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Ricky Hatton has been quoted 71 times. The one recent article where Ricky Hatton has been quoted is What it’s like to fight Floyd Mayweather. Most recently, Ricky Hatton was quoted as having said, “I hope Conor McGregor knocks Floyd Mayweather out.”.

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His speed and defence was really outstanding.

I hope Conor McGregor knocks Floyd Mayweather out.

I think Manny might have got old over night. It's the same with most fighters. He's stopping people and then eventually he got beaten. I can't really comment on the fight itself. Jeff Horn was obviously a very capable fighter, nobody probably though[...]

I don't think it's dangerous because Floyd doesn't take a chance.

I won't be going to watch it. When you look at what Mayweather's done. Everyone says about him being 40 years of age, he's a young 40 years of age because he's a master of defence, there's no mileage on the clock. It's not as if he'd take one to get[...]

When you look at how I struggled and Canelo never won a round, barely laid a glove on him and De La Hoya, one of the most technical boxers probably we've seen in my lifetime couldn't do that with him, I can't see how Conor McGregor can. I hope he wi[...]

I'm a fan of UFC, a fan of McGregor – he's got character, he's exciting, entertaining, value for money. I hope I don't upset any Irish fans or Conor, but I can't get excited about this fight one bit.

Boxing and UFC have to take the blame for it – I don't think you can blame the fighters because it's going to be a stack of money.

It's going to be great entertainment – that's the most complimentary I can be about it. It's two different sports.

Good luck to the boys. Who's going to turn their back on that? I just can't say I'm a fan of this. I'm fans of both sports but they're their own individual sports and they should stick to their own.

I cant say I'm a fan of it. I'm a fan of UFC, a fan of McGregor – he's got character, he's exciting, entertaining, value for money. I hope I don't upset any Irish fans or Conor, but I can't get excited about this fight one bit. I hope he does well. [...]

The first four or five rounds, he was always going to be at his sharpest. Giving ground wasn't the right thing to do because Kostya's power is at the end of his punches.

I fought to the level of my opponent. I had to be more cautious. I conserved my energy for the final stretch.

To beat someone like Tszyu is end of the rainbow stuff. I had plenty in the tank for the last five rounds. It was a physical fight – right up my street.

I also train Jake Haigh and Chris Blaney so the gym is brimming with talent at middleweight and super-middleweight and I think the sparring sessions alone are going to be something else.

As for Mark, what more do you need to say about him than 'pure power'. He's had a bit of a stop-start career, but he's really on it now and anyone who can put away 13 of 15 opponents has to set pulses racing.

I'm over the moon that two of the best super-middleweights have chosen to join my gym and I think it says a lot about the work myself, Mike Jackson and Blain Younis have been doing with our lads over the past couple of years. Darryl is a really exci[...]

You never expect it to be on your doorstep … Manchester Arena is like my second home. I must have had about 20 fights there over the years. I go there regularly to concerts.

My heart goes out to all the families and everyone that is connected. I'm a very proud Mancunian, but it's absolutely heartwarming to see how Manchester has all rallied together. And that's what Manchester people are. We're a working class city aren[...]

It was a hard loss but I'm OK. I really didn't see the punch coming but it was a great shot. I know I'll be OK.

The next biggest fight out there and the biggest fight financially is when you have a domestic rival. Benn-Eubank showed that, Froch-Groves had 80,000 at Wembley. If he can't get Mayweather and he can't get Pacquiao, that's the one.

From being a British boxing fight fan and being Amir's mate, I got knocked out horrendously by Manny Pacquiao, but Amir's had three of them. [Breidis] Prescott, [Danny] Garcia and Canelo and there's only so many knockouts of that manner you can come[...]

The teams could get together to try to put a homecoming for the two of them. I think I speak for Gennady and for Zhanat, I think that would be a dream they never thought would happen.

Loads of big fights out there for him, there's the likes of Jamies McDonnell and Ryan Burnett, Paul Butler. It doesn't matter what nationality we are, we love exciting fighters and you look at that fight, you can see he's a fighter's fighter… There'[...]

I met them through the amateurs and I've been mates with them ever since. It's never nice in boxing. You always have rival trainers or rival promoters, rival TV companies or whatever but we are a family.

Brilliant feeling. I said many times, he's nobody in many ways, not being disrespectful, when I say nobody, he'd not had the amateur pedigree and wasn't a former Olympian. He wasn't a ready made champion. It took a lot of work and effort from myself[...]

I'm very proud of the way Nathan performed. He boxed coolly throughout, listened to what I told him in the corner and completed ten rounds for the first time. I think some fans were expecting to see Nathan blast Dominic out early like he has with a [...]

"I'm very proud of Zhanat,". "He's been with me a number of years and I always knew he'd be a world champion". "It was similar to the Kostya Tszyu fight in that we knew he wasn't going to out box Warren due to his natural talent and speed". "I knew [...]

"Having said that, nothing could have prepared me for what happened in the first round. Zhanat got through it and ultimately the tactics worked as he did start to get to him down the back stretch. He dug deep like champions have to do and that's why[...]

We have a good training team behind us in myself Mike Jackson and Blain Younis and I believe more champions will follow.

"I tried phoning Tyson last week to try and have a little word in his ear just to make sure he's OK but he hasn't got back to me, which is a worrying sign,"

"I just hope he's OK". "I hope he gets back to me, I'm no expert but he's probably going through the same things I did". "I can't make my mind up on where Tyson's at. He doesn't look good, to be honest. He's going through depression and he's up and [...]

