling the shots, and [trainer] Rob [McCracken] felt he could beat Klitschko. It was the ultimate g[...]

If the fight ends in a round, and no one wants to see it again, [a rematch] ain't happening. But if it's a great fight, and there's an opportunity for everyone to make money again, then I wouldn't rule [a rematch] out.

I believe Anthony and Wladimir have both had good camps, so it's just going to come down to who can deal with the pressure on the night. I've never seen a fighter as calm as Anthony going into a fight like this. I'm nervous. I'm petrified. Yet he re[...]

If you'd have said to me five fights ago that Anthony would be fighting Wladimir Klitschko in his 19th fight for two belts at Wembley in front of 90,000, I would've said no chance.

This fight is on another level to Froch-Groves. The international TV is going to more territories than ever before, and I believe that the pay-per-view will break all-time records. If Anthony can remain chilled, then he's not human! The pressure tha[...]

Without any question of a doubt, it's the toughest deal I've ever had to do [agreeing the American television rights between Showtime and HBO]. It took me three months to do that deal. I was working on it every day for three months.

You're going to get the problem of multiple mandatories coming up. After this fight, AJ's' mandatory with the IBF is Kubrat Pulev. At some point, probably this year, the WBA mandatory might be Luis Ortiz. I'd love 'AJ' to have every belt, but as Tys[...]

Working with another promotional company [K2 Promotions, who represent Klitschko] is very difficult, because there are decisions that can only be made by both teams. However, for all the reputations of [Klitschko's manager] Bernd Boente, and probabl[...]

I think everyone was impressed with Julius at the weekend and he has now become one of the key players in the division. I'm happy to link up with the team for his next fight and we are already in discussions with a number of promoters regarding his [...]

It takes a special fight to break down barriers and boundaries but also networks and executives who believe in working with the best interest of fight fans in mind. With the obstacles in place it would have been any easy resolution to not air the fi[...]

I'm delighted to announce this historic deal that will see Britain's biggest ever fight shown on both HBO and SHOWTIME in the U.S.

This is a great fight for Scott and the last hurdle before he hunts his second World title. Simion gave Selby a great fight on our Hull show a few years back and is an all action fighter that will bring the heat on April 29. Because of both fighters[...]

(Flanagan) is a lovely guy but it's not the same level of draw. He is a champion and we're currently not the champion but there are other options as well. There's Ricky Burns unifying the division on April 15, I wouldn't rule out moving up to light-[...]

I phoned Alex (Morrison, Burns' manager) who agreed with me 100 per cent as any advisor would and said he would give him a call. He phoned me back 10 minutes later and said it was a complete waste of time, the only fight he wants is Indongo. So he h[...]

Indongo is a tall, rangy fighter that can punch, who not a lot of people know a lot about. So yes, absolutely a nightmare. Other fights came up, bigger names but were easier. Obviously I went to Ricky and said you can fight this guy for X money or t[...]

Deontay Wilder should be a 12 month project that you work on to increase the profile. He's a very likeable, athletic, American heavyweight world champion. It's not hard. But you need a vehicle behind him. It's hard work but it's easy work. It's man [...]

If it's great fight and it makes sense, we'll look to do it again. But we're looking at hopefully winning and moving on hopefully into unifications. That's the number one target, although I thought his numbers were really disappointing on Fox. He we[...]

The good thing about pay-per-view, it gives me the opportunity to do those other big fights. Because you sort of run out of dates after a while. Each individual fight on a pay-per-view card is a headline. So for instance Eggington against Malignaggi[...]

We've put a request in to the council for May 27 or June 3 at Bramall Lane [a football stadium] for Brook-Spence. Just waiting for the capacity to be approved.

It was outrageous what he said. I think there's a lot of pressure on him. There's much more pressure on him than what there is on Tony Bellew. No one's expecting Bellew to win, he's moving up in weight. I think Bellew's got to him. I do. I'm not say[...]

I think he's probably got a niggle. But he's certainly not pulling out of the fight any time soon. I don't think so. The interesting thing, David Coldwell and Tony Bellew both know David Haye quite well. Neither called me and even asked if it was tr[...]

[Haye-Bellew will be] nowhere near. I think it's going to do obscene numbers but I think Joshua-Klitschko will break all pay-per-view records of all time in this country.

I don't know, put people between them, have a fence, have a Perspex wall, I don't know. There will be something between them.

I'm delighted to welcome Frank to the team in an exciting time for the British and world light-heavyweight division. Frank is one of the most popular fighters in London and has a real TV and fan friendly style that we of course saw in the Hosea Burt[...]

Our first date at York Hall will create an electric atmosphere as two-time ABA champion looks to go 9-0 as a pro and set up a shot at the British featherweight title. Our unbeaten rising Super-Middleweight star Craig Richards battles for his first t[...]

Unbeaten prospects Isaac Chamberlain, Felix Cash and Danny Dignum also star while Ben Hall looks to bounce back from defeat against Carson Jones against Wembley's Ryan Toms. It's going to be a packed night of boxing and I'm excited for the new forma[...]

