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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Tony Bellew is associated, including David Haye, WBC, and fight. Most recently, Tony Bellew has been quoted saying: “I was very close to considering it. I don't know how much my body can do.” in the article People like me end up dead. Because I can’t give in’.

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He can't believe he's lost to me. He can't even look at me, I annoy him so much. This could be my last fight. He's capable of hurting me. For the next 12 weeks I'm going to be scared. Every night I'm going to think I've got to make it home. People l[...]

I was very close to considering it. I don't know how much my body can do.

He's not a nice person but he is a brilliant fighter.

It's a very dangerous fight but I am looking forward to it. I love The O2 and I wanted the fight to be there. I call the shots this time.

He knows how the first fight went, after five rounds I had him 3-2 up, my plan was never to start strong as David is a front-runner. He's dangerous early but he tires quickly and he doesn't get stronger down the stretch.

I will have the exact same attitude I had going into the first fight – win at all costs. I will be victorious on December 17 and I will end David Haye's career. Another loss to me closes the curtain on the Hayemaker. This isn't personal anymore, it'[...]

I don't really feel like talking to be honest. I oblige you, David Haye, happy? Now leave me alone with my family please. I'll see you soon enough.

Well it looks and sounds good to me… I'll provide a knockout to add to my highlight reel.

I can wrestle, I can grapple, I punch hard, I can kick and I've got some kickboxing experience. If you're asking if I would get in the cage with a puncher in the UFC? Mike Bisping is a guy who is predominantly known as a puncher and he's a very stro[...]

I'm further away than ever with the David Haye fight, that's just the way it is. I'm a lot closer now to the Andre Ward fight than I ever have been before.

I've already shocked the world. I don't care if people think I won because of that injury.

There's the Joseph Parker fight; the lure of becoming heavyweight champion for me outweighs everything else.

David is an amazing fighter, athlete and sportsman, [but] when it comes to business he's an absolute moron…well it's not even him, it's people his side.

I don't need David Haye, my career does not revolve around David Haye. My career revolves around me and what I choose to do.

We've sat down with Andre Ward's team, I've personally sat down with Joseph Parker and his team, and I leave Eddie [Hearn] to deal with the other fella [Haye] from London.

I like the Andre Ward fight. The numbers didn't match up at first but then Eddie worked out a way where it can work favourably for what I want. Hopefully it can happen again so I can prove to everyone I can beat him no matter what; if it doesn't, so[...]

Joseph Parker is heavyweight champion of the world and I am definitely interested in facing him. We will see how the negotiations go. My team and Joseph's team are speaking. We are getting somewhere. I like the Joseph Parker fight. Heavyweight champ[...]

It's come to light this week that Andre Ward wants to do business so listen, I'm happy to oblige. He made the call, [my promoter] Eddie [Hearn] picked up, he comes to me. If he wants to dance I can do it. Well, we've spoken about things. He's [Ward][...]

I think he was wrong for saying the things he said. I could've forgiven him if he came out after the fight and said that he'd said things just to get a reaction out of me but he hasn't, he's come out and said he actually meant every single word he s[...]

It's all done with now and the only person who went to hospital that night was that clown. Funny how it all works out.

Even my own expectations, I've surpassed them. I'm a pay-per-view fighter, stand alone as a pay-per-view fighter. I don't need another big name to become a pay-per-view fighter. I've done that all on my own. I'm happy about that, yes, but that also [...]

If you think that's fair, then I'm sure the public will think that's fair. Because at the end of the day I don't need David Haye. David Haye needs me. I'm the boy that spanked David Haye against all the odds. This guy thought he was just going to wa[...]

I'd like to create some kind of legacy, do something that my city's never seen, like the Goodison Park fight. I won't go back to Goodison but I want to leave a legacy. Heavyweight champion of the world would leave the greatest legacy my city's ever [...]

I'll do him even quicker next time.

If it's a rematch then so be it. We've had talks recently and his comment was I will not fight him, I haven't got the bottle to face him again. I'll tell you right now, you're the first guys who have got the interview, I will fight him as long our d[...]

It could even be October. It'll be within the last three months of the year without a shadow of a doubt. I'm just a normal fella trying to do the best I can day to day. I'm just this normal dad who loves his kids as every other father does.

I'm not going to be stupid and take on the giants of the division. I haven't come this far in my career and survived the night I've survived without special thought. So he's got to take the deal that I took for the first fight. That is the only way [...]

I have agreed to fight on. I just believe I've got more left in the tank. In all honesty I love the sound of heavyweight champion of the world. I really, really do. It's a big goal, it's a big ask but if the truth be known I'm only getting better.

We're already negotiating with those guys [Wilder and Parker] but to be totally honest I haven't made a decision yet. Eddie [Hearn, his promoter] is covering all bases but I haven't made a firm decision. I'm going to take a little break, I'm going t[...]

I've got a fracture, so it's a break but the correct term is fracture.

