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The latest quote from Shane McGuigan is: “We've faced a couple of guys similar to Chudinov in the build-up because we knew he'd either be reinstated as champion or be made mandatory for the vacant title. We planned this route, now we're in position.”. It comes from the George Groves’ trainer wants Fedor Chudinov before James DeGale article. You’ll find on this page 9 articles with Shane McGuigan quoted on topics such as Carl Frampton, Leo Santa Cruz and fight. Shane McGuigan has been quoted 17 times in 9 articles.

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We've faced a couple of guys similar to Chudinov in the build-up because we knew he'd either be reinstated as champion or be made mandatory for the vacant title. We planned this route, now we're in position.

"I think it's a very winnable fight for Groves, I think Chudinov will make George look brilliant,"

"We'll do two or three sessions here, then we'll fly out and be in Miami for three weeks, then come back [to the UK] and have 10 days of training and we'll taper down for the last few days, weigh in and get the job done."

"The whole build up [to the first fight] was strange. Everyone thought Dad [Barry McGuigan] was training him. 'Who's the kid? He must just be the conditioning dude.' But it was nice. There was no pressure on Carl, there was no pressure on me in the [...]

"I thought he'd have gone, to be honest. I thought Carl would be able to knock him out. But I think if we get him in the return I'm confident Carl can knock him out. Carl hit him clean a few times but a lot of the time they were diffused by Santa Cr[...]

"I'm excited about this fight. It's a perfect fight for Josh at this stage of his career and we won't be taking Dave Ryan lightly. I believe Josh can go a long way in this sport and winning a Commonwealth title is a proven path to the top."

The one thing with Leo Santa Cruz is that he always lets his hands go, when he's moving forward or going back, he's always punching. So, we have to dominate the rounds, it's going to be the defining fight for Carl Frampton I believe.

"He's looking really good, we're really looking forward to this fight. With the Quigg fight, there was a lot of barking, not much biting, it just didn't materialise. If they had it again, possibly. I think there was a gulf in class there though,"

"It's going to be exciting, I'm excited to see his [Frampton's] performance. I think foot work is important in this fight but I also think punching power, when you catch a guy coming forward who's not been hit like that before,". "He said Kiko Marti[...]

"Shannon Briggs could look terrible on the undercard and nobody wants to see him, then Anthony Joshua could be calling our name, these things change daily. So we can't go and chuck all our eggs in one basket. We've just got to keep our eyes peeled a[...]

"He does six rounds, six rounds, six, rounds, then it's seven, seven, seven, eight, eight, eight, then he's does two weeks of eights, then he'll go to nines, then go to 10s, about three weeks out he'll do 10 on a Monday, 12 on a Wednesday, then 10 o[...]

"He's past it but he still can punch, he's a really hard puncher. You don't lose that. [Guillermo] Rigondeaux, I can't see Quigg getting close to him, where I can see Frampton definitely getting close to him and giving him a really hard fight. Quigg[...]

"I still have hope that it's going to get made. I think it will. I think it'll be a shame for it not to get made,". "I think he's a really good fighter, I actually do. But I just think he can easily be outboxed and it won't take a Sugar Ray Leonard [...]

"Carl wants to fight Rigondeaux but he's not going to fight Rigondeaux for nothing and that's just the way it is. It doesn't make any business sense and if you're going to fight a guy like Rigondeaux, you want to get paid. If we can do that later on[...]

"I believe Josh Taylor can go on to become a professional World Champion. Josh was an exceptional amateur talent who has all the attributes needed to become champion of the world. I am very excited about Josh's future and delighted to be training su[...]

"People are quick to judge because I'm very young but the proof's in the pudding. Carl performed very well and he's getting better,". "As long as I've got his trust, that's all that really matters to me.".

He really shows up on the night. It's nice to deal with someone like that, because he's so calm and relaxed. It makes my job a lot easier.

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