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Gennady Golovkin has been quoted 50 times in 33 different articles. On this page, you will find all of Gennady Golovkin’s quotes organized by date and topic. Alongside each quote is a link back to the article where the quote was reported, so you can go back to the source for more context if you need it. Topics that Gennady Golovkin speaks about are York City, David Lemieux, and fight, for example. Most recently, Gennady Golovkin was quoted in the article Boxing results: Both Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin want rematch saying, “Look at my belts. I'm still the champion. Of course I want a rematch.”.

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This is terrible for the sport of boxing. If these judges can do this, it's terrible. I saw the total punches on the computer [punch stats], I saw the reaction to the decision, and everything is wrong.

Look at my belts. I'm still the champion. Of course I want a rematch.

I know this is the biggest day for boxing, for this era. It will be a huge history fight.

I am really happy to see everybody in Vegas. I want to thank Golden Boy and GGG Promotions for the great work, our sponsors and HBO. I don't want to talk too much. I am ready. I respect Canelo's team. This is a big day not only for us, but for boxin[...]

I've wanted him because of the Cotto fight when he became the mandatory challenger. I'm old school. I think there should just be one champion. All my career I've been denied the fights I've wanted [like Felix Sturm, Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto]. T[...]

This is a fight boxing can be proud of. It is boxing's biggest fight. It is a fight for history. It is a real Mexican fight. Everyone will remember this fight. Canelo is No. 1 in Mexico, a country known for great fighters. He is very special.

Canelo has looked good and looked strong in his last few fights. That is why we have worked so hard in training camp. We have worked on new things. This is my biggest fight. I worked hard to become champion of the world. I worked hard with Abel [San[...]

Abel has new ideas for this fight – exciting ideas – and I need to be my best to perform in the ring. I don't care about pound for pound. This is real. This is about being the champion of the world.

The most difficult thing to do with Gennady is to hold him back. Starting slowly is just not in his vocabulary. Gennady has wanted this fight for so long. I can already tell he is going to pull out all stops in this training camp to be at his best o[...]

I'm ready, I want. I believe it's possible.

I don't know. Maybe after this fight I'm finished, maybe not. I feel very good. OK I'm 35 but I feel like I'm 25. But this is boxing, not soccer, it's not a game, this is a fight and every fight is very difficult.

I spoke only with my promoter, Tom Loeffler. This is business. Right now I think this is the best time for us, for everybody. I believe Canelo is ready, this is a big gift to boxing fans. I know him. I have [a] plan. I believe Canelo's team have a p[...]

This is boxing. Everybody knows we have power, I think it's 50-50.

I know you like to talk, but you're [a] boxer, not a promoter. You can speak to my promotional team.

Right now for us this is the biggest fight in boxing. Don't miss this fight.

Just to get the fight they even agreed a middle ground of 157lbs but I was like, No way, catchweight is for pussies.' If I'm going to fight this middleweight that no one else wants to fight then I'm not going to cut any corners and I'm going to figh[...]

The fight itself was a tough one. He hits hard and he keeps coming and whatever plan you have beforehand that just goes to s**t and you're left there trading with this guy. On the whole, I think I gave a real good account of myself and he never knoc[...]

I respect my opponent, he was a strong man and a good fighter. Who's next? It doesn't matter. I'm ready.

I think I won. I felt very comfortable [when the result was about to be announced]. Sometimes I was waiting too long [to get punches off], but Daniel is a very good fighter. He didn't lose control [of himself]. I didn't have a problem with his speed[...]

Daniel is very smart. A very good boxer. But he didn't confuse me. Not a lot. I wanted a crazy fight, but he didn't lose control. I had to fight a smart, quality fight.

[Jacobs] is my best and most dangerous opponent. Every step for me is bigger than before, every fight is different. This is an amazing fight. I hope there's a big drama show.

Daniel was sick but right now he is a great boxer. I have watched a couple of his fights and he looks good. He looks strong and he looks very focused. I think he is the best that I have been up against in my career.

