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Wladimir Klitschko has been quoted in 32 different articles. Most recently, Wladimir Klitschko has been quoted saying, “With Klitschko, we weren't hearing too much, so I just thought he was 50-50, but I had a feeling he might not fight again. I, and many other people, wanted to see him compete, but he felt it was best for him to leave the game, hang up his gloves, and I respect the man's decision.” in an article called Anthony Joshua admits ‘massive’ disappointment at Klitschko retirement. This is only one of 65 quotes from Wladimir Klitschko. To see more examples Wladimir Klitschko’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Wladimir Klitschko's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Wladimir Klitschko said about Tyson recently and in the past.

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In my heart of hearts I kind of knew he probably wouldn't fight again. He was saying how obsessed he was with becoming heavyweight champion of the world again.

With Klitschko, we weren't hearing too much, so I just thought he was 50-50, but I had a feeling he might not fight again. I, and many other people, wanted to see him compete, but he felt it was best for him to leave the game, hang up his gloves, an[...]

If you fail at the first hurdle, you go again; you knew from my side I was ready for a rematch, making it clear that if he wants to go again, we'll go again.

It was not an easy fight.

He was very cautious. He was very difficult to hit. I really didn't get challenged in the ring offensively. Instead he was like all of them, like all of my recent opponents. I would have loved to have celebrated my 50th knockout.

The responses that I received and continue to receive after this night of boxing are overwhelming.

AJ' did a good job, he was trying, he was focused. Even when he went down [from a right hand in round six] he got up. Maybe I could have done more when he got knocked down.

I didn't think he was going to get up, but he got up, respect. I thought he was out of gas and concentration. But I could have done more. I was pretty sure it was my night so I took my time.

I have spent more time with Emanuel in the last nine years than I have my own father. The relationship between me and Emanuel was very special: not just a regular relationship between a coach and a boxer.

This is my opinion; this is my event, even if he's home and the majority of the crowd will be his fans. I totally get it, but I'm taking it as my event, my night, my fight, my ring and it's my win.

Training camp, it stepped up, sparring 15 rounds and stuff like that. A lot more roadwork. The reason we took so long in camp is because we broke it down into phases. I like to be around familiar faces because it keeps me relaxed. I don't want to bu[...]

My world right now is very small.

My life is ticking until Saturday night, I have no plans for afterwards. It's basically, waking up with the same thoughts and concentration. I start to visualise images and understanding of experience how AJ functions. I understand the circle of lif[...]

We know each other well. Now we're standing before our biggest challenge, for both of us. We prepared well, I can tell. I've never seen AJ as big as he is now, he's as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is not about mind games, this is my game that [...]

There could be a lot of questions and answers and I think we're pretty much done with this. As fighters, we're looking forward to the challenge. It's not long to wait anymore.

I would like to make a very, very, very long speech. But I will not do so.

I have done it all, there is always something new to learn, but I am focused, concentrated, maybe a bit nervous, but very confident and very comfortable.

I'm totally away of all the jeopardy and danger and all of this. It's an absolute extravaganza… I'm just happy about it so you should be too.

If you win I will congratulate you. When you lose I will help you to come back.

If the loss against Fury hadn't happened, I wouldn't be here. He wouldn't be champion. We will see on the 29th the truth, what works and doesn't… History and momentum are advising us to take this challenge because otherwise it could be too late.

In sport there's only one language – your performance.

I've been fighting guys that had a great record of knockouts, the Samuel Peter fight, he was totally hyped up as the next champion. I was dead man walking, that's literally what I was called. I was on the floor multiple times during this fight and n[...]

I am obsessed with winning this fight. It's important for me to prove to myself that I am able to defeat every man facing me in the ring. I am ready to walk a long and hard walk to show myself that I can master myself and can be proud of myself.

AJ has a lot of energy, he's young, he wants to show it. He has these big muscles that give him confidence. He wants to demolish people right in front of him. A mistake? No. I'm sorry, should I wait another five years?

"I'm looking forward to this challenge. I have my goal – to become three-time world champion. My motivation is high as the sky."

"I am, and I repeat it one more time, this word, obsessed with my goal. To become three time world champion,". "I know how serious my opposition is and I'm happy.".

We'll demolish each other in the ring afterwards but we're respectful to each other, respectful to the sport and to the fans and you know what, it pays off. Because that's going to polish this amazing sweet science.

"There's no mind games,". "I think it's the perfect time for both of us. In three years he's going to be too good. And I'm going to be too old, maybe. But this is the time and we just got it at the right time. It's definitely a signature fight for b[...]

"I realised after only after so many years that actually I was not as motivated. When you certainly have to change things and do more to win, and not just wait when the opponent's going to get tired, I think it's all in all, was good that I lost thi[...]

"It's so familiar to me,". "That's not yours.".

"This is the first time I've gone through such a long break in a quarter of a century. It sounds like I'm pretty old. But I don't feel this way. Is it good? Is it bad? I heard from my brother that a four and a half year break, four and a half years,[...]

