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Lee Selby has been quoted in 16 different articles. Most recently, Lee Selby has been quoted saying, “[Frampton is] a very good fighter, an elite fighter. Proved himself at elite level, punches very hard, he's got boxing skills. He'll be a great fight. I just want to be involved in the big fights.” in an article called EXCLUSIVE Lee Selby: Carl Frampton fight is bound to happen. This is only one of 52 quotes from Lee Selby. To see more examples Lee Selby’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Lee Selby's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Lee Selby said about Josh Warrington recently and in the past.

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[Frampton is] a very good fighter, an elite fighter. Proved himself at elite level, punches very hard, he's got boxing skills. He'll be a great fight. I just want to be involved in the big fights.

My main focus in on December 9. Come through that okay, I've got my mandatory Josh Warrington. Frampton's signed with Frank Warren. That fight's bound to be made if I come through the first two.

I will give him an educated lesson and then move on!

I can't wait to return to the ring on a huge night of boxing. There's some terrific fighters featuring on the bill but I'll be stealing the show and ending 2017 in style. I will definitely be fighting my mandatory challenger Josh Warrington after I [...]

He doesn't seem very keen on the fight, does he? None of them do.

I'd like a big fight this year but the only guy available is [WBC champion] Gary Russell Jr. So if we can make that fight that'll be great. If not maybe a voluntary and then get one of the big names. As long as I fight before the end of the year I d[...]

I could fight a 12 round fight tomorrow. I'm always fit. Always ready. There's a few people we're working with, a few names. We're trying to finalise a big fight. Just going to wait and see. Now I'm starting to believe I am being avoided. I'm willin[...]

Now I'm starting to believe I am being avoided. I'm willing and ready to fight anybody. No one mentions my name. They don't want it I'm starting to believe. They're all p******.

He's fighting in two weeks' time so we're on the same timeframe so maybe we can do that next if we both get through the fights with wins.

Hopefully I can win this fight and then that frees me up from any mandatory obligations for the next nine months so I can be involved in one of the big super-fights.

I feel I am so ready for the enormous fights and they don't come much bigger than this on a huge card in London in front of the ITV cameras. Barros has only been stopped once in 46 fights so he is clearly a very good, very experienced campaigner. Hi[...]

Everything about Barros says he is top class and his last victory underlines the fact that he is also not afraid to travel. All of this will not help him when we step in the ring on July 15th and there is only the two of us and a referee. I'm determ[...]

It is a fantastic fight night for the fans and one I know they will never forget. All of the fights are top notch and it will be a privilege for me to be boxing on it, successfully defending my world title.

Barros is going to pay, simple as that. I was mucked around last time because he and his team couldn't get their act together and this time, all I can say is, I can't wait. I am absolutely thrilled to be fighting him at last, on a huge bill in Londo[...]

I've never been so up for a fight in my life, not even when I won the world title. This is all about getting me back in the limelight, showing the fans what they have missed and becoming a hero in Wales and the rest of Britain. Barros is in my way a[...]

I have been a worthy IBF world champion and beating a tough customer like Barros will put me in the hot seat for a fight with Carl Frampton or Scott Quigg, or any of the other world champions. Either of those Brits would suit me down to earth. But f[...]

"I just need that one big fight to let everyone know what I'm about,"

"They are just expecting me to come over and get beat by Frampton. That is how they are thinking and this is how they are treating it,"

I'm looking at a lot of options, there's other featherweight world champions who have mentioned my name who would like to fight me so hopefully I get through this ok and we can look at that before maybe looking at the weight above.

They are bringing me over as an opponent. Eddie Hearn made that mistake when he brought me over to fight Martin Lindsay. There was a bit of a shock there. I went over to Belfast into hostile territory and defended my title. The Irish are boxing fans[...]

"It depends how he wants to fight. If he wants to box, it would be a skilful technical boxing match,". "But if it was like the Santa Cruz fight where he liked the tear up, I like a tear up but I try and stay disciplined. If he wants to have a fight [...]

On my day If I box to the best of my ability I believe I can beat them all.

"It's been a dream of mine since I was a young kid to box in a world title fight in Las Vegas, the mecca of boxing,"

"I've seen U.K. fighters like Lennox Lewis, Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe and Amir Khan box in Las Vegas and I always knew that's where I wanted to fight. My mandatory challenger is experienced, dangerous and I will not take him lightly. I've had a str[...]

The excuse is he wants to get married towards the end of August and needs to concentrate on that. I've heard some pretty feeble reasons before for running away from a fight but that's a new one even on me.

