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Kalle Sauerland has been quoted 54 times. The one recent article where Kalle Sauerland has been quoted is Kalle Sauerland on World Boxing Super Series: ‘Whatever Saturday throws up, we’ve got a huge semi’. Most recently, Kalle Sauerland was quoted as having said, “Whatever Saturday throws up, we've got a huge semi. Certainly. And your hat and your scarves and your gloves but it'll be a great crowd and a cracking atmosphere. I think it makes it that little bit more memorable. So I'm buzzing about the idea. I think it's great. Stamford Bridge is a great one I think they're going to have a big issue with the pitch so I've been told. Emirates is one that I'm talking to as well. It all depends a little bit around the schedules that they have. We'll definitely look at Stamford Bridge, definitely look at Brighton as well, definitely looking at Fulham.”.

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The Muhammad Ali trophy is going from strength to strength and, with the cruiserweight division featuring all four federation world champions, the undisputed champion will be crowned next May. We will also feature local fighters on the undercard to [...]

It's an odd time of year to be going in a stadium. You can make it into a real fan's event and that's what this tournament is all about.

Indoor venues, there's Wembley Arena again and there's Manchester Arena. Those are two indoor venues. One doesn't really fit timewise with schedulers, one I think is a bit small.

Whatever Saturday throws up, we've got a huge semi. Certainly. And your hat and your scarves and your gloves but it'll be a great crowd and a cracking atmosphere. I think it makes it that little bit more memorable. So I'm buzzing about the idea. I t[...]

It is lovely to be in Riga – the hunt for the Muhammad Ali Trophy is well underway. We have had a spectacular start, we have been in some great cities, we have seen some great boxing fans and some great boxing and this weekend we are expecting nothi[...]

Saturday's fight is not just a normal fight. They are fighting for the WBC world title and the WBC Diamond Belt and a spot in the semi-final for the Muhammad Ali Trophy and a hell of a lot money!

The fight between Mairis Briedis and Mike Perez will provide even more breathtaking boxing entertainment, that's what happens when the Ali Trophy arrives in town!

Along with our partners we are making minor adjustments along the way to make the experience of going to the events even better for fight fans. That will also benefit all of the fans watching the events on TV or via streaming from around the world.

We have two of the best young challengers out there, two guys waiting for their shots, waiting to beat the best and be the best. It's going to be a super fight on Saturday!

We're not in a sport of choirboys. Boxing has always had its villains, has always had its heros, its sinners and winners. It's what we are. We're a rough breed. I'd welcome him in. If Conor has my number call me.

One of the funniest guys, one of the truest entertainers and I hope he continues to box because I think he's great. He's not a boxer in the ring. It's a very strange way of boxing. I think Floyd took a few rounds to work him out. I think he also wor[...]

I've got to say I'm addicted to watching.

We know what the weaknesses are. What you need to look at is why he gets hurt, when he gets hurt and it's things like that they'll be studying. Also [Pulev] has got a different trainer in the corner than he did in [his 2014] Klitschko fight. He's go[...]

Don't look at the Klitschko fight. If you look at the Klitschko fight you've made a big mistake. Watch all the Pulev fights and there's not one fight where he boxes the style he fought against Klitschko. He went in that ring, he didn't have a game p[...]

The weaknesses are there. Let's talk about his strengths: speed, power and athleticism. [But Pulev] is a real heavyweight and guess what he can box as well. And he loves to fight bigger guys.

A natural heavyweight, he is big. Klitschko size but thicker. The last fight, it was a final tune up against Kevin Johnson, a horrible fight to watch but he was already looking at Joshua.

He's ready to go. He wants it. Can't wait to go to the ring. We're almost there on the contractual stuff. Ready to go.

This is a going to be a great fight for the fans. Domestic dust ups always bring with them an added excitement and intensity, and here, we have a British world champion against an undefeated British challenger, it doesn't get any better than that!

This fight, along with our other quarter-final match-ups, really reflects the strength and depth of our super middleweight line up. Callum Smith and Erik Skoglund are two young, hungry, undefeated fighters with a combined record of 48-0. This is goi[...]

Eubank versus Abraham is a big fight that just got bigger. With the winner going into the tournament, the stakes could not be any higher.

Smith has been one of the hottest prospects in the UK for years and now he gets his chance to showcase his talents on the biggest stage of all. The super-middleweight tournament will be exceptional and we will announce further high-profile names ver[...]

The drama begins live on stage at the famed Grimaldi Forum when these warriors will see eye-to-eye with their biggest rivals and try to select the easiest opponent. However, between four world champs, two former champs, a KO king and another high-pr[...]

It takes a lot of heart and courage to sign up for the World Boxing Super Series. The quality of their competitors will be beyond anything they have ever experienced in their young careers. But their undefeated record tells us they are ready to take[...]

It's fixed dates, September, October are the quarter-finals. January, February semis and the final's in May.