"I'm delighted to welcome another Olympian to the team in Josh Kelly,". "Josh is an exceptional talent and looks a million dollars, I really feel that he can cross over and become a star in the sport. Fans are really going to enjoy following Josh's [...]

"We've got a purse bids date tomorrow (February 7) but we've asked for a week's extension from the IBF because I feel we're very close to making a deal,"

"I've had my eye on Joe Cordina for some time – I believe he is an exceptional talent,". "I feel there is real potential for a star to flourish in Welsh boxing but the goal is to make him a global star as well. Fans are really going to enjoy his sty[...]

"I think it will break all records on UK pay-per-view, which is held at around 1.15 million,". "Don't forget if it's at the O2 it's 16,000 so you've got 74,000 more people in the arena, who would be buying it on pay-per-view. I just think the fascin[...]

"We are talking to Bob Arum, we will be making offers for Pacquiao for September, October,". "I and everybody around him want and know that at 154lbs he's a much better fighter than at 147lbs. But he does have a belt at 147. He can make it but he's [...]

"Cotto's the dream pick, Cotto and Alvarez although he's all over the place with his weight, Alvarez. But it's not the most glamorous division amongst the champions. So good fighters, some excellent fighters. The Charlo brothers, Lara but not huge n[...]

"I want that fight for Dillian now,". "It's a great marker, if you like, but I actually think Dillian Whyte can beat him. So I don't see it as a marker. But there'll be plenty of comparisons. I think Dillian will give him an outstanding fight and I [...]

"He won't be ready. He doesn't want to box until late May or something like that,"

"Froch-Groves was obviously an eye-opener but we're a lot more advanced than we were when we went on sale with Froch-Groves. Now we can monitor things to see the actual size of the demand. Things like online queuing systems and stuff like that just [...]

"When we sold the last ticket online for the last batch we had 34,000 people in the online queuing system trying to get tickets. So if you're working off an average of just under three [tickets per sale], that's another sell out there with people tr[...]

I think this could be a little bit of a one off, who's to say Brook-Khan couldn't achieve the same numbers as well.

"I'm delighted that the capacity for Joshua vs Klitschko has been increased to 90,000 making it the biggest live gate of all time at the new Wembley stadium. I want to thank Wembley, TfL and Brent Council and particularly the Mayor of London, Sadiq [...]

After some successful show in Birmingham we can finally return to the city with a fully-fledged World champion, we have some outstanding fighters from the Midland and fight fans must save the date in the diary for our biggest fight night yet in the [...]

He is correct – at 70-30 we don't want the fight.

"I am delighted to welcome Lawrence to the team,". "Lawrence is the first Team GB Olympian to turn over and I think he has a huge future in the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight divisions.

Lawrence has all the attributes to become a star inside and outside the ring, and we will announce his debut fight next week. These early stages are where fighters build their foundations and profile to ensure they achieve their dreams and become su[...]

That's what I've been doing out in America. I'm not looking to do 30 shows a year, I'm looking to do maybe 16 quality shows a year. You've got ITV, BT Sport etc. There's a lot going on. It's good for boxing, I'm quite relaxed taking more of a backse[...]

He asked me to get him a six-rounder, but I talked him into Prizefighter.

I told him if he won that, then he could fight for the European title and David Haye for the world title. I just made it up, I didn't really know what I was doing, but everything I promised I delivered and I learned a lot along the way.

"I haven't ruled out doing another Prizefighter," "but for now, we need the dates for championship fights. Prizefighter was taking up dates I need for my championship fighters. If we put on a Prizefighter, that's 10 slots for our fighters we've lost[...]

It was the first time in a while Khan's properly called Kell out which is good, but we've been here before. I'm in touch with Asif Vali in the background and hopefully we can get it done.

You look at the guys out there, Parker has just won the title, Wilder I think is a great fight, even Haye as well or [Tony] Bellew.

You can't go and earn what he'll earn in this fight and then go and fight a voluntary or mandatory nobody's ever heard of for three million quid, it's just not going to happen. How many fights is he going to have? 30, 35? It would be tough for him t[...]

"I think it's a disadvantage. He [Concepcion] is two and a bit pound over. It's not like half a pound. That's quite a lot of weight and he's going to rehydrate. I just think it's going to be harder to get him after there. He's going to be heavier. I[...]

Maybe he just had enough and thought, 'I'm going to come in and try and beat Kal Yafai a few pound over.'.

"Following the expiry of our contract in November we were asked to make a new offer to Josh,". "We did not share the same plans as his team and decided not to make any further offers. It's been great working with Josh and his support from the Leeds [...]

The date we're looking at is the end of April so it'll be about eight weeks [after Haye-Bellew]. When they're that size, I'm not concerned. If they're big enough, they sell. They're two superfights.

"There was a lot of competition, as you can imagine,". "It's a major coup, to get the fight but also to get Haye.

