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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Oscar De La Hoya is associated, including Canelo Alvarez, Mayo, and fight. Most recently, Oscar De La Hoya has been quoted saying: “It was a good, exciting fight. There were a couple of rounds when we slugged it out. I could've outboxed him, but people want to see a real fight. He hits hard. But I took his shots. People now realise I can take a punch.” in the article Oscar De La Hoya fought several key battles.

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What can you say about Miguel Cotto that hasn't already been said during his two decades in boxing? He is a first-ballot hall of famer; a true legend in Puerto Rico, New York and beyond; and a true credit to the sport of boxing. Just like he [Cotto][...]

It was a good, exciting fight. There were a couple of rounds when we slugged it out. I could've outboxed him, but people want to see a real fight. He hits hard. But I took his shots. People now realise I can take a punch.

It was a great fight, it was a great event, it was a beautiful fight. But a lot of people don't understand the 118-110 card, and I don't. I had it 7-5 [in rounds] to Canelo, and it could have gone either way. Byrd's competent judge but I feel bad fo[...]

This is a fight to see who the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet is. I am grateful to everyone in the boxing world who contributed to making this event. This event needs no hype whatsoever. This is a fight that's a can't-miss event. That's [...]

He did way too much talking. Boxers should respect each other because it's such a tough sport. Tonight, I let my fists do the talking.

Vyacheslav Shabranskyy is back, and ready to prove he will do everything to climb to the top, including facing a top-level fighter such a Kovalev. Shabranskyy is stronger and smarter inside the ring, and will show off his mastered talent when he fac[...]

For more than 16 years, Miguel Cotto has represented Puerto Rico. He has given fans incredible fights at a number of weight classes, and has won world titles in an astounding four divisions. Now, after nearly two years out of the ring, as he attempt[...]

By fighting all over the world, Linares has established himself as an international fan favorite with a reputation for lightening quick hands, solid power and crafty defense. I know how hard it is to win an Olympic gold medal, and given Campbell's e[...]

Canelo is boxing's most disciplined fighter. He takes every training camp very seriously and I know that he will be in the best shape of his life for this showdown with Golovkin on September 16 at T-Mobile Arena and live on HBO pay-per-view.

As we want as many people as possible in Las Vegas for Mexican Independence Day Weekend to experience this battle for the ages, we will soon announce venues showing the fight on closed circuit. And, of course, the best sports network in the business[...]

I think this fight was made at the perfect time. Boxing is doing so well. I have to mention Anthony Joshua, who can bring the heavyweight division back to its golden days. This fight is the icing on the cake. This fight, we didn't wait too long, it [...]

Canelo against Golovkin features two of the most explosive fighters in any division today. Both have a style fans clamour for. UK fans, I know you love Las Vegas, so get your bags packed and get your plane tickets. This will be a cant-miss event.

When they prepare for this fight, they're going to elevate their game, they're going to move on to a whole new level of competition, their minds will expand to whole new levels. We're going to see the very, very best out of Golovkin and Canelo. I've[...]

Miguel Cotto is not only a legend in the ring, but on the entire island of Puerto Rico, which has one of the richest boxing traditions around the globe. Our new partnership will include Miguel's upcoming fights; working with Miguel Cotto Promotions'[...]

Shut down the circus!

Miguel Cotto is a legend who is still fighting for title belts more than a dozen years after first being crowned a world champion. It's remarkable. But I've seen Kamegai in action many times, and the guy doesn't ever take a step back. Miguel will ha[...]

I've already had several calls from around the world wanting to stage this fight. I literally had a missed call from Dubai, I had a missed call from the UK where Anthony Joshua and [Wladimir] Klitschko just sold out [with] 90,000 people. There's int[...]

Boxing was in a hiatus. With these fights that you saw [Saturday], that you're going to see in September, that you saw with Anthony Joshua, future fights that are going to take place, boxing is back, bigger and better than ever. It's like basketball[...]

I beat Chavez the first time, it was huge fight, he's the legend, he's the hero. I was thinking, Wow, I'm going to go back to east LA and they're having this huge parade.' I think it was the Mexican Independence parade so I'm sitting in a convertibl[...]

I told everybody, it's going to happen in September and we're extremely proud, happy and excited that this fight is going to take place on September 16.

I did start negotiations a while back and we halted those negotiations out of respect for Chavez and this event. And we halted those for about a month and then we started negotiating two weeks ago and it got done a few days ago.

