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The question still remains how much Wladimir has left? How much of the true Wladimir is left? Or have we not seen the best? This fight may bring out the best in Wladimir.” said Lennox Lewis on this article: Lennox Lewis breaks down Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko. This page contains 14 articles quoting Lennox Lewis. Main topics on which Lennox Lewis is quoted are Klitschko and Anthony Joshua. In addition you’ll find 42 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.

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I wanted to get rid of all the misfits and this was the last misfit.

It's really taking everything he's got. It really comes down to defence. Establishing the jab, when Anthony's coming at him, whether he's throwing the right hand or the jab, it's blocked, you never allow him to hit until it goes into the late rounds.

I look at Wladimir's losses, when he lost, he lost twice because of the first round his lost. And then I noticed throughout his career he remembered those losses and didn't allow that to happen again. But now he's up against a stronger man than him,[...]

Because I didn't have no training for his size and weight, when I hurt him he lumped on me. He was heavy. I had to push him off and throw punches again. So that's the part I didn't train for. If we'd had another fight I would have trained for that. [...]

He hasn't done it in any of his fights and you can't expect him to go into the most important fight of his life to do it. That's where the experience comes in. If Wladimir uses his experience there are a lot of things he can do to slow the younger m[...]

He's been fighting because he wants to be undisputed. But now the undisputed has gone even further away from him. He's up to 70 fights. It's going to be difficult. Maybe he can't get undisputed now but at least he can go out with a win.

I don't think he wants to believe that [he's old]. I don't think he'll fall into that. I think he would want to go out with a win. Although they seem like they're friends and everything it's all the psychology surrounding the fight that they seem li[...]

The question still remains how much Wladimir has left? How much of the true Wladimir is left? Or have we not seen the best? This fight may bring out the best in Wladimir.

Could he go on to be better than me? I don't think so… It's difficult for me to say another man is better than me.

As he goes on he will learn them but his trainers need to understand that too because each fight for him is a learning curve.

"I think he's developed quite well. Obviously boxing's in his blood, it's coming from his dad and he wants to be great as well, he wants to be a champion. So he's done it very well, I love his boxing style, he's got a good right hand, I love the way[...]

"It's always hard because people expect a lot from you,". "There's no pressure on him. We create our own pressure. He doesn't seem like any pressure is bothering him right now. He's pretty focused, he knows what he wants to do and he just has to go [...]

"This fight will be very interesting. Chris Eubank Jr. is a lot like his dad, who I came up in boxing with. In fact, the first time I saw Chris was at their house where his dad was training him. The legacy has been handed down". "As for the trainer [...]

A trainer can see little things, as an extra set of eyes, that you may not be able to see yourself in the heat of battle. Emanuel Steward wasn't my cheerleader or motivational support. He taught me strategy, he pointed out and corrected bad habits. [...]

"I'm looking forward to this fight. Eubanks Jr. is a showman in the ring. He's aggressive, throws high volumes of punches and is very elusive. He's a great athlete and his physical conditioning is never a question. I expect him to come in and be him[...]

I think the last name is something he's trying to live up to, and maybe even do better than his dad, and that has motivated him into becoming the world class fighter that he is now.

"Even though he has the title, with so few fights, Quinlan has kind of been in a bubble fighting in Australia. This fight will really let us know if he's the truth and really belongs in the conversation on the world stage". "There's a lot of questio[...]

I can't say I know much about Quinlan but he's the champ and there's a reason for that so, even though Eubanks may be a bigger name, you can't take him lightly.

I think Chris is making a mistake in that regard to reduce a trainer down to someone who is just pushing him to be fit. A good trainer is so much more than that, and can make a big difference between adding a win to your record or suffering a loss, [...]

"You look at his last two fights at light-heavyweight [versus Sullivan Barrera and Alexander Brand], they weren't really impressive but I think he was just getting used to light-heavyweight, and boxing at that weight, being the smaller man.

