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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Hughie Fury is associated, including Anthony Joshua and Muhammad Ali. Most recently, Hughie Fury has been quoted saying: “I don't believe it's going to go to the scorecards, I don't feel like there will be any need for the judges because I believe I'm going to knock him out early.” in the article Hughie Fury not worrying about the judges.

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I always felt that was going to hold me down because there was a point where I couldn't pick up a 10 kilo weight. I couldn't do two rounds sparring. My dad is an honest man and said, You can't become world champion like that. He was right because ho[...]

They must be blind as bats. It's wrong because they are ruining people's lives arent they? It's devastating. The boxer puts in all this hard training and gets a bad result like that, get stitched up. The best thing to do is just knock them out and t[...]

I don't believe it's going to go to the scorecards, I don't feel like there will be any need for the judges because I believe I'm going to knock him out early.

We've come up here just to do runs in the past and we've always said that this would be a fantastic place to set up a training camp and what better time than now for the world title fight against Parker. This is absolutely perfect for me, I love the[...]

I'm training at altitude with my some of the mountain runs leaving my lungs burning, I'm pulling tyres attached to my back on uphill sprints, free climbing up the side of mountains that leave my arms and fingers burning and then I'm going for endura[...]

Then there's the log chopping, it used to be common place for boxers to do this in the past, but it seems to have died out with some boxers going all body beautiful with weights in the gym. It strengthens every muscle in your body from your hamstrin[...]

When the hard training is done for the day, then I can just rest and look out at the stunning and peaceful scenery around me, but strangely focus my mind on smashing Parker to bits and tearing the world title away from him.

I know that wherever he is training now he's putting himself through the same to keep hold of his title, but that is pushing me everyday to train twice as hard and go through my physical and mental limits. I know that on the 23rd September he won't [...]

I've waited so long for this chance and my team have worked very hard to get me this fight and I'd like to thank everyone involved. I'm going to shock the world and prove all my doubters wrong and what better place to do it than in my home city of M[...]

My opinion of my chances against Parker hasn't changed after watching that. I said before I'll knock him out and that remains the same, but now I know I'll knock him out and take the WBO World title from him.

Parker, to me, didn't look like he knew what to do with Cojanu after a few rounds when he couldn't land his big shots and he wasn't breaking him down. He made very hard work of it and against a former sparring partner who you'd think he'd know insid[...]

"Hopefully you should see Tyson back this year. His head's getting better now so he should reclaim his titles, hopefully soon,"

"Being champion of the world, being WBO champion. I'm already in the mandatory position. The fight I want is Parker and that's it. I want to fight the best,". "This is my roadmap, so I'm just taking one step at a time.

I've had all the experience with Tyson fight for his world title. I've had the best experience sparring. I've had it all. I've fought the best in sparring so I'm just ready now to pick up my game and fight the best.

I'm ready for these big fights, that's what I want. I want to prove myself… I want to let my fists do the talking and I'm ready for this.

"There's no pressure really,". "I'm from a fighting family. I live to fight.

Every time I'm in a biggish fight, this is a non-title fight, and it's sold more tickets than Anthony Joshua's fight.

I know I'm the draw and I'm sure it'll reflect in the pay-per-view numbers as well. When it comes to challenging for a world title, that's on the table, as opposed to me just being some random guy who's really dangerous and doesn't bring any money t[...]

I'm not concerned about what this does for my current heavyweight standing, all it will do is show this is a massive event.

"Getting a world title fight isn't about your ranking, it's about how much money you bring to the table,". "This fight is the biggest grossing fight the O2 Arena has ever staged. When I fought in Manchester it was huge".

"It's hard work because he's on me 24/7,". "But I wouldn't have it any other way. Nobody knows you better than your dad. Without him, I wouldn't be here today. And I wouldn't be the boxer I am today. I'm sure Tyson would say the same.

"Well, if you're sure,". "You know me. I like to let my boxing do the talking.".

Obviously, though, if I do something wrong, I get it ten times worse than someone else who does something wrong. He picks up on everything. But I know he only wants the best for me and that's why I never argue back. It's disrespectful. When he's on [...]

"Ring my dad if you need anything else,". "He'll probably be able to explain things better than me.".

Let's go back to the time when Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman. Everyone said Foreman was going to destroy Ali. They didn't give Ali a chance. But look what movement did to power that night. After a few rounds, Ali took control and made Foreman l[...]

I'm not saying I'm Ali, and I'm not saying Joshua is Foreman, but I think the same thing would happen to Joshua if he fought me. He'd be left hitting thin air and would get frustrated and exhausted.

"He was an inspiration to us all,". "I've always looked up to and admired Ali, especially in his fight with Foreman. That has always been one of my favourite fights to watch.

Charles Martin came over here, as a so-called world champion, took a shot, sat down and was smiling as he was counted out. That's no world champion. Even if you're no good, you at least put up a fight and give it a go. Put your heart and soul into i[...]

"I think when Joshua steps up to a higher level he'll come undone,". "Joshua knows he can hit, he knows he's one-dimensional and his team know all he needs is a stationary target, guys who can't move. That's why he looks good. That's why he gets his[...]

"This is the first title I'll be going for so I'm buzzing to get in there and do the business. I was straight back in the gym after my win over Dominick Guinn and I'm feeling fit and ready to go again."

"I'm aiming to make a big impact in the next few years and join my cousin Tyson at the very top of the sport. I'm delighted to be featuring on BoxNation again, I've boxed on their shows in the past and really enjoyed the experience,"

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