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Stephen Espinoza has been quoted 54 times. The one recent article where Stephen Espinoza has been quoted is EXCLUSIVE Showtime boss ‘salivating’ at thought of Anthony Joshua fighting in Nigeria. Most recently, Stephen Espinoza was quoted as having said, “The good thing is he's so young, and so accomplished, that there is still plenty of time left to get to these big mega events, whether they be in Africa, or in Vegas, or otherwise.”.

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Anything [after Klitschko] would have been a letdown. It's not just the scale of the Klitschko fight, it was the way it played out. It was so cinematic, so thrilling. There's very little you can do to match that. It's always going to be a challenge [...]

Anthony Joshua is getting bigger in the US. The audience is parochial in that they want to feel and touch, and they do expect a local experience, but Anthony is young and we haven't seen a sports figure like him in quite some time. By that I mean on[...]

The good thing is he's so young, and so accomplished, that there is still plenty of time left to get to these big mega events, whether they be in Africa, or in Vegas, or otherwise.

There's plenty of time for Joshua to go to the US and it will come in time and it is a necessary step to go there. It's true that you're not a true boxing superstar until you've headlined in Las Vegas, and that is something that I know he will cross[...]

This undercard includes three meaningful matches featuring fighters we've seen develop over the years on SHOWTIME. Gervonta Davis has fast-tracked himself to stardom on this network, we've seen Badou Jack develop from prospect to champion, and we're[...]

A billion [dollars]? You start talking about numbers that sound silly, at 600 million [dollars generated] for Mayweather-Pacquiao then you're looking at a 50 per cent increase on that. I'm bullish, but I'm not that bullish.

We were under the impression Mayweather-Pacquiao was untouchable, it was once in a lifetime. It's early and not all this stuff can be translated into buys but by the stories, the traffic, you can see by every measure this is far and above anything w[...]

As far as accomplishing goals, the idea of the tour was to see how this thing plays out between these two. Realistically this would be the first time we'd see these two in the same room, face to face, verbally going at it.

It's a massive, massive event. To say that, it would generate worldwide interest, not just limited to sports but cultural interest is no exaggeration.

Conor McGregor is a professional and I'm a professional. He's a stand up fighter and I'm a stand up fighter. He can kick ass in the Octagon, I kick ass in the boxing ring, at the end of the day it's still ass kicking. It is what it is. You have to g[...]

There is no precedent. There is nothing to compare it against. We've never seen this kind of competition in the ring, we've never these types of personalities get together in a promotion and we've never seen a combat sports event or sporting event o[...]

This is not a referendum on the sport of boxing or the sport of MMA. What this is it's a competition between Floyd and Conor. That's all it means. It's not a victory for one sport of the other, regardless of who wins.

SHOWTIME Sports continues to deliver the most anticipated matchups, the most important events and the most thrilling fights in boxing. We consistently feature top-rated champions and challengers. The best are fighting the best and the results have b[...]

The importance of Joshua to us is that we intend to be in business with him for hopefully his entire career. The great thing about where Anthony is, he's got massive popularity but he's still very, very young and we hope that relationship is going t[...]

We have an arrangement with HBO, if they do the rematch then we'll be some splitting it in some way.

UFC reaching a deal with Conor to allow him to participate was a big step. But there's still a lot of work to do. Now the real negotiations start and that's between the Floyd side and the UFC/Conor side.

We are thrilled to be delivering Joshua vs. Klitschko to the U.S. audience live on SHOWTIME.

SHOWTIME continues its unrivaled commitment to the sport. There simply is no other network in boxing delivering world-class events on a consistent basis.

April 22 is sure to be an action-packed fight between two of the best fighters in the welterweight division. We're in the midst of a de facto 'welterweight tournament' – a series of matchups between the best fighters in one of boxing's deepest divis[...]

"We are in the midst of an unrivaled run of seven live boxing events over an eight-week span on SHOWTIME and CBS,". "The sport of boxing is on the rise again, and the best and most meaningful fights are on SHOWTIME. With this unprecedented live stre[...]

"There does seem to be something uniquely cannibalistic about boxing media and fans,". "I think some of it comes out of passion for the sport and a desire for it to be at its best as much as possible. At the same token, there has been a prevailing n[...]

"I think there's a bit of convenient amnesia from the critics,". "We had a very busy, high level early 2016, much like we're going to have a very busy, high level early 2017. Nothing I've seen has signaled that they're operating any differently than[...]

"Frampton-Santa Cruz II is truly the best that boxing has to offer, an immediate rematch of a leading Fight of the Year candidate between the two top-rated fighters in the division,"

This is our second major boxing lineup announcement this year, further proof that no other network is delivering high-quality competitive fights – without relying on PPV – as consistently as SHOWTIME. No other network is as committed to driving the[...]

