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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Manny Pacquiao is associated, including Philippines and Senate. Most recently, Manny Pacquiao has been quoted saying: “It is good to fight in a country that you haven't fought in before and to give a chance to Jeff – he is undefeated and it is good to give him a chance. He has earned it. He is a mandatory challenger.” in the article There are no tomorrows if I don’t win’.

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Manny Pacquiao quotes

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I love this sport and until the passion is gone, I will continue to fight for God, my family, my fans and my country.

It is good to fight in a country that you haven't fought in before and to give a chance to Jeff – he is undefeated and it is good to give him a chance. He has earned it. He is a mandatory challenger.

We have a really good plan for this fight. We worked hard in training camp both in Manila and in General Santos City. I'm totally focused for this fight. I am not looking past Jeff Horn because at this point in my career, every fight is the most imp[...]

That's why for this training camp we worked hard, because I know what he is feeling. Being there, being the underdog. We've had a good training camp for the fight. My team are very happy with our training.

He's a teacher. Also I'm a teacher in the ring so….

If there's a chance, why not? I'm willing but let's focus first on this fight. We don't want to underestimate Horn thinking about another fight. This fight is not done yet. I just focused on this fight, not anything on future fights or future plans.

I'm surprised the fight was so easy. He was wide open for the right hook. I knew he would be looking for my left.

I'm so excited to show my speed and quickness, like I did in those early days of my boxing career. I want to get back the hunger and aggression that I had when I was young. I love to fight undefeated fighters like Algieri.

"I'm not a robot. I'm human. To fight twice a year is hard for me, how much if I fight four times a year? It's going be impossible."

I think it's time to say something. The people deserve that fight. The fans deserve that fight. I think it's time to make that fight happen.

"The fans deserve that fight. It's time to step up and say yes,"

Our focus was to try to finish the fight early. But Algieri is a very tough opponent, in his last fight with Ruslan [Provodnikov], he showed his toughness. But I did my best. I knocked him down many times, six times, but still he kept fighting.

"I blocked a lot of his punches. Marquez is a counter-puncher, that's the way it is."

"It took discipline to manage my time effectively," "to balance my training camp and my Senatorial duties. I feel good. Every day I was able to get in all my training. I ran every morning and did my strength and conditioning with Justin Fortune. I w[...]

"I am now well-rested. I arrived in U.S. on Saturday evening and today I feel I have recovered from my jetlag. I sparred six rounds yesterday [Tuesday with Ray Beltran]. I will spar Thursday, Saturday and Monday before driving to Las Vegas,"

"We have three different plans for Jessie Vargas. My first concern is for the fans; that the people who are going to watch the fight will be happy and satisfied. I want this to be a fight for fans to remember.

"Public service is my calling but boxing is my passion. I realised this summer I was not ready to retire from the ring,"

"I made history when I became the first congressman to win a world title and now that the good people of the Philippines have elected me to the Senate I want to make more history by becoming the first senator to win a world title. I promised the vot[...]

"My opponent is bigger than me but that doesn't matter – I am not disappointing the fans that I have and I did my best. I work hard in the fight and in training and I have proven that to the fans."

"It is all about discipline and time management,". "Boxing is my passion and public service is my calling. I will continue to travel both roads as long as I can do both effectively. I dedicate the fights I take on to my fans and my countrymen. They [...]

"HBO has been helping me many years ago. It helped me a lot. It just happened that when HBO gave us a time and date for the fight, I'm not available for that. It conflicted with my job in the Senate. I picked this date and they're not available. The[...]

"I have to wait for the recess in the session,"

"How can you fight a shark in the ocean? But if you fight the shark on dry land,"

"He doesn't have concern for the fans. His concern is only for money. My concern is not only for money, making money from the fans or the people, but is how I entertain the people, how I entertain the fans. Of course paying your money for the fight,[...]

"Yes, the fight is on. I have agreed to a November 5 fight with reigning WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas,". "Boxing is my main source of income. I can't rely on my salary as a public official. I'm helping the family of my wife and my own fam[...]

My entire training camp will be held here in the Philippines so I can attend to my legislative work. This is my campaign promise and I'm determined to keep it.

"I'm surprised the fight was so easy,". "He was wide open for the right hook. I knew he would be looking for my left.".

I am not closing the door and I am not committing to it – I am thinking about it.

That is one thing, it is good to have a long layoff in boxing – I feel fresh and new and I feel good now when I train every day. I really enjoyed this training camp.

I cannot say right now that I am going to retire. I don't want to say that because I don't know what the feeling is when you leave boxing. I will give it great thought when I return home.

My mind right now says to retire, but we don't know.

Right now I have been working on my right hand and my right hook which is very good. My left hand is still good, but my right shoulder is healed and that is good, because I can use it with real power.

We had a lot of time to exercise for this fight. We had a lot of time to train and all I can say is training camp was great and I am ready for the fight and everything is great.

"The shoulder is good. Feeling 100% better,"

"I'm excited to get to this training camp because I've been resting almost one year, eight months,"

"I'm fine. It's God's work,". "I never saw a doctor. I never did rehab. All I did was to swim in the sea as often as I could. The salt water healed my wound.".

I thought I was up in the fight, so that's why I didn't attack harder in the 11th and 12th rounds.

"He didn't do nothing,"

"I hope I can have a conversation with Floyd after the fight about my faith in God and how we can inspire the children who are supporting us,"

"Thank you for being here to witness a historic fight on Saturday. I really appreciate that,". "My confidence is there 100 percent. I can do all thing through Christ.".

