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The latest quote from James DeGale is: “Obviously after my fight I had a perforated eardrum, that healed up pretty quick. I had my bridge knocked out in my mouth – it wasn't my teeth, it was my bridge. I had my shoulder, that's healed up now and I had an operation on my nose.”. It comes from the EXCLUSIVE James DeGale eyeing Wembley Stadium fight with George Groves article. You’ll find on this page 27 articles with James DeGale quoted on topics such as Badou Jack, Haymon and fight. James DeGale has been quoted 60 times in 27 articles.

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It took about six, seven weeks. Now, I've been training for three or four weeks, I'm always running anyway but I've been in the gym for the past couple of weeks. I'm feeling good and I'm back basically, it's nice.

I'm very happy for him because that means our fight is still on course. It's his fourth chance, I said against Badou Jack that if he's going to win a world title it's against Jack. Really, if he doesn't beat Chudinov, he's in trouble. Hopefully he c[...]

Obviously after my fight I had a perforated eardrum, that healed up pretty quick. I had my bridge knocked out in my mouth – it wasn't my teeth, it was my bridge. I had my shoulder, that's healed up now and I had an operation on my nose.

I don't have to tell you how much we don't like each other, how we don't get along. Our history goes back, it's no made up rivalry, this is serious.

Unbelievable fight, a great fight for a heavyweight clash. It'll go down as a classic. Joshua showed – if there were any doubters – he showed what he's about. He showed heart, he showed a good chin, he showed boxing ability, it was a real classic. A[...]

Joshua was massive before the Klitschko fight but that's taken him to another level. With him being the person he is, plus being a good fighter, it's taken him to the next level.

Me and Joshua, we've had similar paths but mine's been slightly harder, going to the Olympic Games and winning my gold medal as an 80-1 underdog, going and winning my world title against a genuine world class fighter in Andre Dirrell. I've had it th[...]

If Badou Jack really thought he won that fight, he would have stayed at super-middleweight, had a rematch, boxed for the two titles again and got paid double what he did last fight. He didn't want the fight. He knew it was a hard fight.

Because I got knocked down, because I lost my teeth, because I showed heart, because I showed a good chin, they love me now. I don't want too many of them. I'm not going to. I promised my mum, I promised my dad, I won't have too many of them. You do[...]

You really need to get a grip on life or just disappear mate.

"I'm mentally prepared. Badou Jack is an extremely good fighter. He's a tough opponent. He gets better every single fight. The way I'm feeling right now, Badou Jack shouldn't beat me. I'm focused on fighting my very best,". "This fight has a differe[...]

"The last couple of years I've been keeping my mouth shut and doing all my talking in the ring, I've been winning titles to prove what I'm about without running my mouth. I've just calmed down a bit,". "When my face came up at the O2 and there was a[...]

"One hundred percent this is my biggest fight. Badou Jack is an underrated fighter. There's a lot on the line and we're both confident of winning, I've seen a couple of things Badou Jack's been saying and him and his team seem confident. We're confi[...]

"I don't get the respect. I made a bit of history. If I unify the division, going across the pond, no one's ever done that from Britain,". "This is the one. I get love and support, I do have my fans, but it just feels like I look around at different[...]

It may sound crazy but I even fancy a fight with Ward. Two Olympic gold medallists, I don't know if we could do a catchweight or he could come back down. Can you imagine that? The unified light-heavyweight champion and the unified super-middleweight[...]

Al did put a couple of names forward for me to box for better money, but I wanted this fight. I'm not getting a massive, massive purse for this. I'm getting paid well, but it's not a career-best. Hopefully I'll get respect and people will know that [...]

I boxed in April and there was a big gap and all this messing about and I thought, 'does Badou Jack really want it?' I give a lot of props to Al Haymon for getting it sorted because there was a time where I thought it wouldn't happen.

I'm a natural super middleweight. I want to be in fights where people think I'm going to lose. I'll challenge anybody.

I have that X-factor. I've lost before and I'm not going to lose again. I've come too far in my life to lose this opportunity.

Me and Badou Jack are two different fighters. I think I'm going to beat him wide on the scorecards or stop him.

I'm very confident in my abilities. I believe I'm the best in the division and one of the best in the world. I've been waiting for this fight for a long time and I'm ready to get in there.

"It's here. The big one. The best fighting the best. Number one against number two. Badou Jack is a very good fighter. He doesn't do anything spectacular, but he's a compete fighter,"

We're here in New York and we want to bring boxing to New York City. This is one of the meccas of boxing. The whole state has embraced me throughout my career.

We want to continue to do fights in this arena and bring championship boxing to New York City. We want to give you great shows again and again.

It was originally meant to be in September, but now I'm hearing it's more likely to be October, it's also looking like it'll be in America as well.

There's an army base out here with a boxing gym so we'll be heading there. This is a big, big fight so don't you worry, I'll be ready to beat him and unify those titles to prove to everyone I'm the best super-middleweight in the world.

"I'll be ready for this fight. Bute is a very tough opponent. I have to bring my 'A' game to win,". "Much respect to him, but he's not leaving with my belt. Absolutely not. You can expect a very tough fight".

