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Kell Brook has been quoted 104 times. The one recent article where Kell Brook has been quoted is Kell Brook reveals when he will fight next. Most recently, Kell Brook was quoted as having said, “I still feel that I have a massive future in the sport. I will talk to my team in the coming weeks about what we can do next and I am looking to get back into camp this summer.”.

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I still feel that I have a massive future in the sport. I will talk to my team in the coming weeks about what we can do next and I am looking to get back into camp this summer.

I spoke to the surgeon and he said that the operation was a big success and simpler than the last one. It took half the time of the first one and there's very little swelling and it looks great. The last scan I had revealed that the healing has star[...]

If he's got a fractured socket obviously in the back of his mind he's thinking 'I might go blind.' He's got to take into consideration his own health.

He's had the fight with Golovkin that's given him an injury to start with. It's a completely different injury to what I had, I had a detached retina and there's no pain whatsoever while you're fighting when that happens, but I imagine a fractured ey[...]

The eye is broken again, the same as the GGG one, I need surgery again and I am devastated. It kept going to double vision and that's why I went down on one knee. I remember the surgeon telling me if I'd have gone a round or so extra (against Golovk[...]

He's a very good fighter. Our styles are going to gel. I think there's going to be a lot of drama in this fight. We'll both maybe hit the canvas. This fight is going to be a thriller, fireworks from round one, he's not going to take a backward step [...]

I've put myself through it. My team wanted me to move up to 154 (pounds) but I'm a stubborn guy, it took me all my career to get that world title and beat Shawn Porter.

I love a challenge; I've proven these guys wrong before and I'm going to do it again. There are question marks over Errol Spence, he's never been in with a guy like me. He's never been in with anything close to someone like me. There's question mark[...]

I've thought about it quite a lot and what it's going to be like. It's still weird seeing the floor how it is. It's going to be strange for me to see a ring at the Lane and I'm ready for it – ready to entertain, to excite.

I want it with all my heart. I've been coming down here since I was seven. My uncle Johnny told me that I would defend my world title here one day. He said, You will box and you will defend your world title.

It's a dream come true for me, for the city. I've just looked out and I've never seen the pitch like that before, all ready for Saturday night. I want to go out there and put a great show on for everybody.

Every time I come to the Lane it brings back those young memories of coming down here. I used to get chucked up in the air when they scored. Every time I come here those memories always come back.

I'm enjoying myself now, refueling up, get the food in. The fun part starts, the fight. I'm ready to rock. I busted my balls, I went up and fought Golovkin and now I'm fighting the number one challenger. I want to fight the best, this will be one of[...]

I'm not going to take a backward step, there'll be fireworks. The sun's out, the guns are out, we're ready. I beat Spence, I'm the number one [at welterweight].

I'm on edge. I'm ready to fight. You're going to have to wait and see. I'm like Ronnie O'Sullivan I can do it left or right. It's going to be a great fight. I'm ready and Spence is ready.

I feel good. I'm on edge. I'm ready to fight. It's going to be good to see Spence today. I've done the work and now it's time to play. I think we've got it right. I feel brilliant in training I feel good at these light weights. Time will tell. I thi[...]

That would be ideal.

I always rise to the occasion. I think that you're going to see it all Saturday night. I think you're going to see the best of me. The best of me, Errol's going to bring the best out of me so I'm looking forward to giving the fans a fantastic night [...]

He can lend Errol his gym but he can't save him on May 27 and the only thing on my mind is the fight. The fans know what I'm about. I've gone from moving up to middleweight to fight Gennady Golovkin to coming back down to face one of the most danger[...]

I took a lot from the GGG (Gennady Golovkin) fight. I stood there and had it out with him. I'm the biggest 147-pounder out there and I will be bullying them all. I'm too fast, strong and fit, and I will unify the division after beating Spence. There[...]

He's being hyped in the U.S, but we've seen it before. He beat (Chris) Algieri and (Leonard) Bundu, but he's never fought an animal like me. I want to beat Spence and wipe out the rest of the division. If this guy is the next big thing then the fans[...]

I'm so excited about this fight and also about making history in my city. It's long been a dream of mine to fight outdoors at Bramall Lane and I'm pleased to do that in the biggest fight in the Welterweight division. I saw many people talk about how[...]

