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The latest quote from Liam Smith is: “If Canelo decides to defend his belt I think I could do a million times better against him in a rematch. It was well publicised that I had the worst training camp of my career heading into that fight. He's a World class fighter and I want to test myself against elite fighters. If not, there are huge fights against the likes of Miguel Cotto out there for me. First and foremost I have to beat Liam Williams on April 8th.”. It comes from the Liam Smith and Liam Williams will fight for WBO title article. You’ll find on this page 11 articles with Liam Smith quoted on topics such as Williams and Canelo. Liam Smith has been quoted 30 times in 11 articles.

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I do think it will gel well, I think it will be very, very competitive, especially early on. I think Liam Williams is a good fighter. Experience will play its part. I think he knows what he's in for. Don't be surprised if they leave it in the gym… T[...]

I'm delighted that Frank has delivered this opportunity. I'd like to thank my management team and the WBO President Francisco 'Paco' Varcarcel for keeping faith in me. I said I would be a World Champion again in 2017 and this is my opportunity. The [...]

If Canelo decides to defend his belt I think I could do a million times better against him in a rematch. It was well publicised that I had the worst training camp of my career heading into that fight. He's a World class fighter and I want to test my[...]

After the fight everyone will see why I should have been the clear favourite. Believe me, I'm going to beat Liam Williams.

"We're both in the top five with the WBO,". "So I think if Canelo was to vacate then I think the WBO would accept it for the vacant title. That's an added incentive, if it's for a world title. But it's a fight I'm massively confident of winning.".

"The experience of being in that ring I know is going to stand me in good stead and it's going to help me massively."

Patterson is very slick and has quick hands and excellent movement. Trouble is, he's not a puncher in the slightest. Far too much was made of his stoppage win over Ryan Aston who was very fragile at light-middle. Ryan boxed his whole amateur career [...]

But I'm not sure Patterson is capable of executing that. I expect it to start out cagily but then a good fight should break out. While Williams was under par against Corcoran, he ticked some crucial boxes; proved his fitness and showed he carries hi[...]

If I was with the Patterson camp, I'd be advising Ahmet to use his movement, constantly off setting Williams so that he can't land his jab. He needs to make matters as awkward as possible, nick a few early rounds and force the home fighter to become[...]

Psychologically, we've still to see what Williams is like if things start going against him, especially if he's fighting in away territory.

In his defence against Gary Corcoran, he showed he's not the hardest to catch and he can easily be dragged away from his game plan. He stopped listening to Gary Lockett. He's got a big set of balls, I'll give him that, but that could prove his downf[...]

I think Williams could have some sort of future at world level if they can get him the right fights. He could probably beat [Germany's WBA interim champion] Jack Culcay but the other champions at 154 right now are pretty tough. To get to them, he'd [...]

Williams is big at the weight, very solid looking and has a good jab and straight right hand. His accuracy is good and he does the basics well but there's not too much variety. He's certainly not this massive one punch knockout artist they're trying[...]

For me, Williams has a big edge in experience and he really needs to capitalise on that from the start. He needs to let Patterson know that he's the champion and remind Patterson that he's a long way from home. He needs to assume ring centre and ram[...]

In the recent past, Williams was mandatory for my British title for about a year but always said he wasn't ready. Now he's talking about world titles, he needs to be prepared to face all comers. If he comes through next Saturday, we'd both have two [...]

Presently, I'm without a title and if I've no other offers presented, the winner of this is one I might ask for.

The last time he was under 154 he was dead on his feet [against Floyd Mayweather in 2013], but he was against the best fighter in the world. We'll see.

"He looked like he looked yesterday [at the press conference],". "He shouldn't be applauded for making weight, that's what he's supposed to do. If he struggled to make weight I'll break it out of him.

I don't have to stop him, I am confident I can win on points if it comes to that. If I have negative thoughts like that about the judges, then that means I already have negative thoughts about the fight. I don't, I'm positive. I am the B-side but I'[...]

"This is the fight that -- if I could pick a style of a fighter, it would be similar to Canelo's style. I always wanted a Canelo fight, a Cotto fight. A style like that is what I prefer to fight. This fight can only be a great fight. There's no way [...]

It's going to be give and take. Canelo's going to have his moments. I'm not saying he's not. But I'm going to have my moments. It will come down to they can finish off their moments and finish the fight the best. So it's one that I'm looking forward[...]

"My mindset with that is I always know the arguments over the ring boards and stuff like that. I'm not stupid. I know on paper I'm the B-side of this fight. Canelo's the big name. It's always Canelo, and it's Mexican Independence Day, so I know that[...]

"When I beat Canelo, my next fight will be Canelo again, because I know they will throw everything back. They overlooked me, and I know after September 17, the excuses are going to come. So I know they're going to do what they can to get the rematch[...]

So this fight, I know I am the champion, but there doesn't have to be a belt on the line for me. I took this fight. I'm not in a situation where I have nothing to lose in this fight. I've got a title to lose. So I've taken this fight because it's an[...]

We are coming very prepared for this fight, and I'm coming to win.

"2016 is going to be an even better year for me,". "2015 was an unforgettable year, I got a shot at the world title and then defended it against a tough opponent in Jimmy Kelly but this year is going to be even more special.

"I was gutted to miss out fighting on the massive Flanagan versus Mathews bill but my body has had a good rest and now I'm looking forward to making my home return. Winning and defending my first ever world title in Manchester was an incredible expe[...]

"There's no better crowd to fight in front of. I'm a proud Liverpudlian and the Echo Arena holds many happy memories for me. I won the WBA Continental title against Zoltan Sera there back in 2014 and then beat David Romero to take the WBO Inter-Cont[...]

I'm in this sport to face the best and if the opportunity presents itself I would love to unify the titles against the very best in my division. Fans deserve to see the best fights and having all the champions face each other makes sense. I believe [...]

"It's exciting times for me and my family,"

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