One side showed up and that's Canelo for this fight and we are extremely happy for him.

I'm very happy and I'm very proud. I'm going to continue giving you all, giving the fans big and great fights.

I think Mayorga was trying to play with my head.

He was focused, doing everything right, he was disciplined. We're going to see a Chavez Jr that we haven't seen probably ever. Because I don't think, from what I've heard from his father, Chavez Jr never has been disciplined, never has done things c[...]

If I didn't go forwards there would have been no fight. I didn't feel like a loser. I'm satisfied. Mayweather's a fast fighter, talented. But my jab failed me. But it also has to do with Floyd's style.

You have to respect the judges.

These are the types of fights that take you to a whole new level in terms of your boxing abilities inside the ring. It makes you obviously train harder. It gives you that extra motivation.

With three of Golden Boy Promotions' most exciting contenders appearing on the pay-per-view, as well as the biggest star in the sport, Canelo Álvarez, the Cinco de Mayo card can be described in one word, stacked'. I fully expect four action-packed f[...]

This was just the start.

"Raúl is the type of fighter Golden Boy Promotions is always looking to add to our stable of top talent; he had a stellar amateur career that included taking home the top prize at international competitions, in addition to competing in the 2016 Olym[...]

"Having worked with ESPN in the past, we know first-hand that its multiple TV and digital platforms represent a must-watch for casual and die-hard sports fans. I'm thrilled that Golden Boy's talented stable of fighters will be showcased before a wid[...]

"ESPN is a flagship network with a history of showcasing and bringing audiences into the world of boxing, making this deal a natural fit for Golden Boy Promotions,"

"Boxing has been searching for a fight to draw the casual fan back to our sport, and Canelo versus Chávez, Jr. is just that fight,". "Canelo, the biggest star boxing, will take on not only a former world champion in Julio César Chávez, Jnr., but the[...]

"Before she ever steps foot into the ring as a professional, Marlen Esparza has already established herself as a rising star,". "At Golden Boy Promotions, we pride ourselves on developing fighters and transforming them into the best of the best. We [...]

"We have always believed in Randy Caballero as he has tremendous talent and the drive to become an elite fighter,". "Randy is a young fighter with time on his side, and I know he will continue to work hard and rise up to become a world champion once[...]

"AT this stage when you face someone like Pacquiao, it's going to be a hard fight,". "I worked hard and trained really hard to get ready for this fight, but it's a lot different story when you're training than when you are actually in the ring. I ju[...]

"I caught him with my '45'," "it's my best shot. I'm glad the ref stopped the fight because he could have gotten seriously hurt. I was surprised he got up."

"With this win, David Lemieux has once again demonstrated himself to be a dynamic and resilient fighter,". "This additional victory will open new doors for Lemieux, and we can't wait to see what the next chapter in his boxing career will bring.".

"Jorge Linares has proved himself once again as a world champion fighter with incredible skill, strength and talent. This is a fighter that continues to fight the best and win against the best in the lightweight division,". "Linares gave us a highly[...]

"People have been asking for that fight for over a year now. People were asking for [Manny] Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather for eight years. This fight will happen next year and when we are ready, we will do it. Canelo is fighting at 154 , Golovkin[...]

''He did way too much talking,''. ''Boxers should respect each other because it's such a tough sport. Tonight, I let my fists do the talking.''.

"They say they do things bigger in Texas, and AT&T Stadium is no different,". "We expect a sold-out show and one that will be packed with not just rabid boxing fans, but local Texans and casual fans around the country.".

"Canelo has opened up his training camp in San Diego,". "Now he begins to sharpen his tools, get his timing where he likes it to be, the sparring intensifies, he tightens up his footwork, defence and offence".

I think this will be a fight fought in the center of the ring.

Canelo is never, ever in a boring fight. He is one to take you apart and knock you and that is what he plans to do with Liam Smith. Liam Smith is going to come to the US wanting to take the title back with him to the UK. It's going to be a battle on[...]

"If fans thought the first Kamegai and Soto-Karass fight was an epic Fight of the Year contender, let me just say this-on September 10th, both fighters will be coming back in the ring with a vengeance to prove who is the true winner in this rematch,[...]

"It really is a pleasure to be here. I love coming to the UK because this country takes boxing seriously. There are more world champions from here than Mexico,". "Not only is this fight for a world title, it's for pride and honour. Both will go insi[...]