The fact is the fight was there to be made, I was more than happy to give him a better than 25 percent stake of the purse as he would not have been my mandatory challenger, but even that didn't bring him to the negotiating table.

There is surely nothing worse than a boxer talking the talk, telling all his fans this is what he wants to happen, then pulling out. It has happened many times before in boxing and unfortunately it has happened again as Josh Warrington is running sc[...]

I will box anyone. I had a tricky first defence in America against a former three-weight world champion in Fernando Montiel. Just days before the Montiel fight I found out one of my closest family friends died, but I am a fighting man and I got into[...]

I was looking forward to the challenge of silencing Warrington's Leeds fans. I would have taken him apart because I belong on a different level to him. To come out publically and say he wants the fight and then when push comes to shove he decides to[...]

Maybe I should have seen this coming Warrington ducked his mandatory Ryan Walsh when he was British champion. Ryan is a good fighter that I defended my British title against in a tough fight. Warrington then relinquished the European title instead o[...]

I feel it is important to watch potential opponents in the flesh, ringside you can get a better understanding of the boxer than on TV. I did the same before I challenged Gradovich for the world title travelling to Omaha to watch him fight Jayson Vel[...]

"Both Mares and Santa Cruz are advised by Al Haymon so I definitely think that I can fight one or both of them over the next 12 months,". "The fight between them will be all action as both are Mexican warriors and I'm still on the fence about who's [...]

"I'm delighted to have signed with Al Haymon and I'm looking forward to boxing in some massive fights ahead". "I'm also pleased to continue with Chris Sanigar, who's been with me since the start of my pro career. It's exciting times ahead and I can[...]

I started at the bottom of the pile, I know what it's like down there.

It's given me some time to focus on my house and get engaged to my girlfriend in Mexico – my batteries are fully recharged and I'm raring to go.

I think it will be a very good fight against Brunker, he's a come forward fighter, busy and will make it difficult for me – but I'm ready for whatever he can bring.

It's another significant step-up for me, but every time I've stepped up a level, I've won titles and delivered – from British, European, Commonwealth and now heading to World level.

Since my last fight I've had some much needed time off. I boxed in Berlin and Leeds in quick succession. To be honest I haven't had a break from camp since the European Title fight against Davide Dieli.

"I'd imagine that they will try and get Lee a couple of defences at home now, give him a few paydays,". "A fight with me I think can be built up and left to a later stage, I'll leave it to Steve Wood [Warrington's manager] and Eddie Hearn to get me [...]

We'll be looking at another year, maybe a couple of years before it happens. I've got to keep winning and he's got to keep the title and we'll go from there.

"I don't drink at all, I don't even eat bad food,"

"I can't remember the last time I had a McDonald's, never mind drinking. I had one drink after I boxed Patrick Okine in Newport [in May 2012]. It's like poison and all the hard work you're putting into your training, you're just wasting it away. The[...]

I can become the best featherweight on the planet.

"We sparred at Mayweathers gym a couple of times and it was competitive and then we sparred again in Eddie Mustapha's H.I.T Factory gym a couple of times. We didn't talk about fighting really, I was Commonwealth champion at the time and he's Austral[...]

"We sparred a couple of years ago when he was 23-0, it was the first time I went to America, so he's only had four fights since,"

I think that this is a tougher fight than facing Gradovich. He's a similar type of fighter but Gradovich doesn't punch as hard as Brunker and he's not as relentless with his pressure either so he'd give me more time to get my shots off and outbox hi[...]

"The plan was to go for the WBC but then this opportunity came up and I had to grab it with both hands,". "That's what I am in the game for, to become a World champion: IBF, WBC, it doesn't matter to me which one I win. They are all World titles and[...]

Joel is a tough customer, he has power in both hands and is the real deal so this is the time for me to prove I can get to the top and stay there. I have made my hard fights look easy recently, if I had stood and had a fight with them I might have m[...]

I was in Spain sparring with Kiko ahead of his World title fight with Carl Frampton. I did 30-odd rounds with him and he punches really hard. I am going to go flat out tonight, I had a week off after the last fight and I've been in the gym since the[...]

Gradovich seems to be fighting in Macau, I'd love to go out there to fight; I'd enjoy it. It's nice to have home advantage but if you're good enough you're going to win anyway. Kell Brook proved that in California. It could set up a big money fight,[...]

"This is the one to see if I really am a good fighter or I'm over-hyped like some people have been saying,". "I believe that on my day I can beat anyone. If I can take my best into the ring, I don't think there's a featherweight out there that can l[...]

"I've gone from small hall shows to final eliminator, one fight away from fighting for a world title,". "There's a buzz back in Wales and hopefully I can take that forward and become the next Welsh world champion.".

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