"Deep down they're quite sensible and they're good pros. They're not just moronic, just going to bite each other and stuff like that. But it's going to be fun,"

"I have to back to them with some ideas about how to keep them apart. You have to do a face off,"

"We're seeing solid pay-per-view numbers at the moment without seeing seven, eight, nine [hundred thousand]. Does Joshua-Klitschko do that? Yeah I think it does. Does Haye-Bellew do that? Could do."

"This is just a huge, huge fight,". "One of the best Heavyweights in the world against the best Cruiserweight in the world. An explosion of concussive punchers riddled with bad blood and desperate to score a knockout victory. The build-up will be el[...]

"At some point in a fighter's career you get to find out if the hype is real and November 26 we get to find out everything we need to know about Ohara Davies,". "He is going way beyond previous levels with Scarpa but the team believe he is a very, v[...]

Victory against an experienced Scarpa will prove that and put him deep in the WBC rankings. I can see him moving quick from here and even challenging for World honours in 2017.

"I spoke through various options Kell and he was adamant that he would not relinquish his welterweight world title,". "In an ideal world, he would unify the division against Manny Pacquiao but the Spence fight is also one that really excites him and[...]

I think Amir wants a fight before he fights Kell, Kell doesn't. Kell wants to be in big fights. I think realistically that's a summer fight, rather than a spring fight, but that might suit the schedule better.

"He's back training but obviously he won't be sparring until January. He says that he's happy to continue making welterweight. It's a disadvantage. I think 154lbs is the perfect weight for Kell Brook, when he was at 160, it wasn't as if he was flabb[...]

"The only thing that will change is how many it will do,"

We will now move forward with Bernd Boente and Team Klitschko in planning the date and venue knowing that victory against Eric Molina in Manchester on December 10 is more important than ever.

One of the most exciting Heavyweights in world boxing Luis Ortiz will feature and Ireland's Katie Taylor will continue to break the mould in front of a sold out 21,000 crowd. The re-scheduled British Light-Heavyweight clash between Hosea Burton and [...]

The card is one of the strongest we have produced, supported by a huge all-British Heavyweight grudge match between Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora which will be an official eliminator for the WBC World title.

I have spoken to Eric Molina at length and I know this is going to be a big test for Anthony. We saw in the Wilder fight that he can punch and doesn't give in and is coming off a strong knockout win against Adamek in his back yard in Poland. We have[...]

We are delighted to see the return of Scott Quigg who will now campaign at Featherweight and Birmingham's Kal Yafai has a chance to make history in a brutal fight against World champion Luis Concepcion.

We expect news in the next few days, but in the meantime I believe both sides will look at alternative options for December 10 while we hope to get the news we need to make the fight happen.

"He's just looking at Haye rather than saying I'm going to move up and become a two weight world champion,". "He's probably 15st plus now. What did Haye weight in his last fight? 16st? He'd probably be giving away a stone. But it's heavyweight so so[...]

"He's not going to want to come down to cruiserweight so Tony's got to go to heavyweight. If there's a max weight, rather than a catchweight, I think that might be likely. But the bottom line is if he hits Haye, he knocks him out and if Haye hits hi[...]

"He [Haye] might also want to be picking up a belt. But the belts don't matter as much for him because if he beats him, he can fight AJ next summer anyway. So maybe this is a final eliminator for Anthony Joshua."

I would say Flores was probably 15st 8, 15st 9 tonight. But he [Bellew] is probably 15st 2. He's never been the most aesthetic boxer of all time but he can put some muscle on. He doesn't need to, he's fast. The one thing he's got is, people will lau[...]

"We're not going to the Millennium stadium."

"We've had to sort out the US TV issue, which we've now sorted out and now we're just making sure when we make an announcement we announce what belts are on the line rather than announcing two and adding a couple,". "It'll be with one broadcaster [i[...]

Everybody's got different rules. The WBA's got a recess rule, I believe after 12 months no defence put the champion in recess or strip him completely and then come back when you're ready. I think the WBO has the Interim thing where it's a real mess…[...]

"We'll always find an opponent," "but it's whether it's the one that is the one we really want. You pay the money, you get anyone. But we just like to pay the right money that's all."

"I'm sure Klitschko and Joseph Parker and Andy Ruiz and Luis Ortiz and Alexander Ustinov and Fres Oquendo and David Haye are all calling the WBA saying what is happening, the WBO what is happening. But I'm not really interested in those belts until [...]

"There is December 10 at the Manchester Arena as well, which would give us another two weeks past November 26. We tried to get the Millennium Stadium, it's definitely Manchester. It has to be Manchester."

"It's not a ridiculous number, it's a number that we're quite close to. There's just a few things that have got to happen to get there and it's whether they can be conceded or whether they can be achieved". "If you're going to earn X to fight [Josep[...]

"There's a number that we feel Joshua should achieve in that fight. [Due to the risk], also the size of the fight, in terms of what he's earning at the moment as well. If you're going to have a fight like that, there's got to be rewards. Joshua's ch[...]

"I'm speaking to Bernd [Boente, head of the Klitschko management group] a couple of times every day. Everybody wants the fight."