I've got to wait and see if it calcifies on its own. If it doesn't, then I need an operation. If it does, I've got another two months of healing before I can punch. So if I need an operation it's five months [recovery], if I don't need one then it's[...]

He's doing a good job of getting the sympathy vote but in all honesty he gets no sympathy from me after all the things he said in the build-up.

I can't even lie and tell you it's water under the bridge because it's not, I think he's an arsehole. I think he was wrong for saying the things he said. I could've forgiven him if he came out after the fight and said that he'd said things just to g[...]

I knew his body would fail him. Your muscles can grow and get more powerful, the things that can't grow are your ligaments and your tendons. When your muscles get to a certain size, they can grow at an amazing rate, but you can't grow your ligaments[...]

Hello ladies and gentleman, thank you very much for all of your amazingly positive well wishes and messages of support. Every single one of them has been read and digested by me. I will be back to my very best very soon. I have got the best people i[...]

The question marks were about 'does David still want it, if the going gets tough?' Yes, I still want it, I think I proved to everybody I did, and I am telling you all I will be the heavyweight champion of the world once again. Time will tell but I a[...]

I don't believe he could. Maybe it's the right path for him; if he can get more money fighting (Deontay) Wilder or (Joseph) Parker then I expect him go that route.

It will take something very, very big to draw me out of that bed. My next decision will not be made with David Haye or boxing in mind, the next decision will be made with me and my family.

I don't know how many times more I can put my body and family through this. It (retirement) is an option. It's something I'm thinking about.

I am the best heavyweight in the world outside the champions, and none of them have a name like David Haye on their record, so what does that mean?

He's the best fighter I've faced in my career, him and Adonis Stevenson, it's very close. He's an outstanding athlete, but he's not an active outstanding athlete, he picks and chooses when he's in there and it's going to catch up with him on Saturda[...]

He's insulted where I'm from and that's a step too far. I've always respected him as a fighter, he's a one-trick pony but it's a hell of a trick, he just wipes people out in one go. From a personal perspective I think he's an absolute gobshite. He's[...]

Michael Griffin came up to me and said 'I'm so happy you've become world champion. Every time you hit Adonis, the noise he was making, you was hurting him'. I thanked him for that, and said the better man won, and he said, 'No, you don't realise. Yo[...]

I fought another guy who I detest more than him [Haye] and shared a stage with him. I'd rather fight a fella I absolutely detest than someone who I think is a nice guy. I don't like fighting my mates. 'Del Boy' [Chisora] said something to me crazy, [...]

They don't need to hear it. This guy says things that are just disgusting and he's a disgrace to British boxing. He takes things a step too far. I'm not here to hurt anyone, I'm here to win.

Do I take something from it? 100 per cent. Will it play a part on Saturday, will it f***.

A man threatening me with his fists is never going to intimidate me or scare me.

He's shamed himself. He isn't boxing, let's be honest. It'd be different if it was Floyd Mayweather was saying these things because he's the most well-known boxer in the whole world. We're talking about a man who's just as known for his stints in th[...]

I would never talk about hurting another fighter. There's been some bad things happen in this sport, scary things. Understand this, the first thing I'm fighting for when I get in that ring is my life.

The main thing is no excuses, it's been put out in the media. No excuses whatsoever. We all get sore, we all get bumps, it's called boxing I don't want to hear any excuses at all. I don't pretend to be anything, what you see is what you get. Everyth[...]

Nobody's throwing in a towel, we don't have white flags round here.

'If he comes anywhere near me, I'm telling you I'm going to knock him out.' I'm [saying] but the fight will be off. 'I don't care.'.

"The greatest middleweight ever in Marvin Hagler asked me for a photo,"

"I am better by a country mile than the last two clowns he fought, that is not me disputing, that is just fact. That is fact. I am the hardest fight David Haye has had since Wladimir Klitschko. There is nobody he's beaten [since] who's better than m[...]

"I do not think that is good for marketing. I think that has put boxing in a bad light. That's not because of me. I'm not happy. I'm ashamed of that,". "They're going to think we're thugs now. And I'm not a thug.

"When we got close he looked rattled and he looked nervous,". "I didn't take the step to engage him. I was happy to stand there and tell him a few home truths. That was going through my mind. Then he put his nose on my face, invading my space, so I [...]

"The whole world's seen it,". "And if that's the best he's got on March 4, he's in a world of trouble. Because if you're landing a punch and it does absolutely nothing with no gloves on, with gloves on you've got a problem.".

"We've never been friends. We're associates, we knew each other. I've got respect for him, he's a brilliant fighter, he's amazing at what he does,"

"Money cannot change me because I'm crazy. There's something wrong with me,". "I could I have 10 million in the bank and I would go in and fight for a pound to the finish.

He was getting paid buttons to fight Jean Marc Mormeck because he was driven by the glory. Same as I was at Goodison Park. I'm still driven. I'm still driven by what drove him in Paris. I'm driven in that way.

