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Find all of Joe Gallagher’s quotes that have been published in 16 different articles on this page. Joe Gallagher’s quotes are organized by date and topic, making it easy for you to compare, for example, what Joe Gallagher has said both recently, and in the past, on a variety of topics. Some of the topics Joe Gallagher likes to comment on include Liam Smith and Saul Alvarez. Most recently, Joe Gallagher said, “Instead of whinging, I think we've got two great fights, where the winner of each will then produce another great fight.”.

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Callum Johnson, Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Commonwealth champion, he served his time. You've got Frank Buglioni, British champion. It's a trade fight with Commonwealth and British titles on the line. You've got Hosea Burton, who was the Brit[...]

Anthony Yarde has only fought three British fighters. The best one was Chris Hobbs, who I think was 6-1. He's not fought for the English title, he hasn't challenged for the English title.

Yarde, he's young, he's 25. It's not like he's 32 and there's a rush on… The kings in that division, Andre Ward and [Adonis] Stevenson, they ain't going anywhere soon. So where can they go? They'll just be treading water anyway.

Hosea Burton put in a great performance and showed everyone on that night that he can fight. I think it was just inexperience on the night. He caught him with a shot and went in for the kill and got caught with a shot.

For them to say a kid [Yarde] who's only had 12 amateur fights, 12 professional fights should have a shot at the British title [over] a Commonwealth Games gold medallist, a Commonwealth champion or the former British champion and ABA champion, he sh[...]

Instead of whinging, I think we've got two great fights, where the winner of each will then produce another great fight.

Would they fight each other? Money talks, you never know. They're good friends. If Callum Johnson became British champion and Hosea Burton beat Anthony Yarde, that's a discussion, a topic to discuss if that happens. But there's long way to go before[...]

Unless there's a big opportunity or offer, I wouldn't mind trying to get Anthony Crolla his Vegas night. A fight in America, in Vegas, whether it be in an eliminator, a final eliminator or a 10 round contest against somebody in America on a Vegas un[...]

It's been a rollercoaster of emotions with him since he's come back from his injury. He's had five tough, high level championship fights at world level, two with Perez, Barroso and Jorge Linares. Each time Anthony's pushed the boundaries higher and [...]

We've got to sit down with Anthony, whether he wants to come back in a 10 round contest against an opponent sort or to go straight back in at the deep end. It's interesting seeing what happens now with [Jorge] Linares and [Mikey] Garcia, are them tw[...]

Callum Smith we're just waiting to see what's happening with his fight with Dirrell and the WBC. It's a long drawn out process. We should have something soon. It's been a lot of stopping and starting. I think sometimes when you don't win purse bids,[...]

In the second half of the fight Linares would take a round off, then the next one on, the next one off, the next one on and so on. With that big fight experience Jorge Linares, as I call it, mugged us off, shoe-shined us and when his tail was up goi[...]

What you've got here, and I'll get slated for saying this, stylistically you've got a Hagler against Leonard type of fight. You've got Hagler [Crolla] with constant, steady work or you've got Leonard [Linares], whose eye-catching combinations are ca[...]

I think it's lost on a lot of people just how good Linares is, he's an exceptional fighter, .

I heard about the title but that wasn't in our agenda. It was just about getting rid of ring rust. It possibly could [help with getting the title shot]. Liam Smith's not the first to do it, other big names have done it, look at who [Marco Antonio] B[...]

"Callum's just so laid back, that's his thing. He's really looking forward to it so we're just waiting on the date and venue. It's looking like May time, the end of May, beginning of June,"

We've not got a date or venue yet but I'm really gutted we didn't get home advantage. I think home advantage is massive in this fight. We've got to go and win the title on the road. I just thought of the Echo Arena packed to the rafters and that atm[...]

He's a great fighter. People read too much into the Badou Jack loss, but look at what Badou Jack's gone on to do. We were in LA when he beat Sakio Bika, who was trying to rough him up, but Dirrell wasn't having any of it. There's plenty of substance[...]

"Come fight night, 'Beefy' just 'switches on'. Pundits are always commenting on how he snarls and smiles at opponents, goads and baits them, whilst remaining calm himself. If anyone tries roughing it, drops the nut in or lands a bollock shot, they c[...]

In his British title defence against Gary Corcoran, Williams got drawn in, fought with his heart and lost his composure. If it does get fractious in the pressers and media, 'Beefy' will thrive off that. He's a good talker who doesn't spout s****. He[...]

Williams is a bit of a control freak but Smith's a master at dictating the tempo. 'Beefy' is a very smart kid with regard to judging situations mid fight. He's a thinking fighter who doesn't need too much guidance from the corner. He sets plenty of [...]

He's very good at forcing opponents to do what they don't want to do. Can Liam Williams box on the back foot? Does he have the boxing brain to sustain a plan for 12 rounds or will he revert to brawling when the heat's turned up? We don't know but we[...]