"This is a slate of high-level, evenly-matched, 50/50 fights – the best fighting the best – which has become the calling card of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING,". "Every fight we are announcing today features a top 10-ranked champion taking on a top 1[...]

"Whether we see him in the ring [again], it's still an open question. It's certainly something we ask him about and express our desire about. Right now, he's been very clear he's happily retired,". "Personally, if I were a betting man, I'd bet again[...]

All of these events are free to SHOWTIME subscribers, and the June 25 event is the first Prime Time boxing presentation on CBS television network in decades.

This schedule features high level matchups with champions taking on the highest-rated contenders available, and top-ranked challengers facing one another. We are thrilled and grateful to the promoters and the fighters themselves who have worked wit[...]

We have seven live telecasts over a 12-week span that runs the gamut of our SHOWTIME boxing series. It includes nine world title fights, and that doesn't count a great fight that's just coming together today, as both Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton[...]

Again, thanks to the fighters and promoters for not only making these great matches a reality, but for their cooperation in today's major announcement.

"This is an incredibly exciting time in boxing, a time for emerging stars to make their mark, and for established champions to break through to the next level,"

"We're very excited for the SHOWTIME debut of Provodnikov on Boxing Hall of Fame weekend. It's a crossroads fight. Expect fireworks,"

"Fights of this caliber don't come along very often, and when they do, they deserve to be on the biggest stage possible. That's why all of us at SHOWTIME and CBS are so excited to be able to deliver this pivotal matchup to a primetime audience on Am[...]

"Thurman vs. Porter is a marquee matchup of two elite boxers in the prime of their careers, and the winner will establish himself as arguably the No. 1 fighter in boxing's glamour division,"

"Showtime has been the home of many of the biggest and best heavyweight world title fights of the last 30 years, and we are proud to continue that legacy with Deontay Wilder,"

"Deontay has used his rare blend of raw power, athleticism and charisma to become one of the can't-miss boxers of this era. Credit Artur Szpilka for accepting the challenge. Szpilka is a young, strong southpaw with good power and a flair for showm[...]

"Daniel Jacobs vs. Peter Quillin is a unique matchup of two bona fide middleweight stars, each in the prime of his career,". "It is as evenly matched as you'll find in the division, and it stands to be the career-defining fight for both men. We expe[...]

"We're excited to be back in business with Kell Brook, Matchroom Boxing and Eddie Hearn and to deliver this exciting matchup of top 10 Welterweights to the U.S. audience,". "Kell won the World title on SHOWTIME in an action-packed victory over Shawn[...]

"When Showtime Networks and Floyd Mayweather teamed up for the first time in 2013, it was called a record-breaking deal – and that's exactly what it has been,"

"PPV marketing never commences more than 3 weeks before a fight."

"To develop and maintain the deepest pool of young talent, that's really the second prong of our philosophy. One is obviously to feature the top, pound-for-pound fighter in the sport, second is to have him backed by a class of young, deep talent in [...]

"He's been saying one more but whether it's one or two or none I think he sees the finish line,"

There's no shortage of talent. I just couldn't tell you who's going to be the one to breakthrough.

"There were some elements of this deal which were never addressed, were never contemplated in Lewis-Tyson. For example with Lewis-Tyson there really wasn't the concept of behind-the-scenes shows. That's an element that has obviously come up in the m[...]

"We'll have everything in order to do a tremendous promotion and pull off the biggest boxing event that the sport has ever seen."

"I think really one of the main reasons this deal got done when the other ones didn't was Leslie Moonves as part of the process. He was deeply committed to making this deal. This is someone that all parties in this negotiation respected and he was r[...]

"As a fight fan, I love watching Julio fight. As a network executive, I'm thrilled for him to make his SHOWTIME debut on April 18,"

"March 28 should be a tremendous night of fights to kick off a stacked run of boxing on SHOWTIME and CBS,"

"The Premier Boxing Champions series on CBS will help usher in a new era in the storied history of boxing,"

"There are a few significant issues remaining on both the fighter side and the network side of this deal,". "While we are optimistic, it's a bit premature to say that the networks are in total agreement.".

"The Mayweather-Maidana rematch will be historic,". "It will be historic because it is unprecedented what Mayweather is doing. He has been ranked in the world top 10 since March 1998.".

"On May 3, the fearless Marcos Maidana attacked Floyd Mayweather with reckless abandon, landing more punches than any previous Mayweather opponent and giving Mayweather one of the toughest fights of his career. That peformance earned Maidana this re[...]

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