Adrien contacted me this week and said he is coming to Glasgow on October 7 to watch the fight and if Ricky defeats Relikh I expect that fight to get made without any problems.

"It's difficult with Joe because he's a little bit older [than the average Olympian]. What has it cost him? A million quid signing on? It's cost him hundreds of thousands. But it doesn't mean he's on his arse now. He's still got a good opportunity,"

"I was at the GQ Awards and Nicola Adams was there and I was stunned by the reception she got, she was presenting an award. I was stunned. She actually presented AJ with the sportsman of the year award for GQ,"

"There are some chats going on about Nicola in terms of does she go pro and stuff like that. That night made me think I'm not sure about women's boxing, I think it's fantastic that women are involved in the sport but what is the future of women's pr[...]

If we're ever going to do it, now's the time.

"You've got Buatsi as well who I really like the look of,". "Maybe we sign all three? Maybe none of them want to join Matchroom. I don't know.".

"These opportunities are readily available to fight these kind of guys and that just goes to show you,". "This fight will give them the platform to move on to those big fights.".

"He would have taken it for 10,000,"

We want to fight Tyson Fury, he's the man that's unified the divisions so we hope he comes back as soon as possible. In the meantime I don't know what else to tell people other than no one is going to let these belts be frozen. The governing bodies [...]

He [Joshua] wants the fight. He wants to fight everybody, he wants to fight Fury, he wants to fight Haye. The training team will make their mind up and he'll do what the training team say. But the training team say the deal is right and the belts ar[...]

"It's definitely too early but does he beat him? The general answer is yet. It's a bit like the Charles Martin fight. I know it's easy to look back on the Charles Martin fight and say that was easy. But at the time it was is this right? At the time [...]

"The governing bodies aren't going to sleep on this situation. They want the belts to be active as soon as possible,". "It's an unfortunate situation Tyson Fury is in and genuinely everybody hopes he gets well soon but the boxing world's not going t[...]

"I met Anthony, Tony [Sims, on Monday], the general feeling is yes we'll take this fight and certain things need to happen. Obviously the deal needs to be right. Is it for the WBA, is it for the WBO?"

"We offered [Kubrat] Pulev £500, 600, 700 [000]. 'No, no, no.' You're fighting for 100[000] for the European title, what is going on? [Bermane] Stiverne, we'll give you double the money you'll get for fighting Alexander Povetkin. 'No, I'll fight Pov[...]

"I want Tyson Fury to fight Wladimir Klitschko because we want to fight Tyson Fury. It's a unification between two Brits for the heavyweight titles. It's gold dust,". "The problem is now if he loses his belts and comes back, it's a much harder negot[...]

"The first thing I'd do if I was Peter Fury I would go straight with the legals to the WBA,". "It's going to be really messy… So maybe Fury does that and the whole thing's a mess and it takes a year.

"I don't think they'd want to be a voluntary challenger for Joshua's IBF title, it puts them in a weaker negotiating spot,". "I believe Tyson Fury will be stripped of all his titles, that's what I believe. He can be put into recess, which I think th[...]

"They like the fight against Joshua, we like the fight against Klitschko,"

They're all difficult [to make]. They all want a fortune. We're having to pay a lot of money for opponents but they're all looking at Anthony Joshua and looking at the numbers and saying I'm not fighting him for peanuts so pay me up.

"When it comes down to it, they [opponents generally] either don't want to fight or they want to price themselves out. Parker's team are quite sensible in that they want to improve and when they fight Joshua they want to be a better fighter than the[...]

Pulev's definitely the most likely, but having said that he's not jumping out of his seat to take the fight… He's got decent backing in Bulgaria and Germany, perhaps he's happy to take a fifth of the money to defend his European title?

"I like the Pulev fight,". "I would think that smaller guys, with faster hands are more dangerous against a man with size and that's why I think Pulev is a good fight for AJ because it's European style, jab-right hand.

"We're not taking the fight to lose, we're taking the fight to win,". "He's a winner. The only reason he's in this fight is to win it. That's all and that's what you'll get from him on Saturday night. You'll get a kid trying 110 percent to beat Golo[...]

And how many fighters could say the same thing that fought him in the past?

"I hope that [Lee] Haskins against [Stuey] Hall, which on paper should be good, I hope that the styles can [gel]. I know Haskins can be very awkward but Hall's going to be on him all night and again [Martin] Ward-[Andy] Townend, another really good [...]

"Casimero, I've been watching a little bit of him and he's very heavy handed and looks tough as nails but Charlie looks massive. Charlie got in the ring and looked huge,". "I'm actually going for a late stoppage for Charlie Edwards. I know he's not [...]

"You add Callum Smith in a relatively easy fight – 'oh good'. Really I think it's a cracking card and of course culminating in the big one."

"This will surpass anything anyone has done in British boxing for years and years. To be a great, you've got to do something great, it's not just about the belts,". "The good news is, there's so much pressure on fighters to step up. If they don't th[...]

Maybe Khan fighting Canelo also played a part. Maybe Kell thought 'well you did that, I'm going to do this.'.