"It's a great fight. Didn't go Anthony's way last time. Jorge, in my opinion, was the best Jorge Linares there's been. It was one of the stand out performances in his career,". "Can Jorge Linares do that again?".

"Even the British press are not giving us a chance in this fight,". "But when you listen to guys like Freddie Roach and Virgil Hunter do interviews and say that Liam Smith has got a very strong chance in this fight, and the chance of pulling off an [...]

I see the criticism that Team Canelo are getting for taking this fight and it's unfair. Amir Khan has come out [in this week's edition of Boxing News] and picked Liam Smith to beat Saul Alvarez. Khan has sparred Liam, he's fought Alvarez, and he's c[...]

They [Team Canelo] know they're in a serious fight.

I am not saying Saul won't make the weight, I expect him too but we have seen there has been a trend in the last few years where fighters come in and say 'it is a pound, what you going to do? We have made this big fight and sold it.' If they don't m[...]

"I've been asked this before, Saul [Canelo] Alvarez and his team are huge professionals and I have huge respect for them,". "I'm sure they are going to be professional and I don't expect no slip-ups at the weigh-in. I expect Alvarez to make the weig[...]

We have made our weight contractually and if Canelo doesn't make the weight then give us our pay cheque and we will go shopping. We would walk away if he is one or two pounds over. I'm just making it known now. But I don't think it will be an issue.[...]

"We gave him a trial just to see if it was right for him, and right for us,". "I told him to come on board for a couple of weeks, see how he finds it and after a couple of weeks – he might not like the setup, or I might not like him. He's settled in[...]

He's a good fighter, he has good ability, he's a good trainer and we're excited to see what we can do.

They're probably looking at Liam and licking their lips. The best man will win and the loser will go back to Mexico.

I feel Alvarez, Golden Boy have made a huge fight here. They should have taken the [Gennady] GGG [Golovkin] fight and got paid well.

It's a huge fight for Liam, he's one of the best world champions from the UK. Alvarez is a very, very good fighter. When you look at his record, others might be daunted, but over in Dallas Liam wasn't.

"I've heard there's interest from Cotto to fight Liam Smith. Liam Smith is in a red hot division and he holds a world title. Miguel Cotto is now the number one in the WBO, in line to fight Liam Smith.

I do think Liam is a very good option for Miguel Cotto. He's got a world title and I think it makes sense.

"He was really gutted that he never got the Canelo Alvarez fight. It was close, it was very close to being done but it just didn't happen in the end. I'm pleased obviously for Amir [Khan] that he got the fight but disappointed for Liam Smith. Liam's[...]

It would be fantastic now if that fight with Cotto was to be made. That would be a huge fight for Liam Smith to be excited about and to fight him in New York on Puerto Rican weekend [in June] would be fantastic as well. It's all gone quiet on that f[...]

"He's only just arrived on the scene. He was known a few years ago as a nutritionist,". "Next thing we know he's in Boxing News saying, 'I was there with Carl Frampton all along', trying to take the limelight away from Gerry Storey.".

"Shane McGuigan did an Alex Ariza - got in there, got in the corner and tried to make himself more important,". "He's only been on the scene two minutes, I've never seen him produce an amateur kid yet in a national championships, I've never seen him[...]

"To turn round and start having a go at me, saying he [Quigg] goes to Freddie Roach for confidence. I'm there when we go to Freddie Roach, we're going to learn, we're going sparring. Along the way Freddie gives words of advice, he can't stop learnin[...]

"He's got them [Haye and Groves] and what have they done? They've had two fights against two mediocre, lower standard of opposition. So they're untested."

"Scott Quigg is the home fighter, he's in the home corner and everything else is just normal,". "They're trying to kid themselves that everybody's against Scott Quigg. They're going to be surprised at how many people are going to be there for Scott [...]

They're not in control and they like being in control. This is why they're going to be out of their depth come February 27.

He did himself and his family proud. How can a judge score that 119-109?

"We want him to underestimate Paul Smith,". "Sooner or later it's his time, whether it's Smith that's going to be able to do it remains to be seen. We're going over there, we're highly confident.

"He hasn't got bad feet, Arthur Abraham, he knows when to step back and how to move out of range. With Paul we've worked on a few things, what to expect when he comes, what to do when he comes. He's quite tricky to pin on the ropes himself. He likes[...]

"It wasn't a decline. It's just that he took his eye off the ball. Arthur Abraham, I don't think it's so much a decline, it's whether he can get up for the big fights,". "A fully motivated, focused Arthur Abraham is a hard fight for any of the world[...]

"Paul Smith can whack,". "If Paul hits you and hits you clean, you'll go.".

"He's got a very good jab. He controls a lot of things with the jab. The big left hook seems to be there,"

"He's been around a long time,". "He's a well travelled, well seasoned fighter.".

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