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George Foreman has been quoted 32 times. The two most recent articles where George Foreman has been quoted are Fat’ George Foreman returns after 10-year lay-off and targets Mike Tyson and George Foreman: 'Tyson Fury is a strange fella, but a wild guy with a good style'. Most recently, George Foreman was quoted as having said, “I hit him with a left hook and let him recover. Can you imagine me doing that 10 years ago?”.

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I hit him with a left hook and let him recover. Can you imagine me doing that 10 years ago?

"Fury is distinctive. He's the maverick. And I think that right now he is at the height of his popularity. Sorry to say, but his troubles brought that. Nobody paid much attention before but now you read that 'boxer suffers this and that' and he beco[...]

"It was the best I ever felt. I remember going to the dressing room thinking 'Man, I like boxing. If I can feel like this before a match, I'd fight every day.' No butterflies, no fear at all, and it makes you just go out and forget this and forget t[...]

I wish I could fix it. I think all the time that it wasn't that I was a good champion or a heavyweight champion of the world or that Muhammad Ali was that great, but we certainly were heroes for people to talk about, and I wish this generation had j[...]

I COULD beat that guy.

"I got in that ring and I didn't even think about this guy,"

"I didn't like the idea of fighting Frazier,". "It wasn't like he was some imaginary guy somebody wrote about; this guy was tough as nails and there wasn't any chink in his armour. I didn't want to fight him. He was one of those guys, you want to be[...]

"I wasn't a nice guy at all,"

"He had such wonderful timing with his jab,". "If he got you going with it, you couldn't stop it. That's the way it was with Liston. I was trying to time it, and I was just getting torn up.".

"I'm gonna tell the truth, I concentrated on being mean. I left home to join the Job Corps, and that was around '65. I won the Olympics in '68 and I was still away from home, trying to be a boxer. I moved to Hayward, California, and starting life al[...]

"When I beat Joe Frazier, it was like I crossed the line,". "I thought I can beat anybody, anytime, anywhere.".

"I never did visualise a world without them and when they started passing, it hurt,"

He'd once been heavyweight champion of the world, and I'd see that title belt sitting there in his luxurious home, and the way he treated people I said I guess that's the way you ought to be when you're champion. And I started being the same way. As[...]

"Nothing prepares you. I knew he was sick but nothing prepares you. Muhammad Ali was truly my brother, as much of a brother as I've ever had. He was my brother. I felt like a part of me went when Joe Frazier passed. Now, especially with Muhammad, I [...]

"It's time to make Tyson shiver,"

"I hit him with a punch and there was a grin on his face as if he was saying, 'Look man, you're going to kill me,"

"If I say I'm broke and someone gave me $100,000, I'd give it to someone who needs it more. Maybe I'd build a church". "I don't keep up with boxing. I haven't seen Larry Holmes fight in years. I have no interest in participating any more. I don't co[...]

I told him if God ever needs a PR man, he'd send an earthquake or a hurricane along. The big message is letting people see your life, teaching by example.

"Isn't that something?". "He must be a good fighter. That makes me feel old. I remember him as a little boy.".

"Now I know what's right.". "You got to stop smoking, drinking, lying, wearing long hair or running around with other people's women.".

"Between you and me," "What Don suggested was paganism. He wanted me to put the cross on my robe, on my trunks. But that's not the sign of Jesus Christ. You know, Don is not a humble-minded fellow but I tell him to do something for God before he lea[...]

When I fought you were assured I'd fight three minutes a round, that somebody would get knocked down or out. I can't do no less for Jesus now.

"Everyone believes God is going to give me a message to go back,"

"Go get me a sandwich and sit down,"

"[Mayweather's] got everything to lose,". "But boxing was invented for the underdog – for the smaller guy who doesn't have a chance – to come up with a way to beat the bigger, stronger guy. That's why I give it to Pacquiao.".

"Hey, just win this round,". "Every time you come back to the corner, you sit down on the stool, wave the towel over him and don't say anything. The bell rings, go get him again. Do the same thing you did the first round all the way through the sixt[...]

"Boxing deserves something like this. I'm just happy the fight is happening, and it's happening right now. Because everyone will get a chance to see what they wanted to see. If it had happened five years ago, there would have been some too young to [...]

"I'm a salesman at heart,"

"He'll never get that good an opportunity again,". "But he could have beat Klitschko. For some reason, when he should have attacked, he started protecting himself. He was a good, fantastic little fast fighter, and he was given the opportunity, but h[...]

"David Haye had his opportunity and I don't know why he didn't win that fight,". "He [Haye] got that close and started worrying about being hit by Klitschko. If he had sidelined his fear in the latter rounds, he could have been heavyweight champ of [...]

"You cannot be a heavyweight champion, or a former heavyweight champion, not having fought in London,". "The Marques of Queensbury rules and all of that.".

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