Most of our cards now have a world title fight on, it's standard, but that pushes others on to do something extraordinary, and that's brilliant. No one wants to just be one of the 14, and that's one of the reasons why I think Kell took this fight, h[...]

It hasn't really sunk in how good a fight this is, it's two of the best fighters in the world, pound for pound. I'm over the moon.

"We've been looking for this kind of fight for Kell Brook for so long, and he's taken some stick. He's wanted to fight anyone, we made huge offers to Vargas, Broner but the fact is none of them wanted to fight them so he's had to look up – against t[...]

"It'll have a strong card but you're talking about in my opinion the best welterweight in the world in a unification fight. It doesn't do as many numbers as Eubank-Golovkin but it's a big fight and we've invested a lot in Kell Brook over the years s[...]

"Our mandatory I think won't be called until November 20, he could have a voluntary or we could have the mandatory and fight Parker,". "It's a good fight, you've got a young hungry heavyweight, a good heavyweight who can punch. I think it's a good f[...]

When you look at the performances that Crolla has given in Manchester, I would have him as favourite to beat Linares. We had plenty of options but with the run Anthony is on, the only thing on his mind is to be the number one in the division and the[...]

"We're very close with Vargas. Vargas is sceptical of coming, Top Rank [Vargas' promoters] know us, they brought Terence Crawford over against Ricky Burns [in 2014], they know how they'll be treated,". "But Vargas isn't totally comfortable travellin[...]

"We've got a couple of fights now, but I hope this goes on for a long time,". "The only way they'll sign a long-term deal is if there are pay-per-view fights for him. He has the ingredients to be a pay-per-view fighter – I'm not saying he is now – b[...]

I've been talking to [Golovkin's promoter] Tom Loeffler a lot over the past few days, it's a big fight. I said to him, 'you've got a lot of people saying they want to fight you, but here's one who will and he will sign today.' They're interested in [...]

I can't ignore the instructions. The instructions are: we want two fights, and then a pay-per-view fight, and we want it to be Golovkin, go and sign that now.

"Linares is definitely an option. We like the Flanagan fight, but if we're going to be held up and it's going to be messy, we'll look to the Linares fight."

"I'm delighted to agree a new promotional contract with Chris Eubank Jr,". "He is fast becoming one of the biggest star attractions in the sport and I feel we have the perfect platform in Sky Sports to continue that and deliver him the huge fights. [...]

Danny Garcia is the one we'd love but I can't really see it happening, he's floating around waiting to see what's happening with Floyd.

[Adrien] Broner we've made huge offers to, he's umming and ahing. I think it's between Peterson, Vargas, Berto and maybe Bradley if we can get him to move a little bit quicker.

"Dillian Whyte will be on there, Conor Benn and I want David Price in a title fight on there as well,". "Callum Smith might be on the bill, we'll wait and see what happens with the unification situation between [James] DeGale and [Badou] Jack".

Groves-Murray is a very expensive fight, it's a fight that can fill the O2 on its own. It's a great chief-support but I think we need one other big name and big fight.

We're looking for this to be a much bigger show than April 9.

With the last Joshua card [on April 9], there was a huge amount of money spent on the opponent in Charles Martin. This time, it's still a lot but not as much so we've got more to spend on the undercard.

We are looking to put on one of our strongest cards yet at The O2, topped by the huge domestic clash between George Groves and Martin Murray which is set to be a wonderful clash. Watch this space for some more big fights added soon.

"IT'S likely to be an American opponent to appeal to the market over there,"

"It's certainly a double figure digit million pay day for both of them. Sterling,"

"Now you've got two Brits in a unification match. It's never happened before and it will never happen again. Fury will take the fight. He doesn't mess around. They're going to see a million and a half, two million pay per view buys and say right! I [...]

"I was going to do [George] Groves-[Martin] Murray on that day, but now I'm going to probably do that on the undercard of Joshua and [Chris] Eubank's sniffing around, he was there last night,". "I know he missed it [the O2].

"They probably knew we were going to go on July 9. You've got two options. You could either say, 'Okay, we'll go up against you and see who's better, bigger and more powerful.' Or you can say, 'We'll have a think and maybe it's best if they're on se[...]

You never really want to go the week after a big fight. You want to go the week before a big fight. But again July 16 is an option, I'd rather go June 25… That would mean he'd have a week off and he'd have to go back into camp. He's going to have so[...]

"I'm not saying that's what we're going to do,". "Johann Duhaupas was on the list originally. He just knocked out Robert Helenius and that's a dangerous fight but again he hasn't quite got the name and if we're going with a US broadcaster, they'll p[...]

"There's been four or five,". "A couple I'll tell you is Otto Wallin, a Sauerland fighter, [14-0 with 10 stoppage wins], Lenroy Thomas, who's a [19-4] southpaw, there's a couple of others.".

"I don't know. I liked him,". "I think he's a good character. He's a good personality. He's a bit old. He looks in great shape.".