We strongly feel this will be the event of the year. Canelo Alvarez is the biggest star in the sport today. Not only that, but he is fighting a world champion who is dangerous, who is not going to the US to fall, a fighter who is serious, who is muc[...]

Team Canelo know how important this fight is, how dangerous this fight is. We expect a sellout.

Both of these fighters come from boxing families. Boxing is in their blood. To Canelo and Smith, fighting is a family tradition and with that comes a responsibly to live up to the family name. That said, both of them will come to the ring on Septemb[...]

"Here you have Liam Smith, an aggressive, relentless fighter. His previous eight opponents have fallen before the final bell. And then you have Canelo Alvarez, who is only getting more and more powerful with each of his devastating victories,"

"Jorge Linares is a fighter with tremendous talent, who desires greatness and will pursue that by fighting the best in the division,". "Linares gave us a Fight of the Year candidate against Kevin Mitchell last year, once again demonstrating his skil[...]

Beyond his incredible talent, he also made boxing interesting. Ali was fearless in the ring, and took on the toughest, most challenging opponents. Ali exemplified courage-he never took the easy route, something to be admired in and outside of the ri[...]

As he grew older, he didn't let his physical condition become an excuse to stop working; he continued to work hard, focusing on giving back to the community. Today, as we reflect on his life, let us remember a man who pursued greatness in everything[...]

Ali's talent was undeniable - he was an Olympic Gold Medalist, three-time lineal world heavyweight champion, and the only one to accomplish that to this day, and reached the pinnacle of our sport as the undisputed heavyweight champion in 1964.

It is with great sadness today that we mourn the loss of the Greatest of All Time - Muhammad Ali. I send my deepest condolences to his family, and pray for strength and peace for them during this difficult time.

Muhammad Ali is a legend and one of the world's most celebrated athletes, the fighter who ushered in the golden era of boxing and put the sport on the map. He paved the way for professional fighters including myself, elevating boxing to become a spo[...]

"This fight will mark a significant step along Anthony's comeback trail,". "We all know the talent and desire is there in abundance, and if Anthony can stay healthy the sky is limit for him in the middleweight division.".

"The talent pool in the middleweight division is the deepest its been in decades – and now that Anthony Ogogo is healthy, we fully expect him to be a major force in the weight class for years to come,". "With an Olympic pedigree and action-packed st[...]

"He would have fought him in the ring tonight if he could have, and that's the fight to make. I really hope we can come to an agreement."

"That's the fight you guys want, correct?". "If that's the fight that everybody wants, if that's what Canelo wants, I will wake up early tomorrow and make some calls.".

"We will have a conversation [with Golovkin] tomorrow,". "The negotiations will be behind closed doors.".

"Amir Khan is one of the bravest fights on the planet today,". "I was worried [that Khan was winning]. He is willing to be great. He didn't lose nothing tonight. That's exactly why we chose him for this fight, why we love watching Khan in fights bec[...]

"We've put a rematch clause in for a reason,". "I can sense something. Amir can throw punches in bunches and can create a lot of problems for a fighter like Canelo, who does not have his amateur experience.

Amir is motivated. Being the underdog changes his whole frame of mind and takes him to a whole new level. If he's running two miles regularly, he will want to run five or 10. He wants to win, he wants to shock the world.

"No writer gave Pacquiao a chance before that fight,". "You start to believe the hype when you listen to what people are saying. If you are the favourite, a lot of times it affects you, gives you false confidence. In that fight, I drained myself, it[...]

"This is what he [Alvarez] wanted, Cinco de Mayo, headlining in the first fight at the T-Mobile Arena,". "How is he going to handle it? Imagine all the pressure on his back.".

"So my question every single day is: How can I accomplish that?". "But this fight has to happen at the perfect moment, at the perfect time, and I think we're getting close.".

"The question is not if, but when,". "That's a fight that as a promoter, it's a fight that I want to see; that the world wants to see, but as a promoter, I want it to be the biggest event in the history of this sport to attract fans and to bring bac[...]

"I cannot talk to you and say that Amir Khan is an easy fight, because it's not. You know, there's a rematch clause in place for a reason because Amir Khan is a real threat,". "I cannot commit to something, if this fight hasn't even happened".

"BoxNation is a great broadcast partner to carry the Canelo-Khan mega fight in the UK,". "Canelo-Khan is an international fight, with Mexico's biggest star fighter facing Britain's biggest star fighter, so I am pleased British audiences will have th[...]