It works with promoters. It's not about taking over and promoting, trying to take fighters away, it's working with promoters and it's working with the sanctioning bodies. We're going to work with all different promoters and try to put on the best ve[...]

We were very close to fighting DeGale now, instead of Chudinov. Very close. Sacrifices were made, in the end we couldn't reach terms. It's just the way it was.

Any fight is makeable if there's a desire to make the fight, especially fights where there's a large pot to look at.

I think all the champions are on the horizon. There's a tournament going in the weight class, that's something we'll be talking about. We haven't actually talked about the next steps. I'll be seeing him next week, we'll bang our heads together and w[...]

The options are there, whether it's a [WBO champion Gilberto] Ramirez fight, the DeGale fight, whether it's the Mikkel Kessler fight, which is a big fight in the UK, which is a smashing fight. I remember them sparring before the second Froch fight [[...]

We have received a massive amount of applications for both divisions. The best fighters are lining up to be in the tournament. Just like the fans, they love the format and the fact that there will only be one man standing at the end.

They either allow the fight or not allow the fight. They either allow Pulev or [Joshua] is allowed to fight Klitschko. They won't allow him to fight someone else. They won't allow a [Deontay] Wilder fight or a Joe Parker fight. It's all about the re[...]

We'll want assurance of course that we're the next in line, in absolute stone no matter how great a second fight should be. He's working towards it. He didn't look great in his last fight. There's a reason for that. It's a very difficult space for h[...]

If he has to wait, we'll take a fight in the autumn, because I'm not going to let him go in a big fight like Joshua with ring rust on. So it is what it is.

It was the most bizarre performance ever. The trainer got fired in the corner afterwards before we even got back to the dressing room. It was just a mad night. He's got a totally different trainer now in Uli Wegner. He's had 14 world champions, Euro[...]

It's going to be an interesting fight that's for sure.

We have an exciting format, two exciting divisions and now we will sign exciting fighters.

Comosa is proud to announce a close cooperation with the family of the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, and we are delighted to honour his legacy with this tournament. Whoever emerges as the winner of the World Boxing Super Series will righ[...]

''That was boxing at it's best,''. ''We had six rounds of great championship action, but sadly, Juergen was unable to continue. It was a tough call to make but absolutely the right decision. We can now look forward to the second fight between Braehm[...]

''Arthur has overcome many obstacles in his career – fighting through a broken jaw to defend his middleweight title against Edison Miranda and suffering defeat in the Super Six on his way to becoming a two weight World Champion,''.

He has come back from defeat before and we're sure he can do it again. It's now about his legacy and how he wants to be remembered as a boxer. He must show that the fire still burns and that he's willing to put in the work to become World Champion a[...]

"We are excited to see Anthony back in the ring. With his injuries now behind him, we're sure he can become a dominant force in the division," "He's been training hard and has kept his focus so we're looking forward to seeing how he performs. There [...]

"This fight is in America, but it's a huge event in Germany,". "Arthur is a multi-millonaire, three-time world champion now, but I remember when he first came to us as a sparring partner with only €50 in his pocket. He's bounced back from setbacks i[...]

George has never shied away from a challenge, and on April 9, he's back in action against a young undefeated prospect. This will be another good test for George and a chance for him to showcase more of the improvements he has made since teaming up w[...]

"It's a very good fight. I think it's one of many options". "We gave Martin a big, voluntary option against Abraham. We are happy to do something with him but there has to be a story".

George is someone at the age of 27 who has managed to sell out Wembley stadium, he's someone who could do that in the future. We have no desire to try to turn him into a US superstar over night. First the plan is to become world champion, if we have[...]

"In an ideal world I'd like to keep my boxing family apart. At the end of the day George will rip my balls off if I don't get him the fight and that's his only option,". "It's a huge fight whether it's in Germany or in England but it's one of many o[...]

For the moment the ideal of course is to go on these UK dates.

Remember not so long ago Mayweather v Canelo? For me Khan is just as quick. Amir on points for me. Intriguing fight though.

''We are working hard to find an adequate opponent to replace Oosthuizen,''. ''There are a number of options on the table, and we're confident we will be able to deliver a deserving opponent and a high-quality world title fight on March 12 in Neubra[...]

Fortunately the neck injury is nothing too serious but the decision has been made to withdraw David from the June 26 card. David wanted to be at his best for his first fight back in Liverpool for over two years and we would not risk him fighting at [...]

Next year is going to be David's time to shine. It's time to stand up and be counted. The heavyweight scene in the UK is flourishing at the moment, and it is still our belief that Pricey can beat anyone out there.

This is a minor injury, it's unfortunate but not serious. I feel for Pricey as I know he was desperate to get back into the ring, but this has no effect on our plans for the future. 2015 is going to be a huge year for the big man!

"George has proved himself as one of the most exciting super-middleweights on the planet,". "We know we will take him to the very top. We were looking at the quickest route possible to get George a world title shot and we're grateful to the WBC for [...]

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