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Freddie Roach has been quoted 85 times. The one recent article where Freddie Roach has been quoted is There are no tomorrows if I don’t win’. Most recently, Freddie Roach was quoted as having said, “One thing about Manny, we don't take anyone lightly – Jeff is not that well known but he does have 16 wins and he has fought a couple of names out there, but we get ready for everyone and we are in great shape for this fight as we would be for anybody else in the world. There is going to be a big crowd there and at the beginning they may be rooting against Manny Pacquiao but at the end of the fight everyone in the building will be on Manny's side – everyone.”.

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Kamegai [Yoshihiro] is very aggressive and I like that. I think it should make for a great fight because he's coming forward all the time and always looking for a knockout. Guys who look for knockouts, get knocked out. So, we're working on counterin[...]

One thing about Manny, we don't take anyone lightly – Jeff is not that well known but he does have 16 wins and he has fought a couple of names out there, but we get ready for everyone and we are in great shape for this fight as we would be for anybo[...]

Any symptoms [of PED use], he [Marquez] had them all. But what are you gonna do? Do you fight it or cancel, you can't do that. As long as he beat the system there's not much you.

It's the first time we've had two knockdowns in training camp [for a while], we haven't had that in maybe six years. I've been waiting for that for a while now. So he's a lot more explosive than usual and Manny at one time he was a real puncher and [...]

Can derail us really badly. Manny's in a must-win situation. He wants a rematch with Mayweather. To get Mayweather he must look good against Jeff Horn. He has to look good, he has to be impressive.

He's doing quite well. He works really, really hard. He's real dedicated, he listens and he's made a good game plan with this fight and he'll go through to bigger and better things. Like Manny Pacquiao's he's got a good work ethic. I wouldn't want t[...]

I find when fighters work like that, good things happen.

In a different way because he was a big puncher back then and he was getting knockouts all the time and I liked the aggressive style. They did change him and made him into a better boxer and worked on more of defence and a long jab and a little bit [...]

I've seen Joshua [winning] the whole way through. Then I saw his fight with [Dillian] Whyte and he got hurt real bad in that fight trying to exchange with the guy and if he hasn't corrected that mistake he may come unstuck in this fight. That wasn't[...]

I'm not sure whether I'm going to fly back and forth. He has a lot of confidence in Marvin [Somodio], my assistant. Marvin's doing really well. Marvin might be on his own for the first time in a big, big fight. But he's ready for that. Miguel will t[...]

He is a good test for us to see where we're at at this point. If we do or don't continue, how much is being a senator [affecting] training for Manny Pacquiao. The camp went really well when he was a congressman. Congressman is not quite as demanding[...]

I fly out to the Philippines and we're going to have a camp in Manila, then we'll go to Australia seven to 10 days before the fight. He's got a fight coming up with maybe a little bit of a no name guy, nobody really knows who is but he's won his las[...]

I would say maybe at some point soon [Pacquiao will retire]. He's still really looked good in his last fights, he's Manny Pacquiao, he's got a mean streak in him. I don't think that's gone away. When he runs for president then he'll give up. Two to [...]

When he's done he will retire and I will be the first one to let him know.

He might have a big fight coming up because we're talking him and GGG next. That's a fight that I do not turn down. I like GGG. He's a friend of mine. He's a very good worker. He's a hard fight for anybody, he's a very, very big puncher. But I think[...]

He's great in the gym, he's always in shape and he keeps himself close to weight, all the time. He's tremendous. He works hard. If he didn't look great in the gym, I wouldn't let him fight. I care that much about him. He will be 100% ready for this [...]

"In the gym I can get Manny to do the right things but in the fight something happens where Marquez dictates the pace and Manny moves in to his right hand. For some reason he falls into that trap and I can't get it across to Manny."

"The dream came true tonight,". "This victory was no surprise. In round one, I knew we had him. He had no legs, he was hesitant, he was shot. My guy was just too fresh for him. Oscar is a great champion, he's had a great career. I hope there are no [...]

"He told me he felt dizzy and his throat hurt... I was really worried. But he fought really well."

"It was Marquez's style, it was a real close fight,". "I wanted Manny to move more to his right, but he couldn't.".

We'll also be training in the evenings because Manny will be working in the senate all day, so it won't be the best camp. Crawford is a great athlete and I wouldn't want Manny going into that fight if he's not 100 per cent. I want the November fight[...]

"I always said he would fight again. Right after his last fight we spoke about it and he said he would most likely fight again. He still has a lot left,". "At the moment everyone is mentioning Terence Crawford but I don't like that fight for Novembe[...]

"For sure, the Crawford fight will definitely happen. It's a good fight but like I said, I want Manny to have one fight first and then fight Crawford,"

"Crawford can box and move and is a very good fighter. I think both fighters are very complete boxers and both have good amateur backgrounds and great pro backgrounds,"

They have one common opponent -- Hank Lundy. Crawford knocked him out but when we fought him four years ago and won a decision, Lundy was in his prime. And just because I am impressed by Crawford doesn't mean I am intimidated by him. Viktor will[...]