"He made that much money it made him soft and it made him walk away from boxing,". "I think it was 32 he was going to retire. He's 36 and still here.

'David Haye owes me an extra grand!'.

"He paid me a hundred quid and he got the s*** kicked out of him,"

"Chins don't improve,"

"You need the money and I'm the money fight,"

"When he sparred with me he was shocked at how easy I adapt and adjust. I can just adapt. He hits hard, but BJ [Flores] hits hard. I gave him the first round and I adapted,". "I think I took a hiding in sparring once and he's nearly seven foot, Pric[...]

He [Haye] is nothing special. He's lazy. He likes fights at his tempo. I'll hit him in spots where he's not going to like it and I'll get in his head.

"I've backed him into a corner, left him nowhere to go, and now I have what I want,"

"He's the only fighter in the division who can challenge me for supremacy,". "I'm technically streets ahead of Lebedev, I could make the fight easy and box him and make it dull and easy. Usyk, he does everything good so I'm going to have to box and [...]

"He's been mouthing off and following me around for a couple of years and I'm just a little bit fed up with him now. That's the best way to look at it". "I believe he will be training with Shane McGuigan and the David Haye camp, and the one thing ab[...]

He needs to tone it down and realise that I am giving him this opportunity and he is giving me nothing. He can do what he does and say what he wants, we'll see. Come fight night he is going to be in for a rude awakening.

"I am going to smash BJ Flores to bits and be the first man stop him,". "All he keeps saying is that I am a light-heavyweight, I am this, I am that, so we will soon find out.

He's been put on the floor. I don't care if it was in his first fight or last fight. Who's he beaten that's a World class fighter? If Glen Johnson is his best win then that says a lot to me. I'm his biggest test and he's mine. We both have records t[...]

"There's nothing he can do to beat me,". "Boxing is a brutal sport and he has to make it as brutal as possible but I don't believe he has the size and structure to do it. He's going to come in light which will be a bad mistake. The advantages he usu[...]

In this fight, I don't think he'll have those against me. I've carried my speed from Light Heavyweight to Cruiserweight, and I don't think he's got more power than me. I'll be the bigger man, I'll make it show and I am the real Cruiserweight. Look a[...]

The WBC belt has always been the one that I've wanted to win more than any other. I've got unfinished business with that Green Belt, I lost last time against Adonis Stevenson at Light-Heavyweight, but I was never a Light-Heavyweight.

"I'm over the moon to get this opportunity,". "Eddie Hearn and Bill Kenwright the chairman of Everton have got this done, I can't thank them enough. They are both behind me 100 per cent and I'm looking forward to getting this all underway.

I can't wait for this all to get underway now, the build-up, press conferences - coming face to face with Ilunga Makubu for the first time.

I'm expecting the city to turn out in their droves as it's going to be a very special event for us all.

I've been training for four weeks now and this is the defining fight and night of my career. The experience has been passed, I've done it all now, British, Commonwealth, European - beaten fringe contenders, former world champions - I'm ready to conq[...]

I was born to lift that belt on May 29, I've achieved my dream getting this fight on, I know I'm going to win, I can't and won't be defeated at Goodison Park - the greatest stadium in the world.

It's always been my dream to be WBC champion of the world, every fighter who's in the boxing business dreams of lifting that green belt. I've done it in the movies, but I haven't done it in real life! It would mean more to me than anything. I can't [...]

Now I've got the toughest fight of my life ahead of me in Illunga Makabu, he's probably the most dangerous fighter in the division. Highly avoided, 19 wins, one loss and all of his wins, only one has gone the distance. There are some really good nam[...]

"I know he's strong, clever. He's a southpaw, which is usually a nightmare for me but I'm a student of the game and I'll watch everything he does and I'll leave it to my fantastic coach, Dave Coldwell, to formulate the game plan,". "I've got a good [...]

"It looks like the first week of June – there's nowhere else it's going other than Liverpool. We're close to agreeing a venue. It's likely to be somewhere bigger than the Echo Arena,"

But I'm not underestimating him, he's a brilliant fighter. You're not going to get an easy fight at this level.

"Eddie and I have things planned going forward but this outing in Leeds is a bonus for me to stay active and try things out,". "I'd been ill ahead of my last fight, I'm not making excuses, but I just chose to get the rounds in and in the end I did g[...]

"I've settled into the Cruiserweight division nicely and I am ready to take a World title shot,". "There are some tough, tough fighters with belts in the division, but I believe that I can beat them and get my hands on their titles.".

"We're reds and blues but we wanted to do this for the amazing families and show our support for their fight for justice,". "When it comes to football in the city we're very divided but the city unites in boxing and we are united over justice for th[...]

"It's a fight, something I have done my whole life,". "The pressure is to hurt him as fast as I possibly can. He comes to fight every single time. I predict a nice win, a devastating win and I will look good doing it.".

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