"I know someone of Luke's calibre, no disrespect to Gary Sykes, should be beating Gary Sykes but not necessarily like that. I think that was the most impressive thing about the victory tonight. If he had laboured to a win, maybe over 12 rounds it st[...]

"This is going to be a wonderful night in Manchester,". "Anthony's fight with Ismael is a fantastic one. Ismael is without doubt the most dangerous man in the 135lbs division, but Anthony is not scared of anyone, and he believes that he's got the go[...]

There's a stacked undercard which we will be adding to ahead of the night, but it's great to have Martin Murray back as we close in on securing a great fight with George Groves. Tommy always brings great action and his return to the Lightweight mix [...]

What are you thinking?

"The decision ultimately belongs to Anthony Joshua and his training team,". "But if they truly believe they can beat Charles Martin then that's what matters. Don't worry about the title, and what it leads to, worry about Martin. Can you beat him? If[...]

"If Charles Martin wants the fight on April 9, he can have it,"

"I think the main problem is securing the stadium,"

"Kell Brook's got to fight Kevin Bizier,". "That's what they [the IBF] have ordered. We don't want to lose the title. We'll do everything we can to keep hold of the world title.".

"We're talking, I've sent through the figures for a proposed bout June 4 at Wembley [stadium] and I think it will happen,". "They know how much money is in the pot. Tell me what you want.".

"It will make him a better fighter, and it will make him want it more, and it might even give him a kick up the behind,". "It tells him, 'This isn't as easy as you thought it was, mate'.".

"He was buzzed, but he got hit by a shot that would have knocked a lot of elite heavyweights out. One thing we know about Joshua is he's got a great chin. We've seen it in sparring and we've seen in in the amateurs. He's got a great chin but he's go[...]

"That's not just his fight, that's the card as well. He understands that as well. He made an absolute fortune on Saturday night but he also understands we've got to build the show and when we've got the undercard we had and all those fights go to pl[...]

"We're driven by the team's decision, and I'm part of that team, but the training team are overseeing his development,"

I felt before the fight that he beats every heavyweight in the world. I still feel that, but it's not the right time to put him in with them. As Josh says, why put him in now, when you can make easy work of them in six or 12 months' time? He's got t[...]

The difference with Joshua and a lot of other heavyweights is he will provide excitement, whether it's one round, three rounds, five rounds or 12 rounds. He will never be in a dull fight, and there aren't many heavyweights like that. They're slow, t[...]

"I know people are saying he was hurt,"

"One thing we see with Joshua is he's a phenomenon in terms of gate receipts, Box Office, everything and now the brand that we're trying to create with Joshua is that every time he fights, it's a marquee night for British boxing,"

"It's an absolute honour to announce a new three-year exclusive promotional deal with Anthony Joshua,"

"The first two years have been a great experience and I feel the journey has been faultless both in and out of the ring. Anthony's profile has continued to grow and he has boxed in virtually every major city in the UK but more importantly those expe[...]

"It's not ideal but it's the IBF. Their mandatories are out of control but at least if you become a mandatory you're going to get your fight,"

"I might turn round and say, I don't know, I want you to fight Bryant Jennings, a good fight, a world level heavyweight fighter and they turn round and say, we're not quite ready for that. Okay well, you can have one in February or March against [so[...]

It's not a case of once you're on [pay-per-view] you never go back but it's difficult to go back. It is difficult to go back, because the difference in money is vast. It's not 80%-100% it's 20%-100%.

"We'll be pushing at the WBC convention for him to become mandatory challenger to Badou Jack [their champion]. It's a fight I believe he wins. We've got Martin Murray challenging for a world title in a couple of weeks [November 21], we've got James [...]

"It's very close, very close,". "That's a fight that we're looking at for January or February. If the Klitschko-Fury fight had been moved to February, which is another part of the jigsaw, it would have ruled that fight out. But the news that Klitsch[...]

"All of a sudden there's one conversation and the whole thing can turn on a sixpence. All you need in those kind of negotiations is a little bit of rope to go back to the fighter and say, 'He's given in on that, I need you to give in on that,' and a[...]

"I don't give up on any fights,"

"I cannot tell you how happy I am with this news,". "Anthony Crolla should be World champion. He hasn't moaned, he hasn't sulked and now he has his chance all over again. I would like to thank the WBA for making the right decision and the public for[...]

We are already in negotiations with Perez's team and we expect to announce the date of the rematch very soon.

"I spoke to Amir at the weekend. I think we just need to look at the numbers. I think once everybody sees it in black and white, and now he hasn't got the [Floyd] Mayweather fight, looks like, this is the fight. Like I say there's just too much on t[...]

"I don't think they thought they could beat Kell Brook. I think most people in boxing know how good Kell Brook is. Made him a big offer, improved the offer, they wanted to stay in the States and box. It's going to be hard to match Brook because he's[...]