Viktor leaves nothing to chance. No one works harder in the gym than Viktor. I give Crawford a lot of credit for taking this fight. But bravery will only take you so far in this game and in this fight it won't be taking Crawford into the winner's[...]

"Look at the shape Rios was in against Bradley, compared to how he was when he fought Manny. I never expected Rios to come into a fight like he did against Bradley, with his belly hanging over his shorts. He was so out of shape in that fight. You ca[...]

"[Atlas and Bradley] seem to get along very well, but all that bulls*** about firemen and stuff is not going to get you ready for a fight, so I hope they've prepared tactically,". "I know we're going to hear another story or two on Saturday night. I[...]

"The fight will probably be like the first two,". "They'll box each other a little bit and feel each other out at the beginning. We want to start a little bit quicker than usual this time, and we want to win more decisively. We don't want to make it[...]

"Marquez is a tougher challenge than Bradley,". "He's a smarter fighter and more intelligent counter-puncher. He's a difficult fighter to adjust to. Bradley's a very durable and tough guy. He has a lot of heart, and he's proven that more than once, [...]

"I know that the ESPN announcer who is coaching Bradley is a good story teller and likes acting. Let's see how well they do when we go off script and hit them with a dose of reality TV. Playing 'fireman' isn't going to protect them from the nuclear [...]

In the 10th round I was talking to HBO and I wasn't at all concerned [about losing]. There's four members in our team and not one of them thought he lost the fight. The scoring was bad. There's no f****** way we lost by that much. We won the fight.

I thought Miguel was using the jab very well but I thought he should have backed him up a little bit more. We might have had more success than that. But I still think we outscored him.

He [Canelo] was the bigger guy and he was coming forward but coming forward doesn't mean you win the fight. He threw a lot of shots and landed some but we landed a lot. I'm not a judge, but I thought he [Cotto] won.

"I thought my guy fought a good fight,". "We had a gameplan to outbox him and I thought we did that. His [Cotto] defence was impeccable and he threw lots of good combination. I don't know what those scores were about. It was a good, close fight, a c[...]

"The jab was the key,". "Because we were jabbing more, we wouldn't throw the left hook as much. The jab and right hand worked sometimes but not others. Maybe we should have thrown the hook a bit more. But we fought our fight, we did good.".

"Canelo's defense is terrible,". "He follows you wherever you go. He's like a robot. If you use angles on him, he will be lost. He cannot make adjustment well.".

"I would love for Miguel to win this fight by knockout, call out [Floyd] Mayweather and then end his career,". "Miguel always tells me that if he had me in his corner when he fought Mayweather he would have knocked him out. He tells me that story al[...]

"Miguel has a great training camp for this fight,"

We are going to box a lot in this fight. We're not just going out there looking for a knockout. I don't want him doing that. I want him using his foot speed and his angles. He's a more complete fighter now than ever.

I think we'll give Canelo a boxing lesson for about five rounds and then I think we'll turn it up from that point on.

After five, I am going to have Miguel go out there and trade with him a little bit and when Canelo slows down a little bit, I think we will knock him out in about eight or nine rounds.

That's for breaking the fighter down and hitting the body. We take their legs away from them.

"I like to be a matchmaker in my head – and the best fight in the world is [Vasyl] Lomachenko against [Guillermo] Rigondeaux. You've got one guy who has won 200 fights in a row and the other guy who has a record which is like 500-1. Rigondeaux is th[...]

But 'Rigo' is a master and he also hits hard… I'd love to have him [back] because he's a great fighter. That would be the greatest fight out there.

"Manny's shoulder is getting better. We had a little trouble with the rehab because he didn't want to come to American so we got a guy to go out there [to the Philippines] and work with him every day,"

He tells me it feels better, he went swimming the other day, he's playing a little basketball so he says it's coming along fine. But it won't be a while until he's in the ring again, three to six months.

The thing about those guys from Dubai, they talk like they have a lot of money but they never put it up, so I'm not really concerned with that at this point. How many years have we heard there's going to be a big fight in Dubai? Way, way too many.

People have spoken to me about a fight with Amir, he has some friends who train at the gym and they've asked me to sit down in some meetings to discuss it.

If the money comes through, I think it's a great fight.

"I'd definitely be interested in the fight. They're two fast guys, they have history as they've trained together, sparred a few rounds together and it's a good fight for both guys,"

"He [Canelo] has been in there with everybody. I think his last fight, it wasn't a very high calibre opponent; and then someone told me, ours wasn't either. And I said, no, ours was; ours was a former two time world champion [Daniel Geale],". "I thi[...]

"I know all of the referees, I know the good ones, I know the great ones,". "I think they all respect me and Manny enough to give us a fair fight. That's all I'm asking for. Whoever refs the fight, all I'm asking is please, give us a fair fight, and[...]

'We want you to spar Manny.'.

"Tim Tebow is a great competitor, a standup guy who embraces his responsibility for being a good role model. He and Manny shared a lot yesterday. It was terrific."

