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Find all of Floyd Patterson’s quotes that have been published in 1 different article on this page. Floyd Patterson’s quotes are organized by date and topic, making it easy for you to compare, for example, what Floyd Patterson has said both recently, and in the past, on a variety of topics. Some of the topics Floyd Patterson likes to comment on include IBC, Cassius Clay and fight. Most recently, Floyd Patterson said, “I was looking directly into his eyes,”.

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"Because his mother still calls him Cassius Clay,"

"He's got names for all of his opponents and with Cassius you've got to expect something like that."

I'd never had any conversation with him before but I explained to him that I knew how he felt, because I had experienced the same thing. I told him people who were with him before would still be with him and I told him not to go into hiding as I did[...]

"Not because of what he did to me,". "Don't misunderstand, physical abuse doesn't mean that much to me. It was the mental anguish I went through.

I don't have to be a great fighter, just to be heavyweight champion is enough. I'd sacrifice being the greatest light-heavyweight who ever lived just to be heavyweight champion.

"I learned from by crooked lawyer and crooked business advisor just to do the opposite of what they told me and I'd come out on top". "When I got rid of them in 1961-62 everything was different from that point on. I left everything up to the office [...]

"I didn't fight Folley or Machen because the IBC didn't let me,"

"I felt sorry for him,". "The press never really gave him a break. They never let him forget that he was once a convict, they never really gave him the credit that was due to him.

"So I looked up and saw the referee counting and realised I must be down."

"I went along with it," "because if I did happen to beat Ingemar in our next fight, I might not be as good as Ingemar but they'd have to put me there somewhere."

Once I stole a whole box of ice cream. I took it to the place I was hiding, way back of a subway (underground railway station) where the workmen took their tools. It was in the summer, and I was going to come back at night and eat the ice cream. But[...]

I have never been more than 70 per cent of myself. My ambition is to be 100 per cent.

"When it was all over," "the most embarrassing thing was to walk back from the ring through the people to the dressing room. I wish there had been an underground tunnel so you could just drop out of sight and crawl back to the dressing room."

"I don't feel the marriage was valid because we married when we were very young and we didn't really know what we were doing. We finally did get married, we learned what we were doing, and we didn't like it". "I'd like to receive communion with my t[...]

It wasn't until he lost the crown and went to Las Vegas that you began to see pictures of Liston smiling. I think they treated him very poorly.

"That's a very good question,". "I can only think in terms of what boxing did for me. I don't think it owes me anything. I think that I owe it.".

"I had that same moustache and beard for the George Chuvalo fight, the same moustache and beard for several fights," "but I never had a chance to wear it because I was winning". "Every fight I had fought with a tremendous amount of confidence, most [...]

"I still would rather just be the heavyweight champion,". "To me it's the top division, there's no other division like it, it's world-wide. When you become world heavyweight champion everyone in the world know is, even Russia.

I never had any personal contact with him but I felt if they didn't criticise him so much I felt he would've been so different, he would have smiled a lot sooner.

"A lot of weird things happened"

"One hundred per cent is a figure that we never reach, because once you reach it you stop trying."

"If I had to do it all again I wouldn't wear the moustache and beard," "but I'd be just as ashamed (to get beaten). We grow up but some of us grow up late."

"My word was my bond,"

It was watching him (Johansson) on television, reading what he said about me. I had never met Ingemar Johansson before, but you'd think we'd been enemies for years by what he was saying about me.

"The choice was to be ridiculed by the press or controlled by the IBC. People didn't realise what was going on behind the scenes". "But there's one thing they can't take away from me. I was the heavyweight champion".

When I saw him get knocked out by Cassius Clay in Lewiston, Maine, I went back to his hotel. There weren't many people at his hotel. They were all over at Clay's hotel. I went up to his room and had a talk with him.

I built up so much hate in me I didn't think of the title, that was secondary. I just want to hit him as hard as I could and as many times as I could, so that if they should raise his hand in a victory he would know he had been in a fight, that was [...]

"I just knew poverty and poverty,"

"I was looking directly into his eyes,"

"I didn't have much respect for him,"

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