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Of course this fight is an opportunity for both of us to show the boxing world who is the best pound for pound. I'm sure he will be there to do everything he can to get the victory over me and it's the same for me. It's going to be a war between us. Who is the best boxer and who is the best athlete?” said Sergey Kovalev on this article: Sergey Kovalev: 'I want to destroy Andre Ward'. This page contains 10 articles quoting Sergey Kovalev. Main topics on which Sergey Kovalev is quoted are Russian and Alexander Brand. In addition you’ll find 25 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.

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Sergey Kovalev quotes

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"Of course this fight is an opportunity for both of us to show the boxing world who is the best pound for pound. I'm sure he will be there to do everything he can to get the victory over me and it's the same for me. It's going to be a war between us[...]

"I think this is most important thing. For me this is a mental fight. It's not who is stronger, but who is smarter and brings best skills into the ring and who is mentally stronger. If I happen to knock him out, it will be a bonus for boxing fans an[...]

"I got some experience from my fight against Bernard Hopkins. He showed that never give up. That you should to fight all 12 rounds and hope for your win,"

"Yes I think he will use it and I am ready for this too. It will be wrestling and not fight,". "I think [Ward] will look much better in my fight November 19 because for a long time he didn't fight, a couple years he had a rest and Sullivan Barrera w[...]

"I think my last fight against Chilemba, it was like a similar fight you know, because Chilemba's [style is] a little bit like Andre Ward. But Andre Ward is Andre Ward, a little bit different and stronger, smarter, undefeated and more motivated than[...]

"It means a lot to me [to be fighting on PPV],". "Everything this new, this is all new. I'm excited, and I'm a little bit nervous. It's a test for me to get to the next level in my career. I'm really, really happy. I never thought I could get to thi[...]

"This victory will put me on another level in Russia and worldwide,". "But my goal is not fame. My goal is to win, I don't like losing, I will not be a loser.".

"Alexander Brand is a different level to Andre Ward,". "Ward looked very good. Chilemba was much better than Brand. Chilemba was a similar style to Ward, and maybe at times I looked no good, but I showed what I could. I knew I must get victory over [...]

"I hadn't really seen him fight before,". "I saw a couple of rounds of his fights against Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler. I never thought that one day I would face him. I had enough attention in my division, I didn't need him. But now he's at light-h[...]

"I am so excited to fight in my home country of Russia,". "It gives me great pride to bring my titles home at last. I would like to thank my manager, Egis Klimas, my promoter Kathy Duva and Igor Altushkin of Russian Copper Company for making this dr[...]

"My mum, for the third time they [the US government] didn't approve her visa,". "I want to bring her here just to watch my fight. They didn't approve a visa. I will bring my mum to Canada. Canada approved the visa. She will be at my fight.".

The referee wasn't experienced. He should have started counting. It was a technical draw. He got easy money. This guy understood he couldn't win.

"I have, on my record, one draw,". "I punched him over the ear, but he showed to the referee that I punched him on the back of the head.".

"I was tall and very skinny,". "He told me I should fight like Tommy Hearns.".

"Behind me and around me, there are people who believe in me and help me and who need my support,". "My family in Russia is still hungry, living in poor apartments. Right now there's not enough money to help everybody. My family is huge: three uncle[...]

"My father is in the hospital to get an operation for his leg,". "My uncle died in a fire and my father tried to save him. My father has stress after this and he got diabetes from this. He's having his seventh operation. His wounds don't close, whic[...]

"How I started I didn't like,". "But after the fourth round I got control of Jean and what you saw. I got him with a good right hand and he lost.

"I love to show good boxing,". "Not every boxer can show good action. Jean Pascal is best opponent after Bernard Hopkins and it will be a very good fight because I will be in the ring. I have enough to speak, sorry, I'm not talker, I'm fighter.".

'John, the reason I don't want to spar the kid is because I've got to hurt him. He said Triple G's a tough guy, I've got to hit him with everything I've got to keep him off me and that's going to hurt him. We're friends. He says then Abel tries to m[...]

"I was pacing myself,". "A knockdown is just a knockdown, there were many more rounds to go. I wanted to show myself, and boxing fans, that I could box [as well as punch].".

But I believed that I can to do it, and I tried to do it, and some very big thanks to my promoter, Kathy Duva and to Egis that they, from their conversations led me to sign a contract with the promoter - that is when my fight began.

"This is a huge fight for me and this is the fight of my life. It's a very important fight. I'm focused on this. Yes, my baby was just born and I remember this, and my son has pushed me more and is a big motivation for me. Now I understand who I'm d[...]

"I understand that everybody wants to hear what happened in my training camp with John David Jackson, but everything you will see on November 8th in Atlantic City,"

"I'm going to fight a clean fight, but who knows what will happen November 8th. It will be interesting, very interesting. I can't imagine what will happen,"

"I waited a long time at this level and waited for this fight, a huge fight. When I was a child I had a dream, when I watched TV I dreamed. I wanted to be there and now I'm here. Everything from your head and everything from your heart, if you want [...]

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