This is boxing. He is a very good fighter and maybe has a little bit more power than me. He has big power and he is a very good boxer. I am happy because I work hard every day for the last two months to three months. Right now is my last week and ne[...]

Right now I am focused on Daniel. I don't know – my promoter, he talks with Golden Boy. It might be this year it might be next year, but right now my focus is on Daniel Jacobs, he is my next fight. Of course I would like to fight Canelo but we will [...]

I feel very comfortable at 160. Right now I am at 165 and next week I will be at 164 or 163. I don't know about going up.

"I respect,". "It's huge, a huge chance for me, for us, for everybody. I believe Daniel he is ready for this fight.".

"This is the dream, the dream for everybody. Very important for us who is number one, number one in the middleweight division. Not tomorrow, not the future,". "I promise you'll have an amazing show, history show, amazing step for us.".

You are another clown.

"I love it, the atmosphere, I love it, huge fan of London absolutely."

I know my style, I know my power.

"My goal is all the belts in the middleweight division. I want unification fight, Billy Joe Saunders,"

"I think it's smart. I respect his corner. I respect his coach because, seriously, the last round he feels very bad. He can't breathe, he can't move and he's finished. I think it was smart,"

He punched me and I know [I took] too much punches. I didn't feel power. I just said, 'Come on, come on, come on. Just come on more, I want more.'.

"I didn't feel power, I felt very good speed and distance [from Kell Brook]. He's a very good fighter. After the first round I felt I'm stronger a little bit. After the second round I want not boxing, I'm like crazy, I wanted a street fight. I wante[...]

"The 'Mexican style' we have been trying to develop with him is just a more entertaining style, a style that is reminiscent of fighters in the past, Duran, Gomez, Sanchez, Chavez. Even Oscar [De La Hoya]'s fights 20 years ago or 15 years ago. Where [...]

"[Promoter Eddie] Hearn goes through a tough spot with my contract so offers you Brook as an easy way out and you take it. You ain't no Pound for Pound King doing that."

You're so called 'pound for pound' but fighting a guy two weight divisions below you!? Nobody in the UK or anywhere else is going to respect you.

It's a big gift, a present, for the fans. You ask me, why Dominic Wade? It's because he's undefeated and the IBF mandatory challenger. It's very interesting for me.

Canelo vs Amir Khan should be a battle. 2016 will be a great year for boxing! #CanelovsKhan #WhoIsNext #AllTheBelts.

"This is the biggest test for me. He's the IBF champ. It's big situation, unification, Pay-Per-View. Right now it's a very interesting situation to be in in the middleweight division. I think we have three or four fighters and it's very important wh[...]

"I thank my parents for my strong chin. Lemieux will be a test for my chin. But it's not just my chin. It is distance and discipline, timing and style,". "I am a regular guy. I am a regular man. [The power] also comes from my parents. This is boxin[...]

Every fight is different and every fight is difficult. This is a big step, but first it is a big test and everyone understands that this step is much bigger.

"I'm very excited to face David Lemieux to prove who is number one in the middleweight division,". "I look forward to fighting again at Madison Square Garden and putting on another Big Drama Show for my fans in New York City.".

"I respect David. I like his style. He's a very strong guy. He's a very dangerous guy,". "I think it's very interesting for everybody. I promise an amazing show.".

"I'm very excited to face David Lemieux to prove who is #1 in the middleweight division,". "I look forward to fighting again at Madison Square Garden and putting on another Big Drama Show for my fans in New York City.".

"I promise a great show. I promise a great event,"

Cotto is just a tremendous fighter at the top of his sport for so many years. It would make a perfect fight for me.

"I am very happy I have this big fight with Martin Murray,". "I respect him, he's a great champion and a great fighter.".

"The uppercut , he was very badly hurt, and I knew I had him,". "I was happy he came forward. He fought Mexican style and he tried to hurt me, but my power was too much for him tonight.".

"I'm very excited to fight in California,"

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