"Bob Arum talks about making [Quigg-Donaire] in Dubai. I think he's coming back to us on that. I'd like to make it in Manchester and I think now it can be in Manchester. Quigg has no problems going to Dubai if the deal's right,"

"If Crolla had won, Crolla v Mitchell for the WBA lightweight title is a massive fight. But of course we're in a position where they now both looking for another shot,"

Its two unbeaten Heavyweights and an Englishman versus Scotsman – so this is going to be a great build-up. As Anthony said, Gary won't just talk about fighting and run. Gary believes that this is a 50-50 fight and I expect him to approach the night [...]

"After September 12 we are due a mandatory probably around December, January time and that at the moment is the winner of Devon Alexander against Diego Chaves. We have to see what happens with that. By then he would have had two voluntaries in Frank[...]

"It is a 50-50 fight. I believe Amir thinks he's going to win the fight, I know Kell Brook does. But it is a 50-50 fight. So it is a huge risk but the risk is there with the reward,". "You're going to get more money than you would in any other fight[...]

"I like the Mariusz Wach fight. I think that's a good solid test for Joshua but no one knows who Mariusz Wach is. But it's a good fight for his development,"

"I'd love the Eric Molina fight,". "He was supposed to get bombed out in two rounds by Deontay Wilder. Now all of a sudden he's half in the heavyweight mix, Molina, because he's had a decent fight with Wilder, he's rocked him.".

"I'm delighted to welcome Callum, Marcus, Reece and Jake to the team. Callum has been one of the biggest talent in the Light Heavyweight division for a while and now it's time to push the button and start challenging for titles. Marcus is a class ac[...]

"We have had lots of big fight offers come in from Nathan over the past few months and we have taken our time to choose the right one,". "The Juergen Braehmer fight was one we were very close to taking but just felt that after his big win against Ch[...]

It all starts on June 26 at the Echo Arena – these are great times for British boxing and I'm so pleased I get the chance to deliver for Martin Murray.

"I'm delighted to welcome Martin to our team of elite fighters,". "Martin has proved time and again that he is one of the best Middleweights in the world and now I am looking forward to building him further in the UK and being involved in some huge [...]

"That was devastating. We witnessed the future Heavyweight champion of the world. We have to do things right and we will progress him at the right pace. "

We don't know how good Anthony Joshua is or will be. I think he is the best prospect we've ever had. I think he could be phenomenal. Until he's in these fights we don't know, do we? What if he fights David Price and gets beat? I can't see it. David [...]

One more in July and then we're off the leash, whether it's Price, whether it's Dillian Whyte, whether it's [Dereck] Chisora, one of those will be in the ring in September then that's it. There's no turning back.

We're only a couple of months away from really finding out what we've got.

I love the Dillian Whyte fight because as a promoter it's got everything you need, you can sit down and have a press conference and you can talk about their old [amateur] fight.

"I'm delighted to be back in Liverpool with this huge card,"

"The domestic heavyweight division is really gathering pace now it's great to see David Price returning to Liverpool for the first time in two years and I'm pleased as always to be working with Team Sauerland to help make this happen on Sky Sports. [...]

It's a massive fight for Callum Smith against Christopher Rebrasse for the WBC Silver Super Middleweight strap. Victory will put him in a final eliminator to become the mandatory challenger for the winner of Badou Jack vs. George Groves for the WBC [...]

"I have been working on getting Brian over here for a while and I think it's the perfect test for Rocky,". "Brian has mixed at top level and is always in all action fights. We are working on the date now and this will be confirmed next week.".

"We offered them 60-40 to the winner on a co-promotion and that didn't work so we offered them a 1.5 million guarantee,". "Carl Frampton [is] a big part of the fight but they're not bringing any revenue. We're the ones who are providing the revenue [...]

"All eyes on Chavez next week, hopefully he beats [Andrzei] Fonfara, he might not,"

"They are right that negotiations have been ongoing but they ended last week when we hit a brick wall. "[Kell] Brook versus [Amir] Khan has fallen by the wayside and we want to make sure that this fight happens. We've made Carl an offer of £1.5milli[...]

He needs a fight like that. If he doesn't get the Frampton fight, it won't be a standard voluntary. He's served his time in that respect and he knows that. But he hasn't been easy to match. Not a lot of people want to fight Scott Quigg.

"Everyone wants it but I think we're going to make some moves, someone's got to take the bull by the horns. We're never going to agree on the split. So maybe it's time to make an offer, maybe an offer they can't refuse,"

"It's all very nice these other broadcasters popping in every now and again but where's the long term investment? Sky have been investing in boxing for years and years and years. Brilliant for Channel 5, brilliant for ITV to pop in every now and aga[...]

"Whether it's even Rigondeaux. Just turn round and say we'll fight Rigondeaux. What have we got to lose? Everyone will sit back and go, 'Wow.' He's ready to fight anyone. Of course Rigondeaux is the best really, very difficult to beat. But there com[...]

"I'm determined to offer the best deal for the fighters,"

"We have to make a big statement. I love the Donaire fight, whether that's to go to America, we've already talked to [Al] Haymon about doing something big in America,"

"There is a little venue available on June 13 called Wembley Stadium. If Amir Khan is watching give everyone what they want. It is the biggest payday available and it's for a world title."