Now he's boxing the champion. That is difficult for most guys to do, but if there's one person who can do it, it's him. His gameplan should be trying to get in on Kovalev, shorten the distance and use angles, and punch when Kovalev is punching. He's[...]

"I think it's going to be chess match. Kovalev is great in his weight class, and I think Andre Ward is actually biting off a tall order, in the sense that he's moving up in weight, the guy is bigger than him,"

I like Ward as a disciplined fighter, he can win on points. You don't see those kind of fighters anymore that take their training serious, that take boxing serious. He doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke, he doesn't party, he's a family man and all h[...]

"I can 100 per cent relate to why Klitschko wants Fury,". "Heavyweight boxing is at a stalemate in one sense. We want to see good fights, we want to see the best against the best but that's not happening.".

"This Eric Molina guy who Joshua is fighting? Okay, any guy that steps in the ring is dangerous but I fail to see what he can do in this fight,". "What's the point of it? If it's a night out for the fans, to take their friends, well, it's going to b[...]

"He doesn't want to take a fight with Joshua, he wants his titles back. He wants the man that beat him, that's who he was planning to fight. The fact that Joshua stepped in the picture, I think he should take that fight. He was training for a tall g[...]

"Klitschko wants Tyson Fury back in the ring but he's not able to so they're trying to push Joshua at him,"

Was it too early for Joshua? Maybe not, because Klitschko's armour has a chink in it. He's been beaten and he can be beaten again. If they do fight, I think Anthony Joshua has a good chance. But is it too early? That's the question and if you ask me[...]

"I saw Howard fighting Joppy when I was in my dressing room,". "I saw him drop Joppy with a right hand. I heard Joppy said he was going to make Howard's white beard red, but Howard showed him.".

All that really matters is who wins when we get in the ring and no amount of talking is going to make a difference.

"I WAS doing all of the work in there,". "That's what hype can do for a boxer when he doesn't have the talent. Tua has a great chin, but he has to remember that you need more than a left hook.".

"I REALISE who I have in front of me,". "I realise Tua is powerful, but also that he hasn't done anything to prepare for me. There is no one who can emulate me. When he steps into the ring he'll say, 'Whoa, what have I gotten myself into?".

"I wanted to get rid of all the misfits and this was the last misfit."

Ali has always been an enormous inspiration to me, not only in my boxing career, but also in life. His journey began 74 years ago, and in that time, he not only transformed the world of sport, he used sport to transform the world.

"Amir still has his amateur style,". "He took that into the professionals and he's doing well with it. It's a unique style. He throws piston-like punches. That really helps him in the pros. He's firing on all guns and that's an advantage for him.".

"Mentally, if you can come back from those sort of losses, it makes you stronger and he's not been knocked out since [Garcia],". "Absolutely he can take a punch. The first thing you hear when you get knocked down is you've got a suspect chin.".

"I'm honestly at a loss. I just heard Tyson Fury calling me out again because I apparently 'hate him and am jealous of him'. Neither are true and just when I thought we squashed anything between us, I hear his interview,"

For a man that has battled and fought very hard to get the respect he deserves, it's seems to me that he missed the most important lesson ... that it's a two way street.

"Nonetheless, he's done nothing for me to be jealous of nor do I hate him. I'm actually starting to think it's the other way around. In my prime, I didn't call out retired champions. In my era, we respected them. Ali is my idol. If he picked Holyfie[...]

It seems to me that Tyson Fury has a lot to say, except when he's in my face. I had dinner with him the night before his win over Klitschko and it was all very cordial and the next day he even apologised for the things he's said.

I thought we were good so you can imagine my surprise to hear this interview today. I'm honestly not sure if he's got two personalities or what.

"I've found myself in the same place as ‪Ronda Rousey and I used it to regain focus and motivation. She must learn from it AND improve [her] game plan!". "Ronda's boxing skills were exposed as almost amateurish by a true pugilist who found she could[...]

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