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The latest quote from Rob McCracken is: “To come here with a new team, win a medal and have four boxers in the quarter-finals is a good performance at this stage in the cycle and it is clear that this group is developing well as we build towards Tokyo.”. It comes from the Peter McGrail takes bronze at World championships article. You’ll find on this page 16 articles with Rob McCracken quoted on topics such as Chavez and Carl Froch. Rob McCracken has been quoted 43 times in 16 articles.

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We'll leave no stone unturned. He'll put in a fantastic performance against an excellent challenger in Kubrat Pulev.

Peter McGrail is a terrific talent who has boxed superbly throughout this tournament and thoroughly deserves his medal. He has had a great year, winning the European Championship and getting a bronze in the World Championships, and ought to be extre[...]

To come here with a new team, win a medal and have four boxers in the quarter-finals is a good performance at this stage in the cycle and it is clear that this group is developing well as we build towards Tokyo.

Most of this team were coming here to get some experience and for so many of them to perform so well in their first major international tournament is absolutely fantastic. We have also qualified 10 boxers for the World Championships later in the yea[...]

All of the boxers have acquitted themselves superbly throughout this week, and after some excellent performances today, I think the team can consider itself very unlucky to come away with only one gold medal.

To bring such an inexperienced team to a tournament as difficult as the European Championships and leave with eight medals, with seven boxers making the final, is an unprecedented achievement by the boxers, the coaches and all of the team. Peter McG[...]

The boxers' have done fantastically well to reach the semi-finals and win at the very least a bronze medal. The challenge for the boxers and the team is to try and turn those medals into a silver or a gold.

It has been a tremendous showing out here and bodes well for the future.

This is the first time that most of this team have competed at a major championship, so to come to such a tough tournament, win eight medals and qualify 10 boxers for the world championships is a superb achievement by the boxers, the coaches and all[...]

It's always difficult. There's been some difficult decisions to make.

Myself and the coaches are always looking to pick who we feel is the best boxer at that point. There's no guarantee you'll stay that boxer. We've seen it before where boxers have gone to a major tournament for GB but then the next major tournament a[...]

He's very disciplined and dedicated.

"He's very disciplined and dedicated,". "He's looking forward to it. He's young, he's fresh, he's sharp, he's powerful. He's intending to defend his title and be successful.

He's achieved great things in boxing, he wants to achieve more so it's going to be really interesting and be fascinating to be part of it and see how it all unfolds. But AJ will be in great shape on the night and he's looking to defend that title.

"It's been two and a half years since I was in a corner, last one was with Carl, Carl's last fight. It's something I'm looking forward to but it's top level boxing. It's very dangerous. The opponent's a good puncher and knows what he's doing, very e[...]

"Anthony is a special talent and I am looking forward to working with him on the next stage of his career as he looks to defend his titles and, ultimately, to unify the heavyweight division.

Tokyo at this stage looks a real good opportunity for GB Boxing. I think Brazil was always going to be a tough task but we have boxers capable of winning medals in the team, they're still in the tournament and they can win medals.

Overall it's okay, the mood's okay. It's an individual sport, I touched on that yesterday in the meeting. I think we saw that from Buatsi, McCormack and Kelly, they really went for it.

"In fairness, Cordina's opponent's the APB number one, a 28, 30 year old man, I think he's lost about six bouts in about a million so top class, extremely tough opposition. And Qais Ashfaq's opponent, the Thai, hugely experienced. It's how you get t[...]

"Tokyo will be a great squad, you have strength and depth already appearing with the younger kids, the Luke McCormacks, the Pete McGrails, the Calum Frenches, the Galal Yafais, there's lots and lots of good kids, Frazer Clarkes, you can go up and do[...]

"It just didn't happen for them, they just didn't get going."

"It's been tough,". "I think the boxers on the whole have done tremendously well. I think they really stepped up. You look at McCormack, you look at Buatsi and Kelly gave it a right go against the World gold and silver medallist.

"Brazil's always been the challenge, we lost all of the men after London, all of the men moved on,"

This is a very talented, yet still relatively inexperienced group of boxers, so to perform so well at a tournament of this stature and now have eight boxers going to the World Championships in October, which is an Olympic qualifier, is a great achie[...]

All of the boxers have acquitted themselves very well throughout this week, and after some superb performances today, I think the team can consider itself very unlucky to only win one gold.

The fact that it is part of the qualification pathway for Rio is an extra incentive for all of the boxers who will be looking to add to the success we have enjoyed at this competition in recent years.

"Without a doubt, Carl's been at the top a very long time and you've got Golovkin coming through. With respect he hasn't really fought anybody of significant note at elite level and they're talking about him as if he's the second coming. But obvious[...]

"I think you could top it if you did the same thing again at Wembley or a similar location against somebody with a big profile. I think that's the only way you'd top it or equal it. But if you don't ever top it or equal it, then you've already done [...]

It will separate the men from the boys internally at GB. It is more physical WSB [each bout is boxed over five rounds] and the open scoring system is more physical. It's a better spectacle and they've got to become good at that format.

I think WSB is only going to get bigger and there's going to be more qualification places for the Tokyo Olympics moving forward. WSB's here, it's staying. I think we've got to get integrated into it as a squad. I think it'll be a great experience fo[...]

"The incentive for those, at the end of the WSB season how well they've done will determine whether they go back to Podium Potential, which the majority will, or if they come on to Podium [the elite squad]. Or in some cases they go back to their clu[...]

The incentives are you're eligible for the qualification tournament and also you do very well in this WSB season, you'll go on to a different funding level [on GB]and that's important as well.

"It is the first step on the road to Rio, having said that there's not an awful lot of places available this season, there's two out of sixteen teams. We've got some boxers here that are capable of getting those places and will be looking for those [...]

Our job will be to put them in when the time's right, when they're ready for it. That's what my philosophy has always been here. We put boxers into contests when they're best ready and prepared.

That's what's motivating him at the minute, a big fight in Las Vegas.

Carl's been at the top for a long, long time, seven years of back-to-back epics and world class fighters is remarkable. The Chavez thing really interests him and really motivates him and excites him and that's natural. He's just fought a British fig[...]

"One, maximum two more, one more fight or maximum two more fights and that will be all he'll be doing. We take it step by step as we always have done. We've always done the same thing, we see how he's training and how he's feeling. He wants to fight[...]

"He's done his two weeks ticking over, getting back into it,"

"Then he'll have five days with me Monday to Friday [next week]. So we do four days the first week in week 12, then we do five days week 11. He's already punching well. He's a lot sharper than I thought he'd be. It's weird, he's already clicking bac[...]

It's not about avoiding anybody because Carl Froch fights everybody, there's no issue with that. Right now the most appealing is a huge fight with Chavez in Vegas.

"He's in the gym, we've been training hard. He's been training this week. I've trained him [Thurday] and Friday as well,". "It looks like Chavez possibly happening. Everyone's kind of agreed on where it's going but nothing's signed so that's the sto[...]

Nicola did extremely well to still win the gold medal however we were not confident her shoulder would stand-up to another two week competition (in November) so decided it was better to have the operation now. The Rio Olympics is our top priority a[...]

"2014 is a very busy year for the women with three big tournaments and the medical staff have done a great job of managing the injury for over six months now however it became apparent during the Commonwealth Games that Nicola's shoulder was deterio[...]

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