"I hope she knows how to make crow and soft foods palatable because after he faces Manny that is all Mayweather will be eating,". "I've read that Chef Q will be preparing meals high in protein which is perfect because Floyd is going to be eating a l[...]

"I hope as much as you guys that it does,"

"He called Bob 'the devil' but you know what I put them together, we had a meeting at Bob's house. It was hard to get them together but just for that fight [they did]. I was at the meeting and if they both do what they say they're going to do, the f[...]

"It would be great,". "I'm a boxing fan first. As a boxing fan I would love to see that fight. I don't care if it's taking five, six, seven years to make, I would love to see it because it's the very best going in against the very best. It's a dange[...]

Moonves and Bob got together and spoke, it was a good meeting. I listened, I didn't say anything, because I'm really not the deciding factor in that. I just put them both together at Bob's house and I got them both to show up at the same time. It wa[...]

I'm doing things I'm really not supposed to be doing to make this fight happen. It's way out of my league but the thing is I want this fight to happen and those two guys can do it. It was a good meeting and I was very happy afterwards because I thou[...]

"He needs it for CBS and we want it,". "We just want the fight to happen for the people. I know that CBS, who own Showtime, has been losing their ass on those shows. The only way to bail themselves out of that loss is Manny.

The first time, Moonves was trying to make the deal on his own. I told him Bob's part of the deal. He's got Manny.

"I was in the meeting with Bob and Moonves. Moonves was trying to get the fight together without Bob and I said no, you've got to get Bob involved,"

"How are we going to negotiate this?"

"Manny's got a real good jab. He probably has the best jab in the business but he doesn't like to use it that much. In this fight he's going to have to and we worked on that quite a bit. He used it a lot of in the De La Hoya fight, it worked very we[...]

"He was hurt really bad, his eye was shut and so forth. Ruslan's a good young fighter, he's still very young. He blew the Bradley fight because he overdid it and blew that fight because he didn't really know what to do with the two knockdowns. He go[...]

"Square on, a kickboxer, a lot of mistakes,". "Kickboxers usually don't do well in boxing in the history of the sport. I'm not saying everybody. I question his strategy but we'll see.".

[Algieri] has a pretty good jab but you can take that away easily. It'll be taken away in the first round, he'll stop throwing it.

I think his defence is pretty good because of his foot movement. Not because of blocking punches with his hands. He has good foot movement, he floats around the outside of the ring, but that is not impossible to cut off. If a good fight knows how to[...]

"When [Algieri] fought Ruslan he showed a lot of heart and a lot of balls to get up,"

We're going to try to make it exciting. We're going to cut the ring off. We're going to set traps. We're well prepared for that style. We're not going to make this a boring fight. One thing about Algieri, if you get him in position and you start exc[...]

[Pacquiao] has to get in close. Mid-range is Algieri's territory.

"I'm expecting him to move and try to outbox us,". "It's a big ring, it maybe favours our opponent a little bit. I would like a smaller ring but it's a ring that we're used to. It was the same last time. It didn't help our last opponent and I don't [...]

"[Body shots] come into play, take the legs away. They're very important in a fight like this for Manny. But the thing is, [Algieri is] kind of tall, rangy and so forth, high guard, the body is open. It'll be part of our attack,"

He got knocked out twice before that, early in his career and when I first took him over he wanted to show me those tapes. I said, 'Why are you showing me these tapes?' He said, 'Well I want you to see my whole career, I want you to know the good an[...]

"This fight at a catchweight of 144lbs so [Algieri] won't be as big [as recent opponents] and if [Pacquiao] feels good at 144 this fight I think the next will be at 140 because he makes 140 very easily,". "I think Manny's a better fighter at 140. He[...]

"He wants to get back to where he was knocking people out because he started hearing you guys [the media] say he lost his punch. You guys keep saying that, he'll want to get stronger and stronger, prove everybody wrong. So I should thank you for get[...]

"I think Manny's going to dominate this fight,"

"[Algieri] is not a bad person but he's really cocky and I think he's in way over his head. He's a durable guy. He proved that he has heart. I just think he's in over his head with Manny Pacquiao. At this level it's not the same as Ruslan Provodniko[...]

He's supposed to have a fast jab. He doesn't know what fast is, until he gets in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. They don't realise what speed is until you're in there against it.

"We can't give this guy momentum, we can't let him get confidence. We've got to keep him at bay, we're going to start quick,". "You can't give a guy like this confidence. A young man can grow, he'll get stronger, more brave, better as the fight goes[...]

"I know New York is a sports capital desperate to hold on to its only world champion. But everyone in the Big Apple needs to realise that Chris Algieri is going up against a buzzsaw in Manny Pacquiao,"

"New York has had its share of sports miracle upsets in the past - Bobby Thompson's 'Shot Heard 'Round the World,' Jerry Koosman's two World Series victories for the Miracle Mets and Joe Namath's Super Bowl III MVP performance - but the reality is t[...]

"You bet I am,". "Remember, I grew up in Deadham, Massachusetts. There is no love lost when Boston plays New York in any sport. I live for beating a New Yorker. And by the way, Dom DiMaggio was a much better centerfielder than his brother Joe.".

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