Bute is a much, much tougher opponent that Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr, but I'm ready for him.

I can't wait to get back in action because I live for fighting. It is in my blood and I know that a win over Medina means a very lucrative fight with Jack or Bute. I'm in this to make me financially comfortable for the rest of my life but above all,[...]

"I won my belt in style in Boston and I'm looking forward to moving down the East Coast to the great city of Washington, D.C. It's going to be a defining night in the super middleweight division as Badou Jack and myself look to set up a huge fight l[...]

"I am delighted to be defending my world title on another great show in the United States,"

I see Jack beating Bute, he's a slight favourite for me. Bute surprised me when I fought him, he came again, he was fit and up for it. It's a good show that's been put on, it'll be at the DC Armory in Washington.

"The unification fight will be immediately after. I should come through against Medina – no disrespect to him but I should look good,"

But we'll have to see what SHOWTIME offer, whether they want it there [in America]. But I think that would be the perfect homecoming for me, unifying the division in such a big fight. Hopefully in September it'll be over here.

"I'm jumping ahead I know, but when I beat Medina and I beat Jack in September, that's a massive fight for both of us,"

If I'm being honest, I don't really want to box Lucian Bute again as I've already beaten him. For another title, to get another title I obviously would but I'd like to fight someone new like Badou Jack, that would be perfect. It's a fight I'm confid[...]

It should make me look good, it should make me look like Floyd Mayweather [laughs]. These are the dangerous fights, the ones you're expected to win and you can go in over-confident. I'm a true professional though and I'll go in there and do a proper[...]

To be honest, I think he's made for me. He's tough, a typical Mexican, comes forward and likes to fight. I'm looking forward to it.

The experience in Canada was also really good, I'm always willing to travel to make fights. Bute really came to fight as well, I wasn't expecting him to be as good as he was.

We're looking for me to be out again in April. Badou Jack is top of the list though. Everyone underrated him before he fought [George] Groves, then he won and suddenly people woke up to how good he is. Obviously I want to unify the titles and I know[...]

I'm angry about the commentary, they scored it a draw. How could you score that fight a draw? The judges had me six up, six up and four up. I won that fight easy, I boxed really well.

The reaction from everyone else though has been brilliant, on Twitter and stuff.

"I'm young and I'm fresh. I'm peaking right now,". "I'm ready for the best in the world. Credit to Bute - he's a great champion and believe me, he will be back.".

But I'm not too sure if he's going to get past Gary O'Sullivan, I've heard he's looking really good and he's a good fighter. Billy Joe Saunders rates him so we'll see.

"For a big stadium fight,". "He carries that name, obviously, Eubank. You've see it helps him a lot along the way because he [Chris Snr] is always there, giving his bit. If he carries on winning and carries on looking good and people want to see the[...]

"As an amateur I made 75 kilos on the morning of the [bout],"

"This is why I'm so easy to work with because I'm willing to fight anyone. If they say [Gennady] Golovkin, why not?". "I'd rather he came up to super-middle, I don't think he's big, he's five foot eight. He hits extremely hard, he cuts off the ring [...]

"[Al Haymon] gives me three opponents and I tell [him who I want to fight]. I'm in such a good position. When I hear fighters thank Al Haymon [I know why]. I'm going to be thanking Al Haymon, trust me. It's not just that he pays you well, he's a ver[...]

"You can see what kind of man I am I'm going to Canada to give Lucian Bute a chance to box for my world title,". "The way I'm feeling, I'm in top shape, it's going to be hard to beat me. My journey is just starting, his is coming to an end.

I want the big fights, I want to unify titles. First things first I have to beat Bute and he wants his old belt back. I'm too young, too fresh, and too good. Much too good.

However I am not looking past Chudinov. I'm expecting the toughest fight of my career, but you will see a career best Frank Buglioni on September 26, my preparations so far have been excellent.

"I am thrilled and excited to be working with Al Haymon. Exciting times ahead."

Joining a stellar stable of fighters, managed by Haymon, James can no doubt look forward to cementing his position as the undisputed champion of the world.

"Right place, right space, trust me, this is the perfect area for a big boxing gym. You can see from the turnout today the club will be packed, it will be a major plus,". "If the boxers are disciplined, work hard and learn from their coaches, Selby [...]

"I'm always learning in the gym,". "That groin operation done me for a year-and-a-half. It feels like watching my last two fights I've made loads of improvements but that's not the case, I'm just back to my old self.".

"I've always rated him,"

"He's tall, he's got power, great body shots and he's done everything right, he's been KOing people and looking good. We don't know how good he is as the best people on his record are Patrick Mendy who he stopped in one round, really good stoppage w[...]

"This is like a second final eliminator really because if I don't beat him I won't box for a world title,". "He's not a typical Mexican because he can box as well, he can box on the backfoot.".

"It's a tough fight for Kell but he's a talented world-class fighter,". "It's going to be difficult but I think he's going to pull it out of the bag, I honestly do – it's a big task to go over to America and take the title from the champion but I ha[...]

They're the big fights I'm about, the big stadiums and the big names.

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