"Don't be nervous on Saturday," "I'm going to win the fight in the ring so relax". "I'm so excited for Saturday. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers".

'It is time for Floyd to lose.'.

"Style wise, I am the same fighter I was five years ago. My determination, inspiration and killer instinct is the exact same as it was five or six years ago,"

"I have a lot of sparring partners that are similar to Floyd's fighting style, we have done well. We know what to expect,". "I have watched tape on Floyd to make sure that our strategy and technique in training camp is correct.".

"The reason I am so loved by fans is because of my reckless style of fighting. People like exciting fights with actual punches being thrown."

I feel very excited for the fight.

"My entire career defines my legacy," "I have already accomplished great achievements in my career while excelling in different weight divisions. This fight is an additional achievement in my career; it's the biggest fight in boxing history.

"More people are interested and informed about this fight now than they would've been five years ago,"

For me, boxing is my passion. I enjoy boxing and giving honor to my country of the Philippines. My concern is to bring an exciting fight to my fans. My first concern going into every fight is how will I be able to entertain my fans, give them enjoym[...]

"Thank you @nickvujicic for visiting us tonight,". "You inspire me to be thankful and to love the Lord more everyday.".

"Thank you to all the fans and especially the Filipino people who are always supporting me,". "They're watching now live on TV, some of them are here and I would like to thank Freddie Roach for being very nice to us, Team Pacquiao, being nice to me [...]

"The most important thing is the name of the Lord and the name of the Lord will be glorified. I want to let the people know that there is God who can raise someone from nothing into something. That's me, that's me, I came from nothing into something[...]

"I believe this is what you've been waiting for since five years ago,". "The fight is on and I know you're very excited. We're both of us undergoing hard training for this fight and we will do our best on May 2 to make you happy.".

"I'm here to prove that I can easily beat the undefeated,". "My footwork and hand combinations will be my advantage. I tell you [Miguel] Cotto and [Antonio] Margarito punch hard. This is boxing and it's about punches.".

I want them to experience, so they can meet hungry families…So they will not mistreat other people or treat other people different.

"I can say [this will be] one of the most important fights in my career,". "[It] has been five years in the making…and finally it's happening. I think the fans deserve it.".

It is an honor to be part of this historic event. I dedicate this fight to all the fans who willed this fight to happen and, as always, to bring glory to the Philippines and my fellow Filipinos around the world.

"[The fight] is near,". "The negotiations are nearly finished. We agreed that this fight has to happen. We are ironing out the kinks. He [Mayweather] said he wants the fight to push through.".

"He gave his number to me and said we will communicate with each other,"

"If you really care about the fans, you will fight,". "If you care about yourself... you won't fight.".

"I can easily beat Floyd Mayweather, I believe that,"

We encourage all parties to sit down and make it happen, just as the Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson fight, which seemed impossible to be put together, they all sat down and made it happen. That fight was aired PPV by all platforms, from Showtime and HBO.

"We will make an announcement before the end of the month,". "I think it [the fight] will happen.".

"Mayweather can get the amount he wants,". "Money is not an issue in our fight.".

"I came to fight,". "We started training camp several weeks earlier. We worked on the heavy bag. More than we have in many, many year. Algieri was fast moving and no I was not surprised he kept getting up because that's what he did against Ruslan Pr[...]

It's an honour to fight an undefeated fighter.

"I'm so excited to show my speed and quickness, like I did in those early days of my boxing career. I want to get back the hunger and aggression that I had when I was young,". "I love to fight undefeated fighters like Algieri.

"Many people consider those fights some of my best, so why not go back down if that is where the bigger and better fights are going to be fought?,"

"I believe good faith negotiations could produce that fight. But it is impossible to negotiate when you are the only one sitting at the table. Two fighters who want to fight each other have never been kept from fighting each other,"

"The reason we are fighting this fight at 144 pounds is because I wanted to see how I performed at a lower weight. If I do well, I could easily fight at 140 for my next fight. 140 is the weight I walk around at when I'm not training for a fight. So [...]

"I do have one specific goal and that is to give the boxing fans the fight they have always asked for - I want the fight too"

I could be faster than when I fought at welterweight and super welterweight and if my power remains the same, I may be able to score more knockouts at lower weights. I weighed 138 when I knocked out Ricky Hatton, 142 when I stopped Oscar De La Hoya [...]

"As I have said before, boxing is my passion and public service is my calling. As I approach my title defence against Chris Algieri I have found that my passion for boxing has increased. I do not feel old,"

I believe that it's going be an exciting fight on Sunday. All I can say is it's all set. We did our best training. My team are very happy with this training camp and also very happy because we remember and we see the battles of the old days, when I [...]

"They're very good sparring mates and we did a lot in training for this fight,". "You are part of this fight. You helped me a lot. So thank you for being part of this fight.

"I don't want to be careless in the fight,". "I don't want to get careless but what I'm trying to show is the old days, the old days of my career.

"I have to use my speed. Speed and power,". "Co-ordination, footspeed and handspeed.".

We cannot go into the fight thinking about the knockout. A knockout will not change the result of the fight as long as we get the win. What we are trying to do right now is to get the focus in training and for the fight that people want to see. Chri[...]

"Floyd Mayweather's testimony to the commission on All Access' authenticity tells me everything I need to know about his desire to fight me,"

I don't think so, no. I'll be having my own camp, with my own sparring partners. I've already started training actually. I will step it up on September 1st, but I'm already getting myself ready.

"There's a big possibility that I will run for Senator. UNA (United Nationalist Alliance party) asked me to join its slate and I am grateful they picked me."

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