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My training has been in a highly classified location, we been keeping everything under wraps and under the hat, so nobody know about that. We don't want to be scaring people off” said Kevin Johnson on this article: Kevin Johnson: 'I was 60 percent for Vitali Klitschko. I'm 100 percent for Anthony Joshua'. This page contains 4 articles quoting Kevin Johnson. Main topics on which Kevin Johnson is quoted are Hughie and Peter. In addition you’ll find 17 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.

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If Pulev thinks he's in for an easy night, he's got another thing coming. I'm no Samuel Peter. I'm not here to lie down and collect a cheuque, I'm here to cause an upset. I'm going to take this boy to school and show the Bulgarians what a Jersey boy[...]

I've been ready for two weeks. Let me tell you this – I've been a pro since 2003, this is the best shape and condition I've ever been in during my whole career.

For the last two years I didn't even train and I didn't even care. The days of hurting my career are over. I blew it by not training and just turning up - but not for this, not for this right here.

"He is a media hype job and let me tell you this, once this dude is out the way I'm going to show you that the future of the heavyweight division is right here,". "I've said it before, I've got the antidote for this guy. It's something all of these [...]

Let me tell you how real it is – this preparation tops Vitali Klitschko preparation - that guy was then the biggest in the world. That was supposed to be your biggest preparation right there. For Vitali I was 60 per cent, this I'm 100 per cent so I [...]

I'm going to give the fans exactly what they deserve, something I've had deep down inside of me. It's taken for someone over here in the UK to bring that out of me. I'm not going to complain.

My training has been in a highly classified location, we been keeping everything under wraps and under the hat, so nobody know about that. We don't want to be scaring people off.

"Anthony Joshua is a tall, long guy, a good boxer with good strength, and Tyson Fury is a tall guy, a better boxer, a smarter guy, with better skills,". "In terms of preparation, it doesn't get better than that.

If you watch Fury over the last three or four years, you'll see the difference. He's just a lot cleverer now and has cut out the stupid stuff. Peter has calmed him down and has got him to use every one of his physical advantages to make fights that [...]

Now he's boxing and using his height and reach beautifully. That demobilises a lot of opponents before he goes in to land the good blows. As Larry Holmes used to say, 'Pick 'em apart from the outside and then, when you go in, lay 'em down.' He's doi[...]

On a scale of one to ten, I give Fury an eight because he has grown and developed. Peter (Fury) has him working on so many different things and you can see the improvements when he steps into the ring. He's a young kid as well. He won't reach his fu[...]

I see a lot of improvement in Fury. He's not doing what he used to do. Before he'd make stupid decisions and give up his size to come in and trade punches. That would allow the other guy to clip him and drop him at times.

Well, I think Hughie is probably looking at Rudenko the same way. He sees him as a guy who is 24-1 and who has been beaten by Lucas Browne. Those are the cold, hard facts. Rudenko is not a world heavyweight champion and he probably never will be. Hu[...]

Some people are surprised he's stepped up so quickly, but I'm not. I always say this to myself: 'If you plan on being the world heavyweight champion, why the hell would you worry about a guy who is 21-0? He's not the heavyweight champion. He means n[...]

"This is no easy walk in the park for Hughie,". "If he gets careless and gets clipped, he could get dropped or worse.

Does Hughie want to be a champion? If he doesn't, this fight will be a struggle on February 21. He may find his level and come unstuck. But if Hughie does want to be a champion – and I'm certain he does – he'll ace this test with flying colours. He'[...]

"It's like a reality television show here,". "When we're not in the gym, we're not in the gym. But when we're in the gym, it's about the gym and it's about training and giving your best. You give everything. There's no time to mess around with any f[...]

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