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The latest quote from Luke Campbell is: “It was hard for me. I was close to my dad. All the family was together at home and I was on my own, no one around me. I'm glad people had comfort at home but I feel bad because I wanted to be with my dad. I've been telling myself he went because he wanted to be with me.”. It comes from the Luke Campbell had to cope with death of father ahead of world title fight article. You’ll find on this page 17 articles with Luke Campbell quoted on topics such as Hull and August. Luke Campbell has been quoted 48 times in 17 articles.

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If someone had found out I would have denied it. I didn't want Linares' camp thinking it was a weakness. I didn't want them thinking I was hurt. The only thing that kept me going is I know what my dad would have wanted for me. To fight and to win. I[...]

It was hard for me. I was close to my dad. All the family was together at home and I was on my own, no one around me. I'm glad people had comfort at home but I feel bad because I wanted to be with my dad. I've been telling myself he went because he [...]

I had a lot to deal with in the last two weeks. All the people writing me off, the negativity and in the background my dad died. I think I shut a lot of mouths and I thought I actually won the fight. I think I did my dad proud, I think we showed how[...]

From then I had double-vision in one eye for the rest of the fight.

I got off to a rocky start, he hit me with a nice clean shot in the second round, caught me on the eye and cut it. I wasn't dazed or anything like that, just a nice shot that put me on my back.

Don't get me wrong I've had a look at him, but it's not about what he's going to do. It's about me. You've got to think about yourself and about what you're going to do.

It's brutal definitely. Sometimes you see a fair few fights breaking out in sparring. I don't even care anymore, it's quite normal. Just had a good variation. I've been sparring Cubans, pros, world champions, amateur Cubans, Colombians, just a good [...]

Because he's the best. He's the best champion out there. I'm not doing this the easy way. We're travelling to his back garden, challenging the champion, in front of his crowd, on his show. But we're confident in ourselves. We get the win, it's going[...]

We got out of Miami before they came about. We got out in time so we were lucky really.

I'm not doing things the easy well. My preparation was great. Training in Miami was great, very hot over there. Having the pressure of the climate on top of you. I've worked hard, we've had some great sparring all to prepare for this fight. I'm feel[...]

It's an honor to be fighting Jorge Linares for the WBA World title and WBC Diamond titles in one of the biggest fights in the division. I've worked my way from Olympic champion to the No.1 spot in the WBA and WBC rankings, and I feel now is the time[...]

This is the fight of my career so far and I'm so excited to be boxing on this huge night at Wembley. I feel like I've been improving with every performance and believe now that I'm ready for a shot at the world title. Darleys Perez is by far my toug[...]

I like the idea of the British and I like the idea that the British fighting fans can get involved with it as well. They know both sides of the fight and it just makes a good atmosphere. When I boxed Tommy Coyle in Hull, everybody, all the British b[...]

"I'd love the British title. I'd like that belt. I think it's a great route,". "Again for my city of Hull, no one's ever won it. So it would be nice to write history yet again, get both belts and then just keep moving on, pushing forward and picking[...]

"A big win at The O2 will be the perfect end to a great year for me,". "Beating Tommy in the huge show in Hull in the summer was great, but this fight with Mendy is massive for me before moving towards a World title fight in 2016.

Yvan has bags of experience and has mixed at a high level and gave Postol and Tatli 12 hard rounds, so it's going to be a real test for me and one that I need with an exciting year ahead of me in the brilliant Lightweight division.

I feel like I'm ready to push for World honours in 2016 and we are looking for a highly ranked opponent for Dec 12 at the O2. The domestic scene is buzzing at 135lbs and I'm confident I can capture that World title next year.

"I've had a solid rest since the Coyle fight and my camp is just getting underway for December 12,". "August 1 was a great night for boxing in Hull and I'm pleased I managed to get the rounds under my belt in that fight.

"He fights to his ability."

"I spent some time in the gym, trained alongside him," "I think he's one of the best boxers in the world pound-for-pound."