"I had a meeting with Eddie yesterday and told him I am not prepared to give up my title,". "I know there are options at 154lbs and I may even be more suited there but I am not willing to give up what I fought so hard for. I want the unification fig[...]

"It's the biggest fight in world boxing. It's a fight that makes me so excited, I'm the best welterweight on the planet and nobody wants to fight me, it's the same with 'GGG',". "He's the best middleweight in the world and they do not want to face h[...]

"Why would I fear Golovkin when I have stared death in the face?". "This is a sport. It can't compare to something like that in which I almost ended up losing my life.".

People go on about weight, Mike Tyson wasn't the biggest heavyweight and he was an animal. 160[lbs] is my natural weight, it'll be the best of me. I'm training like a wild horse. I want to go down, like my hero Sugar Ray Robinson, in history.

"I'm very healthy at 160lbs,". "I'm hydrated and eating well, nice sized meals that are giving me so much energy and I'm giving more of myself in the gym. I'm getting pushed in the gym and I'm delivering. I want to go down in history like Sugar Ray [...]

I'm going to be so sharp and so powerful on the night. No-one has got the best out of me before but GGG will bring that out in me and I'm excited to see that from myself. I always find a way to win and there's going to be massive drama in the fight.

"We were negotiating the Eubank fight for a long time, as you can imagine that was extremely difficult, we got close,"

"I'm a bit disappointed, especially as it's through no fault of my own,"

"It's very tough," "but we're Face-Timing every day. I get 100 per cent support from my missus and kids. You know, everything is about your kids. My eldest knows now, she sees people asking me for pictures, she knows her dad's a fighter and she's pr[...]

"It's probably around the third week where I've really got serious because we've got a cemented date but I've been training since November,". "I had Christmas off, diet-wise, but New Year's Eve and New Year's Day I was abroad in training camp, Fuert[...]

"It feels like I've been training for an eternity and I just can't wait to get in there and fight,". "The back end of last year was so frustrating. I was excited for the Chaves fight and to get injured with just over a week to go was heart-breaking.[...]

I was a mandatory challenger once and know how hungry I was. I've seen him saying that he is going to try and pressure me on Saturday and that's music to my ears. I want to stand and fight. I haven't had that fight night feeling for nearly a year an[...]

Everyone is talking about a big summer fight and of course that's on the agenda but right now I'm going to soak up the atmosphere in the arena in my hometown and go on a seek and destroy mission Saturday night.

"I think in the back of his mind he knows what will happen and I don't think he could live the rest of his life having been whupped by me after he's slagged me off all the time,"

"I'm in the frame of mind now, I had a bit of time off after the Frankie Gavin fight and the older you get the weight stays on more,"

"I'd fight him wherever, we need to sit down and talk but I'm flexible as long as he's in the ring with me, the fans can get to the fight and the respect's there for me bringing that world title,". "The politics side, I try to keep away from it, but[...]

"It would be ideal to go straight out to camp after Bizier, bring my missus and kids out for a short time and then send them home and get really stuck in. I'll already be fit, it's about keeping them tools sharp. I know Wembley is booked, pencilled [...]

Khan has got no respect for me and that is what makes me want to punch his in the face even harder. For him to dictate terms to me, the champion, makes me laugh. I want that fight, every boxing fan in Britain and beyond wants the fight, even all the[...]

It would kill him losing to me, when he was chasing Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao he could live with losing to them, but he couldn't lose to me and live with it after slagging me off for years.

After chasing Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, losing to me would kill Amir Khan.

"Getting injured for the Diego Chaves fight was gutting, but that's boxing,". "I've been in training since November, all through Christmas and did an 80km bike ride on New Year's Day – I'm well ahead of schedule and I can't wait to be back in and bo[...]

Styles make fights, and Bizier is a come-forward fighter who is coming to take my belt; I know that feeling because I went to California to beat Porter. He's going to bring everything he's got to win the title, I'm going to go in there all guns blaz[...]

If we can't get the kid from Bolton [Amir Khan] then I'd like to get Danny Garcia in a unification, the Shawn Porter vs. Keith Thurman winner, the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley winner – I just want to have a massive fight in the summer.

