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Mick Hennessy has most recently been quoted in an article called 'There was no way Tyson Fury could go into the fight with Wladimir Klitschko'. Mick Hennessy said, “It's essential now that Tyson gets the correct medical professional treatment for the injury and then we can then look to announce the new date”. Mick Hennessy has been quoted a grand total of 18 times in 9 articles.

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Hughie is an exceptional talent who has been underestimated in his career. I know that the bigger the fight and the bigger the occasion, Hughie will rise to that challenge and Parker will bring out the very best in him. We're under no illusions, thi[...]

There was no way Tyson could go into the fight against Wladimir Klitschko less than 100 percent fit.

I feel for the fans who have purchased tickets and for the BoxNation viewers who were looking forward to this summer blockbuster, but we will put all our efforts into making sure Tyson fully recovers and then get the rematch back on.

It's essential now that Tyson gets the correct medical professional treatment for the injury and then we can then look to announce the new date.

You just know whenever you try and sell him – not even sell him as I shouldn't have to – as long as he's been a pro, if anybody couldn't see what incredible potential he had as an amateur when he turned over, they know nothing about boxing.

I didn't think there would be prejudice, maybe that's naïve. People warned me about it. All I can say is, I've experienced a lot of prejudice around him and it's wrong.

"We have long considered Hughie Lewis Fury to be one of the hottest young talents in world boxing – a future superstar of the sport – and it's encouraging to know other people in boxing are now realising what we have known and been saying since day [...]

"Myself and Bernd Boente [head of the Klitschko management group] are actually speaking three or four times a day every day. It's been very, very tricky with dates, venues, TV dates and we are trying to find the best venue and best day to do it and [...]

"It could well be. It could be any of those months right now depending on venue and TV date, it could be May, June, it could even be July. Both fighters have got to be prepared for when we push the button,". "There's not a lot of flexibility with th[...]

"Tyson would do that in a heart beat, but his prior obligations, he's got big obligations now, he's got big commitments, he's got huge fights, huge money on the line, so once all them things are out the way, Tyson's capable of anything. It wouldn't [...]

"If it's for this WBC title [Hughie] will be going to towards Deontay Wilder but any of them, Peter's said he's ready. If the circumstances are right, if the deal's right, he is ready for any of them, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Charles Martin, [...]

He's had a few obstacles in his way, health and stuff. Once Peter got to the bottom of it and ironed those out, he's been getting so good, fight by fight, camp by camp, we're seeing something very special.

"Am I relaxed about it? No,". "I'm concerned, yes, because until I actually see the right gloves and Tyson tries them on, I'm concerned.".

"I felt there was something badly wrong. That's where it all escalated from. We're happy to wear Paffen gloves but they've got to fit, it's a health and safety issue and no one wants Tyson getting his thumb banged up and having to pull out of this f[...]

"Everlast, in under 24 hours have sent a whole parcel of different gloves to choose from. So if there are any problems, and the gloves that they've promised haven't been honoured, there's a parcel of Everlast gloves here. Delivered it in under 24 ho[...]

"We agreed to wear Paffen gloves, but the agreement is we'll wear Paffen gloves but they've got to fit properly,"

"For five weeks, the first gloves you gave him, he tried to get his hands used to them, he couldn't. Then we informed you he needed another pair of gloves. You've had a few weeks with these new prototypes... There's a health and safety issue. The gl[...]

"I'm proud to be involved,"

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