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Kathy Duva has been quoted 14 times. The one recent article where Kathy Duva has been quoted is Team Kovalev to protest Andre Ward defeat. Most recently, Kathy Duva was quoted as having said, “I saw someone who should have been disqualified.”.

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The Theater at Madison Square Garden is really a perfect place for Sergey to start the next chapter of his career. He needs to go out and remind people why they love the Krusher. Sergey is an exciting fighter who is a pleasure to watch in the ring a[...]

I saw someone who should have been disqualified.

HBO was here when we started and it's going to be here for a long, long time.

They can land some blows on HBO but in the end they're still going to be there. None of us should think that we're somehow we're going to permanently inflict damage on a corporation the size of Time Warner and not have them get even in the end. They[...]

It's all Mayweather and the circus and it's a shame.

The worst part about it, the casual fans, the ones that we always want to bring into the tent, they're going to be devastated, they're going to be disappointed and it's going to be another three years before they'll want to see a boxing event and th[...]

There comes a point where they're just done and they shut right down. If we're lucky, if we do it well, they shut down after today. Unfortunately it happened a day early. But I don't think that's going to affect his performance at all.

I always worry but he's made it through this many fights without having an incident, so it's his 32nd fight so hopefully he'll do it again.

I was concerned at the last fight because Sergey was not angry, he was way too respectful and he was on edge. This time up until late last night Sergey was not on edge at all. He is not respectful, he is angry. Those are generally the things that wi[...]

I wasn't expecting it but I wasn't shocked either. They're trying to get under his skin and they think they're succeeding. They in a strange way are but it's not going to end well for them. But they don't understand the more you get under his skin t[...]

After the last fight, we are preparing for another unbelievable experience. Can't wait for the bell to ring! This is sure to be another nail-biting roller coaster ride. This is the only fight that Sergey wants right now and he refused to settle for [...]

"There is a rematch clause,". "The only way it's not immediate is if both fighters agree for it not to be immediate. But we will not be agreeing to that. It will be immediate.".

"This is a great crossroads match up for Curtis on a big platform,". "He needs to deliver on May 7th and I know he will!".

"I have become so bored with fighters who come up with reasons not to fight the very best,". "I don't understand it, I come from a place where that's what fighters did. They were supposed to want to fight the best, that's the way the sport worked wh[...]

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