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Fighting a bigger man, it doesn't have to do with size or anything. It has to do with his attributes and their attributes. If you were to single out one thing to make it a competitive fight for yourself, you take that chance. Because that's what he's here for. I'd like to see him fight Anthony Joshua. I'm serious. I'm not playing, I'm serious. I think that would be a very interesting fight. I believe he can outbox Anthony Joshua.” said Virgil Hunter on this article: Andre Ward versus … Anthony Joshua?. This page contains 17 articles quoting Virgil Hunter. Main topics on which Virgil Hunter is quoted are Sergey Kovalev and Andre Berto. In addition you’ll find 46 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.

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There are some things about Joshua that I see. Now he's a good kid, I do him and he's swell but I'm telling you. I see things with him in particular and he's the best. But styles make fights. Styles make fights. It would be a waste of time to go to [...]

Fighting a bigger man, it doesn't have to do with size or anything. It has to do with his attributes and their attributes. If you were to single out one thing to make it a competitive fight for yourself, you take that chance. Because that's what he'[...]

"What's funny is that some of these other companies are one loss away from going down. Now that PBC dropped their 2017 schedule, I think it's time for the press to stay quiet because they clearly didn't know what they were talking about."

"Now the press wants to announce the viewership on channels like Spike and Bounce,". "Well, if you want to do that, then fine. Just make sure you do that with stations like Unimas and the others.".

"People don't realise this but nobody has done what Mike has,". "Mike has three world champions that he started from the beginning; the root to the fruit. Broner, Rau'shee Warren and now Robert Easter Jnr. While everyone is running around saying how[...]

'Do I believe that Ward will exhibit mental toughness? Yes, without a doubt. Do I believe that Kovalev will exhibit it? I'm sure he will as well, and that's the making of a great fight.

I just want the best Andre Ward and the best Sergey Kovalev. If Kovalev wins the fight, my respect goes out to him. If we win the fight, my respect goes out to him because they can't be great unless they fight each other. Sometimes two people come o[...]

"I'm very attuned to body language, I'm very attuned to tone of voice, and from what I hear, from what I see, it's safe to say that there is a lot of disarray in that camp"

The coaching fraternity is a very tough fraternity. We are the first ones to get the blame. The fighter never takes full responsibility for his shortcomings. The fighter always has other people in his ear, telling him there is a better way, so I und[...]

I believe somebody probably told Kovalev to say that Ward is a dirty fighter because you go eight, nine weeks and all of a sudden he is a dirty fighter? Kovalev will learn, one day, to not be everyone's robot and do what they tell and ask him to do.[...]

What I mean by that is I don't even know if Coach Jackson is getting the respect he is due in that camp but time will tell. For instance, why do we have to make an excuse for Kovalev in Russia for selling tickets and things. Don't you have a team wh[...]

You definitely can't take that away from him. He has a good, fluid style that's very effective for him. He's maxed that style out so it works very well for him.

"Kovalev is a great fighter, he's proven that,". "He's got the amateur pedigree, he's definitely the king of the light-heavyweight division – until someone says different.

You have some people who say this [fight] will determine it, and you have others who say different. I don't even dwell on that. It's what you believe. You judge a tree by the fruit it bears. It's very subjective, these pound-for-pound lists.

"Amir doesn't have that type of killer instinct that Miguel Cotto has. If he had that type of killer instinct we could really know if his punch was in comparison with it,"

It's a pleasure for me to stand by his side in the face of obvious danger from a great fighter.

You've been through these situations it feels like you'd duck every time a punch comes at you but he'll walk right into the face of adversity.

To prove that he got into this sport to leave a legacy, to prove that he fears no one. I learned that real early about him. Most people who go through what he's gone through get gun shy, but I was amazed, the first time I ever saw him spar, the atti[...]

"It's an honour to be beside Amir in this situation,". "A young man that's been through so much adversity in his career, been counted out, criticised for his supposed weaknesses, but here he is, willing to step up two weight classes, and then some.

People that have gone through what he's been through can get gun-shy, but I was surprised when I first saw him spar. He is fearless.

"Hate is a very strong word,". "There has to be something wrong with you to hate someone unless they killed a loved one, or they've stole your life savings.