I know Tyson as a friend and I know he's not everybody's cup of tea with some of the things he says but I just hope he's OK. He might be OK and he might just be being Tyson Fury but if he is bad and he is depressed then I just hope he is safe and he[...]

"Knowing how bad I was at one point, it is bad. It's not good,"

Fury-Joshua would be huge. If I were Tyson, I would want to get Joshua sooner rather than later because he's going to improve.

I don't think Joshua has fought anyone like that yet. Everyone he's fought has stood in front of him and he's banged them out. My advice would be to get him some fights against people who can mirror what Tyson does, so then he's got a better chance [...]

It's hard to argue his [Joshua's] unbelievable achievement, winning the world title after 16 fights, but Tyson beat the man. That's the yard stick at the minute.

"I think Fury will put in a better performance against Klitschko. Winning the title in Germany, that'll give him even more confidence and in his hometown he will relish it and look even better."

"Joshua's a great fighter, hell of a nice guy. So explosive, you would say a little bit musclebound but believe you-me he doesn't fight like it, he's fast and fluid. Give him some time and some experience he will be even better,"

At the minute I would lean toward Tyson, he's tall and big and has got the experience, and he can get in your head. He likes to pull and sway and dip away from punches. It's very easy for Anthony to nail someone like Charles Martin, who stood in fro[...]

"Where Anthony has come from is a great example,". "It's not where you start in boxing, it's where you finish. He lost a six rounder early in his career and to Derry Mathews later on, everyone wrote him off and to achieve what he has is test of his [...]

I know he can do the business against Jorge Linares and I'll be beaming with pride.

Anthony is lovely kid, some say he is too nice to be a boxer but there is a mean streak there. He has developed in to a good all round fighter, he has a very exciting style and is brutal body puncher.

My proudest achievement was my fan base in my career above everything. Anthony has an amazing following now and it's great to see a fellow Mancunian being such a big draw in our city.

"Paulie was mouthy before we fought, but I would later learn that he was really a nice guy. It was one of my best performances,"

"Nothing compares to the buzz of fighting, but being a trainer is the next best thing. I don't need to do it for a pay cheque,". "I think that Rabchenko can be a world champion and want to help him achieve his dreams. I can't train fighters that I'm[...]

"I thought that he should have gotten the decision,"

"Well you have to give Kell Brook credit. I hope I'm wrong, but Golovkin is what he is,". "Kell will have to use a lot of movement and stop him in his tracks, hopefully he can do it. Frampton's fight with Santa Cruz is 50-50, one that could go eithe[...]

"If he does win it, not moving up one weight but two weights against someone like Alvarez, I think it will go down as one of the greatest British wins we've ever had."

"It was a hard loss but I'm OK,". "I really didn't see the punch coming but it was a great shot. I know I'll be OK.".

I am very happy for Lucas. He came up the hard way. He was not an Olympian. In fact, it was just a few years ago, that he was working doors at the night clubs and he has put in the hard work.

Frank Warren, like he did with me against Tszyu, has got Terry all the advantages, he's got the world title for him in his home city and with his home fans he can really pull this off and be crowned world champion and if he does that then I'll happi[...]

"Terry is a local lad, he's come up the hard way and worked his way to the world title and to see him win would be a fantastic success story for Manchester and British boxing". "His fight against Zepeda is almost 10 years to the month from my great [...]

"Do you think it affected the outcome?"

"Look, it's not a tickling contest,"

"The first four or five rounds, he was always going to be at his sharpest,". "Giving ground wasn't the right thing to do because Kostya's power is at the end of his punches.".

"To beat someone like Tszyu is end of the rainbow stuff,". "I had plenty in the tank for the last five rounds. It was a physical fight – right up my street.

Mundine is something of a celebrity in Australia so there will be a huge crowd and an intimidating atmosphere, but I think Sergey will come through the fight with flying colours.

I'm fortunate to have been involved in some major cards since I became a promoter and this is as good as any. Fighters such as Martin Murray, Scott Quigg and Ryan Rhodes all fought for major titles when they were with us, and now Sergey has his chan[...]

This is easily his toughest fight so far. Mundine has been in with the best and he has said he can't afford to lose this fight. I just think Sergey will have to too much for him.

"I was very proud when I was named as Young Boxer of the Year and I'm equally pleased to see Adam make the list this year.

Lucas is ranked ahead of Tyson by the WBC so will probably get a shot first, but if Tyson gets there before him then great because he's already said he'd defend against Lucas.

"It's a tough fight. Rudenko is a good boxer, he's got a good record and he a decent knockout percentage so he could make it very difficult for Lucas,". "Lucas is at a stage where there's no easy fights for him. He can't overlook Rudenko and I'm sur[...]

At this stage, Lucas' goal isn't to fight Tyson and Tyson's goal isn't to fight Lucas. Their goal is to become world champions and they're both very close to that.

For me it would be very difficult to be in the corner with Lucas against a Mancunian heavyweight, but it'd be a great clash of styles and it'd be a great fight.

It's not a case of two fighters avoiding each other, it's a case of them both eyeing world titles and if they're paths cross, so be it.

Lucas and Tyson are very similar in many ways. They're both fearless and they don't care who they fight. Lucas has been asking to fight Tyson for 12 or 18 months and, when the time is right, I'm sure Tyson would oblige.

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