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Frank Buglioni has been quoted 23 times. The one recent article where Frank Buglioni has been quoted is Frank Buglioni: I’d knock out Nathan Cleverly. Most recently, Frank Buglioni was quoted as having said, “Nathan Cleverly, I sparred him when he was getting ready for the [Sergey] Kovalev fight, so he was at his best then, I was a super-middle, maybe five or six fights in. We went toe to toe for eight rounds. I kind of thought what level am I at?”.

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It's given me more and more time to prepare, it's given me more and more time to improve. The improvement is going to be huge, compared to what people would usually see.

I'm very confident of beating Nathan Cleverly. I would say I would stop him. I'd say I'd knock him out.

I certainly feel like I did what I needed to do with the knockout and dropping him in the 11th and being all over him. Aside from the first round and maybe a little patch in the ninth, he didn't really have any telling effect on me. So there's a not[...]

Nathan Cleverly, I sparred him when he was getting ready for the [Sergey] Kovalev fight, so he was at his best then, I was a super-middle, maybe five or six fights in. We went toe to toe for eight rounds. I kind of thought what level am I at?

He had a fantastic workrate but he never really troubled me. I never felt out of my depth. That was a long, long time ago. That was probably Nathan Cleverly at his best. I haven't seen him at his best since then. He had a couple of up and down perfo[...]

I'm just itching to get back in there. Since the Burton fight I've been raring to go. I drew a lot of confidence off of that and how well my camp went, how well improvements have gone and being really comfortable at the weight. Everything went perfe[...]

I went to a plastic surgeon and he assured me that my skin and my bone structure is absolutely fine. There's no reason that I'd be susceptible to cuts in the future. It's kind of a weight off my shoulders.

"This is a real gutter and I'm bitterly disappointment. It's frustrating to know that I have to wait a little longer until I get to Chudinov, but the main thing is I will get him. I would question, though, how Chudinov broke his nose if he was weari[...]

"It's a dream come true for me to fight for the world title and I can't wait for the opportunity. Being from an Italian background you could say it's like a Rocky movie, but this is a golden opportunity for me to cause a huge upset and add my name t[...]

"No, I wouldn't say that,". "I had looked great in sparring and I definitely have the ability to beat him but maybe the occasion got to me? I know it has made me a hungrier, more spiteful fighter".

"Paschal has been all around the world training fighters (He worked under Goody and Pat Petronelli and finished with Freddy Roach) and the subtle changes they have made suit my style". "Steve Collins is written off by people as just a strong guy but[...]

"I've seen Steve move around in the gym and hit the heavy bag and trust me you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his right hand!"

I would see Steve around and he was always warm and welcoming and once I had decided to leave Mark I had a few names in mind so I rang Steve for some advice to begin with and then things went from there.

"After the Sam Couzens fight I just felt as though I had become a little stale. A change of scenery is probably the best way to describe it and I have been given a new lease of life,". "The Celtic Warriors gym is full of top fighters like Stephen Or[...]

Me and Mark (Tibbs) were very close, and we are still friends, but boxing is a business and I felt as though it was the right decision to move on, but a very tough decision to make.

"You need to be strong all over as a fighter. I wouldn't go too heavy with the weights, maybe aim for 12 to 15 reps, where you just about get them out but maintain technique. The weight depends on the individual,". "Anything from six-to-eight [exerc[...]

"With the guidance of Mark and his experience, I've listened to him and I've made big improvements. The [Kirill] Psonko fight, that was a bit of a poor performance from myself. We looked at things I was doing wrong and made a conscious effort to rec[...]

If I had to prepare for a fight and I was only allowed to do two things, it would be running and sparring. They're the two most important things but obviously padwork and shadow-boxing, they both play their part so you can do the right things and wo[...]

"It takes a while but we've built it up over time,". "At the end of last year we were doing eight and 10-round spars, we'veincreased that this year and it feels like it's the right time.".

"The runs, they differ obviously,". "At the beginning of the camp I tend to run seven or eight miles at a time and as I get closer and closer to the fight I start dropping them down to sixes, fives, fours and obviously start including the sprints.

"I tend to use two or three sparring partners at a time so I can get the rounds out but still at a high-quality pace. As the weeks go on and my training becomes more and more intense, I've been finding the rounds a lot easier,". "So I know my fitnes[...]

"In my gym sessions, it's a mixture of sparring, pads, shadow-boxing and strength,". "Every now and then we'll do a lone strength session or a nice circuit.

We use hill sprints a couple of times a week, and that'll be maybe the last four or five weeks of a camp. The reps vary depending on how far away we are from the fight. It's all very much tapered. Mark is very good at adjusting the reps and the dist[...]

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