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Jamie Cox has been quoted in 8 different articles. Most recently, Jamie Cox has been quoted saying, “We will have a face off on Saturday night. We will know Saturday night. January/February, in the UK, Eubank versus the winner. Those are signed facts.” in an article called Kalle Sauerland on World Boxing Super Series: ‘Whatever Saturday throws up, we’ve got a huge semi’. This is only one of 27 quotes from Jamie Cox. To see more examples Jamie Cox’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Jamie Cox's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Jamie Cox said about Callum recently and in the past.

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I don't care about my trophies and what I have achieved so far, the past is irrelevant: I care about the future.

We will have a face off on Saturday night. We will know Saturday night. January/February, in the UK, Eubank versus the winner. Those are signed facts.

Everyone's got their own journey. This is mine.

It's about being smart even if it is a war. It's about being smart in the war, being smart in the storm. It's going to be tough, it's already tough. It's very, very hard, very, very demanding. We're ready. I'm ready to go through whatever I need to.

He's world champion, it's going to be a world championship fight in a big, big tournament for the Muhammad Ali trophy. I'm prepared for it to be as difficult as can be.

This is boxing. You can fight anyone it don't matter. There was loads, DeGale, Bellew, they were all on there. Loads of big names. A great bunch of people to learn off and be around.

I'm taking it one fight a time in this [tournament]. But this is what we've been working towards my whole life, my team and myself. Of course it's a really big deal, even more so because it's the start of the tournament for myself and George, so yes[...]

There was the Fielding fight but Eddie brought this to me. We sat down and discussed it and went for it. I want to be the best so I can show it here.

We are from the same set up. This is my time now. This is my time.

Eddie Hearn and Matchroom took me on. My part of the deal is now to go on and turn that into a win in this. I haven't come here to participate. I've come here to win the tournament.

He is mandatory for the winner of Fielding vs. Ryder tonight but we are also looking at some major names moving forward. He is brilliant to watch and Sky Sports fans are going to enjoy following his journey over the coming years.

I'm excited to be working with Eddie Hearn and boxing on Sky Sports. It's a massive platform for me to showcase my skills. Eddie is putting the biggest shows on, especially at Wembley next week, and I want to be part of these huge nights. I'll be bo[...]

I love training. We work under the butchers shop and I go up to the lab with Des Witter in Birmingham, I'm sure that if I play my part right and work hard, I will fulfil my potential with Eddie and Matchroom. I've been made mandatory to fight the wi[...]

I was only a kid but I just remember getting addicted to it from that point on. That's one of the first boxing memories I have.

You put so much effort into boxing and you try and get where you need to be and then the rug can just be pulled from under you. It was no one else's fault but my own. It was a little moment of madness that changed everything. I'm only human. At the [...]

The first couple of years were really enjoyable, the best years I've had as a professional. But then you start getting to know the game and the business a bit and it ain't all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you have to dig deep and never quit.

It didn't bother me, the work. My dad was a very, very hard-working man. I think that's where I get my work ethic from.

I always keep fit. I couldn't be one of those people who go to work and then go to the pub. That's not me. My dad always said to us, If you're going to do something, make sure you do it 100 per cent.' That's what I try and do.

I always knew the truth would come out. It almost felt as good as winning a fight. It was that kind of relief. When you're in jail for something you haven't done, it's very frustrating. But you have to be careful, especially when you're a boxer, of [...]

My mother has always been into her fitness. She's a very, very fit woman for her age. She's training every day, twice a day. She does weights, circuit training, running, everything. For a 49-year-old woman, she ain't doing too bad. She'd beat most o[...]

My dog enjoys better conditions. I don't intend to ever go back. I didn't want to be there first time round. I was wrongly convicted. I should have invested in a better solicitor because not all the evidence was used at the first trial. If I'd done [...]

I fought a kid called Michael Graydon in my first ever fight and we didn't know the routine or what was supposed to happen. I just remember turning up, weighing in and next thing I knew I was in the ring. It happened so quickly. I didn't know what w[...]

It happens to us all. I treat people how I want them to treat me. You treat a dickhead like a dickhead and a nice guy with the utmost respect.

I was gutted, but you can't look on the downside. There's always a way. You can't put your whole life on one thing.

"I definitely want to give the fans their money's worth,". "The fans have to pay of lot of money to come. They have to graft hard to get their money. I know what it's like to graft, I used to work on a building site. Fans deserve good action and I l[...]

"That's a hat-trick of first-round knockouts, no-one can deny my power at this weight,"

"If that was [Callum] Smith or [Rocky] Fielding [who fought later on last night, with Smith also scoring a 1st-round win] they'd have been knocked out as well. The winner of those two is not the best in the country and the public know it, I'll have [...]

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