"With experience and motivation that I got from Fury and through failure in my fight,"

"I am really glad and happy to be here. This stadium is famous worldwide and now Anthony and I have a chance to perform here,"

The setback for a year and a half, is it good, is it bad? I feel it's good. I feel that my last performance was not good, I was not holding my hand up after the fight. My motivation is as high as the sky. I have to wake up, it was a wakeup call befo[...]

"He [Joshua] is the best man in the division and I believe this excitement speaks for itself. There is no doubt this fight must happen... It's such an amazing fight and it should take place at Wembley Stadium. It's a great location... I'm looking fo[...]

I have been doing this job for 26 years so I do have a lot of knowledge, and that knowledge will definitely help me in the ring.

"Defeat is a learning process,". "I got defeated today. I lost the battle but I haven't lost the fighter. The fighter's still in there. It's always been.

"We will see how the cookie crumbles,". "We'll work it out and let you know.".

"I can't let myself get off track. Might there be another reason for calling it off? Is the delay supposed to unsettle me?

"When I found out about the match postponement two weeks ago, at first I was disappointed. Because of my fans who had been anxiously waiting for the match, and of course for myself too. I've been intensively preparing myself for weeks and months for[...]

"Last Saturday my rematch against Fury would have taken place, and it would have been my chance to correct my mistake from last November. I'm in top condition and have been working toward this date for weeks. Unfortunately, my opponent called it off[...]

"I'm not okay with that. What comes out of Fury's mouth and statements that he's done. He's done a lot of statements. For example [Fury said] that all homosexual men and women and paedophiles belong in the same place… All women belong in the kitchen[...]

"There are many people out there that are looking forward to having a champion that represents the sport in a certain way, in a good way, and also myself, that I can look up to and say, 'You know what, he did a great job, I'm okay with that,'"

I made a mistake in the last fight and for the first time in 11-and-a-half years I lost. In the past with the three losses I had I have always come back stronger - and I will come back again.

I am here in Manchester, in his hometown, and I am looking forward to getting my revenge.

"I'm honoured that my rematch with Tyson Fury will be shown LIVE by the UK's premier boxing network, BoxNation on Saturday 9th July. BoxNation has shown a great commitment and has a tremendous reputation for showing the best fights from around the [...]

"I have always said that I would love to participate again in the Olympic Games, but right now I'm only focusing on my rematch with Tyson Fury,"

"Rematch vs Tyson Fury still in the making. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile [I'm] staying in shape,"

"Today was a good night, not a good night for me to win this fight,". "There will be more clean shots that I can land. I couldn't find the right distance to land those shots. Tyson was quick with his hands and his body movement and his head movement[...]

"Physically it's in my fists. But the outcome of the fight is up to God. If he can use me for any sort of thing, then I will win the fight. If I'm of no use to God then I won't win the fight, will I? Simple. That's why I'm not one percent nervous.

"The way I see it, it's way out of my hands now. Nothing to do with me at the moment. This might sound mad but if it's in God's will for me to be the champion on Saturday, I will be. I cannot alter that one bit. I've done my training, I've done ever[...]

But the win is a win.

"He thinks he's the king of the world,". "That's the stage he's at... It's immaturity, absolutely.".

"On the other hand if it's going to be too complicated, and boxing politics are involved so there's a lot of things involved. Trust me, it's complicated enough to stand in the ring for many years and defend your titles, but it's so complicated to fi[...]

"What could be better than a spectacular finish? It's what it's all about,"

"If I'm going to get this unification with whoever the champion is, that would be great, I never had it,"

"I'm nervous and afraid to lose,". "So I have a lot of fears but I feel comfortable talking about it. I'm not a machine.".

"I have spent more time with Emanuel in the last nine years than I have my own father. The relationship between me and Emanuel was very special: not just a regular relationship between a coach and a boxer"

"I believe Tyson Fury is really meaning here what he's talking about. He's definitely not coming here on October 24 just to be present and be on the canvas. He's coming here to win the championship fight,"

"I'm prepared for Bryant Jennings. I'm not going to underestimate him by no means. I'm not going to overestimate him by no means because as I said, we're all limited, including myself. So we can only fight in the way we can fight and I think that it[...]

Why? Because Bryant Jennings is pretty much at home. He's going to have a lot of support in the arena and he's highly motivated, he's very energetic, he's a little hyper type of fighter, and he moves a lot, he's very athletic, but hopefully he's not[...]

"He didn't move around much. He just came in and was throwing punches and being aggressive. So I'm hoping and expecting that Bryant Jennings is going to give me a fight where he's going to be aggressive,"

"Pulev has an impressive record as an amateur, as well as a professional. He has very good skills and I will definitely not underestimate him. I am looking forward to boxing in Hamburg. Everybody knows I have a special relationship with this city an[...]

"We will see on September 6,". "We can never underestimate anybody but from what I see I think he's the best challenger compared to others, like Alexander Leapai, but I wouldn't say he was better than Tony Thompson when Wladimir fought him the first[...]

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