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The latest quote from Nathan Cleverly is: “Well done to the new champ Badou Jack. Thank you for the opportunity to fight on this event. Also, a massive shout out to those that have supported me over the years. I've lived it and loved every second of the sport.”. It comes from the Nathan Cleverly retires article. You’ll find on this page 7 articles with Nathan Cleverly quoted on topics such as Braehmer, Fonfara and form. Nathan Cleverly has been quoted 19 times in 7 articles.

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Well done to the new champ Badou Jack. Thank you for the opportunity to fight on this event. Also, a massive shout out to those that have supported me over the years. I've lived it and loved every second of the sport.

(I have) a few too many miles on the clock. (It's) time to say goodbye. Thank you and goodbye boxing.

I thought the stoppage was premature. He had just swung and missed but it's up to the referee in the end.

Andre Ward is the elite fighter in the division and he comes along once in every generation. Pound-for-pound one of the best. Myself and Jack is a solid world title fight – I wouldn't say it's an elite fight, but it's a solid fight. And Jack, he's n[...]

Listen, it's a tough sport boxing, and to keep doing this, fight after fight, dealing with the media and dealing with being a world champion. But I wouldn't change this, this is what I've asked for and I love it.

He's got a big entourage and that's the first thing I noticed, and I was surprised by that but he's a Mayweather [Promotions] fighter.

It's getting intense now. The media starts to step up, the weight-making gets intense, losing those final pounds of weight. We're in the real business end of boxing now, and all the talking pretty much stops now after the press conference. We've jus[...]

This is a fight I have wanted ever since Badou Jack moved to light heavyweight and I'm delighted to fight in Vegas on an event like this. I've trained long and hard for this fight and I'm ready to be let off the leash. This is the biggest fight of m[...]

"Sometimes a fighter goes off the boil, gets stale, but Braehmer has been through that and struggled a bit for motivation. I was young, fresh and firing, at my best. But a few years later I lost the spark, the motivation, the hunger. I lost my form [...]

"The other times I was supposed to fight Braehmer, he had personal problems, his head was not in the right state and I was on top of my game; my style was all wrong for him and it just didn't happen,"

"I knew Chicago was on the shortlist but I didn't think it would be there, where Fonfara is based,". "I'm back into the lion's den but it's a challenge I'm looking forward to, I'm bang up for it. I'm refocused and it's an opportunity I can't let sli[...]

It's going to be tough, no doubt about that, in America and in his backyard as such.

I think it's going to be an excellent fight, a replica of the first fight but more explosive. It's not going 12 rounds. I'm going to break this guy up and get him out of there late and that's what's going to happen. We can say this is the acid test [...]

"I've beat him once, it's just a matter of pressing the repeat button in that Echo Arena, making it 2-0 and silencing this guy once and for all,"

"He hates me with a passion and I'm in his way. The first chapter of our careers at light-heavyweight, I was in his way to a world title. I got there first. He's bitter about that. Then I came to his home town defended my world title and beat him. H[...]

It's a grudge match, it's a rivalry. It's just got so much fire about it. I can respect Tony Bellew for about five minutes and when he opens his mouth and I look at that guy I just want to give him a smack.

At each press conference I'm going to look at him and I'll want to lunge across the table and give him a smack. But I'll leave it till fight night. In the rematch I'm going to settle it once and for all.

"At cruiserweight now we're off to a good start, two KO victories,". "We're going to be more explosive and I think it's going to be a barnstormer.

I think it takes me a little bit longer [to adapt] because Tony was a heavyweight as an amateur. So his body has memory at the higher weight, so it's easier for him to get up to that weight but I feel I'm in better shape at cruiserweight than Tony B[...]

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