Chaves is an all-action boxer who always comes to fight, and that is the perfect style for me to shine on October 24. I look forward to putting on an explosive performance and making the U.S. stand up and take notice that I am the best Welterweight[...]

"I'm delighted that my fight with Chaves is going to be shown in the U.S.,". "I was thrilled when I saw my name in the top 10 of the pound-for-pound list in The Ring Magazine, and now is the time that I need to show the fans in the U.S. that I am a [...]

"You don't get to 35-0 by being a rubbish fighter. I'm looking to make a legacy in this game and I want the top boys after this fight, the Bradleys the Pacquiaos, the Khans,". "This is the fight that's going to really propel me into the massive figh[...]

They all have a game plan until they get hit. When he tastes the 'chocolate brownie' right hand, he's gonna know he's in a fight real quick, but he enjoys being in a fight.

We're going to make sure there's no stone unturned, this isn't an easy fight and anyone that thinks it is, is mistaken. You only have to look at Chaves' fights, you'll see that he's never in a dull fight, he always comes to bring the heat, so the Sh[...]

They all have a game plan when they get in with me, they say 'he's slow' but I've got the best jab in boxing and I use my skills to my advantage.

It's been a busy year so far boxing Dan in March and Gavin in May - this will be my third defence in seven months but a busy fighter is a happy fighter and I'm very happy at the moment. I'm looking forward to the next challenge and I'm feeling sharp[...]

I've seen some of Chaves' quotes and it's interesting to see he thinks he can walk me down and over-run me. I don't think some fighters realise how big I am and how sharp and accurate I punch and I'm looking to make a major statement against him. If[...]

"Chaves is a rough, tough, durable fighter who is very dangerous,". "He's bringing something new to the table. He's coming off a draw to Tim Bradley, was ahead on the cards against Brandon Rios until he was disqualified and gave Keith Thurman a soli[...]

I'm so excited about boxing in my home town of Sheffield again. London last time out was a great experience fighting in front of nearly 20,000 but I'm excited to be back there – it is my home. I'm looking to excite like I always do and light up the [...]

"I want a big fight."

"Those fights excite me. Bradley or Vargas, the winner, that's an exciting fight. Pacquiao obviously, I want to be in with the best. It's a small window. I want to fight the best, Pacquiao, Bradley, Mayweather, [Keith] Thurman, all those top fighter[...]

"There are many more things to come from me,"

"Everyone has wanted to see Floyd take on Manny and it will cement his legacy – but only if he stays away from me. You can argue that he will be up there with the legends of the sport, he is there alongside Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar R[...]

"I thought Floyd would win. Manny would have given him more problems a few years ago but I would have still chosen Floyd then too. He is very smart, he can control the pace of a fight and he was in Vegas, so it all swayed to him and being undefeated[...]

"As a fan it's amazing that the fight has been made,"

Right now I am the man to watch in the division. I can't wait till I get back into the ring in my home town again. I know how fortunate I am and I treasure it now. It has changed me. I'm a lucky kid.

"I never expected to be out again so quickly but I can't wait. I respect Frankie for stepping up, he has called for this fight for a long time and after he was given a final eliminator against Tim Bradley it made sense for him to take the challenge.[...]

"I think why not. I'm unbeaten, I'm a world champion and I'll fight anyone. So why not? My title on the line, unifying the division would be a dream come true for me,"

"I'm just so excited to be back from the leg to even be fighting again. There's so much I want to prove. It's just started for me,". "I want to show everyone what I can really do".

"I was laying there. No one could speak English, I was looking down at my leg, I had drips in each arm. I just thought two weeks ago I was at the top of the world and now I'm laying in a hospital bed with my leg tied up,". "I'd just come out of thea[...]

"Now it's no different to the other leg. I can do everything I used to do,"

I was just happy to be alive. This is a new chapter for me.

"We're always bringing in something new, there's a lot of science in boxing. We're doing different things with swimming, we get heart rate monitors on, we're just doing different little things,". "We're seeing benefits from it. We're always chopping[...]

"I've put it behind me. You can't keep thinking about how bad and horrific it was. It'll slow you down. I'll just look into the future and think, 'I'm here, I'm fit.' I'm getting the same, if not better results [in training] as I did for the [Shawn][...]

