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In this page, you will find a list of 15 quotes from Joshua Buatsi, from different articles. We analyzed 3 articles in which Joshua Buatsi has been quoted in topics like level and rush. Joshua Buatsi’s most recent quote is: “That whole weight is off me now, so all I've been doing [was] just getting back into training and weighing up the options.”. To see more examples Joshua Buatsi’s views and opinions, check out the section below.

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It should [suit me] but I still feel I have to prove it. People are saying a lot of positive things but I'm yet to go in the ring [as a pro] to fight and to find out – am I going to be the good product that people think?

I've gone through a process of seeing who's who and what they can do. I'm just looking forward to getting out there and boxing and carrying on, just captivating everyone's imagination. In Rio people didn't expect anything and I surpassed that. Peopl[...]

It was totally a new field [pro boxing] and I actually felt like I went back to uni because I had to study something that I didn't know much about. Pre-Olympics I was stuck in the whole amateur bubble. Everything was based on amateur boxing so now I[...]

That whole weight is off me now, so all I've been doing [was] just getting back into training and weighing up the options.

That's what people want to see, the most innocent soul can be sitting there but once they know there's a fight that innocent soul still wants to see the knockout, they still want to see blood and they want to see a winner. So I'm aware of that reali[...]

"New things for me are quite exciting. Walking out for the Olympics I was nervous but excited. I didn't know what it was going to be like,". "Boxing in the World Series, I lost my first fight in front of the whole of London… But it was exciting time[...]

"It's not a lot of fights…"

"Since I came back from Rio I've been learning loads, it's full on,". "Since I came back from Brazil all these TV [channels] they're looking to get back into boxing. There's now other avenues into boxing. So it's a lot more complex and a lot more co[...]

"'Your life changes over three fights'". "Zero, nil. N. I. L. So the tables have turned and it's quite interesting. Leading to the Games, the other boys got the attention,". "It's good stress,". "If I were to go pro, I don't know who I would go with[...]

I understand that professional boxing, you have to win but it's about entertaining people as well and it's something that I would look to do myself. Because I know when I go to fights, I like watching fights but if it's an exciting fight it always s[...]

"I haven't be around pro gyms at all because I started boxing in a small gym [South Norwood & Victory] and only working with a few people and it's worked for me so I don't see the point in changing it. I'm happy with my trainers, my club trainers th[...]

"Getting the Olympic medal changes everything, doesn't it?". "To think that your life changes over three fights. It's not sad to think, it's a good thing.".

I still believe in the old way.

"I've always boxed at a fast pace and I like boxing at a fast pace. But at international level, I've noticed you can't rush the work, like you do at national level. National level I could rush the work, rush and rush and rush. At the international l[...]

"Pros, they're not throwing as much as us, we're literally throwing throughout the contest, so having something like that where the stats don't lie [is good]. Amateur, the style it's just fast paced,"

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