"It's great to see Anthony return from injury and I'm looking forward to seeing him face Jason in Newcastle. It's a nice test on his return, Gavern has plenty of experience but Anthony has plenty of frustration to let out and north east boxing fans [...]

"This is a huge night for British boxing and today's announcement is just the beginning,"

"The Panamanians came over for the Jamie McDonnell fight, the last time he boxed, and said we'd like to work with you, we'd like to be on one of your shows. I said I'm not really sure how it works, they said they'd get funding from the Panama govern[...]

"March 28 will be an emotional night for Kell and the team. I remember being by his bedside in September in a Spanish hospital after that horrific knife attack, it looked like his career was over,". "He has shown incredible physical and mental stren[...]

I think they're talking about Spike [TV for the US broadcaster, which is] reasonable. They grew the UFC.

"He still would have done well over here,". "But it is what it is. He's alright. He's buzzing.

"James has done a lot of waiting and now he's going to get his shot,". "We have 28 days to negotiate with Andre Dirrell but it won't go 28 days. We believe on April 25 James DeGale will be the new IBF super-middleweight champion of the world.".

"Talks continue with the Chavez camp regarding a summer clash in Las Vegas, and discussions have taken place with Golden Boy Promotions regarding a bumper clash in Nottingham with two-weight World champion legend Bernard Hopkins in the summer,"

I'm not knocking Fury, he's a good fighter. Imagine [Fury-Joshua] but don't just imagine it now, imagine it in six or eight months, when Joshua's had another four or five fights, all of a sudden, it's massive. It'll be great with a title on the line.

You want to get paid as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Look at him. He looks a million dollars. If I had a son I'd want him to look at someone like Anthony Joshua and go, 'I want to be like Joshua.' Because I know he works hard, I know he lives clean, I know he's a good role model, I know he's a great a[...]

We didn't expect him to be headlining after 10 fights. I still believe that right now he's the hottest fighter in the division domestically. I put Tyson Fury in that mix as well. I think [Joshua] is an athlete, I think he's going to be an ambassador[...]

"I'd like to position him for the British title, obviously Fury's got that at the moment. He'll hold on to it and mess everyone around, eventually he would like to fight for that if the opportunity comes. Just keep progressing him and growing him as[...]

"I'm pleased to have been able to re-schedule Brian's bout with Jones for Blackpool. I know how much he enjoys fighting in front of his hometown crowd and I am sure he'll receive fantastic support at the Winter Gardens". "It is a great opportunity t[...]

Anthony has worked incredibly hard to get himself into a position to fight for a World title and we all hope he will still realise that opportunity.

"We've pencilled in March 7 in Sheffield [for Brook's return] and he starts training next week,". "It's interesting. Originally, [Leonard] Bundu was going to fight Jo Jo Dan in a final eliminator but now it's [Kevin] Bizier against Dan, so maybe we'[...]

"We have to see what happens with Amir Khan,". "I think he beats Alexander quite handily and then after that, does he get the Mayweather fight or not? If he doesn't, he will fight Kell Brook.".

"I love the [Juan Manuel] Marquez fight,". "I've spoke to Top Rank and Marquez's people. I think Brook-Marquez over here is a wonderful fight and a wonderful event.".

It's a tough fight for DeGale, and if you take Groves off his record, Periban is arguably his toughest opponent to date.

He's looking forward to seeing DeGale in Liverpool [against Periban]. He's going to be working for Sky on the night. If he [DeGale] puts in a great performance I wouldn't rule that fight [with Froch] out.

So for Froch, don't rule out DeGale, but all eyes are still on Chavez. When they've [Team Chavez] sorted out their mess, I think we'll get it.

"Obviously Al Haymon has signed Chavez,". "But he's still got unresolved issues with Top Rank. God knows what's going to happen but everyone tells me they want the fight [with Froch]; broadcasters, fighters, managers, promoters. So, hopefully, event[...]

"I am delighted to welcome Bradley to the team,". "Bradley has made a fantastic start to his professional career and he is capable of becoming a superstar in the North East.

"We managed to squeeze him onto the huge Merseyside bill on November 22 and we will be looking to box him again in late January/early February before he headlines in Newcastle in early April". "Bradley has become one of the hottest prospects in the [...]

It has not done him justice. How can you score that one round to Paul Smith? Disgusting. He won't get the credit for a wonderful performance.

We were all glad to get out here and see Kell for ourselves. The important thing now is to get him home and after some rest begin physiotherapy on his injuries. His first defence was planned on December 6 which is now unrealistic but we fully expect[...]

"Following the success of the Froch vs. Groves card at Wembley Stadium, we felt it was important to keep George on Sky, with some huge domestic and international fights at super-middleweight sure to be in the mix."

"We are excited to be back in Manchester in September for another big night,"

These are my ideas and my dreams, not to get in his head at the moment. He's [got to take] one fight at a time, keep learning, keep doing exactly what he's doing.

"People are excited to see him and I want to take him to cities where they're a little bit starved of boxing. Dublin's a great example. The reception he'll get in Dublin will be unbelievable."

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