"Mayweather wins it quite comfortably I believe. I think when you see the build-up to it, when you see Pacquiao with his blistering hand speed and stuff you start questioning it. But just [from] the way that he dealt with [Juan Manuel] Marquez, ever[...]

"I'm there with a belt if you want a unification. He'll be wanting to have all the belts, there'll only be me and one of them two with a belt [in] the hottest division,"

"I'm not looking past JoJo I know he will bring the heat but I want to get this mandatory defence done and then target those mega-fights that are out there in the division. I know he feels he worked so hard to get into the mandatory position just li[...]

"After everything that's happened over the last six months, it feels incredible knowing I will be defending my World title in Sheffield,"

"I want to get this mandatory out of the way and then target those mega fights that are out there in the division. There is no chance that I will be underestimating Jo Jo Dan though as I know how he will be feeling having worked so hard to get into [...]

"I felt in my heart, I knew that night were my night,". "After the final bell had rung, I felt that I had won the fight and when they announced it and in the back of my mind I did feel there was a chance I might get robbed, but something within told[...]

"I'm back in the gym now, the leg's not an issue,"

"It's a massive fight. It's going to be the most money he's ever had in a fight. I am known. I'm a world champion. Everyone in Britain knows who I am. [Like] with Groves-Froch, you don't need to go overseas to bring money in. The numbers brought in [...]

"Whatever you think of me and Khan, I do want him to win this fight because it's England versus America. I do want him to win it, even if we don't fight each other. Let's say he does come through it and he doesn't get the Mayweather fight, the next [...]

He's coming out with every excuse in the book. Bottom line is we need to do it.

I'm devastated right now after being on such a high having achieved my dream of becoming world champion in Los Angeles last month. This is obviously a major setback but the thought of defending my title is what's keeping me positive right now. I wan[...]

"I was out enjoying a night out before returning home to the UK when I was the victim of an unprovoked attack.

"I looked scrappy but did what I had to do,"

I was worried in a way that it wouldn't happen but I was constantly talking to Eddie and the fact is there's no way they could've boxed anyone else for the IBF as I was mandatory. I know nothing is ever nailed on until you are in the ring but I beli[...]

I was 100 per cent confident of beating Devon Alexander but Shawn beat him and beat him well. I have watched him in action; he's determined, aggressive, he comes forward and he wants to win. He possesses power and has all the ingredients of a danger[...]

All the injuries and speculation was frustrating but I was taking it one day at a time and listening to my team around me. They were telling me that my time would come so I kept moving forward and believing in my team and ticking over in fights, and[...]

I have been in camp for about 13 weeks, I've been to America, in Sheffield and over in Spain, no stone has been left unturned for this, no corners cut. I feel great, my weight is great, I'm fuelled up for training and I have never been at a better w[...]

"It feels unbelievable knowing that all my dreams are going to come true in two weeks' time,". "I am focusing on my dream. People have been writing me off but that has just made me push on even more.

"It was good of Paulie to call me up and have a chat,". "He gave me some knowledge about him and we take all that with open arms. I know he'll bring it all because he is up against it. I'm expecting a dog fight, expecting to box and fight, every dif[...]

"I've been through the mill the last 18 months but all that is forgotten now,". "We've got the date and after all the blood, sweat and tears it's going to be worth it and I will prove to all the doubters that I am the real deal on the big stage when[...]

The last few fights have been designed to keep me on track and focused but I have been ready for this world title shot for a long, long time. Funny things can happen in boxing but you have to stay professional, I've had a lot of advice from people w[...]

We have been in training for a long time thinking it was going to be in July, then we thought it was August, then the beginning of September and now we're back to August. I don't know what is going on in their camp and really I don't care, I don't b[...]

I didn't want to fight for a vacant belt, I want to take it from the best. People have doubted that I am the real deal, people say I haven't been tested and as soon as I step up I will get beat; I don't want easy fights – I want the best out there. [...]

"When I first walked into the Ingle gym at nine years old I wanted to be a world champion, I've had some bad luck, everything happens for a reason and it's my time now. The date can't come quick enough for me. Obviously it's been very frustrating. M[...]

"It's been a long road,"

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