''This was just the start,''.

"We appreciate the fans support and wanted to give them the best bang for their buck with these televised undercard fights. To watch exciting, competitive undercard bouts leading up to the biggest boxing event so far of 2016 will help to create buzz[...]

"We want to give back to the fans with this undercard and provide thrilling, action-packed bouts leading up to the main event with Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan on May 7,"

"I wasn't surprised at all. Amir Khan has a plan, has a vision. Will that fight ever happen? I believe so. Amir Khan has a vision, he wants to be a global superstar. He wants to be recognised as one of the best fighters in the world and he understan[...]

"Let's just say I'm really looking forward to working with Amir Khan once again,". "We drove his career to new heights, we got him the big fights and now we're getting him the mega-fight, which he deserves.

Never underestimate the Golden Boy, that's for sure. We know what we're capable of doing, we know the job that we can do. We're a well-oiled machine. I have great, capable people with me at the helm who are going to keep showing and proving to the w[...]

"To me I just feel [Alvarez] is beginning. He's starting his career as a superstar. He made his mark beating [Miguel] Cotto and now it's up to him to keep raising his value. This is obviously a fight that's going to help him in terms of visibility, [...]

"I think his footwork. He likes to be a perfect fighter and when I say perfect, he likes to throw every combination perfect,". "He has a fighting spirit. He loves to go out there and brawl and fight. [But] what I've been most impressed about was his[...]

"Canelo, for instance, is doing bigger ratings than the Mexican national soccer team, to give an example, and Mexicans love their soccer. So when Canelo fights the world stops in Mexico. We want that for him on a global scale and this was the perfec[...]

"The new T-Mobile Arena was clearly the perfect venue choice to host the battle that will be Canelo vs. Khan on May 7,". "Boxing in Las Vegas is truly an exciting event, and the fans with tickets to the fight will be in for a treat watching the figh[...]

"Canelo is the biggest star in the sport and as he demonstrated against James Kirkland and Miguel Cotto last year, he is only getting better. Those who predicted that he would take an easy fight for his first defense have been proven wrong once agai[...]

"We are committed to putting on the biggest and best fights in boxing,"

"Of course he's going to fight Gennady Golovkin,". "But we're going to let him rest and see what is for the best. We need to decide if we stay at middleweight, or drop back to light-middleweight.".

"Randy has the charisma, athleticism, fan-friendly fighting style and now a world title to make him one of the future top stars in the sport,"

"Fans watching Randy's fight live at The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas and at home on the preliminary undercard on Nov. 21 are in for a real treat when he makes his first title defense against Lee Haskins, who, like Randy, is one of the to[...]

"It was a good, exciting fight". "There were a couple of rounds when we slugged it out. I could've outboxed him, but people want to see a real fight.

He hits hard. But I took his shots. People now realise I can take a punch.

"The fight is huge now. Obviously we recognize that in May, Mayweather-Pacquiao was taking place, and now that that fiasco is all over with, we can focus on promoting the biggest fight in the history of the sport in November,"

So we have no obstacles in front of us. We have our engines revved up ready to go and we're going to promote this event to the world, and it's going to be one of those events that the world is going to talk about for many years to come.

"This is the 'Fight of the Year' that true boxing fans have been waiting for between two of the biggest stars in the sport today, Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez,". "Cotto vs. Canelo will be an epic showdown, full of non-stop action from the moment [...]

"When Golden Boy Promotions talks about making the best fights for the fans, Lemieux Vs. Golovkin is exactly what we're talking about,". "These are two guys at the top of their games; in their primes; with enormous knockout power than can end a figh[...]

"Jorge Linares is a World champion fighter and is determined to give Kevin Mitchell a difficult time in the ring as he looks to defend his title on May 30,". "Mitchell may have hometown advantage but Linares' speed and skill will give Mitchell a con[...]

We have all seen what Kirkland can do. He is a tough fighter. But, these are the types of the fights that 'Canelo' loves, the fights for the fans.

"'Canelo' has faced all the top guys at this age. Why? Because he wants to be the very best and to be the very best you have to fight the very best,". "We have to pair the best styles to create the best fight. No questions asked, this is going to be[...]

"Fighting Manny Pacquiao will erase any doubt that anybody might have about Floyd. Fighting Manny Pacquiao. Everybody wants to see that. If everybody thinks that Manny Pacquiao can beat Floyd, great. It's one of those fights where anyone can win. Wh[...]

