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This page is completely dedicated to what Peter Fury has to say. All of Peter Fury’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Peter Fury came from an article called Hughie Fury update: “He is positive because he's having total rest, because that's the advice he's been given, and the pain has now subsided so he's responding well to the physio. In the next coming weeks he can start back in the gym and away we go.”.

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Hughie has recovered from the back injury that kept him out of his world title fight with Parker and he is itching to get back in the ring next month. We are treating this fight as a warm-up to the big one later this year. The division is certainly [...]

I think it has to be [rescheduled]. It's a genuine injury so it's just a postponement, so we're looking to get the fight rescheduled.

He is positive because he's having total rest, because that's the advice he's been given, and the pain has now subsided so he's responding well to the physio. In the next coming weeks he can start back in the gym and away we go.

I think it's quite possible [the fight happens this year]. It's not been discussed though. It's a fight that would be massive for the British fans to see and these major all-English fights are what get interest. It would definitely be bigger than Jo[...]

I think we can always look from the outside of the ring and there are always things we think we can take advantage of but ultimately, when that bell goes, these guys are big punchers so it can go either way.

I thought Joshua raised his game very well. I saw, at least, a 30 per cent improvement from all of his past fights. I saw a real improvement in Joshua. As I said before the fight, on the basis of his previous performances, it wouldn't have been enou[...]

"His health problems have been sorted out, he's put a lot of lean muscle on,"

He had a lot of problems in the past, but all that's gone so it's up and up for him. He's fully recovered, we're looking forward to seeing him out.

There is no Austria venue for Tyson Fury or a date.

"This is a UK fight, we are trying to make it."

"It would be absolutely ridiculous for a world champion fighter to fight without his trainer in the corner; why would he do that?". "That won't be happening. My lawyers are working on my visa issues so it's not ruled out and if it gets sorted I'd li[...]

"All the tactics, his hands behind his back, doing this, doing that, his hand on the ropes, they're all tactics employed for Klitschko, not a thing where Tyson's playing around in there. That's part of our strategy in that fight. He was told to do t[...]

"We're all very confident. We knew Tyson had the capabilities. It's just that mental maturity. We've done a lot of talking about it. We've done a lot, four or five and a half months on this fight and it was not easy getting the tactics for Klitschko[...]

"For me complete concentration just to keep guiding him through it, to watch for certain things but at the same time he was told to get out there and enjoy it,"

If we suddenly wanted to take their route then we'd be in serious trouble, we'd lose all the belts because we're contractually tied to Klitschko. The IBF should do the right thing, get behind Tyson Fury. As soon as he comes through this he will be t[...]

"We're under legal obligation to fight Klitschko so the IBF are pulling a stroke because they should be waiting to see the outcome of the fight and then Glazkov is next,"

If, in the contract, we were allowed a voluntary we would fight Glazkov without a doubt.

To try and strip him of the title after not even a week of winning it is, in my opinion, outrageous and there are other motives there. They should be very, very glad that Tyson Fury has the belt. For them to try and strip him so soon, there's someth[...]

Klitschko hasn't seen the rest of Tyson's tools, which is also a good thing for us.

Tyson's got so many more gears he can use, which he never used. Not because he left them in the tank. He couldn't use them on the night because Wladimir was so good himself. He couldn't get all he wanted off. Partly because that was a bit of apprehe[...]

"Klitschko's a great champion. He's been on top a long time,". "I wouldn't say he was almost relieved but it's over. Klitschko, he's 39 years of age, he's got a wife, he's got a child, I'm sure he's a very good family man… Personally speaking I don'[...]

He's definitely not going to mess around.

"These are the type of fights we're looking at. We want the fights now which all the public are raving on about. Because Tyson said to me, 'I want to take out every top heavyweight in the division straight away.' He ain't going to mess around. He do[...]

"We're definitely going to have the rematch if Wladimir decides to have the rematch. That'll be a mega-fight. I'd like to see that fight in England in Wembley stadium, probably around anything from April, May, that time next year. I think that's a b[...]

You've got to give Wladimir the ultimate respect and I've always said that. I've always respected Wladimir and his team anyway. They're great ambassadors for the sport, they've achieved so much in the sport. But everybody's reign has to come to an e[...]

"I think moving beyond Wladimir, if Deontay Wilder is still WBC champ, which he probably will be, we'd like to see that fight as well. As soon as Wladimir's out the way - that's the fight. If Wladimir decides not to fight [in a rematch] then we'll b[...]

From what Tyson is doing in the gym, he only done 60 per cent of what he can achieve, against Klitschko, given the occasion, going into the unknown. We are looking forward to the rematch, to show all of what Tyson can do.

"It can be wherever it is most financially viable,". "We are looking at a Wembley Stadium fight in the UK. It makes financial sense to do it sometime in May at Wembley.

"We're all teetotalers,". "I reckon a few of our nephews and relatives had a drink, but Tyson never and I never. We relaxed, we got back last night [Sunday] and we've, got a press conference in Bolton this afternoon, which I hear will be a big event[...]

We need the victory. That's what I'm looking at. I'm not looking at being a competitor.

"The main thing is they're similar weight so I'm very happy with that,". "It's going to be very interesting this fight, he's prepared very well, I think we could see the best Tyson Fury we've seen".

I think it's been resolved. We're going into the rules meeting now and I believe everything's pretty straightforward.

Duhaupas is a good opponent for him, it's a good learning fight. He's not a big puncher, he's fairly tough so I think Wilder will get some rounds out of him.

Wilder's team are doing exactly the right thing with him. They're not getting involved in the hype themselves, they're trying to get him the rounds. He's almost created a problem for himself with the amount of knockouts he's had.

He's got the WBC belt but he's just not ready for the elite champions yet because he's inexperienced. But he beat the champion, Stiverne, and I think Wilder's improving, he's still got a lot of flaws but he's a work in progress.

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