"It takes a brutal set of ingredients for us as human beings to hate another and that's not the case here". "If after the fight Berto was the end up broke and needed $100, I have no doubt that Mayweather would give him $1,000".

There's a mutual respect among fighters because in their fraternity they know what they have to go through. They know it's a long and lonely sport at its roots.

"I'm just going to say it, we got two brothers here,". "I think about Joe Frazier in the 'Thrilla in Manila, when people thought he was done, but he fought over his head. Does Andre Berto have that capability? Yes, of course he does. We see it all t[...]

When you have a young African American making a boat load of money who has achieved what Floyd has achieved and you've antagonised him enough to where he throws it in your face, you don't like it. But that was happening before he got rich, the criti[...]

If the one you dislike is getting what you think is an easy way out, you're going to be critical of that, particularly if the one getting the easy way out is making a ton of money.

True fans will give the fighter who they think might lose the same respect and amount of time they might give to the one they consider to be the favourite. If you're not a boxing fan, you're a fighter fan, you have your favourites.

"When you see a tough fight, it's because the skill set is equal. But when you're a master and you're the best at what you do, you're going to make it look easy,"

"Amir has a chance, an opportunity, in boxing to carve out his own legacy if he continues to listen and put forth his effort and exhibit his passion,". "He hasn't even scratched the surface yet, I'm still in an experimental stage with him".

I don't like him in a situation where he thinks it's easy because mentally he'll slack off. When you have his kind of ability, you can sometimes slack off mentally. He could be one of the best that ever did it.

To mentally get him fully there, if I can do that, because he has a lot on his plate and it's unfortunate we're not in the same city, but I'm constantly reinforcing this – I won't let up. He'll have to move on before I let up. I won't let this type [...]

"Each fighter's different,". "Once he gets your rhythm, once he's allowed to fight at his pace, the conditioning that he has now and the knowledge, he could pretty well get you out at any moment from that point on. Because he can punch with both han[...]

"I was very pleased with his performance because he followed the script. You learn about what type of fighter that you have over a period of time. Berto went through a very tough training camp and the three fights that we have had I've learned a lot[...]

"He had no understanding of boxing. I wasn't surprised. It was just brute force from the beginning,". "Once you get to the top level you do have to a knowledge of what you're doing. I imparted that to him, he's starting to understand.".

I could visibly see Josesito losing wind and stamina and when told Berto to go ahead and exchange with him, finish it, that was the round he knocked him out.

"So that's an advantage."

"You have to be able to fight over your head because Floyd is a master of controlling range and distance and any time somebody can control range and distance, you're going to have a problem with him, unless you know how to do the same."

The bottom line is, [Lopez] was getting weaker. He went down from a big shot and if he was okay then how come the first punch he hit him with, he went back down… Berto can punch when he's committed to punching. I was proud of how he excecuted.

"You don't get as far as he's gotten at his age and still win convincingly against guys much younger and guys with reputations and guys with all different styles without being clever. It's brains first. I always say that. You have to have brains. He[...]

"Anybody on any given night can be beat. It's just that the other fighter has to have the attributes to do it. If he doesn't have the attributes to do it, it's not going to be good. You're down to a lucky punch,"

"It was frustrating to him. Of course, he wanted the fight. But I'm sure he's accustomed to it by now, he should be. So who knows, who really knows?"

"For me personally, until it's a go, it's the same thing as usual. I never get out of shape about it, or look forward to it. Just take it a day at a time,". "I've been through all this before. I can't let it lean one way or another on me. Because I [...]

If people won't fight him because he is too good, they should come out and say that. If it turns out he's too good for his own good, then he'll have to live with that.

He would be in the gym at 164 lbs, and he'd work his way down to 163, and he'd have to get all the way to 154lbs. It helped knowing that he was coming down in weight, but he did his best work in the gym when he weighed 163, 164lbs.

"Everything is going great. I'm very proud of him and very happy with him. The commitments that he's made, he's kept his word. He's committing in between fights to some of the things that we need him to do. I've seen a huge improvement because he's [...]

"He's very, very physically strong because he's with a conditioning coach every day and I think he's going to surprise a lot of people."

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