Why? Because he [Pacquiao]'s been in wars. But who has the more respect, which is going to live on forever? That's Manny Pacquaio. there's no doubt about that. Manny Pacquiao, they're going to say he fought all these guys. He fought tough battles. N[...]

"One-punch knockout power. Lightning-fast action. A likely world title shot to the winner – this bout has 'Fight of the Year' written all over it,". "This is a fight that fans have been clamoring for since these warriors were last in action, and Gol[...]

"De La Hoya TV will be the premiere authority on boxing and other combat sports, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look into the world and lifestyles of their favorite athletes,". "The network aims to inspire all to live the life of a champion[...]

"As Golden Boy works to put together a 2015 full of huge, fan-friendly fights, Lucas Matthysse is, and will now remain, a core part of our team,". "Lucas is a strong and powerful fighter, someone the elite of the division have to look out for in the[...]

"It's very complicated,". "I mean, first of all, you have one fighter with HBO and another fighter with Showtime. You have sponsors. But most importantly, you have egos and egos can get in the way of making big fights happen. I truly feel that, yes,[...]

In addition to Deontay Wilder looking to bring a heavyweight title back to America for the first time in a decade, longtime favorite Leo Santa Cruz and rising star Fidel Maldonado Jr. -- electric fighters with significant power -- will both appear i[...]

"2015 is going to be a huge year for boxing and Golden Boy's opening act in Las Vegas will get things started with a bang,"

Fight fans across the United States have been clamouring for an American heavyweight champion for nearly a decade, and Deontay Wilder may well answer their wishes on January 17. Stiverne brings power and experience. Wilder brings power and youth. Th[...]

"I love them. I love them because of what he's going to do with them [donating them to chairty]. But £50,000 wow."

"Mauricio Herrera is a fighter who when he fought [Ruslan] Provodnikov and beat him he went up against probably the best 140-pounder in the division [Danny Garcia] and a poll said 95 per cent of the voters said Mauricio won that fight hands down. He[...]

Amir Khan has has been fighting the very best. He's been waiting very patiently. And I've always said it all along, you know, Amir Khan is the type of fighter that if you put him up to the test, if you put him up against a Floyd Mayweather, you put [...]

"Amir Khan is a superstar,". "Amir Khan is a fighter who everybody wants to fight, he's in a great position. Amir Khan has been promised major fights now for a while against Floyd Mayweather. You know, the time is now for him. I truly feel that 2015[...]

"Amir Khan is going up against, once again, a very difficult, tough fighter in Devon Alexander,". "We strongly feel that fighting in the welterweight division, Amir Khan is a force to be reckoned with. He is a threat to everyone in the welterweight [...]

Look, I truly feel that let's say if a Manny Pacquiao fight doesn't happen next year for Floyd, then he has no choice but to fight Amir Khan, especially if Amir Khan has a spectacular performance. I mean, the public is demanding it. The fans are dem[...]

"I would hate to think this is his last fight [with Golden Boy],". "I think this is the ninth fight of his we have promoted and we promote him for a reason. We have a great relationship and it's one I hope continues.".

"I am in contact with Canelo every single day,". "I'm his promoter and I want to do the best for my fighter. He wants to fight in December. I've been travelling back and forth to Mexico and we're going to sit down next week and work out exactly what[...]

"From top to bottom, the September 13 fight card is going to get fans out of their seats whether they are among the thousands in attendance at the MGM Grand or hundreds of thousands watching from home,". "Golden Boy is proud to promote the most crow[...]

"This fight is not about a title. This fight is about honour and glory,". "When people say I didn't want this fight for Canelo, obviously it wasn't the first choice. As a promoter you don't want the most difficult fight out there for him.

We feel that with Austin Trout, Canelo saw things in Austin Trout, we saw things in Austin Trout, and the same here with Erislandy Lara.

"But this is what Canelo's all about, ultimately it's his decision, and his decision is a very calculated decision. He's confident in his abilities, and he wants to fight the very best. That's the bottom line,"

Yes, he's very difficult and it's a difficult style, it's a tough test in front of him, but like we saw something with Austin Trout you always see something with Erislandy Lara, you see things that obviously Canelo can do and take advantage of.

"But only the fighter can tell you. The fighter can tell you exactly what he saw and what makes him believe that he can beat him,"

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