"I've been here before. I know how to keep calm,"

As soon as this fight's finished I'll be on the move, on the way up. I'm sure my team's got interesting stuff planned that we can move forward and start fighting in a lot bigger fights.

My dream is to capture the British public's eye. I want to entertain them and give them good fights.

"This fight's been on the horizon now for the past year. I'm expecting a full house August 1. I'm expecting 20,000. I think it'll be great.

"I don't take anyone for granted. You could say Brizuela was more of a threat, more of an awkward opponent than Tommy Coyle because he's quicker, he's got better movement and he's been the distance a fair few times and boxed for a world title. Now t[...]

"It's crazy but all those years of sacrifice and hard work, it's paying off. People can see that now. No one was never there when I was working and grafting hard and performing well when I was in the amateurs. But people can actually see what I'm do[...]

"Linares is probably the best in the division right now,". "I watched the Mitchell-Linares fight at the O2, it was cracking fight. I'm gutted for Kevin, I really wanted Kevin to do the business. I was gutted for him. It's boxing, he's a warrior, he'[...]

"You've just got to get on with it,"

I'm excited about it. My family are happy that I'm boxing. I think everyone's just excited about it. It's a bit of normality.

"He's one of my favourite fighters. I think he's the best fighter on the planet,"

"When I went back on the show, everybody started buying tickets again and it showed that I've got a real loyal support from fans which is really nice to know,". "I'm excited to get back.".

"It's a good switch off that's for sure,". "It's a good switch off and gives me something to focus on. And knowing that everyone wants me to keep doing what I'm doing, is a good thing.

"After a period in intensive care, my Dad has now been moved to Dove House Hospice and I feel it's important that I spend every second possible with my family,". "I hope that the fans understand my decision and I shall be back in action soon.".

"We both have the utmost respect for one another but through the city of Hull we are both loved and supported and the fight is being talked about a lot here. Our job is to entertain the fans and for the business and entertainment side of things, we [...]

"It's a great win for me,"

"He had a very elusive and awkward style and I hit him with some cracking shots in the first round and he just nodded to say, 'OK, let's have some more'. He's a tough, tough customer so I had to nullify that and to get him out of there in five, I'm [...]

"He was coming to win, has a very good record and is very experienced,". "For me to go in there and do that I am really happy with myself.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with the crowd and the support I have got here tonight. Hopefully I can come back and put on another great performance in Hull.

We'll soon see what I'm made of.

"They're trying to build a fight with Tommy Coyle for the Hull showdown. It makes sense from a business point of view. We're two Hull fighters at the end of the day and I think it would be great for the city. I think they're looking at that for next[...]

"Why rush something that could be massive for the city? That fight, Eddie [Hearn]'s a fantastic promoter, when he promotes a show, he will promote that show fantastically and it would be a massive occasion for Hull. You can't rush something like tha[...]

I wasn't on form. Each performance now is getting better and better as you'll see.

"[Woodruff] wasn't a very good performance for me whatsoever. I'd overtrained as well for that fight, which was my mistake because I'd been out for a few months, I wasn't focused and mentally on it as I should have been,". "I still went in there and[...]

"It's going to be a good fight, the fans are happy about it,". "It's going to be a test for me.

"It was the whole experience of traveling abroad, being on a different show, having to go through the different medicals and experience outside boxing in the heat. It was boiling hot, that in itself was a little learning experience. It's having to d[...]

"Tommy and I have been friends for a long time, we've known each other for over a decade, we trained together as kids, but this is the sport we're in, it's the entertainment business and we can put our friendship to one side for a night to put on a [...]

"We both have tough fights on Saturday but if we keep winning then we can be looking at a massive outdoor show at the KC Stadium, which will be great for boxing fans and for the people of Hull,"

"This is a big step-up for me but one I feel that I am ready for,". "Brizuela's fight with Coyle was unbelievable and I know I am in for a serious night's work, but I'm 7-0 now and with more rounds under my belt in September, I'm confident I can lan[...]

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